Dear Diary: a conclusion to the Cranky Publicist adventures

Dearest Diary,

I regret to inform you that I ended the week in possession of the gaudy Biggest Loser earrings.  All my “friends” turned on me in my hour of need.  The Mighty and Fearsome Elaine is the Grand Poobah Champion of Spa World with wins in Dance (poor, poor Sarah), Bowling and by getting the most answers in Reverse Charades.

When Nora added up the lowest scores, it  came down to the slimmest margin between Mary and me.  Nicole, sweet Nicole, turned to me and asked, “Wait, when did you start winning games?  You didn’t win when I was here.”  I told her I DIDN’T win, that was the point.  She nodded and said, “Ohhhhh.”

An ear infection and URI can make anyone a little loopy.

Nora said it was too close to call.  Mary said, “Oh just give it to Laura — it will fit her narrative.”  And the rest of them agreed with applause.  I guess accurate and unbiased reporting on the goings on during spa week begets frenemies willing to bring you low.

Sigh.  I need to accept applications for new friends.  The flurry of photos for Elaine’s THIRD coronation in six years ended up looking like this.  I think it accurately shows my feelings on the subject.

But let’s backtrack a bit, shall we Diary Dear?

Thursday evening was a flurry of activity.  The Mighty and Fearsome Elaine took on the Beautiful and Brilliant Sarah in a serious final round of Trivia.  I captured this moment near the end of the round:

That begat the final result:

Elaine took the finals in Just Dance by a hair’s breadth, but my video won’t upload so I can’t prove it.  Does that mean it REALLY happened?

And then she bowled.  A game like no other with seven consecutive strikes.

See what I deal with Diary?

A busy evening for the future champion who moved to the dining table for second round Scrabble  Nicole, Pat and Kat.  Nicole, still obviously somewhat alert despite her symptoms came in second and would play Kat in the finals.

Nora, the soul of tact and discretion, said at least 473 times, “Nicole is in the final!  Let me repeat, Nicole and Kat are in the final!!!!” Perhaps her shock makes her Nicole’s “friend” as well.

Elaine chose her various prizes and then said, “I’m tired of winning. I have to go now.”  Diary, I believe I hissed a little.

[From the Fearsome one’s private journal:  “Yes!  All is in place for my re-coronation!  I shall sleep well  tonight.”]

In the meantime, side bowling games abounded.  Mary Kay had set the multipin scoring record of 560 the night before, so she sat and watched us try in vain to catch her.

[Excerpted from Mary Kay’s annals of fabulousness: “I’m still the bowling queen — I have a golden ball!”]

At one point JoAnne said Mary Kay should take a turn.  Mary Kay replied, “I don’t want to keep demoralizing you.”

Diary, our egos are very healthy during spa week.

We saved Paint and Sip for the final night (though sadly, Pat had to miss it).  For some misguided reason, Diary, I decided to let all the participants have a choice in what we painted so we could send the final pick to the teacher beforehand.  Oh the opinions on color and flower and scene!  But finally I herded my squirrels to one picture with the promise everyone could personalize the colors.

We had as much fun in the 2017 session as we did last year.

And we all remembered our listening skills.

Amanda, the instructor, took this photo of everyone at the end.

And here’s a closer look at what we painted:

We ended the night with Scrabble (Kat won, Nicole placed admirably), Reverse Scrabble Charades (I’m actually not sharing THOSE photos) and the coronation.

And then, Diary, our week was over.  Another wonderful seven days with girls, wine, games (ugh) and laughter.

In all seriousness Diary, it’s a wonderful gift Nora shares with us every spring.  We all started out in different parts of Nora’s life and now all those parts blend like the paint above — we enhance, we embrace and we encourage. Some of us get together regularly, some we don’t see until spa week arrives, but the time doesn’t matter, the relationships do.

And so, I bid you farewell Diary.  Word is my “friend” Nora may try to give her own version of the week.  I would take it all with a grain of salt.


15 thoughts on “Dear Diary: a conclusion to the Cranky Publicist adventures”

  1. The Trivia video won’t run, but I get the general idea. You’re amazingly graceful and stoic in the face of all those egos! When I used to get dragged…I mean participated…in some Paint and Sip excursions, I always ‘left the reservation’ when it came to color choices. Sometimes I didn’t even do the topic choice. Glad to see all the beautifully colored petals – even the one with no petals at all. That, in itself, is also a story. Glad you all had a good time, but I’m really curious about Reverse Scrabble. Any hints?

    1. In Laura’s game-playing PTSD, she wrote Reverse Scrabble instead of Reverse Charades.

      However, I may have my clever Kat try to come up with some sort of Reverse Scrabble just to watch Laura’s hair catch fire!

      1. Oh, Reverse Scrabble would be simple — fill the board with tiles and remove the words that make sense. Like a word search.


        1. Cool idea, Laura! I was imagining having to do everything backwards, but your idea is even more nefarious.

  2. Ladies – good times! I am in awe of you all. Cranky: you are awesome and next year is YOUR year! Thanks for sharing your week, I know we have all enjoyed it. Safe travels home ?

  3. Aww Laura I will be your friend. Just think of what I can offer in my friendship. I am the World’s Biggest Loser Ever in games dancing and bowling. You would never be the last loser again.

    The paintings are gorgeous. Spa week sounds awesome and your right. It’s the friendships that counts.
    Have a great week.

  4. Thank you for sharing your week with us. It is great to have such good friends to enjoy time away with. Everyone have safe travels and see you at GNO. Laura, I loved your painting.

  5. A wonderful friend experience – thank you so much for sharing. I loved the pictures. The paintings are exquisite – clearly you all are talented nature painters.

  6. Laura, you are not alone. Many of us don’t do well in sports, or games. You got one over on all of them- you have a job many of us envy- so there! And, I liked your tulip painting the best- so if you decide not to write funny fiction- you can always paint!

  7. I thought for sure this was your year, Laura.

    Oh well, 2018 will be it! Have faith.

    Looking on my phone, I thought you’d all painted pictures of wine glasses. Those thumbnail-sized pics are misleading. Looking on my PC I can see they are gorgeous flowers. Well done all.

  8. The flower paintings are gorgeous – you all have the painting down pat. Laura, I liked yours the best though, so you have best flower painter designated instead of biggest loser.

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