Cozumel, Day 12

Solidly successful shopping!

We take two cars so we’re not jammed, and as Kat has a couple of other shopping areas after the main group one. While Kayla’s feeling better, she stays back with Jason and Griffin.

We find parking side-by-side—a good omen. And after a slightly nervous me—I’m the only one in the group who’s been shopping, and my sense of direction sucks wide—leads the way, we find shops.

And a rock shop! As a group, we love rocks!

Everyone finds something. I have a lovely, tumbled hunk of carnelian to take home.

A pair of parrots. Photo by Nora.

We see parrots! I take a photo, but Kat poses for one, and gets to hold one. Very cool.

True #randomkatness captured by j a-b.

Then there’s a hand-crafted store with bags and belts and wallets—the leather smells amazing. With jewelry and pretty bits and bobs.

Logan negotiates, and very successfully. He assists JR in bargaining. I do my own, also with satisfaction. Another store, more success, than another yet. I have completed my personal shopping goal.

I will say, since he was just a little guy, Logan has had great taste in gifts.

He comments it’s interesting to be in a place where English isn’t the first language. I so agree.

Yet another stop, yet more bargaining and purchases.

BW, Colt, JR head back with our bags, (there are many) and Kat, Logan and I venture into another area looking for a pottery venue. Logan navigates, and while we find the place, it turns out to be a kind of food court rather than pottery.

But Kat finds a pineapple from a tiny fruit stand. She is very skilled in cutting fresh pineapple.

Off we go to park at the Mega—there’s a tiny shop we noted directly across the street with gorgeous bowls, hand painted, wood. A delightful shop keeper—she calls Logan Skinny-Minnie Boy (she’s not wrong!), and she has a little girl about Griffin’s age. The offerings are just beautiful. BW has hoped I’d find something I liked for our upcoming anniversary.

I oblige him and select three, various sizes, all gorgeous art. Kat finds some for gifts. I get Kayla a tee-shirt, and Logan points out the purple is her school color. The shopkeeper tells us we made her day.

The little girl brings newspaper to her mama to wrap the bowls.

Back to the car to lock up the bags and do a round in the Mega for more supplies.

Then home again after a job well done.

And fresh pineapple. Kat chose very well!

Some swimming. Griffin is doing simply great in the pool. I think he wore Colt out. I really enjoy seeing him motoring around in the water, secure in his bright yellow floaty jacket.

We decide on Italian for dinner.

Griffin conks in the car on the way in. Swimming will do that.

He sleeps on Daddy at the table for awhile.

The server not only remembers us, but what we drink. That’s a memory! Kayla soothes herself with potato soup. I go for spaghetti. BW orders a glass of Merlot, and after I take a sip, and order one for myself. Very smooth.

A pretty evening with the humongo cruise ships out in the water, and a pretty sail boat that eventually tacks its way closer.

Sailboat and sunset. Photo by Kat.
Kayla’s sunset.

And another fine meal.

Back for relaxing, then a challenging game of Chase—which also now includes Freeze. But I’m not arrested, so that’s something.

I go to bed a free woman.

Another pretty morning, too. Yesterday we had big puffy clouds with layers that looked etched. Today smaller ones. And I hear a pair of birds that sounds like they’re cursing each other.

It’s about time to go work out. I think there’s hope for the water park today. Apparently there’s a twenty-foot water slide.

Not, by any means whatsoever, for me!


In case they forgot where they are. Photo by Kat.

12 thoughts on “Cozumel, Day 12”

  1. Sounds like another successful shopping and dining day for everyone. So happy that Kayla feels better..

    Happy Friday to everyone ❤️❤️

  2. Would have loved to see a display of all you bought during your shopping trips. You make the shops sound very interesting. Love your diary. Thank you, Becky

      1. Laura, I knew this would be the answer! Nora always Christmas shops on this big family vacation. Always fun to read about it.

  3. Wow you all do a lot of shopping and find great things. How wonderful. So much enjoy your daily comments.

  4. I’ve so been enjoy reading about your family’s adventures. Glad you found the lovely bowls. Bet they aren’t wobbly like the one’s Mrs. Feeney makes. 😏

  5. So glad Kayla is feeling better. Sucks to be sick on vacation. Sounds like everyone is having a great time! Thanks for taking us along with you!

  6. Sounds like a lovely day of shopping. Love the photos! I like Kat’s Cozemul as a reminder of where you are – it will also be a reminder of a wonderful vacation.

  7. Well I enjoy all your adventures. A good family vacation. I’m asking myself, how are you going to take all these gifts back?

    Sonia from Puerto Rico. (is in the Kozumel road sign, ha)

  8. Ahhh…a lovely, relaxing day of shopping at your leisure! My kind of day! Top that off with Italian food, and it’s perfect! (Potato soup sounds delicious!)

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