Cozumel Day 3

The three oldest kids and BW try out the Gulf. What fun—for them, and for me to watch. The practicing snorkeling in the pool worked great. Kayla, however, goes in, comes out and ditches her mask. She decides she’d rather not know those fish are in there!

Kayla and her grandda. Photo by Nora.

Logan finds a conch shell with an occupant. Very cool! And puts it back in its watery home.

Beach meeting. Photo by j a-b

There are kayaks and a standing paddle board. All are put to good use. Those kids are good! Excursion boats fly by, making a nice wake for the water play.

A very fun way to spend a chunk of the morning.

We’re thinking since Griffin has his float jacket, he might like to try a dip there later this week. We’ll see.

Housekeeping’s here, so I read outside awhile. When they’re finished in the room I’m using to work out, and will use to work, I go up, and travel from Mexico to New York in 2061.

I put in a hour and a half, am well satisfied. And the screen freezes. This has happened once or twice in the past, but THIS time I neglected to copy from my thumb drive to the hard drive, then work on that. Just a mental blip that cost me 90 minutes work because it’s gone, baby, gone.

I have to come down, pour myself a drink and take some good, deep breaths.

While I was working, Kat, Jason, Colt and Griffin have gone out to take a submarine ride. But I can whine to BW, Kayla, Logan, and do.

Then I put on my big girl pants, go back up and reconstruct. I tell myself this is probably better anyway. Come down, reward myself with a Bellini, then bang—something flashes in my brain and I realize I can add just this revelation—Eve’s—to the end of the chapter.

Well, you don’t waste that kind of flash, so back up yet again and finish it out. So maybe that annoying 90 loss was worth it in the end.

Everybody’s back and had a fine time on their underwater excursion. There’s pool time, reading time, hang out time before we clean up for dinner.

A drive into town and another open-air restaurant with two for one drinks. Ho boy!

Family meal. Photo by j a-b

Super nachos for the table, and another big ho boy. HUGE. And yum.

Big ass nachos. Photo by j a-b.

There’s a band here, and though they’re a little loud to allow conversation, they’re good, and they’re fun. Chips come with two kinds of sauce—mild and burn your tongue off. I am alone in enjoying the burn your tongue off.

Sunset by Kayla.

At home BW, Jason, Kayla, Colt and I play some poker. Kayla’s getting it pretty good as we pretend bet from a penny to a million dollars.

A fine meal in a lively place with more awesome views. Can’t ask for better.

Shortly after, I follow Logan’s example and give it up for the night.

It seems I slept through the power outage. BW had settled down to read, but luckily had a flash light. Jason and Kat were about to take Griffin to the other villa for bed time—and Jason got the flashlight from the kitchen. Colt and Kayla used their phones to get back here.

BW tells me the dark was DARK, and brought the stars to brilliance.

A couple hours later, it came back on, and I never knew the difference.

Up just before the sun to enjoy the birds and that slowly creeping light.  Nice quiet start to my day. I’m about two-thirds done with my workout, and the screen freezes. Not just the internet. Power’s down again.

We’re fortunate it’s not blazing hot—at least not yet.

We’ll hope the outage doesn’t last too long, but there’s the pool, there’s the Gulf. I think we’ll manage.


16 thoughts on “Cozumel Day 3”

  1. Love all the pictures from today’s adventure. The underwater excursion brought back so many wonderful memories from our trip there. Unfortunate about the power outages but glad it all worked out for everyone 😊😊

  2. Always good to have an Eve ‘Aha!’ moment! My favorite series! Sometimes I want to be a part of that wonderful group of characters you’ve created. Of course, I’d probably end up dead in Roarke’s bar because some idjit didn’t get enough attention. Guess which book I’m rereading? 😁 Enjoy your vacation and thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Well, everything happens for a reason. Possibly the rewritten pages are better than the originals, but it had to be frustrating. Thanks for sharing your days with us. Have fun and stay safe.

  4. Best part of the islands are night power outages! Jut lay on the beach and look up….it is spectacular and mystical!

  5. Looks like a fun vacation so far. Looking forward to your next day. Enjoy👍👍👍

  6. So happy that you can relax and enjoy your family in such a beautiful place. Sometimes I think we all need a power outage so we can enjoy all the beauty around us.
    I didn’t realize that you still worked while on vacay. Yay for us. I love all your books. And have introduced a few ppl and my sister to the magic of Eve. Thanks for all the wonderful hours of getting lost in another world.
    Enjoy your trip

  7. Love following the continued vacation adventures, as always. Thank you for sharing. Sorry to hear about the computer troubles, but can’t wait to see how they affected the upcoming book associated by such. I have no doubt the new work will be stellar, even if not the identical path originally intended. Though, the associated frustrations are completely relatable. I love to hear there was an a-ha moment for Eve as a result. It feels like unexpected kismet. The story will be fantastic, and I can’t wait to read it!

  8. Sounds so relaxing! Glad you were able to recreate your work and even add something unplanned to it. Those nachos looked delish!

  9. I really enjoy reading all your vacation blogs and living vicariously with you thru them. Love all the family time and game playing, reminds me of my childhood. Thank you!

  10. The water looks very enticing. All the photos are fabulous, as always. The ones from the submarine are wonderful – I loved the turtle. Two-for-ones drinks, again, wow! The nachos looked yummy. You’re liking the burn-your-tongue off sauce made me think of Sally Field’s character in 80 for Brady when she participates in the hot barbecue sauce contest. Thanks again for sharing. Hope the power outages don’t continue.

  11. I absolutely love the colors of the water! The submarine trip was definately a unique and fun thing to do. What an awesome experience that must have been! The pictures are fantastic. You’re having such a fun trip. Thanks.for taking us with you. Enjoy the rest od your stay and keep tne pictures coming.

  12. Our family just came back from a 2 week jaunt in the BVI. We took all the kids, their spouses & our grandlittles. Rented a 51’ Power Cat & boated around the islands. Warm seas, clear water, tropical drinks. Luckily the tropical storms & the sargasso gave us a miss! Enjoy your vacation with your family, Cozumel is gorgeous.

  13. Enjoy your daily writings of your trip! What a fun time w/ your family. You are making great memories for them! Thank you fir being generous and sharing w/ us.

  14. Wow, more great photos. Fun time for everyone. So about the work, but it worked out in the end. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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