Cozumel, Day 8

Again, I spend considerable time in jail. Griffin’s thrilled with my capture—repeatedly. He is judge and jury, it seems.

It’s laundry time, and after studying the machine, I ask Kat to check and make sure I’m interpreting the Spanish controls correctly. Fortunately, I am, so we get that going.

JR and Griffin having some screen time. Photo by Kat.

Reading time for me. It’s overcast, breezy, and just fine for sitting out on the patio. If I look up, I see bits of the gulf, a boat flying by through the trees. The grackles come to drink and shower.

Time to hang the laundry, so BW fetches coat hangers from upstairs. We use the rungs of the chaise umbrellas, and the rail on one of the second floor terraces. A nice, bright sun now, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Why not make a pitcher of margaritas?

I read some more, enjoy that margarita, deal with some email. Inside Kayla, Colt and JR are playing three-handed hearts. Jason has some work and uses the quiet second house for it. Kat gets pulled into the game to make it four-handed. For awhile, I enjoy rounding the table to look at everyone’s hand.

I substitute for Kat a few hands while she tends to Griffin. Kayla immediately runs them—and very skillfully. I do more jail time. Locked in jail, Griffin says, gleefully.

Why only me? I wonder.

The incredibly long game of Hearts comes to an end, Jason’s returned, so we consider dinner—where to go. Jason’s found another restaurant in town, so we’ll try that.

Clean up, clean ourselves up and off we go. Colt rides with us this time, and as with Kayla, Griffin has a fine time with him.

This little place is across the road from the gulf, but you can still see it—and those HUGE cruise ships. Colt and I are going to split a flank steak, but it turns out they have chicken strips, so the steak will be mine alone.

Margarita portrait by Nora.

This is a small operation with a semi-open kitchen. I like watching the cooks—and the server works in there, too. Chips, salsa and drinks to sustain us while they work.

Airy decor. Photo by Nora.

We have a loose plan for the upcoming days. JR will practice snorkeling, see if he enjoys it. We’ll book a snorkeling trip for either Monday or Tuesday. There’s a small water park near here, so that will serve on the alternate day. Griffin’s all about that one.

Wednesday for a group shopping trip.

On vacation, loose plans work best.

Food comes out and the servings are as big as the cruise ships.

I barely make a dent in my steak, but it’s wonderful. Kayla says the same about her nachos. As far as I can see, others made serious dents, so we head out full and happy.

Masive steak. Photo by Nora.

There are chases and jail time. But no jail time for Nana! Tonight, it’s JR, Kayla and Colt who are pursued and incarcerated as Griffin is again arresting officer, judge, jury and now occasionally cage door. He detains them in the alcove outside Logan’s room with his sturdy little body.

New prisoners. Photo by Nora.

They’re finally released.

For Poker Night.

Logan wants Texas Hold ‘em only, but is overruled by the majority. It will be dealer’s choice.

Once again, Jason wins the first hand, and it’s a rich pot.

JR holds his own, Colt is losing fast. I win a couple of very nice ones—and Jason’s luck continues. For the last hand, Kat proposes a Pong Family style of five-card draw. You get to draw twice, deuces, One-Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings are wild.

The pot is beyond rich, Kayla, down to her last chips, has to go all in to call. And wins it on four of a kind.

Raking it in. Photo by Nora.

She and Jason are definitely the big winners, but I am not displeased as I again leave with more than I put in (in fake money).

A fun family night, and bed time calls.

A hot one this morning. Rumor is Logan will make pancakes.

Going to gear up and workout, then we’ll see about that.


10 thoughts on “Cozumel, Day 8”

  1. Always interested in what Nora’s reading – I’ve discovered some new favorite authors by checking out what she’s reading (most recently, Sarah Addison Allen)

  2. The houses look very open and nice. Love that pool. Enjoy😊😊😊

    1. As Nora reported in the Day 7 blog, JR is Kayla’s boyfriend who joined them for the second half of the vacation.


  3. I love reading about your vacation days!! Its the first thing I read in the morning. It sounds like you all are having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. Sounds like a perfect vacation day. The photos are great. Kayla with her winnings is wonderful. The margarita glass is beautiful, and that steak is definitely huge! Thank you for sharing – I feel like I’m there with you.

  5. Yum, yum! That steak and margarita look delish! (Did you bring the left overs home with you?) Logan sounds like quite the cook! I love it how little Griffin is determined to hang with the older kids, even though he is so young. He is doing it his way, by always playing chase with the willing participants. Awesome!

  6. Once home please share your restaurant list. We visit often and love new p,aces.

  7. Sounds like another fun filled day and happy that you were not jailed this time around😂😂

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