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    1. I finished The Obsession last night! I loved, loved absolutely everything about this book!!! Nora is such a talented, mesmerizing writer!!! Now I’m kind of lost…don’t know what to read next because nothing can compare to this!!

        1. It was great. I finished it too quickly. I had an idea of who the bad guy was but didn’t get it confirmed until 3/4 of the way thru. I really liked the characters and how Naomi’s uncles and brother were portrayed. I definitely fellinlove with Tag. And all the people in her town.

      1. I feel the same way. I was a wonderful written story. Thanks Nora Roberts

      2. I couldn’t agree more. I loved Obsession. I was enchanted by the citizens of Sunny Cove. I would like to live there! I will probably be reading this over and over again!

      3. This book is her best as yet,found it hard putting it down…problem is finding something worth reading after it so totally agree & keep it up Nora!

      4. Sue, I feel the same way. Part of me couldn’t wait to get to the ending (and what an ending!) but the other part didn’t want it to end! I loved this book. The Witness, the Liar and now Obsession, I’m blown away by this woman’s writing talent.

      5. Feel the same way. Obsession was so, so good. I was sad when I finished it and so two days later, started reading it again. Nora, how do you do it. Love the details re: taking pictures, framing shots, etc. Made me wish I was good with a camera, and I loved the cooking parts. All around great story. Thanks again for another wonderful read

      6. I totally agree. I wanted it to last forever. I wish she would make it a trilogy!!!

        1. I just finished it last night. I kept picturing Charlene Theron as Naomi and Sam Elliott as her love. Hope there’s a sequel. It was very good.

      7. I loved it! Does anyone know of any other Nora Roberts book they love as much as Obsession?

    2. I loved this one!! I tried so hard to make it last but just could not wait to finish it. I am actually ready for a re read already. Totally head over heels in love with Tag.

      What a great way to spend the weekend!!

      1. I’ve already read it three times. Something new every time. What can I say?

  1. Normally I’m tearing into boxes at Walmart to get my copy at midnight, but I have to hold off till this weekend. Get to meet the amazing Nora Roberts and get my copy signed!

  2. Just started chapter 17 and it’s another wonderfully written and engaging book. I can’t wait to finish it and reread it 🙂

    1. Is this the first book in a series, i usually read in death books but someone told me to try this one but i want to make sure i start at the beginning,thank you for and help

        1. But – what about Mason? I think that would make another great story – at some point.

          1. Jumped on here to say the same thing! I would love to see some follow up books for this community and/or Mason!

          2. Please give Mason a story Obession is such a great read . Nora brought all the characters to life and it would be great to follow them.

          3. They already addressed this in an earlier post.
            There are legal, publishing issues and he was written as a support character. They said it would not and could not happen. But, I agree, he was interesting.

          4. My sentiments, as well, on the first day, but there are legal publication issues and she said he would only ever be a supporting character.

          5. I would love a story about Mason, too! Hope Nora will write one about him.

          6. I agree I gell in love with his character and I would love to read more about him also

          7. Hear hear…I really want to reed an entire book about Mason and Naomi and all the other characters. I think the tale is not yet finished at all.

  3. It arrived yesterday …and I was up until 3:00 AM glued to the book…and then, I had to put it down, slow down, pace myself cuz when it is done….I will have NORA WITHDRAWAL! A dreaded syndrome!!!

    1. Ahhh Elina another fellow sufferer of Nora withdrawal…..still we can happily ‘re-read all her other great books whilst waiting as they are THAT good lol

      1. I just re-read the first book of the Stars trilogy while I wait for Bay of Sighs to come out – well, I read that right after I finished reading the excerpt, which, actually I didn’t read as soon as it was put up on the site.

  4. I will be downloading shortly, but must wait until at least this evening (and since I have paperwork to do…not!) or tomorrow evening to read! Enjoy, everyone!

  5. I received my copy yesterday, too..and decided for a slow read. The book fits perfectly into a slow read as we all know how long it takes to remodel a house.

  6. VERY unhappy with Amazon – they only shipped my copy today – to arrive on Thursday!! Happy reading, all, will be back this weekend.

    1. Paula I feel your pain. My local book shop won’t have it until Monday at the earliest.

  7. Huh pre-ordered but in the UK book won’t be delivered by Amazon until Monday!!

    In the words of Indigo Montoya – princess bride “I hate waiting”


  8. Thoroughly enjoyed every page. So thankful for Turn the Page Bookstore subscription!

    1. My hubby bought me a Nook for Christmas. I am having such a great time reading all the book bundles of Nora’s. I had pre-ordered Obsession and they were right there with the download on the 12th. I’m really glad I have this Nook!!!

      1. I love my Nook – or now, my Nook app on my tablet – and wouldn’t give it up for the world. And it’s the best when it comes to pre-ordering. Morning of release day it’s there with a touch of a fingertip. But seriously, I do a lot of reading in bed, and this, that and the other, so the Nook comes in handy. And carrying my tablet (or even my Nook Color) around is easier than carrying hardback books around, and e-books are cheaper than the hardback books, too – when the book come out in hardback, like the JDR books.

  9. This has turned out to be one of my favorites! Excellent story and characters and, while I expected the identity of the killer, the ending twisted just enough to surprise me. I loved the solid family and towner connections. Since I ordered this from TTP, I received it early enough to have done my first obsessive read through, and the second “appreciate the details” read. Loved every page. Thanks, Nora, for another great book.

    1. I also do that. The fast read, then read again. Love my Nora books

    2. I LOVED this boo . Raced through it because I couldn’t put it down, but it will definitely go into my re-read pil . I also got the audio book and can’t wait to liste .

  10. I have every book in this series. I love every one of them and hope to read many more. Thanks so much Nora for writing such a wonderful series where we see the characters change and grow. This book does not disappoint. Again you wrote an exciting story and I am looking forward to the next.

  11. So so so good! Loving it so far and I’m only about 1/4 into it!

  12. I downloaded it last night and started it today and could not put it down. Awesome, well written, I felt I was there growing up with Naomi and Mason. I could see the beautiful photography and enjoyed Naomi settling in and renovating her house. I loved the entire process of her growing roots, meeting Xander, naming the nameless dog. I have to do my slow read now ( after my obsessive compulsive first read :)). The stalker / serial killer was expected, but the twists and turns were not. Thank you one again Mrs. Roberts. I was not disappointed.

    1. Didn’t you just want to cry for/with Naomi when the guy turned on her after he found out “who” she was after her mother died?

  13. Trying hard to go slowly as the tension is so delicious. Now nearly halfway done. Thank you, Nora, for creating such wonderful male characters to match your protagonists. That includes the four-legged ones, too!

  14. Finished it! My son had a sick day so I was able to finish it today. Thankfully he’s on the mend and I’ve got my Nora fix! Can’t wait till Baybif Sighs!

  15. I have literally been reading all day and just finished the book. I didn’t think any novel could beat The Witness, but this one comes pretty darn close. Xander and Naomi are off the charts. I’m having cheesy eggs in the morning to celebrate another great read.

    1. I feel the same way, I loved The Witness! The Obsession was an awesome read!

    2. I had to finish re reading The Witness before starting this one! Very good so far!

  16. I too am VERY unhappy with Amazon. They said it was delivered today in my locked mail box. Got home, NO book. Now I have to wait 36 hours before they will SEND another book. No, not happy with Amazon!!! I know it will be worth the wait as Nora never disappoints.

      1. Short answer? No.

        Longer answer:

        He’s a supporting character in Naomi’s story with very little page time (for a reason). I appreciate readers make this emotional attachment with the people in the story, but once the story’s told, their purpose is served.

        I enjoyed writing his role in the book, but it was Naomi’s story that drove me to write The Obsession.

        1. I trust what Nora writes and I have to be honest, as much as I liked Mason’s role in the book – it was Naomi’s story and unless originally written as a multi-book series. I didn’t leave the book feeling I needed more of any of the supporting characters stories. It was the first book I have every listened too (and it was an awesome aid on the drive down {and back} to MD from upstate NY to meet Nora {and Laura} this past weekend) and a reminder as to why Nora is my favorite author!

        2. Couple of questions Nora–Any chance we could get some of the recipes mentioned in the book? My mouth was watering. Also, any chance this could be made in to a movie? I would love to see this one as a movie!

        3. That was going to be my Question so thanks Nora and thanks for the book. I have re-read it 3 time since it came out and love it more every time.

        4. Nora, I am a huge fan of your JD Robb “In Death” series. I just discovered “Obsession” and it was excellent. Your character development is flawless. I loved Naomi, the uncles, Xander, Mason, Tag, and Jenny. I didn’t want the book to end and when it did I felt like I had lost my best friend. I’m getting ready to read “The Search”, “The Witness” and “The Liar”. You are a very talented lady. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!!!

    1. Yes!!!!! I feel as if Nora needs to tell his story. He’s such an amazing character that he deserves to be completed.

      1. Again, no. I do not need to tell his story, and feel he was completed for the purpose designed.

        1. I agree he served his purpose. I live in NYC and want to come to your book sign. Could you please help me figure out what bus to take and to where to get to you. It is hard for me. I just don’t know what to do. I try to forget about it and tell myself if it’s meant to be it will.

        2. I agree, Nora (not that you need me to agree with you, it was your story to tell). I think the family got enough “page time”, with Naomi being the reason for the story, I’m fine with it ending there. When I get the urge for more is after a series is over, I want more, but that’s because you’ve seen how the first sets of romances finish out while you are in the last one, and you want that extra time with the last couple, too – sort of like closure – but that’s usually the only time. Oh, and of course, In Death books.

    2. Stopping this conversation in its tracks. Nora never planned to write Mason’s story. Changing publishers means it really won’t happen.


      1. Just saw Nora’s post….Guess I will have to be satisfied re-reading Naomi’s story….?

  17. Savoring every word! Couldn’t wait to get it and now I need to pace myself to make it last a little longer Of course then I will read it again and again. Sure to be another one of my Nora Roberts “old friends” (but just saying, I have been panting for the next “Stars Book” since I read it)

  18. Can’t wait to read it, my daughter ordered it so when she is done I get to start it

  19. Gawd! Loved this book! I’m now going read it a second time at a slower pace!

  20. It was on my doorstep when I got home last night. I finished it early this morning. I thought I knew who the bad guy was when he cried out, “Naomi.” But I was not sure until it was revealed. I was right!

  21. Absolutely loved it! I could not put it down. Looking forward to the reread.

  22. I can’t add much, I’m still in chapter two, but I can say already this is my favorite non In Death book by Nora. It’s very addictive.

  23. A fun romance, great supporting characters, and a touch of suspense. Not quite up to my favorite status, but a very enjoyable read overall.

  24. Excellent book, I was hooked from the first and love the ending. Thank you for writing your stories your way, you never disappoint me. Now I will read it to pick up the details I was in too much of a hurry to savor in the first read.

  25. Most excellent read. The characters, the story, the locations and the words that put them all together. Thank you again, Nora for a most wonderful read.

  26. I just finished reading the book and it was another excellent book by Nora Roberts. I love reading her books!

  27. I loved the delicious and deliberate pace of this story. And have decided that Nora has a definite talent for naming dogs.. I think Tag might be one of my new favorites.. (although Foolish holds the top spot.) i may have to start one of my lists with all of the dog names.

  28. Zander and Naomi are a great romantic couple who aren’t all gushy . “Get over it” I love the way Zander deals with Naomi’s past. It’s a true thing that serial killers and their victims are the ones we hear about, so it’s interesting to think about the relatives who have to pick up the pieces and still live their lives.The icing on the cake were the secondary characters. Who wouldn’t want friends like Kevin and Jenny? And a dog like Tag? Nora, thank you for a another wonderful read.

    1. I know, right? Xander is perfect for Naomi, he knows how to talk her down quick, just instinctual. And I love Tag, and her relationship with Tag. Not sure why Tag never jumped up on that big bed either to cuddle or to wake her up, but I love the fact that he wakes her up by giving her his ball at 5 am. Love the way she became part of the community, and by then, people didn’t care who she was “before”.

  29. Love the supporting characters especially Mrs. Lettie. She has a big heart .

  30. I started reading “The Obsession” and I am obsessed reading it, LOL, once again Nora Robert’s writes a wonderfully entertaining story, she is a master at her craft, I love reading her books, all day I wanted to come home and get in my jammies and read this book.

  31. I don’t think I could say anything not already said! I have thought I’ve had other favorite authors but Nora Roberts’ books continue to get better and better. So many of us re- read them, make friends with the characters and the community, see, smell and feel the places. It’s almost like the plot is secondary, yet we are engrossed in that too because we can’t put them down. This was the best one yet- (I loved the rehab, the photography, the Tag, the band… I want that poster of Xander with Pride and Prejudice!) yet I thought that with the Liar, and the Collector,… Not to mention my obsession with the world of Eve and Roarke. You are a gift to us Nora, thank you!

    1. Nora Roberts is my favorite Author. I love the way she writes and tell a story. And I love her characters in her book. She is the best thing that ever happened for me at age 15. I am glad to have come across her books. And I love the J.D. Robb books.

  32. Excellent story! Loved every minute of it. Felt like I could walk right into that town, that house, and find those lovely people. Thanks, Nora!

  33. Just like everyone said,love,love,love.. I couldn’t put it down,,buttttt it’s finished,and I’m so sad..I get so evolved with the characters,I’ll miss them …Great Boo

  34. Just finished The Obsession — loved it! I had so much I needed to do today, planned to read a few pages now and then between tasks. Started reading at 8:30 AM. Got obsessed. It’s now 8:30 PM. So much for planning– couldn’t put the book down. Guess I have a few minutes now to take a shower. Then maybe I’ll read the book again. 🙂

  35. Hello, first time commenter, long time reader. I just popped on to say I really love this book! Like everyone on here, I’ve read a lot of Nora’s books and I must confess, I had found the last couple to be slightly flat (for lack of a better word). I mean, brilliant, but when you’ve ready maybe 80 or so books by the same author you obviously develop a feel for the style. I really liked the formatting and pace of The Obsession and found it to be a welcome change. I must stress, I do really love all of Nora’s books but I just found myself needing something maybe slightly different and I felt The Obsession really delivered that . Looking forward to the next Bay instalment and In Death later this year.

  36. Thank you Nora for another great read!! You never disappoint. Always something new, always interesting and always a new adventure to enjoy.

  37. Loved the story, every time I read one of her books (as either Nora Roberts or J.D. Robb) I’m tickled with what a great story teller she is. That said, my absolute favorite thing about any of her books is the dialog. She has an amazing ability to write believable dialog that sounds (in my head) like conversations true to the characters. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we get so caught up in the story and feel like we really know the characters. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book, and all the characters. Adored the Uncles and I had to smile at Naomi saving Tag, it was a nice little twist. Not that Nora needs to hear this from me (or probably anyone) ~ great read, great fun, great job! Thanks!

  38. As a world class dog lover, I am tickled when NR puts an adorable canine (or more!) in one of her books. So thanks for Tag in “The Obsession”. It was just the right amount of “awwww” for me. And the story was good, too. Every time I finish one of her books, I tell my husband the same thing, so much so that he’s starting to say it for me: “I sure wish I could write like that.”

    Keep ’em comin’! And thanks again.

  39. Nora, The Obsession is fabulous. I have been reading you since the very early Silhouette days, and still have some of your original paper back books . This book was just absolutely wonderful. I actually got tears in my eyes when Naomi, Xander and Tag got home from the hospital and the Uncles were there to surprise her. The entire book, from beginning to end, is a treasure. I used to love to go see you at Books & Co., at Kettering, Ohio, when you still did book tours. You were so much fun to listen to, and you always patiently answered all of our questions and replied to our comments. I actually commented on the ending of the Gallagher series, and you told me Bruce had made the exact same comment. I’ve never forgotten that. Thank you for many, many hours of reading pleasure for a lot of years!

  40. Nora, I love all of your books … Even the ones I bought in the ‘Way Back Machine’. Between my daughter and I we still own them all. Most of them are worn from re-reading. When we visit each other, ‘Nora’ books end up all over the place. Thanks for entertainment, and sometimes scaring me to Death ?

  41. Sad, I figured out who dunit before she purchased the house….but good story over all.

  42. I already read the book in my crazy way.
    Now it’s time to be grown up and read it from start to end, like everyone else. 😉
    I love it. It will enter my Top 5 (which must have 50 books 😉 ) for sure.
    A must have/read/lovebook from Nora.
    Thank you so much for creating it for us, Nora!

    PS – Laura, sorry for the M suggestion, which sounded a whining 😉 I didn’t realise it was already answered and stopped in its tracks. No delete comment option here so it stays but I understand perfectly. Well, you can say it’s a way to state that the secondary characters were as great as the main ones 😉

  43. I loved The Obsession. It is one of the best. I know Nora Roberts has never written another romantic-suspense with a secondary character as hero, but no other character ever grabbed me like Mason. If she breaks precedence, this will be the time. He would make a marvelous hero and his story possibilities are endless.

  44. When we see the first murder and the the villain’s fantasy killing of Naomi then who he is becomes obvious. There is only one character so far has the knowledge of the details of her father’s murders and the motive to harm her ( the viscous email at the beginning of the story) BUT… it is a testimony of her skill as a storyteller that even knowing who it, did not deter from the story one iota! I agree with those who rate it up with The Witness. That was another book I have reread several times. “Obsession went” into my Favourites collection to be reread at any time on my Kobo. I have them filed by year of publication and you can see the evolution of the skill of the author. cannot wait for next year’s” stand alone” novel

    1. Please don’t say next year‼️ I am already counting the days. Sometimes I think my years are built around Roberts/JDRobb books. First web search of the new year: the release dates …

  45. I just loved your new book, The Obsession. Your characters are so real and become so dear. My heart just broke for Naomi and in the end was very happy she found love.

    I just fell in love with Tag. Dogs are simply amazing and are forever your best friend. What a sweetie.

    I hope you will reconsider and write a story about Mason. He is very intense and needs a story of his own to see what ticks in him.

    Thanks for another great book.

    Heidi Hammon-Turano
    Novato, CA

  46. I’m returning to this thread because I have just finished my fourth reread of this book. That’s a lot in such a short time. Without question it is my favorite non-ID book of Nora’s. I loved the setting (PacNW), loved the characters, all of them, and the day to day life of Naomi and her developing relationship with Xander. The consistent humor throughout was top notch. No doubt I will reread this book several more times. The only downer was knowing it’s a stand alone. I wish that would change, but the whole new publisher deal probably stops that in it’s tracks. Sniff. This was/is a glorious book. Thanks, Nora.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I love everything about this book. As you mentioned, the setting, the people, etc. I also would like to add my “THANK YOU, NORA!!”

  47. Oops, Nora. Fifth reading: small (wet) error. If Naomi and Xander get married in Oct. in the Pacific NW, they would likely be rained on!

    Late September is beautiful, however … Spoken as a resident of Canada’s SW coast … ?

  48. Nora, if you’re still reading this thread, was there someone in real life who you used as a physical model for Xander? I would love to know. Thanks.

    1. I know this one! Some authors do, but Nora doesn’t use real people as models for characters — then she’d see that person in her head instead of the character she’s created.


    2. I don’t base characters on real people, physically or otherwise. I just make them up!

  49. Spent the whole day yesterday reading the Obsession. It is fabulous. The settings, the characters, the dog, the very funny conversations, the suspense, the compassionate but clear-eyed account of true evil, and its effects, the triumph of love…….
    How do you keep doing this, Nora? I read everything you publish and this has moved into my top five.
    Meantime, I keep watching, like a child on a road trip, (are we there yet?)for Bay of Sighs- marking off the weeks till June.
    Walk good.

  50. I finished the Obsession and loved it! Excellent story line and characters. The Collector had been my favorite but it has now been dropped to 2nd favorite! Thank you, Nora, for all the wonderful hours of reading enjoyment you given me over the years. I am always amazed at how quickly you produce a fabulous read and very grateful. You are an incredibly gifted writer and I am so glad that I ‘found’ you early in your career. Thank you again.

  51. Hopefully this won’t be too much to ask, I get the reason for no story on Mason, but is there any chance of more stories with Naomi and Xander? I read this was a stand alone, but I think I’ve read of others began that way and you changed your mind. Clearly being #1 on the NYT Best Sellers List shows the fans love these characters. Here’s hoping.

    1. There just isn’t more story. Though I’ve no doubt the characters will enjoy a very happy life, writing about happy day-in-the-life doesn’t equal a compelling story down my particular creative path.

      I’m seriously flattered readers connected with this story and these characters, but, well, that’s all she wrote.

      1. I appreciate the heads up. I’ll just look forward to your next book.

  52. I think I must have been first on the library waiting list for this, really enjoyed it, much gnashing of teeth that Naomi didn’t realise who it might be stalking her!

  53. When I picked up my copy from the library I looked at how many pages it was and went yikes. I had to find time in between college classes/homework to read it. I had trouble getting through the beginning but once I did – I loved the book. I want to reread it but it needs to be returned. I will pass it on to the others who haven’t read it yet and will take it out again during the summer when I have time to read it slowly and savor it.

  54. Oh My Goodness! What a book – everything got ignored while I gobbled it up! One of my all time Nora Roberts favorites! Was hoping to revisit Naomi and Xander through a story based on Mason, but see that isn’t going to happen. But, that should be a compliment to the book – it was so well written and hooked us all that we wanted a second chance to visit!
    The Uncles!! Oh – how wonderful were their moments! Wish they would have visited Loo’s – that would be fun to read. Would have also loved to see how Seth and Harry would have married their baby girl off! And can’t you imagine Harry helping Naomi plan the most perfect baby shower for Jenny. Wish the website for Naomi’s work was real. Can see it perfectly in my mind’s eye, but to scroll through her work would be pretty cool!
    Thanks for the wonderful mid-week vacation from the “real world” Nora!

  55. Please please please. Pleaseeeeee tell me Nora is writing a book for Mason! The Obsession was faboulous, as her books always are, but I want Mason to have a story now!!

    1. Several have asked. Not happening. Legal issues. Nora even commented he was an ancillary character and it ends with this book. But I liked him, too.

  56. omg!!!! it was amazing. I couldn’t put it down. all of your books are great. but this one right from the get go,it grabbed you. the characters, were amazing.yes lets hope she continues with a sequill!!!!Ive never written on a blog, but i was looking around and saw this and read some of the post.I agree the number one best seller hit it out of the park with this one.

    thank Diane

  57. Nora,

    It really is your fault people won’t let go of your characters. You make us fall in love with all of them. Thank so so much.

  58. I forgot to the post this, but I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. The beginning grabs you by the throat, and she’s so compelling, you can’t put it down. I did seriously feel sorry for her, though, especially after the “friend” who was with her when she found her mom turned on her, tried to use her for his own advancement. Once they started putting pieces together that the murderer had been following her since college, I kind of assumed who it was, and wasn’t disappointed, and I really, really love reading those scenes where the bad guys try to go to do something, and get stopped (like wanting to break into the house but the dog was too protective to deal with and he was about to cry).
    And I LOVE that the cone of shame escape artistry made it into this book!

  59. Oh, and did I mention, Nora, that you somehow made grease and motor oil sexy in this book?

  60. Ok i have had OBSESSION for a week just sitting there in one of my library totes waiting for the right moment to open the cover. It came Saturday night just when that cold front moved in with that wind and drop in temperature. Once I started reading the book never left my hand other than for a few hours sleep and making breakfast at noon on Sunday. Did not even look at that great local Sunday Paper of ours. It sat there until late Sunday evening when I finally closed another one of your magnificent novels leaving me wanting more. I LOVED IT!!!! Now the more important question did you get the rest of your planting done before this darn cold front arrived. Sitting here writing this in my winter pjs with the cat curled beside me, the clock says 1:46am. THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER MAGNIFICENT READ. Wonder if any of those other best sellers in that library tote will captivate me like you did.

  61. Wow. That’s it: just, wow! This is one of my favorite “stand alone” books that you have written. Great characters; loved the setting and the pace was terrific. Loved “The Search” and “The Witness” but I think this tops them. Thank you for all you write. (My favorite series is still the Three Sisters Island one. I re-read that at least once a year.) I always look forward to the new books coming out.

  62. I just finished reading it and I LOVED IT! Thanks, Nora, for yet another great book! 🙂

  63. Like everyone else, thank you for a great read.i had a hard time putting it down. I fell in love wit Tag, Xander, the uncles. I am looking forward to next years stand alones as well as bay of sighs. While reading the book I just get lost in it. I liked all the characters . I agree that it is a compliment to you as al writer that we would like to read Mason’s story. I see your point that it is done. Just a huge thank you .

  64. Thank you for writing another wonderful book. A terrific read, indeed. I loved all the wonderful characters, including Tag, as others have mentioned. Thank you for writing about Tag needing “titers” at the vet to see if he needed vaccinations. Titers are an important subject, on which pet owners need to become educated.
    Am I the only one, who as the villain was up to no good, said out loud, “No, No, don’t hurt Tag!”?
    Thanks again for another Nora Roberts GREAT!

  65. Just came to say I absolutely loved, loved the book, and for the love of God, can Nora please write Mason’s story?! But then I read how that can’t happen due to legal/publishing issues, and now I’m sad 🙁 Still, hope springs eternal I guess

    1. NR has stated time and time again on this thread that she has no desire to. Her side characters are created for a purpose, and Mason fulfilled his purpose.

  66. I’ve read The Obsession numerous times and I fall in love with it every time! I would love to read other Nora Roberts novels that follow something similar to this story line. Any suggestions?

  67. Who is the killer. I haven’t finished reading yet. But I just have to know Love the book

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