Cozumel Day 2

The view. Photo by Kayla.

A fine day had by all. Some lazing around, some swimming.

Part of the gang hits the grocery store for the big run. While they’re out I teach Colt 5-Card Draw. Every boy should have this skill—and every girl, too, so we’ll teach Kayla.

Grandda comes out and we switch to 7-Card Stud.

When the gang comes back, we’re loaded. Lots of food to put away, and now nobody should be hungry!

Griffin picked out a pool toy—a big Orca float. This proves fun for all. Logan and Colt practice snorkeling in the pool to get a handle on it before trying the Gulf tomorrow.

Resting before pool time. Photo by Kat.
A new friend! Photo by Nora.
Snorkel prep and whale riding. Photo by Nora.

The neighbors are having a fine time, too. I hear lots of kids laughing. Nice someone’s enjoying themselves as much as we are.

I think it’s more getting our bearings, setting things up, figuring out a routine-ish, learning where everything is. And appreciating the lovely views.

We gather ourselves and head to a restaurant in town. I spot the shopping area we’ll hit on whatever turns out to be shopping day.

Dinner with a view. Photo by j a-b.

Fun restaurant, terrific water view and seriously good menu. Again, no one will be hungry! It’s two for one drinks. Logan and I—18’s the legal drinking age—order margaritas and Kayla a banana daiquiri. Didn’t realize we’re getting two drinks so we’ve got a lot! Jason takes a margarita. They’re excellent!

Hanging out. Photo by j a-b.

Logan and I appear to be in solidarity as we both order the grilled lobster. Beside me, Colt goes for a steak burrito. Not sure what everyone else ordered, but everybody was happy. Ice cream for dessert, but I try the flan. And it’s just fine!

Colt, waiting for his burrito. Photo by Nora.

I all but waddle out to the car.

After dinner sib group shot, Kayla, Logan and Cold. Photo by Kayla

Back home for some sunset picks—low clouds block the sun, but the sky turns into a painting of pinks and golds with orange highlights.

Sunset show. Photo by BW.
Sunset show, Nora’s version.

Griffin has some ice cream and entertains me with an on-line game that amuses the crap out of him. And Kat gives Logan a kitchen haircut at his request. Good job!

Another early night. The heat’ll do that.

Up early, enjoy the birds—a yellow warbler watches me as I watch him.

Logan’s already up, made his breakfast and coffee. Taking an early dip while I figure out how to work the oven. First challenge, translate centigrade—-but BW has his tablet handy. Then figuring out the symbols. BW and I both try various things, and I’m about to give up when I finally hit on it. Bacon will happen!

It takes longer than at home where it’s put the parchment paper lined sheet in a cold oven, turn it to 400 degrees for 20 minutes. It takes about 30, but I’ll adjust for it next time. And still a little floppy.

Time to work out, get cleaned up, and see what the day brings.


14 thoughts on “Cozumel Day 2”

  1. Enjoy your vacation! You’re so blessed to be able to go away and bring your family! And you’re making lifetime memories for the grandchildren.

  2. Beautiful photos. Enjoying the grandkids on a vacation is such a blessing. Everyone is so busy usually so getting everybody together for a holiday is fabulous ❤️

  3. Nora, you’re the best! Not every one would want to interrupt their vacation by giving us a travelogue. It’s so much fun reading about your and your family. Take care and have a great time, especially spoiling your grandchildren. Thanks!

  4. The photos are gorgeous! Fabulous sunsets! Enjoy your times with the family! Thank you for taking the time to share with us all!

  5. More beautiful photos. Two for one drinks – wow! Good thing there were enough of you to parcel them out. Food sounded delicious. Looking forward to day three.

  6. Enjoy your time! It’s a beautiful area. My husband & I have spent some time on Isla Mujeres. It’s also really beautiful and the people are wonderful. We haven’t been to Cozumel, so it’s nice to have some pictures. We did some snorkeling tours and they were really fun. We had to practice with the masks in the shallow waters before going out, and we were sure glad we did. I would never had made it snorkeling if I’d been dumped in deep water the first time…LOL !

  7. Sounds like Day 2 was another awesome fun—filled day! The weather seems to be cooperating. We went to Cozumel years ago and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

  8. Thanks for taking us along with a peek into your special family vacation!

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