18 thoughts on “An early holiday gift”

  1. I love all your books I cant wait till this next in death book and now waiting on the next witch book. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible imagination

  2. Loved reading the first chapter of Concealed in Death! The new book comes out in February 2014, 2 days before my birthday. Thank you for my birthday present. I’ve pre-ordered both the HC edition and the NOOK edition.
    I can’t wait to see how Eve gets along with the forensic patholigist, should be fun.
    She will probably have flashbacks if the girls were sexually assaulted. Roarke will help her deal.

  3. Loved reading the first chapter. Now I can’t wait until the book comes out in Feb. I have read all of her In Death books and Love Dallas and Roarke.

  4. Thanks for the early Christmas gift! Loved the first chapter. Can’t wait until Feb!

  5. Excellent start – love the new character as well hope to learn more about her. Maybe a new love interest for current ME? Thanks for sharing.

  6. Whiiiiine! Already jonesing for another excerpt – lol. Thanks, Laura……I think…….

  7. I always say I’m not going to readthe excerpts early and nearly always cave.

    Looking forward to the rest of the story.

  8. I am a big Nora fan, and I love the chance to read her books, any time, any place! I frequently re-read her books when I am all caught up. I am proud to have led new readers to her intriguing and dynamic way with storytelling! I am thrilled to see that, even with Inn Boonsboro, world travel, and grandchildren, Nora still manages to write many books each year. God bless you, Nora! You are such a source of joy in my life!

  9. Look forward to the Feb release of this book. I have all the JD Robb books. Will DAllas and Roarke ever have a child?

    1. You better hope not June. Nora’s said if Eve had a baby it would be the end of the series.

  10. I read the first chapter of Concealed in Death and LOVE IT! It’s a bit cheesy to admit, but after reading all of the …In Death series (most of them more than twice)–I know Eve, Roarke and the gang in a way that makes them seem real to me. Sure there is death and murder involved, which is tragic, but the character interplay and action always makes me happy to ‘visit’ with them when ‘they come around again.’ Looking forward, oh damn I can’t wait, for this next installment to come out. You let us have a taste and now I’m starving for it. Keep on writing them and I’ll keep voraciously devouring them. Huge fan forever, Dan.

  11. I love reading Nora Roberts,JD Robb.especially the in death series.

  12. Thank you for the perfect gift, Nora (-and Laura-and BTW, do you have the best job, or what?). Reading the excerpt had me so longing for more that I went back to the begining and started re-reading the series w/whispersync on kindle, so I can switch from reading to audio and back without ever losing my place. That way I can wrap presents and “read.” 😉 Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment your books bring. I wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons.

  13. Every time an except comes out I say I am not going to read it, but of course I do. Then I am left counting the days until the book is released. I have read each of the books at least three times each. I enjoy all the characters and their stories. Thanks for all the wonderful stories Nora, I really enjoy them

  14. i love eve and roarke story line i can read em for forever i used to read nora roberts book faithfully till i met eve but this dark witch book is really good

  15. Cannot wait to read new stories. As I finish one book I am anxiously awaiting the next. Thanks for these great characters and plot lines.

  16. Loved the tease of Concealed in Death, I have the whole death series and can hardly wait to add this one to it. Great job Nora, keep them coming.

  17. I read somewhere that in sept 2014 there will be a harcover re release of naked in Death is this true? I really hope so I would love to have the full series in Hardcover. I re read the so often my paperbacks are now held together with tape and glue.

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