Blooming May

I’m back on my feet—a little shaky, but back—after a nasty bout with vertigo. Hit Thursday morning, and knocked me flat. I had to miss our Girls Night Out as my world was spinning. Felt like crap Friday, but at least I could sit up. Slow but steady progress, and my first sloooow walk around the gardens on Sunday.

I’m not wired to spend three days in bed, but that’s pretty much what I did.

The walk outside lifted my spirits, a lot.

So much progress with all the flowers—though yesterday’s all-day rain has some heavy-headed.

I managed to mostly pack for our upcoming Girl Spa Week. And have to be grateful the vertigo didn’t strike a week later than it did.

I hope to be back to work on Monday.

But on this Mother’s Day, the sun’s shining and my flowers are blooming. Nasturtiums are starting to pop up, delphiniums blooming, yellow flags showing their color. Everything looking happy and healthy.

And of course, my f’ing wings are in place, right behind the front garden wall by our lane. I think they’ll like it there.

F’ing wings where they belong.

Laura’s out of town for a family wedding, so she’ll post this when she gets home. And before she faces the dreaded scoreboard our clever Kat’s making for our spa week.

I’m going to select and organize the Fabulous Prizes, then suspect I’ll take a nap.


I’m not home yet, but had a moment to get this set up. Now to take some deep breaths and ready myself for the scoreboard of doom.


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  1. I have seen an ENT, even had an MRI. It’s garden variety vertigo.

    And, I’m told, once you’ve had it, you’ll get it again. Which I do, two or three times a year.

    It sucks!

    1. So sorry you deal with this. Glad you are getting better.. Health problems are always a challenge and always wonder- who didn’t get the memo- body, always be healthy!
      ( Mine sure didn’t ).
      Enjoy your garden. It is inspiring. Take care

    2. I totally understand. I have tinnitus in my right ear and have since 2008. Nothing can be done. Also, it contributes to my vertigo problem. It isn’t fun. Take care and enjoy Spa Week!
      Love the wings!

    3. I suffer from vertigo and had a severe case last week when I had to go up to the mountains. I have found if I take a Bonine (which is the same medication the doctor prescribed), right when the 1st symptoms appear, it will usually clear up within 1 day. Sorry you suffered this and loved the pics of your garden.

    4. That is so hard! Glad you had the MRI, ruled out anything worse. My husband had an attack, I thought he was having a heart attack so weirdly vertigo was a relief. Anyway, he found some exercises online that he started doing regularly – & they actually really cut the incidents down. I would Google “exercises for vertigo prevention“ & try & see if they might be helpful… ❤

    5. My husband had vertigo and the doctor recommended trying Meclizine (Dramamine). It did help, but caused a bit of drowsiness. Good luck to you!!

    6. Sorry to hear that this is recurring. But so are those beautiful plants with flowers that come every spring. I am not making light of that horror just sharing that the flowers of spring make amends.

    7. Sorry that you have vertigo. If you don’t mind taking meds, Meclizine is an over the counter med that helps a bit with the dizziness and nausea of vertigo. You just can’t drive when you take it (but then again, you can’t drive with the vertigo either).
      Take care and hope you have a great time at the spa trip.

    8. Have you seen a physical therapist?? They can help realign those crystals in your ears and help with the symptoms.

    9. I had a neighbor that had that and they had her do physical therapy. You might ask about that too. Thats nasty stuff. Love your books and these book bans have to go.

    10. Epley Manoeuvre should work for you. I do similar exercise and it works really quick. Agree that episodes suck but glad I have found something that works. Good luck.

    11. It does. I have not had an ‘attack’ in some time (knocking on wood here). Here’s hoping it passes quickly and quietly.

  2. I, too, have been there. I was given meclizine and it works wonders! I keep the bottle handy but so far haven’t needed it again. I so love the photos of your beautiful gardens!! Out here in eastern Oregon, my delphinium is just greening up, weeks away from blooming yet. It’s still tulips and daffodils here! Enjoy Spa Week, ladies!!

  3. Hope Ms. Roberts has seen her ENT. I also have vertigo, but not in a year since my ENT gave me an exercise to do. See if there is a maneuver that works for her. Mine is the Epley Maneuver. Worked a miracle for me.

      1. After 30 years of going to doctors about the dizziness I finally found who said I can fix that and showed me the Epley maneuver. It works ! A couple of times a year it come back, I do the maneuver and I’m back !

      2. Had a PT do the Epley maneuver, miracle cure, have not had an episode in 3 years!!

  4. Vertigo has to be the worst. I’m sorry you had to deal with it. The garden is beautiful. ❤️

  5. Love the addition of the f’ing wings! Her garden continues to flourish and I am happy to get to enjoy her bounty.

  6. Vertigo sucks. I get hit with it several times a year. Love,love love yhe F*ing wings. They are fabulous! Looks perfect there. Feel better and have a great girls spa week!

  7. Glad you are feeling better. I can empathize I’ve had vertigo. It does suck

  8. Sorry you were feeling bad, but glad it seems to be over. The wings look great – worth every minute spent getting them. Laura – hope you had a great time at the wedding.

  9. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I have had my bout of vertigo and you’re right, it’s not fun. Your garden is gorgeous. 💕 all the colors and how everything is popping.

  10. Has Nora been checked by a doctor? Sudden onset vertigo can be (among other things) a symptom of an inner ear infection, and those can cause deafness if they go wrong. Hope she’s well soon!

  11. I never understood vertigo until the last 6 months. I now feel your pain and nausea! It’s exhausting too. Have a fun spa week.

  12. Glad you are doing better. Your gardens are beautiful including the “f’ing wings” they are pretty in the garden. Have fun at spa week. Laura wishing good luck with the games.

  13. My aunt had vertigo, I felt so bad for her. Hope yours stays at a minimum. Hope your thriving gardens were a good balm for your yucky feeling. The f*ing wings look perfect! We had over a week of rains – unusual for here – and the herbs are looking a little rocky after the beating. Hope you continue to improve. Glad Laura had fun at the wedding.

  14. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I had vertigo once and that was enough for me. Glad your doing better. ❤️

  15. Love your garden. All the little statures just add whimsy. The wings look beautiful and add more whimsy. I always love the pictures of your garden. I’m so glad you share with us.
    I hope any future bouts of vertigo are very few and very far between.

  16. Hi Nora,
    So sorry about your vertigo! My husband suffered from this last year for over a week & his doctor told him about a clinic near us that dealt with this particular issue! He made an appointment & after 2 sessions it was completely gone & hasn’t returned! The doc was able to realign the calcium particles in his inner ear. He has told others who have had vertigo about the clinic & they, too, found relief! If this is what’s causing your issue, maybe that’s something you could check out in your area! Just thought I’d share this. All the best!

  17. Your garden is always so beautiful and I love looking at the pics you post, sorry about the vertigo, I had a Covid vaccine booster and it *laid me low* for a week, I’ve never had a reaction before, this was my 5th one. Not fun not feeling well, regardless what causes it. Have a great spa week.

  18. It’s great to hear that you’re making progress with your vertigo and getting back on your feet. Enjoy your walk and the beautiful flowers!

  19. My Chiropractor was able to help me with my vertigo. I am so thankful for that!

  20. Nora
    So sorry you had vertigo. It’s not something anyone wants to go through. Love your books so much and am glad you will be back to writing soon.
    Love and good wishes!

  21. Vertigo is awful! Had it a couple times, and it’ll knock you flat! Glad you are on the mend and hopefully are enjoying your girls spa weekend! Love your books! They are pretty much the only books I read these days! I just can’t help myself! No one writes like you!

  22. I’m so sorry about the vertigo. That has to be awful. Your garden is going to be lovely when everything blooms.

    Have fun on your spa trip.
    Mickey Merritt

  23. I have had vertigo and it is So disorienting! So glad you are feeling better! I am a major fan of your work and have been for years!!! Keep up the amazing writing ✍️ ❤️❤️❤️

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