An aftermath sort of post

Yesterday a thread on the JD Robb Facebook page was hijacked by the question “Isn’t it time for Eve and Roarke to have a baby?”  This particular commentor went on to write “you’re basically saying their lives will end when a baby comes.”  When the Nora answered “No, it doesn’t say their lives would pretty much end. But babies CHANGE lives–and should. And I’m saying having kids would change the tone and direction of the series. Which I simply don’t want to do. Major difference. NR”  the response was that the commentor just wanted to see them be a complete family.

Nora then asked me to post that the question about babies would no longer be addressed – we’d just post a link to a very eloquent blog post here. Honestly, if Facebook allowed you to disable comments, I would have done so.  It wasn’t a statement meant to be debated, it was announcing the new Standard Operating Procedure about the baby question.  No more answers, just the fact.

But FB doesn’t give you that option and so comments exploded.  I vetted the post and thought Nora was firm, with a side element of exasperation.   After all, the question keeps hijacking threads about other things from Goodreads voting to a photo of Nora with a Harris Hawk in Ireland.

She wasn’t rude, and the majority of commentors understood. But there was a great deal of anger from some readers who insisted Nora was mean, nasty and didn’t deserve their business any more.

Because after all, readers are why she’s successful was the solution to the angry equations.

I’m here to tell you that readers are a factor and for the most part, a friendly enthusiastic factor.  But talent, discipline and the fierce drive to tell the best story – the one Nora wants to tell – come first.

I just want to see…
I think you should…
Wouldn’t it be great if…
Why don’t you…
Will there be…

Those are the Top 5 stock phrases that start a great many FB comments, blog questions and reader email.   They  are the first few words in requests for everything from more books in a trilogy to Nadine or Baxter finding true love (preferably together) in the In Deaths.  A lot of the time, the answer is already public knowledge (part of the FAQ on the website, posted on Facebook) but to the person asking it’s brand new, shiny and of course, never been asked before.

Buried in those phrases are the true, sincere compliments of how readers respond to Nora’s books – they trust her and want her to show them everything in the worlds she creates.

The emails have started already about continuing the Cousin’s O’Dwyer Trilogy.  There are regular requests to expand the Bride Quartet so readers can see Emma’s, Laurel’s and Parker’s weddings as well as find romance for Mrs. Grady or Mal’s mom.  Depending on what’s recently reprinted, there will be an Aubrey Quinn or a MacGregor question asking for more from those stories.

On the In Death side there’s the baby for Eve and Roarke, the marriage/baby for Peabody and McNab, the more babies for Mavis and Leonardo, romances for Baxter and Nadine, a yen for Jamie Lingstrom to be a cop, a yen for Trueheart to be a detective, and yens yet to be named.

At what point do you say enough? I think yesterday we found out.

Nora had approximately 15 months (June 1995-October 1996) without an Eve and Roarke and baby question — from Naked in Death through Immortal.  Then, as soon as Rapture opened — when readers realized that it wasn’t a trilogy that closed at the wedding, we were going to get to see the marriage — the plea for a baby started.  Slowly at first since most people could see how damaged Eve was, how much work she had to do. But once Eve and Roarke visited Dallas in Reunion in Death (2002) all bets were off and the baby notion quickly became the most FAQ in the Nora-verse.

Nora adores babies.  She is completely, utterly besotted with every single baby who comes into her path.  At the signing on Saturday, she stopped what she was doing to hold and give some love to two tiny babies.

She also knows babies utterly change a parent’s world.  The focus has to expand to include a baby and all the love and worry and needs and wonder that child brings along.

When her boys were young, Nora shaped her work day around the school schedule – while still being homeroom mom, chorus mom, carpooling mom.  She worked when they were in school, negotiated time when they were home and stopped what she was doing when being the parent was the priority.

It’s not, and never has been an issue of what sort of parents Eve and Roarke would be.  Never.  The issue is that JD Robb (aka baby-besotted Nora Roberts) has no interest in writing a series that has to take the time to consider child care, sick kids or school schedules.

And JD Robb knows that when a child comes, Summerset will not be the surrogate parent.

But readers, more and more, can be lazy or — worse — entitled.  They want the next story now.  They want a happy ending now.  They want the author to write the way they want or they whisper ugly questions like “is she still writing the series?”  The demands dressed up like requests eddy all over the internet, gaining some potency as people repeat what they’ve read or condensed other’s opinions when they recognize a like complainer, until eventually those demands become social media fact.

Back to those angry comments on FB.  I saw some hurt that Nora could shut down an avenue those readers had already walked in their heads.   Basically, those comments read between the lines “I thought I knew you because I read all your books, I’m disappointed that you shared your very human exasperation to a question you’ve heard a million-billion times.”

A writer who tells stories that sing to you is a wonderful storyteller, not a best friend.

As I mentioned here, I was a reader first and foremost.  I’ve worked with Nora going on a decade now and had to make a transition from basically speechless superfan (sorry gang I’M the biggest fan) to a trusted partner in certain areas.  Nora recently said to me that respect for and trust in the people you work with are the two most important pieces of a working relationship.  Friendship is not a must.

To me, the writer/reader relationship embodies those things:  the writer shows respect to readers by writing the best story possible while the reader trusts the writer to do just that.  When a writer doesn’t uphold her end of the bargain, the reader is free to walk away.

But if a writer consistently gives a reader that respect, most times it’s best to sit back and enjoy the ride she wants to take.


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  1. Very well said, Laura! The people who had a meltdown about Nora’s response (because, y’know, they’re HER characters) give the rest of us who are sitting back and enjoying the ride a bad name.

    Unfortunately, entitlement is rampant online in many areas – TV, movies, books, etc. It really gets old after a while.

    1. I adore the In Death series and look forward to each and every book! I applaud Nora for wanted to remain true to her characters, too many authors have ruined great series’ simply trying to please everyone… Thank you Nora, for sharing your wonderful stories with the world!

      1. I agree, Kelly:) I also agree with Laura. I’m very thankful for all Nora / JD Robb give to the fans – in well written stories and in the well run Fan events. I respect Janeen and all the staff for their great service and excellent display of books from many different authors and subjects. I respect Nora’s excellent ability to focus on the work and produce such imaginative stories. I heard these thoughts seconded as I traveled through the book signing line. We talked of murder mystery authors, romance authors and historical authors. We spoke of how much we appreciate all the signatures and time the authors were giving to us. Nora, I know you don’t really know me nor I you, but for a the length of a story I find common emotions and acceptance. Thanks so much for being who you are – stay true to the writer within you.
        Your Fan,
        Melissa Blanchard

    2. Its a real shame when people feel they are entitled to be so pushy on subjects.i love to get my nora books in the post and actually get excited beyond belief that its mine and im not sharing! And normaly when i finish the book i give a sigh of satisfaction and say another good story nora you didnt disappoint.then im eager for the next one.but thats the fun of being a you just need to come to the UK Birmingham so i can get a signed copy,lol.keep up the good work nora.xx

      1. I agree, Sylvia. I’m very happy that and Nora allow for virtual signing of books as well. I enjoy supporting a Brick and Mortar business and giving something to back to the beautiful city of Boonsboro MD.
        Melissa Blanchard
        Minneapolis MN

    3. Here here! If you don’t like the books as is, stop reading them and get over yourselves.

  2. My MIL ( RIP) introduced me to the In Death series and I love them. She had all of the books signed by Nora and it was something that was just for us. We would buy the newest book as soon as it came out, challenge each other to who could read it the fastest, and then talk about it for days. I really miss doing that with her and she only passed away about a year ago. I haven’t been able to read any of the new books because it is too hard not having her to talk about with them. One of the things we both agreed on is that Roarke and Eve should NOT have a baby. It would change the tone of the books and personally I like them how they are. We get the baby fun with Mavis and Leonardo. That is enough baby stuff in my opinion. Like I said I haven’t read the last two books but I hope Ms. Roberts continues to keep the characters on their path and not give into readers by having Roarke and Eve have a baby. The only time a baby should be introduced is if it is the end of the series.
    Thank you Ms. Robert’s for giving so much happiness to me and my MIL.

    1. It’s so lovely you and your MIL shared this bond, and an obviously loving relationship. I’m so sorry for your loss, and hope you take comfort in all the memories you made with her.

  3. I am sorry for all the negative & hateful comments that were posted. I didn’t see the FB post but still we all have opinions but at the end of the day this is Nora’s baby which she has blessed us with to share with us. I for one an honored she writes what & how she does. I look forward to each & everyone. Please don’t let negative people upset you they are so not worth it.
    Thanks you for all the enjoyment you have given me over the years.
    Linda Hutchinson

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with Linda. I have read every one of the In Death series and love them all. This is a very big topic in anyone’s life. This decisions should not be made by anyone other than yourself. Just because it is right for one doesn’t mean it is right for another. This is not something that should be dictated by anyone. You make your decisions and others make theirs by what is right for them not you. If you do not like their decisions you do not have to tear them down for it. If you can not live with their decisions then make the decision that is best for you. Either keep loving the books just the way they are or choose to read something else.
      I love the story as JD Robb chooses to write it. She puts a lot of work and a great deal of thought into it and I love each and everyone. I am always eagerly waiting for the next installment to see what is going to happen next. I love all the characters and their places in the story. I love all the back ground of each character and that plays a big, a huge part in how each situation and decision that is made by that character.
      Thank you Nora / JD for the time that you spend to make these stories as wonderful for your readers as you do. Most of us understand that it takes a lot of work to make a great writer. You are writing many stories all the time. We love your talent and we love that you share it with us.
      I am waiting eagerly for the new edition to come out in February 2015

      Keep up the good work and do not let others get you down. The rest of us are here to support you and love your books just the way you write them.

  4. I beg to differ on you being her biggest fan!!! Ha ha But bravo for defending and bringing it on home!!! That’s why she didn’t write under Nora at first because she didn’t want it to be a Nora story!!! This was a totally different muse 🙂 Keep rocking it out Nora and I will keep buying. Thanks for being you!!!

  5. Well said, Laura! Hear, hear. It amazes me how people think they can dictate how an author writes her stories and characters. I read Nora’s post yesterday too (and commented). It did not seem nasty or arrogant to me. Simply direct, to-the-point and definite. SHE writes the books. SHE decides how to develop the characters (although I understand that sometimes the characters seem to do that all by themselves. LOL!).

    I’m grateful that Nora has taken and takes the time to respond to her readers. She doesn’t have to, but she does. Just because her answers are not always what people want to hear, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t respect the people who read her books.

    This is a thank you to Nora for those responses, for the time it takes to write them and mostly a big thanks for all the books you’ve written that I’ve enjoyed immensely through the year.

    1. Well said, I read through many of the responses yesterday and was thinking “Really??? This is JD Roberts world she has created and we enjoy it vicariously.. Suggestions are one thing, but getting mad because an author chooses to follow HER vision for HER characters??? We buy the books because they resonate with us… If someone doesn’t like the story line they can choose to follow another author, but bashing them publicly is seriously out of line….

  6. Well said. As a reader, I may or may not like an author’s book or choices, but I respect the path an author has chosen for his or her characters and the hard work and vision put forth. I think it is ridiculous that readers think an author owes them something or has the right to almost commission material. There is no excuse for being disrespectful in comments regardless of opinion.

  7. Extremely well said Laura. I only saw a fraction of the responses yesterday but I strongly believe in the artist (in this case Nora) creating her work of art without bowing to the clients (I.e. the readers) wants or wishes as this will damage the integrity of the work.
    While I sometimes wonder about certain futures with certain characters in Nora’s books, I love to discover the new journeys and avenues I could never have imagined which are so carefully crafted by Nora.
    My job as a reader is just that……. to read.
    Keep up the good work Nora and never mind the naysayers as we say here in Ireland ‘Ag duine féin is fearr a fhios cá luíonn an bhróg air’
    (The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches.)

  8. Not all couples want to become parents, usually for very personal reasons. We have the privilege of seeing Eve and Roark’s backgrounds in every book and as their fans should honor their decisions. Yes, it would change the direction of the books and I for one like them as they are. If a friend told me that she and her partner chose not to have children I would honor that choice and not nag her about it…how can I treat Eve or J.D. any differently?


  9. I thought the whole idea of being a fan was enjoying where the author takes you. I am not and will never be a writer. I admire all of Ms Roberts’ work and will continue to enjoy and support whatever she decides for her characters.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. if you want to tell the story-be the writer. That’s the whole point to reading them. The anticipation of what’s coming. It amazes me how you come up with all the story lines. You are brilliant! No way I’m going to tell you how to do your job. Please keep telling the story!

  10. Hasn’t Nora said that if/when a child is introduced as Roarke and Eve’s that it will mean the end of the series? I understand and agree with the decision to not have them have a child, not that they are to damaged but they are to dedicated to what they do. I would however like to see Peabody and McNabb get married and possibly have kids or Mavis/Leonardo have more

  11. Beautifully said, Laura. I’ll admit to some coffee breaks with co-workers (and fellow fans) discussing who the Candy Thief was, but was lucky enough to be with fellow readers who are content to go with the flow and enjoy what comes out of Nora’s marvelous imagination. You may be THE biggest fan, but I’m not far behind you, and I’m happily content to snuggle in with the latest book and enjoy the ride.

    1. Ooo the mystery of the candy thief gives me hours of discussion every time she/he/they are brought up!!! 🙂
      On topic, I think people need to either read the story that the author has painstakingly provided or move on to another book. It’s as simple as that. I for one love everything Nora/JD has ever written but there’s no law saying that everyone has to love it. Find “your” author and be happy. Thank you Nora!

  12. Well said Laura.

    Also how would all these people who demand Nora write the story the way they want it, appreciate someone telling them how to do their job?

    1. Or, how would the reader like it if Nora told all of us how we had to read her book? Maybe she only wants us to read in front of a fireplace so the ambiance is just right, or she wants us to go to Ireland to read the story because we will understand it better there, or – or – or – – – It would make as much sense for her to tell us how to do our end of the deal as it does for us to try to tell her how to write the books. In other words, it makes no sense at all to try to direct an imaginative, creative, intelligent, and gifted writer how to write. Stop it, all of you!

  13. You have expessed exactly what I feel as a reader of JD Robb books. I want to read what the author has written. I have no opinions where a story should go. Reading is my entertainment. I don’t want to work for entertainment, I just want to enjoy. If I wanted to tell someone how something should be done then I should be prepared to do it myself. I don’t. Everyone is good at some things but not everyone is good at everything. Let the author do what she is good at! I enjoy and look forward to each and every In Death book. I hope your post will enlighten so feelings do not get hurt again. Thank you!!

  14. The only big “oh god I cannot wait for this to happen and it muuuuust” moment for me was Eve telling Peabody about her past. Everything since then has been icing and I will trust JD until the very end.

    If we’re gonna argue about something, I say we argue about who will play them in the series that JUST HAS TO GO TO STARZ OR HBO OR SHOWTIME OR WHATEVER (and I’m only kind of bitter that at this point Stana Katic has mostly aged out of playing Eve….no that’s a lie. I’m REAL bitter about that still. 🙂 ). This has prime potential for long lasting grudge-holding and it’s a lot more fun to insult each other over our choice to play Roarke.*

    (*facetious. don’t yell at me.)

  15. I agree whole heartedly with everything you said here. I have no expectations, it’s not my story to tell so I’m content to just sit back and enjoy the ride NR/JD takes me on. And will continue to do so.

  16. Well said, as always. I appreciate that NR and Laura take the time to address and explain. It’s just a shame that it has to be said so many times in so many ways. But, Nadine WITH Baxter? Why did I never think of that! Do you think…….. 😉

  17. Well said! Nora Roberts is an great storyteller. She always leaves me wanting more which is a good thing. I am amazed and grateful at how prolific her mind is. Thank you Nora.

  18. I assumed (probably wrong) that when Eve & Roarke had children, it would be the end of the series… I don’t want the series to end yet. I’m enjoying it as it is now – plus I like how flustered Eve gets every time Roarke hints or brings it up… Nora is doing the right thing. I am so happy to read her stories and to see the natural progression of their life. And in the time of Eve and Roarke – they can have a baby whenever – but Eve’s current job is now and that’s what we are enjoying. Thanks, Nora, for the stories! From a fan who loves your stories (but doesn’t know you). Helen G – Oak Lawn, IL

  19. I am a huge fan of the writing of Nora Roberts, as both NR and as JDR. I am also a baby freak. My sister and I always wait with anticipation for the books written by both. I for one hope with all sincerity that the negativity and demands will not result in a discontinuance of the in death series and applaud the stand being taken. Thank you NR for sharing your stories with this faithful fan. I love your books as they are. Angela Wilkinson

  20. Hi Laura,
    I cannot say AMEN loud enough. Professional Romance Fans approve this blog post as well as Nora Roberts’s previous blog post on the matter that shall remain nameless. With thanks.

  21. Beautifully said! I’ve read Nora since 1981. I’ve continued to do so because she’s always given me a good story to escape into. Of course I wonder about the people in this series, have hopes for happy endings for them BUT I trust that Nora will tell the right story at the right time. Who am I to try to dictate who does what, who gets together with whom and who has a baby or not. I’m the reader, not the author. The vision is hers. The characters are hers. I’m just happy she shares them with the world.

  22. I NEVER want Eve and Roarke to have a baby, that means the series will come to an end. Keep them without kids and keep the stories coming!! If you’re desperate for them to have kids use your imagination and let the series unfold as JD (the creator) has been, she hasn’t disappointed us yet!!

    1. Wow I am just blown away. Roarke and Eve are fictional characters that live in a wonderfully dark fictional world. I absolutley love reading the series and leaving my all to real life for just a bit to live in theirs. It would not be much of an escape for me if Eve and Roarke became parents and had to deal with my reality. Thank you Nora. I want to be swept away! I don’t want to read about my own life with names changed to protect the innocent lol.

  23. Thanks, Laura!
    I saw red at some of those comments. Unfortunately, Facebook has given a platform to people who have nothing better to do with their time than try their damnedest to force authors to write what the reader wants, rather than what the author wants. Like I said yesterday, I have read every single In Death book and I always impatiently wait for the next. If I didn’t like what Nora wrote in these books, I wouldn’t buy them.

  24. Hear, hear. Too many people feel entitled to pieces of the authors, or actors/actresses, or entertainers they love. That is not the case at all. Nora has done an amazing thing with her series’ and I love reading them. The worst thing would be if we didn’t get to enjoy her work anymore–and people, the fastest way to do that is to make what they love (writing the In Death series, for example) into a chore or something they have oogy feelings for. So knock it off, play nice, and if you really want to see things that aren’t in the books themselves, there’s a wonderful thing called Fanfiction.

  25. I have been a fan of these books since the very first one was published. I re-read tham all the time. Keep up the great work, Nora! You’re the author and are in charge of your work. Any readers who are unhappy with the stories always have the option to stop reading.

  26. Eve is not mommy material. She is mommy to the population of murder victims in New York, but is still learning to share her life with Roarke. When someone becomes a parent, the focus of their life becomes their baby. Eve’s entire being is centered around Justice. Even Roarke is 2nd in line to that.

  27. Well said! I trust Nora to take me where the characters need to go, as their story is formed in her head and heart. I don’t want to write their story, I want to read it! Miss Nora has been my favorite author for many years and will continue to be for as long as she does what she does so well. Keep on keeping on, Miss Nora. You have a fan in me!

  28. Of COURSE I want the next story now. I’m a fast reader. As to those who think they should be able to tell the author to write it their way. Write your own story then, do it your way get it published.

    Nora/JD know how to tell a story. The twists and turns keep me coming back…and I can imagine (even if it is just to myself) that Roarke probably funds a few orphanages or schools for the needy. Sommerset probably does too. 😉 MANY of Nora’s books make babies…. and that does not make the books that don’t, wrong.

    I love your stories NR/JDR. I am remaining loyal to the author, not to my idea of what she should write. That is her job entirely.

  29. Well said Laura. I’ve always felt privileged to read what authors write. Especially if its written well. We, the readers, don’t and shouldn’t get to dictate what an author writes or how they write it. The stories are in the author’s head. If readers want something different, let them write their own stories! If they don’t like where a story line is going, they can always shut the book. As for the rest of us, we’re just happy that Nora keeps on writing

  30. Well said Laura. I remember Sue posting it in “Top Ten Questions That Will Send Nora Running Screaming Into The Woods” on Adwoff. And if I remember correctly, that was number One

  31. I thought that some people’s comments in response to the post were downright rude, displaying a complete lack of respect and understanding of the in death books. I applauded the post. Thank-you.

  32. I agree whole heartedly with everything you said here, I believe the characters are the family that NR lives with and only she can tell what will happen next. I am not a writer but I am a reader and just love these books and always return to re read them. Thank you Laura for all you do and Thank you NR for these wonderful books as they have become a family to me too.

  33. I started reading Nora’s creations with the first book published by Silhouette and have read and enjoyed the results of her imagination for 30+ years. I have faith and trust that she will continue to produce works that I will enjoy without any direction from me.
    Thank you Laura for your eloquent post. And thank you Nora for the last 30+ years of reading enjoyment.

  34. Well stated Laura. I read some of the comments and couldn’t believe the audacity of some of NR’s so called fans. I’ve read all the In Death books and currently reading Festive. I’m a mom of three sons including a 2 month old so I know the demands of kids! It’s nice to escape into the fictional world of Eve when I have a moments peace! Nora is a great story teller and I trust her vision completely! She has my full support and I look forward to many child free stories in the years to come!!!

  35. As an avid reader and devoted fan of a few authors I must say I am very disappointed with readers that think they have the way to dictate how am story will go. Eve and Rourke’s story is Nora’s to yell and ours’ to enjoy.
    If the readers want a story of am dedicated cop and career criminal turned businessman finding each other and having a child then they should write it themselves. To harass an author to the point of exasperation then get pissy when she stands her ground and refuses to comment on the subject any longer is ridiculous. To follow up with with rude comments calling her out on her behavior and threatening to no longer buy her blocks is childish behavior reminiscent of a 6 yr sticking out their tongue and taking their toys back to their house because the kids won’t play the way “they” want to play.

    Nora…. I (and my mother) can not wait to see the path you take Eve, Rourke and all the others on. I know it will be an exciting journey and I’m grateful to be able to ride along.

  36. it makes me think so much more of her that Ms Roberts/Robb refuses to give into fans and write a baby into the storyline. Fans have been rabid about a baby for well over a decade yet she holds firm and writes HER stories HER way! Bravo JD, Bravo. I want to read her stories because I LOVE them, and I absolutely trust that she will give the best story and take the characters where they should go. She’s done an amazing job thus far, I trust her to keep it up! Eve and Roarke are amazing people, and one of my favorite literary couples. I COMPLETLY agree that having a baby changes everything and in this case it wouldn’t be for the better.

  37. I love the books just the way they are, Eve and Roark are the best couple.
    I do not think they should have a baby, it would change them and the story
    line to much… Please keep the books coming. Thank You Ms Roberts .

  38. I was shocked by some of the comments yesterday. I don’t understand why people think they have the right to demand things from authors. Yes, I am buying the book but its not my storyline or under my control. I want to be transported to another world when I read. I love the unexpected. Why does everything have to be scripted out-meet, fall in love, get married, have babies…It doesn’t work that way for lots of people. How boring would this world be if it did.

    I have read Nora Roberts for years and absolutely love her books. I have multiple copies of the In Death series-some are worn and dog eared from many readings. Nora has a gift that few an claim. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the nay-sayers and haters-these people wouldn’t be happy even if you “gave” them everything they asked for.

    Thank you Nora for entertaining me for years and hopefully for many more years to come!

  39. Laura, I would like to apologize to Nora Roberts and you, for the need to even post your comments above and Nora’s comments yesterday, re NO BABIES, ONCE AND FOREVER!
    As an avid Nora Roberts fan, since the Silhouette days (I just re-read an autographed “Without a Trace” that Nora sent me and “The McGregor Grooms”), and J.D.Robb reader since week after “Naked in Death” was first published, I admit I’ve played out different scenarios for them; travel (both off planet & on), his family gatherings, Nadine & Baxter, Morris not hurting, etc., but I respect Nora’s right to take them where she wants! I’m one of few that doesn’t want a baby, it WOULD change their focus! I want Nora to continue writing as many in Death’s each year as she’s able, try to ignore the harpies that want what they want, and know her true fans want the best for Eve and Roarke & trust her to do right by them!

  40. There is a reason and read books and not break them. 🙂 She’s done well so far without our input. I am glad she is sticking to what she believes is best for her characters. Because in the end they are her books were just a long ride. I always enjoy the In Death series and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

  41. I just want to say thank you for writing and bringing your characters to life. I would be extremely disappointed if you did what the readers wanted, you are the creator and I look forward to whatever you do. I was a little worried because you have mentioned the series would end with the baby and I for one do not want that to happen! As you said a baby changes the dynamics and the characters would indeed change and the series would no longer be what it is! Thank you for bringing us such great enjoyment in all you write.

  42. Very well said… I’m a mom… i watch toddlers all day… i get my fill of kids (which i love dearly) but they change every aspect of every thing… Eve and Roarke are perfect as Nora writes them.. i eagerly anticipate each book and always wonder how shenis going to top the previous book… not how she is going to change Eve and Roarke!
    I reread books if i want to revisit.. not wonder how they can be added to or improved on..

  43. I am also sick of readers trying to tell any author — let alone such a highly successful one as Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb — how and what to write. I am not an author but I have been an avid reader of her books for about 2 decades now. I am a mom of 6 grown children, grandmother of 3.

    Ms. Roberts’ books are outstanding because she knows what the reader wants! Sure she does sometimes have single moms in some of the trilogies (Key Trilogy, In the Garden Trilogy, etc.), but she always does this in a way that is vital to the story.

    Adding children other than Mavis’ Bella or the occasional child survivor to the In Death books, just would not be correct as I believe when Eve and Roarke do become parents, they will be terrific! But, we the readers want to hear their adventures in solving the murders not in child-rearing!

    Stick to your guns, Ms. Roberts, and know that many of your readers understand perfectly!

    Thank you and keep writing!

  44. Laura, you might be in a fight for the biggest fan position! Lol!
    But still, I felt almost embarrassed to be a part of the FB storm that happened yesterday. Like I said, the idea of Eve and Roarke having a kid is fun to discuss in the fanfic sort of way, but I don’t know if I would actually read it if JD wrote it. It just seems so wrong, with their upbringings.
    I reread some more of the comments, and all I could do was hang my head in shame. The idea that some people think that they have ANY say in how an author writes HIS/HER stories is ridiculous.
    You guys just keep doing what you are doing, and have a nice day 🙂

  45. TRUE, thank you. I have every single book and look forward to the next one. If I could only choose 1 thing to have, these would be my choice. Can not wait for next book. I am so tired of this sense of entitlement and the nerve people have.

  46. I am just going to say this. U ROCK NORA.. my cousin and I had a contest to see who can read the most of this series and I HAVE WON.. she got me started so I don’t really care if they have a child or not what I like about these stories is how I can get caught up as if I were there in the story with these characters. So keep doing what you are doing…

  47. Well said. I love the books as they are. The question of children was addressed. Asking for Eve and Roarke’s child is asking for the series to be finished and I don’t think anyone of JD/NR’s readers are ready to be done with Eve.

  48. I am REALLY glad the baby questions are not even going to be acknowledged anymore. For goodness sakes, they are not OUR stories and we are not supposed to have input into how they are written. It makes my heart hurt for Nora that her “devoted” fans are simply not ever satisfied with the words coming from the best storyteller ever! Trilogies are just that, quartets the same. My only wish for a change to a Nora or JD book just happened last week. I wish there would have been an epilogue at the end of the Blood Magick book. First time I ever wished for one. Did I hate the book because it wasn’t there? Of course not! Can’t wait to read all three (trilogy) of them again! And as always, Nora/JD, thanks for taking me on so many marvelous journeys and adventures!

  49. Thanks for your very complete comments, Laura. I think the bottom line for me is that I want to know what the author has in mind for her characters. She/he is the creator and I walk in her/his universe. Just as in life I am often surprised. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in sorrow. But the bottom line is that also, as in life, I’m not in control. I’ve been reading Nora’s books for years and will continue to anticipate with pleasure each new creation. Please give her my support and thanks for many hours of joy.

  50. Well said Laura, the biggest treat for me is to see where Nora takes Eve and Roarke next….it is down to Nora’s imagination and the adventure is in the twists and turns their lives take…just imagine for a moment how much a child / children would curtail those adventures, I don’t want to read about ‘bringing up baby’ any more than Nora wants to write about it….and look forward with anticipation to many more child free adventures!

  51. Oh my goodness, thank you for this. I found myself nearing stroke levels while following the comments on the Facebook post yesterday. I have been an avid reader of everything Nora Roberts/JD Robb for almost as long as I have been an avid reader (which has been since I learned to read). I look forward to each and every new book, and am beyond frustrated with myself when I inevitably read the whole thing right away…and then I am stuck waiting for the next book to be released. Hers are some of the only books that I will read over and over again, and each time I am reminded of just how much I love, and am in awe, of her ability to create these amazing stories. I was beyond impressed by the way Nora handled herself yesterday, and while I could hear the exasperation in her post, I was in no way offended by it (she was far nicer than I would have been able to manage). I trust her to write books that speak to me on some level, and she never disappoints. I would also never presume to think that I have a right to tell an author what direction I think her books should go in, just because I’ve bought and read her books. These are worlds and characters that she has created and only she knows where they are going. I just know that I will continue to impatiently wait for each new book, and enjoy the small escapes from the real world that all of her books provide me!

  52. Well said Laura…..I love books….I’ve had a romance with books since I got my first library card way back in elementary school. I started reading romance books when I was 20….I was 69 this month so been reading for almost 50 years. I have lots of authors that I follow and Nora has been my first “favorite” and always has been right up there at the top of my list of them. I’ve never missed a book by her. I don’t consider her a “friend” because I’ve read her books for almost 50 years! I don’t know why people think they are. I don’t understand why people feel the need to “tell” an author anything! I for one have always sat back and enjoyed the ride and will continue to do this as long as I can still pick up a book and can see good enough to read it. I will always be a Nora fan….and I don’t expect anything for that. It’s MY choice. If you lose interest in someone’s writing, then it’s YOUR choice to move on. But please go quietly…..

  53. I also left a comment on the “nasty” post saying to just keep writing…your doing a fabulous job. But I never usually post, but this needs to be said. I have adored your Nora and J.D, I think your telling of people and their lives, overcoming difficulties, etc…shows a amazing understanding of the human spirit. I am so EXCITED when ANY new book you’ve written comes out 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I have my favs,(McGregors- Eve/Roark) but I find it mind boggling to think we can tell you how to write!! Laura, you did a wonderful job explaining it and defending Nora…but it should never been needed. Keep on Trucking along I say, write what cones to you…you’ve done amazing so far…don’t ever doubt it 🙂 By the way….thanks so much for the stories…there’s nothing like grabbing a great book and losing yourself in it for a few hours 🙂

  54. I have my favorite authors and read their books with so much excitement just to see what happens next. I have also had a few authors who took their story lines in a direction that I wasn’t much interested in so I simply didn’t read that book.
    The way I look at it, it’s HER book and HER characters, I’m just along for the ride! If I don’t like it, I just won’t read it, I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to try and tell her how I want it written for me to read…geez, what is wrong with people?
    By the way, thank you NR for some of the VERY best books I have ever read! After having a stroke, it was your books that I read over and over (because I couldn’t remember what I read, they were always NEW! LOL) so they are very special to me. I hope you keep writing because this is one fan who will keep reading!

  55. I had to stop reading the FB comments yesterday as I found many of them to be incredibly mean-spirited and, yes, entitled. I’ve had my little moments in which I fantasize about the next generation of NR characters getting together, but that’s all it ever is, a little moment of fantasy. Personally, I don’t want to see E&R as parents, if if I didn’t already know it would end the series, because the focus of the books would change too much, and the books would almost certainly lose the things I love the most. As long as NR (or JDR) continues to write E&R (and Peabody, McNabb, etc.), as they are I’ll continue to buy, and happily.

    1. I totally agree! I couldn’t continue to read the comments I found them so offensive. I can only imagine how Nora felt. I’ve often pictured how Eve and Rourke might be as parents, but am perfectly content keeping it as my fantasy. I would never presume to tell an author how they should develop their characters. I’m astounded that others feel it’s ok to do so.

      We’re lucky Nora takes the time to respond to readers, and that “in death” continued beyond 3 books. I’ll read whatever she writes and enjoy it.

  56. I have been a Nora fan for many years, from the first book I read I was hooked. You are the ultimate story teller, love whatever you write, and understand as many do not that the writing is yours, not others to request. Where do these people get off asking you to do this? Crazy, just crazy. I will continue to follow you Nora, forever. I will never ask you to write something. It is your decision to do whatever you want with your work. If you did do as these people ask it wouldn’t be your work. It would be a collaboration. I am sad you have to deal with this nasty situation, very sorry.

  57. I don’t normally comment on posts, but I wanted to say ‘well said.’ A writer is an artist, just like a painter or sculptor, or any number of professions. It’s unacceptable for people to dictate that art, or it wouldn’t be art anymore. We’re drawn to certain books, paintings, photographs, music, etc. because of what that particular artist makes us feel. They elicit emotion inside of us, and draw it out. They pull us into their world, and give a glimpse into a new and unexpected place.

    I’ve always loved Nora’s books because they take me someplace I wouldn’t have imagined for myself. I’m proud of how she sticks to her guns, and doesn’t compromise her vision. If we tell her what to write, then we probably wouldn’t even enjoy the read. I’m looking forward to where the ‘In Death’ series takes me in every book.

  58. i for one, am SO tired of people telling Nora/J.D. how to do her job! I love the way she writes and the stories she tells. A baby would completely change the dynamic of Eve and Roark- which would kill me because I love them JUST the way they are. And if it didn’t change them people would complain that they were awful parents. Readers need to educate themselves before they go off on a tangent about how the book are written. And a family is whatever you decide to build it with- blood or not. Thanks to Laura for managing all of this chaos so brilliantly. And thanks to Nora/J.D. for doing what you do so beautifully- I am a reader for life- wherever the story takes me!

  59. I have never written a book or even a blog, but I can assure you I would take great umbrage if a reader would tell me how my book or my blog should have been written. That story would come from my head and not theirs and they can either read with great delight, or not. They would be perfectly able to write their own happy endings (like all those sappy romances which end with the gal getting or being pregnant and the future daddy delighted to no end). Personally, I am perfectly okay with Eve and Roarke being childless and happy. I look forward to each “In Death” and don’t want to have to imagine a pregnant Eve having to kick someone’s butt or Roarke in one his impeccable suits having to deal with a miserable little critter cutting teeth.

  60. If a person fell in love with an author and/or series of books, why would they want to change what the author has done that got them to fall in love with it in the first place? Personally I “bow” to Nora as there is no one better! I have read every book she has ever written and some as many as 10 times! I keep having to buy the books again because they are so worn. Don’t let these people get to you Nora….. It’s obvious you are doing everything right! These are YOUR characters… You just choose to share them with us and give us hours of entertainment!

  61. I have zero talent as a writer. I have no imagination. I fully understand that these characters belong to Nora to do with as she and the muse see fit and I respect that. I appreciate getting to slip into this amazing world every time a new book releases.

    Honestly, why do people make this an issue? WHY?

  62. Laura,

    Every one of Nora’s/JD’s books takes me on a delightful and exhilarating journey! Thank you for all that you do!

  63. I love the series, and ever since I bought one as an Audio book thats the only way I want to read them. I can tell you I’ve heard the entire series about 4 times now waiting for new recordings to be released! I Love these characters, they are my companions on my long commute every day. As harsh as the comments were – underneath its actually a compliment that people are so wrapped up in the characters that they want to see them progress in certain areas. Its Nora’s story, let her tell it how she wants to tell it. Just wait – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! 🙂 Thanks to Nora for writing them, I’m anxious for my ride home so I can hear how today’s book ends!

  64. I would just like to say I love your books and cannot always wait for the next one. I for one am glad Eve and Roarke are not having kids, I love the way they are and all the changes they are going through together. They have a baby in the family, Bella and that is all they need at the moment since Eve is terrified of kids. Keep up the great work and do not worry about narrow minded opinionated people.

  65. First and formost, I have read and loved every book Nora/JD Robb has written. I will continue to do so because of her incredible talent. I have never made a comment on which direction a book/series should go, I simply read what she has written. However..I read the comment yesterday with my mouth wide open. I truly feel no comment from her would have been much better than the rude, egotistical and hurtful comment she did make. Many writers of her caliber simply make no reply to comments on their posts. With Nora’s frustration on fans comments I feel consideration of this would be good business practice on her part. Losing fans is never good regardless of how many you have.

    1. Are you talking about my statement directing the baby questions to his blog, and no longer letting the FB page be crowded with them?

      If so I just don’t see where I was rude, egotistical or hurtful.

      I was blunt and concise.

      But I absolutely apologize if I hurt you with my statement. I would never intentionally do so.

      1. You were not rude, not hurtful, just final. Don’t worry about it. I heard an author who has had the same question/suggestion made a million times and is through answering again and again. You have books to write. Don’t worry about it. Some of your fa s appear to think Facebook gives them more power than it does. Laugh all the way to the bank.

      2. Nora!
        You have been my friend, for more than half of my life through your writing. I have gone to dark, light, heavy, magical and boundaryless destinations in my mind and in those real places in my life traveling your stories.
        I tell you this because I’m just now seeing this garbage. You have taken in what your fans have “asked” for in your story lines but your books are YOURS. It’s why we love you. And it’s why, for me, no matter “where” I’m at in my life-an In Death or Irish magic or Night story or whatever you’ve put out there? Is always waiting for me to take along for time well spent with my friend. Baby? No baby? No one knows what’s best for Eve and Roarke or Mavis, etc more than you do.
        Your demeanor? Rude? WHAT? You’re real Nora. Just absolutely real. Offensive? Ugh. Please.
        I’m sorry. I just had to tell you this. When I can tell you what’s best for one of your story lines and then demand that it happen? I’ll start writing your stories. Pppfffttt.
        Love you.
        Now excuse me. I have a Cousin O’Dwyer III to start that I just bought after an amazing vaca with my Celt man last week.
        Jo 🙂

      3. Yes Ms. Roberts it was that statement. Yes, you were blunt and concise…in a rude, egotistical and hurtful way. As I just told Laura, I’m speaking only for myself, I do not presume to know others feelings. As I said I have no intentions of not reading your books. I was shocked by the way your statement was worded but I am not petty enough to give up an incredible writer that truly has a God given talent.

    2. Connie,

      Nora made a very blunt statement about how we’ll proceed going forward. We’ve tried silence, we’ve tried humor, we’ve tried just posting the link. And the response is that we slapped readers down.

      Nora would have said what she wrote in person — she’s done so at RWA several times. Would you have phrased your comment the exact same way in a face to face conversation?


      1. Yes Laura I would. I would not try to find Ms Roberts so I could tell her nor would I say anything at a book signing. If we were having a conversation about her statement then yes I would say that. I felt the way it was stated was very hurtful. I’m speaking only for myself, I do not presume to know others feelings. At this point I am sorry I said anything at all, generally I keep my opinion to myself. I would like to put this away now.

  66. Well said, Laura and Nora (on the original post. )
    I’m not a writer so I’m certainly not going to tell a writer of such magnitude how to do her job, especially when she is doing such an impressive job on all her works. I was never a Romance fan until a friend introduced me to the In Death books, I read some of Nora’s other books now while I’m waiting for a new In Death book. I love her strong characters and flowing story. I guess what I’m trying to say, is thank you for doing an amazing job on every book you write ( and there are a lot of them) I wouldn’t dream of telling you what to write next as you have proven to know exactly what you are doing. Please don’t let the others upset or anger you with their negativity, as there are a lot of us that appreciate what you do and that you take time from doing all that writing and spending time with you family to comment and answer questions for us. Thank You

  67. When will people stop being so ridiculous?? Probably never.

    Keep up the great work! I love ALL of the books, both Nora Robers and JD Robb ones. 😀

  68. Well said, Laura. I read Nora’s comments and I could see the exasperation and understood it.

    As for suggesting Eve and Roarke have a child, I can understand some readers’ desire for that to happen, but I also can’t see either of them giving up what they do and who they are… And as has been said, they would have to do that to have one. So, no. No baby.

    I did mention a hope for Peabody and McNabb or Mavis and Leonardo to have a child, but it’s just a wish on my part. If they aren’t in Nora’s plan, so be it!

    I love Nora’s books and hope she keeps writing as long as possible! Thank you, Nora, for many, many hours of enjoyment. Your books are among the few I will voluntarily read twice!

  69. I’m just waiting to see what paths Nora takes these characters – I certainly don’t feel the need to suggest that I know what they should do next. What is the fun in that? I impatiently wait for each new installment to see where they’re going. Everyone should just calm down and let Nora do her thing – entertaining the heck out of us.

  70. I for one applaud Nora for being as patient and understanding as she is. The In Death series is NOT a romance series, it’s a crime/detective series with a strong outstanding female lead. Not to mention, they are Nora’s works, not ours. They are only ours to read and take pleasure that she is such a fine writer. If readers want babies and romance, then they should read books on babies and romance. To be so rudely told that Nora was not taking her readers’ interests seriously enough, well that’s just plain BS. Nora has always taken her readers seriously or she wouldn’t write like she writes. I admire her for not giving in to unreasonable demands that her In Death series take a different turn. If they did, they wouldn’t be the same and any fan of the In Death series would see it right away and mourn the passing of a great series.

  71. Well said Laura. I am 62 yrs old. I love all of Nora’s books and simply adore Nora. Although my husband tells me I’m reading too many of her books. He says they’re giving me too many ideas.(ha ha). It’s easy to get involved in the lives of the characters and want to be able to continue following their lives. That’s because Nora is so good at what she does that it make the characters seem like real people. That’s why I like the In Death series so much. Because she’s giving us the chance to follow the lives of the characters. And even though I would love to see how Roarke and Eve would handle a baby of their own, considering their reaction to Mavis’ little one and her birth (completely hysterical), I understand that Nora feels it would change the dynamics of the characters and the whole storyline and I agree with her. I know Nora adores little ones. You can just tell by the pleasure she gets from spending time with her grandchildren. Please let Nora know that she should keep following her heart where her writing is concerned. She could never disappoint this fan. Thank you Nora!!!!

  72. Thank you ~ both Laura and JD. I stopped reading comments because they were simply mean and intended to be hurtful. I do not have another author I follow but sincerely appreciate how thoughtful and generous you both are with your time. JD is creating wonderful stories that I enjoy over & over. I wouldn’t dream of trying to direct her creative process. She will take the story where it should go. If you are unhappy with it, stop reading. Instead of feeling grateful that she cares enough to respond, people stood behind the internet with cruel & tasteless critiques. If you don’t like some (that hurts no one), move onto what YOU like. The rest of us will enjoy her storytelling adventures.

  73. Thanks for your insight Laura.
    I can see why Nora trusts and respects you.
    I’m so disappointed when I read stuff like this – disappointed in my fellow fans.
    I love the Internet and the ‘connection’ it gives to the writers/actors/creative types we love.
    But I hate it when those creative types let the ‘fans’ influence what they create.
    Thank you to Nora for being strong in the face of such feedback. Fair. And kind enough to keep interacting with fans.
    (I also wish Facebook could close comments!)
    Thanks again.

  74. I saw the posts yesterday and have to say that I thought they were unnecessary. The author is the brains behind the characters and storyline of books and a world we all love and enjoy as it unfolds. We fans are brought along for the ride into the authors imagination. Any of the people who were going crazy yesterday who think they can do it better, well, where are you published so we can read your version and then critique it because I’m sure there would be someone arguing with what they come up with, that’s the nature of us all as humans. I wish I could be as creative as Nora but since I’m not – I will enjoy every one of Nora’s books as they come out in print (sometimes I’m haunting the stores waiting for them to put them on the shelves, lol). Keep writing Nora, I for one like getting a peak into your genius every time I open one of your books.

  75. Well said, Laura (&Nora)! I too consider myself a super-fan of the “In Death” series & get completely excited when I see a new one @ the book store! I’ve become infatuated with all of the characters, as it’s like visiting friends I haven’t seen in a while! So, put your thinking cap on & get crakin’! Keep cranking out YOUR story ideas! ~ A childless reader… & that’s ok;)

  76. I agree with Nora, since she has said many times the issue of having a baby for Eve and Roarke is not in the cards. Instead she can be the doting aunt eventually for Bella. When and if that comes to pass is up to Nora, and I do understand the desire from the fans to see how she would handle the situation, but it’s not in the Carr’s and the things we fans would love to happen for the other characters in the series, but what happens to them is up to Nora.

  77. Well said Laura.
    Surely if you are drawn to a book or series of books by what the author has writtenvthat should be enough. Why do people feel the need to proceed to tell Nora/JD what to put into her stories? If they don’t like the story line, that’s fair, no-one says you have to like every word that is written, but to decide that you know better than the author!
    She is the story-teller and I love where she takes me. I’ve laughed, sniggered, swooned, cried and literally bawled my eyes out through the In Death series. I’ve seen places (in my mind) that I never knew existed, met characters who I’ve grown to love and enjoy seeing them blossom. But I’ve never once thought “why doesn’t she have this happen or that happen”.
    For every so called reader who leaves because Eve and Roarke aren’t going to be parents any time soon, there will be another 10 who find the series and become as hooked as the rest of us.
    Keep doing it your way Nora.

  78. I appreciate your post a great deal. I love Nora’s body of work and have for most of my life it seems at times. She has always set a professional standard others many can only hope to aspire to in their lifetimes. One of my greatest pet peeves is the way people try to dictate artists. No matter what spin anyone might try to put on it, a book is a piece of art. The author puts tons of time into writing and editing, spinning the visionary tale in their head. It is a masterpiece of sheer artistry. Most readers pick up a book for entertainment or an escape. Nora Roberts ALWAYS delivers. Most of us can’t even begin to imagine the plot she spins and weaves; if we did have such imagination and skill we would all be writing our own masterpiece. If our favorite authors obeyed and listened to our demands, we would no longer be quite so entertained and pleased by their work. Why would anyone think we should have the right to dictate an artist? I see this far too often, in more than simply writing. My brother is an artist, and you’d be shocked to see how many people feel they have the right and authority to tell him what to draw or paint or sculpt. He always struggles with his art a great deal when people insult him with their demands. That is precisely how he feels – insulted and stressed.

    One of the primary reasons I simply adore the In Death series is because it breaks out of traditional labels. I despise all the labels we use to define our lives these days, and therefore respect and adore the authors who break out of the mold all the more. Nora (as JD Robb) is the ruler of this particular universe. She built it from ground up. She created a heroine who doesn’t fit into the traditional role and mold of a romantic leading lady. She created a hero who is utterly captivating while not at all your traditional good guy. She knows these characters as no one else ever will – no matter how much we may love and adore them. I know personally I would probably feel betrayed if suddenly I found these three-dimensional characters acting in the more one-dimensional role per the ever-popular labels we so love. If I want to feel closer to the In Death world (one not of my own making) I might spin a daydream before I go to sleep to imagine myself in this world. Would Eve and I be friends or, more likely, would she wipe the floor with me in a training room? Could I coerce Crack into taking ballroom dancing lessons with me? I would never, ever think to suggest changes to the story arc of the Queen (aka Nora Roberts). Her mind is so much more flexible than my own.

    She writes – her words entertain and enrich my life. I am grateful. I have a bad day, I pull out one of her books to lift up my spirit. My bundle of energy is safe in bed, I snuggle up with Eve’s latest chase after a bloody vicious serial killer. This is my happy place. I would never want it to change. I can’t see why anyone else would want it to change.

  79. I have all the In Death books and most of the NR books and reread them constantly.
    Thank You Nora,

  80. Well said Laura. I will admit i am one for i wont the next one now but its only because i get soooo sucked into them i read it in a day or two. As I said yesterday in the FB thread the Characters are Nora’s, they are your family. It is the writers decision on where they will go. I whole heartedly support no kids for as Nora has said it changes everything. I love the family she has roarke, peabody mcnabb mira. she has everything a family has she doesn’t need any more. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with all of us.

  81. Why doesn’t Nora just make Eve or Roarke sterile and unable to adopt because of their pasts? That way, we can put an end to the baby question and move on!! No way for them to have a chid and no way for them to adopt.

  82. There are many people in this world who do not have children. Whether that is personal circumstance, medical deficiency, monetary concerns, or genuine desire not to have children, that is their lives. In most romances however, there is an unquenchable need to see the couple a) married and b) with child. How does that leave the singles, childless marrieds, or what have you – how does that shape how society looks on them – “it’s too bad they never had children” or “all alone, if only they had a child” or “poor thing”. There are children out there born into families that are ill equipped to raise them, or children who are unwanted. I would love to see Eve resolve her family issues through the healing power of a child, however that is not who Eve is, and I think Eve and Roarke are the perfect “have it all” couple, to say “we are not interested in having children”. In any case, Eve and Roarke belong to JD and she shares their lives with us, we are interested bystanders and I love the story so far and can’t wait to see where she takes us next!

  83. I still don’t understand why people are having such a hard time with this. No baby. No baby. I agree 100% with this. Why is it necessary for there to be a child? Some couples are complete with it being just them. Please, those who persist in this line of thinking should decide whether they want the books written the way Nora wants or give up on the series because they can’t pressure someone into thinking and writing their way. What a bunch of entitled, spoiled readers!!

  84. Laura, I am surprised you can’t delete a post as we can on our individual pages. While I wish there were more books in her latest trilogy, I realize that its called a “trilogy” for a reason. Lol. My thoughts have always been that I wish I had the talent and be able to write even one book, never hundreds as some of my favorite authors have. Therefore I take my pleasure in reading them. I would never presume to tell an author WHAT to write. That is where their talent lies, not mine, so who am I to tell them what to put on paper? I will play Let’s Make A Deal with Nora. She keeps writing books with whatever comes to her talented brain and I will keep reading them. As it should be. God Bless.

  85. I have loved reading Nora Roberts books since the mid 1980’s and reading the J D Robb series for the last 10yrs. While I always wonder what happens after each book/series ends, I have always considered that the HER gift, a GOOD AUTHOR makes their books enjoyable a GREAT AUTHOR makes the characters so real you miss them and want carrying on their story and so I do in my own imagination. GREAT AUTHOR’s do keep a story going just for the sake of it or their readers otherwise by the end the zeal of the author would dwindle and the stories would loose everything that makes them the great read that they are.

    Thank you Nora/JD for the hours of reading and rereading pleasure you have given me over the years. While I hate coming to the end of all your books/series I am never disappointed in them or your choice of ending. Sometimes its nice to sit back and imagine for myself where certain characters lifes have gone on to and I cherish the fact you were able to make them mean enough for me to want to. I wish you all the b

  86. Brilliantly written. All I want is more great In Death stories. Sadly, the trolls are everywhere and we seem to be stuck with them. What would be sad would be for Nora to shut down communications because of these sad people. I love the communications and openness that FB has brought us; the trolls, not so much.

  87. I’m 70. I’ve been reading Nora/ JD since the first books were published new. I have no opinions about her writing or character development or storylines. I just love to read her books . I will say that if her so called fans have a better idea for her story, whatever the aspect ,I believe they should write their own books and prove the point .

  88. Reading some of the comments I felt so sorry for Nora. Her characters are hers whom she shares with us. Some readers start thinking that they know Dallas and what she wants and needs more than her creator. Why can’t they just go with the flow and enjoy the way the characters live their lives? In a way I feel sorry for those readers whose demanding comments make them appear that they are too immersed in the stories and that they have the right to demand that characters act they want them to. Sad.
    Nora, here’s one reader who loves your In Death series exactly how they are written.

  89. Well put, Laura. I am sorry Nora has been bombarded by fans, some of whom seem to think they can bully her into shaping the series their way. Talk about entitled!! As a professor, I get the same mindset now and then, but I hope she knows it’s not the majority. We wait with great anticipation for the newest book for a good reason. The characters ate so real that we have fallen for them. But their life decisions are not ours to make. Thank goodness!! In fact, Nora’s decision not to bring a baby into the Roarke-Dallas family and the protest that has resulted runs parallel to what young women today deal with when they decide that having children is not for them. They go through anger, frustration, and hurt that others would presume to question their judgment on such a personal matter. Art here is mirroring life while still in embryo. :-). Kudos on the new O’Dwyer novel. I read it in one sitting, while spiders spun webs and laundry mouldered in the cellar. Loved it!

  90. Nora is the author so I just wait with anticipation to see where her imagination takes us. As a painter, I have people often tell me I should paint this or that and I want to say, if YOU want to paint it, go ahead. I have to paint what I feel I want to paint. I feel the story, for Nora, is the same. She is the author and has to take the story where SHE sees it going. We’re just along for the ride, and what a fun ride it is. Thx, Nora, keep the story going and we’ll enjoy wherever it takes us!

  91. Please tell Nora that there is an (apparently) silent group of us out here that understand her point. Would I love to see R&E with a baby? Sure! But they’re not my characters. They’re hers to do with what she wants. Period. And she has been kind enough to explain why, even though such an explanation was never necessary because, bottom line, they’re hers.

    And remind her of Roarkes words about the morons of the world. They are very easy to recognize indeed.

    And thank her please. ID has come to mean a LOT to me and I’m just thankful every day that she made them.

  92. If Eve and Roarke were real people (and I know they’re not!) we’d likely all be telling them to get their own lives sorted out before they decided to extend their family. Yes, they’re adorable, and yes they love each other, but Eve is still very damaged – there is no way she is ready to have a little life dependent on her. She has absolutely no idea what to do with or make of Bella. There’s no yearning there to be a mom – she may just lack the desire or ability to be a mother, and that’s ok. Lots of women don’t want children. It doesn’t make them any less human.

    if Eve were my friend, there’s no way I’d be pressuring her to have a baby right now – she’s still a child herself in a lot of ways. I keep thinking of Clare Dane’s character on Homeland. Is there anyone who thinks she should have had that baby?

  93. I love the In Death books!! Am I always looking for the next book? of course I can read the average one in a day. Do I know that Nora can never put them out as fast as I can read them? of course she is only a very talented human being. I love these books and am more then willing to leave the actual choices as to how they turn out to someone else and just have all the fun of finding out after the fact. Great Job Nora!! keep them coming!! And I will keep reading!

  94. Thank you Nora for taking the time to clearly explain your reasoning. I personally love the story as it is. I am a woman who never had children and my life is still full. Why people feel that the only way that Eve and Roarke’s lives would be fulfilled is if they have children is wrong. I agree that it would distract from the story and the characters.
    I also want to thank you Nora for all the wonderful hours I get to spend reading your stories.

  95. Very well stated! My husband and I LOVE the J.D. Robb series of books and thoroughly enjoy whichever direction(s) Nora takes her characters. The books have always entertained and are re-read many times.

  96. I can’t help draw a parallel between those readers who feel entitled to demand that Dallas and Roarke have a baby, and complete strangers in real life who will approach a pregnant woman and proceed to tell her exactly how they believe she should be acting. 🙂

  97. Well said – I was stunned by some of the very “nasty” comments that were made on yesterdays thread. I love Nora’s books – especially her trilogies and longer series. Would I like more stories to come out of them yes – but that is a tribute to the wonderful writer that Nora is – she makes every character (even the most minor) come alive – so I want to know “more” and get to know them too. Having said that – Nora is the writer she knows if the “story” needs to be told or not.
    I love her In Death series – would Roarke/Eve be wonderful parents? absolutely! they have so much love to give – as shown in how they interact with friends – old and new – but the In Death is not about Love/Marriage/Babies – it is about Eve’s Job/mission to speak for the dead – she can’t do that if she is at home with her baby/s – so let’s leave Eve/Roarke to do what they do best – “catch the bad guys”. And let Nora do what she does best – write some of the most amazing, compelling stories out there!.

    If I had a “dream” it would be for her to team up with Jayne Ann Krentz (and alta egos’) and write a series with her! – love both of them – and think it would be a wonderful collaboration. But that’s my “Dream Team” not a reality.

    Keep up the good work Nora – ignore the naysayers – if some one wants to stop reading your amazing books because you won’t write “their” story – so what! – their loss – as for me – keep the books coming – I need more!

  98. Nicely stated, Laura. I would imagine that Nora (and Eve and Roarke) feel about like my husband and I did for years after we married. We were often asked ‘when we’d be having the babies’ as if we too were an ‘incomplete’ family.

    Beyond exasperated, we finally started responding by shaking our heads, reassuring people that although we loved children, we simply couldn’t eat a whole one.

    They stopped asking.

    1. My husband and I don’t have children (by choice). We got soooo sick of the comments, that we came up with a few comments to stop the conversation in its tracks.
      “Why don’t you have children yet?” “Oh, we can’t have them. The cat’s allergic.”
      “Don’t you like children?” “Oh, I love children, they stay crunchy in milk!”
      People quit asking. 😉

  99. Beautifully written Laura, and my 100% agreement with the comments on the dissenting readers. Unfortunately, its the way our society is going-want it all, and want it now… I said yesterday, that these readers are projecting their agendas and emotions into a fictional environment and that is a rather sad reflection, and they are missing th essence of the storyline that is Eve & Roarke.
    Am a big fan of JD and Nora, as my bookcase will attest. Every time a new novel comes out, its like meeting a new friend, and one I look forward to immensely…
    Well done and kudos for handling a difficult situation.

  100. Well said. The In Death series is the only series I literally count down to release. And during this countdown I re-read and listen to the audio book once or twice. I love all of Nora’s books but the in Death series drew me in from the first book in 1995 and has given me a wonderful ride. I trust a respect Nora totally to continue providing me with endless hours of pleasure. Thanks for all you do to help her in this endeavor

  101. Nora is the MASTER. Let’s not second guess her and let’s allow her to do what she does best, write. There are plenty of books with babies in them. Read one of those.

  102. very well said. I appreciate all of Nora’s books, storylines, plots and I am in awe of her incredible imagination. The stories are hers to share with us and I feel blessed that she does so — thanks for being such a good “friend” and publicist to NR.

    1. Laura, as the administrator of NR FB account you can delete any comment that you don’t like. Let them take their business somewhere else, . It will be their loss, missing great books.

      Love every single one of Nora Roberts aka JD Robb books, I think I owns most of them.

      I thank her for that .
      Hmmmm I like Baxter and Nadine too.. just saying…..

  103. I have been an avid Nora Roberts fan since I found one of her books in the used book store offered for Canadian Forces members posted to Lahr Germany, and that was way back in 1975….There have been many story lines that I wished that would never stop but that was just personal as I was enjoying them just that much, However, I just wait patiently (sometimes) for the next Nora Roberts or JD Robb to come out in print (those are the only books I now buy and keep for re-reading) and go on a vacation wherever she takes me. Only Nora has the right to take you where she wants her characters to go, is totally up to the reader if they want to take that adventure. So if you want the adventure to continue, just keep reading and leave the writing up to Nora.

  104. Thank you for a wonderful post. I understood perfectly what Nora said about it in the link. I had thought about it myself and reached a similar conclusion. In my mind for Roarke and Eve to become parents it would be the final book of the series. Because at that point Eve would either have to accept a Captain position or retire. I don’t think her own parent rules would let her do otherwise. I’m happy with reading anything Nora wants to write about Eve and Roarkes world 🙂

  105. AMEN. Well said Laura. Put it to rest people. Be thankful that NR continues to write amazing novels that we can enjoy for hopefully many years to come. I love her work.

  106. OMG! There are no words. But I guess I’ll find a few. I went back to read the comments on the JD Robb FB page, and cannot believe all the vitriol from a handful of people over how Nora responded to the never-ending question about a baby for Eve & Roarke. She was not rude or nasty, and how many ways can she say NO NO NO before it gets through. I understand that newer readers might ask this question, so it’s a good idea to have a link to the post where Nora has explained it. But any die-hard fan, of which I’m one, know the answer and should just drop it. Every time Nora/JD has to answer this question, she’s taking time away from writing one of her fabulous books, and that is just a shame!! Thanks Laura for sharing your thoughts on this and setting the record straight for the gazillionth time!!!

  107. Thanks, Laura, for the explanation. Hopefully this is the last time you or NR will have to address this. I trust Nora to give me (her readers) the best story possible. In all the years I’ve been reading all her books (Including the In Death ones), I’ve come to look forward to them and there hasn’t been one that I’ve not liked. I don’t presume to tell an author what she should do with her ideas. I just enjoy her talent! Thanks for all you do, and thanks, Nora, for sharing the gift/talent that you have.

  108. I think it says something about Nora’ writing that her characters become like real people to us. My husband, daughter and I talk about Dallas and Roarke and Peabody and Mavis and the rest like they just live down the street. As such we want to see them “happy” – whatever our personal version of that means. I’ve been reading Nora since her first book… And will continue to do so as long as she chooses to write. If other people want babies and such, they should write their own stories and maybe I’ll read them too. (Altho Nadine and Baxter would be good! Just saying… 🙂

    1. My Mom and I do that, too! We talk about them as if they were completely real. Like distant family that lives in NYC and we get emails from them once a year. LOL!

    2. I’m considering doing a quick list of things readers won’t see–and Nadine and Baxter are on it.

      Here’s why.

      Over and above the fact I see them as far too much alike to make a successful couple, she’s a Crime Beat reporter, he’s a murder cop. That’s a conflict of interest that would require one of them to give up their career. I don’t think anyone wants to see that happening!

      1. I agree Nora – I’m waiting to see how the series develops. You always keep me guessing – just one of the reasons I love to read your books:)

        Thanks for all you do and being an example of what hard work and dedication is able to accomplish.


        Your Fan,
        Melissa Blanchard
        Minneapolis, MN

  109. The fact that someone would threaten to stop reading Nora’s books unless she writes them as they think she should is ludicrous.
    I follow a writer and especially Nora because I love where their mind goes.
    It is a never ending adventure through the minds of the characters, the places she takes us and the situations she puts them in.
    To try to tell an author what to write and how to write it is an insult. If you don’t like where the story is going or how it is written, then by all means, read someone else.
    I for one would read a soup label if Nora wrote it!

    1. They sound like people who were just looking for an excuse not to read them any more. It’s a silly way to be.

  110. I for one love the In Death series as it is. I can relate to Eve as I too have a past I wanted nothing more then to forget for many years. I am older and wiser now and have learned that the things I experienced helped me to become the person I am today. Reading Eve’s reaction to having friends that equal family in the heart brings back good memories for me. I have a small group of very close friends that over the years made up for my lack of a tight bio family. Now I am almost 50 and never could have a child and never once felt a loss for that fact. I am Auntie to a few and though it was awkward and weird at first it has now become a joy. So I say stay true to the characters that you have created. There are some of us out there that really understand.

  111. Nora is a great storyteller, and I am a lover of stories. I know my own fantasies, and I want to be entertained by fantasies that come from someone who is able to express them better than I can. I was disturbed by some of the comments expressed, and thought that Nora was polite but firm. I resent people telling me how to do my job-it has happened too often-and would not presume to do that to any author. Keep on writing them as you see them, Nora. I am always waiting for your next story.

  112. I, like some others, have not read the FB posts, and won’t. Part of the fun in a series like the In Death series where you get to know the characters so well is to make up scenarios .. “wouldn’t it be fun if .. ” or “I’d love to see it if … ” … (I admit my friends and I have had some of these types of conversations about Eve and Roarke and friends). But that is just our way of sharing our love for the stories with each other and a far cry from expecting the author to write that story. It is utter arrogance to think that because “I” would like a story, obviously everyone else should too and the author should listen to me (and worse yet getting angry because she doesn’t). As I have read through many of these blog posts and their comments about “favourite” or least favourite NR stories, often someone will say “I liked everything but … (Public Secrets, Conspiracy in Death, whatever) and I’ll be thinking … I LOVED those stories. (And the ones they loved I didn’t :)) We’re all different and amazingly these stories seem to appeal to a large variety of people. That’s a true gift.

  113. For all those little minds that are so selfish – get over yourselves. Nora/JD, keep up the fantastic stories. Love every one of them!

  114. I want to say i agree with Laura and Nora. I would like to thank her for taking me along on the journey of Eve anc Roarke. I only hope she will keep them coming.

  115. This is why I avoided the whole comments section of that FB post yesterday. Phew! Honestly, I don’t see why it’s SUCH a big deal. She doesn’t want them to go that route, fine…no problem. *shrug* I really do understand the reasoning behind it as I’m at the age where nearly all of my friends are having babies (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), and it does change EVERYTHING. While I also have friends who vow never to have kids too, and they are living happily too. It just boggles my mind…but, I’m a big fan of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series too, and she is accused of the same responses to some of her readers too, so perhaps I’m used to it. In all honesty, I just want to have a great book to read in my comfy reading chair at the end of a long stressful day and be able to take a break for the craziness of life every once in a while.

  116. To me, Nora/JD has a distinctive “voice” when she writes. That’s what I’m drawn to. If she listens to every suggestion every reader offers up, then it’s not really her “voice” anymore, is it? If a reader loves what Nora/JD writes, the way she writes, why would they demand she change it? Why would they be offended when Nora/JD states she needs to write the story as she sees it unfolding?

  117. Personally I love the path that Nora is taking with all the characters and agree with her thoughts on a baby/child for Eve and Roarke. I also feel that to be a family does not have to include a child. I look forward to each and every new story.

  118. Anxious for the next story? Absolutely! Do I have wish lists for what I’d like to see happen? Sure. I’m human. But much as I live ’em, Eve and Roarke and the rest aren’t mine. So I’ll just sit back and a couple times a year be transported to a few decades in the future and see where Nora takes us. She hasn’t failed me yet! Is it February yet? 🙂

  119. It’s pretty rude for people to slam Nora. You read a story because you like the author’s vision. And while you can get hooked on the characters, it’s not our place to dictate the storyline. If you can’t accept it, find another author. Nora/JD is fine the way she is.

  120. I just want NORA to know that I enjoy all of her books. As long as she keeps writing I’ll keep reading.

  121. The ‘In Death’ series is a continuing series of MYSTERY novels.
    Yes, there are romances throughout. Great.
    But the emphasis of the stories is that someone gets killed and Lt. Eve Dallas, Roarke, the NYPSD, Eve’s friends, Roarke’s contacts and business assets, etc. work to find out whodunnit.
    I quite enjoy them.
    I hope to enjoy many more, written with the same format.
    A major change in the life of a side character does not change the story format.
    A major change in the lives of Eve and Roarke would.
    I am pleased to learn the stories will continue as before.

  122. Whoo, shades of Stephen King’s “Misery”. I am the reader, therefore I know best how you should write your stories. If you don’t agree with me, I’ll get nasty about it. I might even boycott your books. Yeah, I’m sure her best selling books will take a real dive if you stop reading them. If you want to decide how a story goes, write your own books and discover how difficult it really is. I nearly got lynched by a room full of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans when they started discussing the character’s motivations and personalities and what would probably happen just minutes after they were informed by people who worked on the show that a committee of five determined how the scripts would go. I just commented it was fascinating to see how they talked as if the characters were real and everyone (including the guys on the panel) got all huffy like I had just accused them of being delusional. It’s a STORY, people. Get over yourselves and just learn to enjoy it, not start giving them advice on how to live their lives. Write on, Norah!

  123. I would read what ever Nora writes. She should always stay true to what she wants to write. She knows the characters, She just shares them with us. We should all be grateful, not mean or spiteful. Thanks for entertaining us.

  124. Eve, Roarke, all the characters Nora creates – are hers! It is simply a privilege and wonderful escape to read her stories.

  125. I enjoy the JD Robb books about Eve and Roarke and Company. My wish is for more of them per year. But, I know Nora only has so much time to write. Her vision and style of writing is what makes Eve and Roarke who they are. Keep up the good work.

  126. Thank you, Laura. A truly gifted writer has the ability to make us care about the characters, the story, and the continuations of those characters and stories. And Nora is a truly gifted writer. I look forward to every new book and reread older books over and over and over. I only pray Nora continues to provide us with more stories of Eve and Roarke and the In Death family as well as more “regular” novels. She creates whole worlds for us. And she should control those worlds completely.

  127. I don’t think Eve and Roarke are ready to have children even if she wanted to write them with one. They’re still working on getting themselves put together. They need to finish that first. imho.

  128. I really love your stories and look forward to the next one. You and Janet Evanovich with her Stephanie Plum series keep me buying books. Now there’s a combo book of authors I like to have, JD Robb, Janet Evanovich, and MacComber. I do not like downloading ebooks, it needs to be solidly in my hands so I can take it with me, bookmark it and then come back to it later then II don’t want it. Ebooks can be lost if there is a problem or virus so I prefer Books, thank you for all your stories, though one series I really miss about the Three Witches, I was wondering what might of become of them after there happy end. Keep up the good work, I read your books to fast so I wait until the end of my college semesters in the summer the read them. I decided to start from the beginning slowly this time to savor them 🙂

  129. I have in the past wondered about a baby for Eve and Roark, but thought it would be like real life–if and when. After reading the posting you referred us to, I can see the reasoning and agree that Eve would not be the EVE I know and love. When other authors ask about my favorite character, it is always Eve. She has problems understanding friendship, love, children of all ages, Sommerset, clothes, makeup, and her war against vending machines. But the thing you can count on is she WILL get the murderer because her sense of Justice will not allow her to do anything less.

  130. One of the things I like best about the In Death series is the way Nora has allowed Eve to evolve as a person!
    I trust Nora and her path for this character and the series. Nora’s the boss, and a masterful storyteller. I will keep reading the In Death series until I can no longer hold a Kindle (and then I will switch to audio books, I guess).

  131. hi Nora I ‘VE BEEN READING YOUR BOOKS FOR A VERYYYYYYYYYYY Long time now and I love every one of them you never let us down and so end a book or trilogy I would never presume to tell you what you should do next and I don’t think the ones that do are not thinking how very hard you work as for me when you write a book or trilogy I read them and love every one of them so you do your thing and never let other readers get you down love you

  132. So, the last thing you want to see is yet another post…but it popped in my head and won’t go away.

    Nora, I’m thinking you should consider getting that little mistletoe tat on your own low back ….

    Love you and your books- exactly as they are. 🙂

  133. I think i would just die if there wasn’t another In Death book. I absolutely LOVE the personalities of Eve and Roarke and the gang. I am blessed that Nora has allowed me to enter her world through this series. Thanks, Nora, and keep up the awesome imagination. I can’t believe how talented you are.

  134. I read these stories for the story waiting to be read that Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb has to tell. I have read every one of her books, and own almost every one. A few of the earliest accidentally were sent to the used book store. Big mistake. In any case, I love what has been provided for my entertainment. I am so thankful for all of the incredible work put into each story. Thank you so much.

  135. I think the ‘In Death’ series is Nora (J D Robb)’s baby. Would we tell her she has to organise grandchildren for us! No! Thank you Nora/J D Robb for having your characters stay true to themselves. I absolutely adore your books and usually read them in one day! Greetings from Australia!

  136. You just keep doing what you do!!! If some think they can do better then they can write their on books!!!! I read under both Nora and Robb.

  137. The ‘In Death’ series is wonderful just as it is. I look forward to the books, having gotten my fiance to buy me each and every one that comes out for my birthday or Christmas. I own every copy that I can get my hands on and work hard to find copies that I don’t have. I don’t see why Eve and Roarke need to have children right now. I think they would make kickass parents, but right now, they have far to much going on their plates to make it work. Roarke is busy buying up the world, and Eve is still deep in the trenches. Personally, I think Nora’s decision is the best one for the series and for her characters.

  138. I think its very sad when individuals want and then try to redirect the creativity of others. Nora, you have taken me on so many wonderful journeys and I’ve loved Every. Single. One. So, thank you for the In Death series and for Eve and Roarke…just the way they are!

  139. I enjoy all of Nora/JD books. Please keep writing the way you want. The trilogies are wonderful and I look forward to every new in death book that comes out. Your books are my “me” time. Thank you for every one of them.

  140. An author should be true to what she/he wants to write. When you start writing to suit the market you lose what makes you special. Bravo Nora. Thank you for HOURS of enjoyment. You’re an inspiration to other writers like me. 🙂

  141. Wow! I repsonded to the FB post yesterday pretty early on, and did not go back into it later, so I missed the haters. We discussed it a little in our JD Robb group at Goodreads, and most of us agreed that you are the creater of these beloved characters and how it goes forward must be how you see them moving through life. I discovered this series pretty late in the game (about three years ago). I went through a major series binge, bought Kindle and Audible versions and caught up with the series in about six months. I also have my “OMG, woukdn’t it be great to see Nadine and Baxter get together?” moments, but that is why I belong to a group of fellow In Death freaks, so we can throw out our most bizarre wish lists and laugh about how crazy we are. I am certain Nora does not need the in ome generated by this series…so please do not get so frustrated with the haters as to stop writing the series. There are way more people who love your books, both as Nora Roberts and as JDR, than there are haters. Waiting with impatience for my next fix in February.
    PS…I am newly retired, love to read and available to move anywhere if Laura needs an assistant…lol.

      1. Oh, I would not have been nearxas diplomatic as you were. But, you can delete an entire thread if you are the one who posted it. Upper right corner of the original post is a little arrow. There is an option to delete the post. I have done it when people get too crazy on my wall over something I posted. Lol.

  142. They’re her books, she can write whatever she wants. If you don’t like the story or stories, you don’t have to read it or them.
    You want babies, write a book yourself. Leave the lady alone.

  143. Amen Laura! My Mom, Sister and I all read the In Death series, my Mom gave me my first one when I was having to move away from my family after my husband was transferred when I was 41! We had both been around our families all our lives. My Dad passed away a year after we moved and Mom and I are both night owls and are always calling each other to see which book the other is reading for comfort. Daddy always laughed at the 3 of us ready about death until we got him to listen to on audiobook so we all reread them. Thank you for the wonderful books and memories!

  144. I read JD Robb and Nora Roberts books for the sheer enjoyment of them. I don’t want to read about a baby crying all night (been there 4 times), or some character with bad cramps or a headache or an unbalanced checkbook. I read these books and many others to escape the mundane, the stress, and the daily stuff of real life. If I want to read about one NR’s many, many great characters, I re-read the book. It’s like visiting old friends. I can’t count the times I’ve revisited Brianna and Grey or Luke and Roxy, or the Quinns. Finally, my son is an author, recently published. I love him with all my heart and soul, but I would never dream to tell him what story to write next. Why would anyone tell an author what to write, except maybe their publisher?

  145. It seems some will stick their noses into anyone’s lives no matter if it’s real life or fiction. I get it on an almost daily basis. I do alterations at a bridal shop. When someone finds out I don’t have kids and have never been married they are full of advice. They know nothing of my life or the reasons and experiences that have brought me to where I am today. Somehow they are an authority on how life should be. I’m happy for them and where they are in their lives, but it’s their lives – not mine. Just because being married and having kids has brought them a lot of joy doesn’t mean it’s what’s right for everyone.
    We all need to have more respect for each other and the decisions we all have the right to make about our lives and what we do. Nora has created these characters as part of her work and has allowed all of us to enter into her imagination. HER imagination. I have so much respect for what she does. I’m also very grateful for what she does and how I can escape my own world just by picking up one of her books.

    1. Agreed, Sheryl, and there’s something about the anonymity of social media that makes people go even further than they would in “real life” and say things they would never dream of saying to someone’s face. I’m completely shocked by the lack of respect (to put it politely) I see online.

  146. I don’t want them to have children yet. I truly believe that it would take from the aspect of the book. I enjoy reading the series so much that I have each one as an audible book so that while I’m at work I can listen to the story. I have re-read and listened to the series so many times and especially while waiting for the next one to come out. Keep doing the wonderful work you are doing. I love your books and I must say I am not the biggest fan (Laura) but I am up there. Can’t wait for the next book and the many more after. I would love to see it as a television series though not a movie like a few of the Nora Roberts books but a series. I watch those movies each time they come on. That would be exciting. I wish you continued success in your many works. Love you!!!

  147. Nora Roberts isn’t “one” of my favorite authors, she “is” my favorite. I would never presume to tell her what to write, she’s much more imaginative than I could ever be. I love everything she writes, but Eve and Roarke are special and I love them just the way they are. I always read them too fast and wish I’d savored them more, but I think about them for a while after I finish. That’s the mark of a great storyteller and Nora Roberts/JD Robb is that!

  148. I was quite shocked at the reactions of some people regarding Nora’s post. Ever since I read of Nora’s reasons for not writing in a baby for Eve & Roarke a few years back, I completely agreed with her and was content to let it be. I could not understand why some people would force their views on Nora and THEN call her nasty and rude when it was the other way around. I am of the understanding that if I wanted the story to go the way I want it to go, I should write my own book or just rely on my own imagination with Nora’s characters.
    I have been an NR fan since the 1980’s and am seldom disappointed by her books. I came by the In Death books by accident and am quite happy with it because, hey, more NR books to read! So just keep on writing, Nora. Your true fans are still here.

  149. I remain astounded by those who feel the need to insist they have a better storyline than JR Robb or Nora Roberts. Maybe they should write their own books and let the rest of us enjoy our reads with Nora and J D.

    1. I agree with you Vicky.
      If J.D. Robb changed the storyline, she propably would have written it as Nora Roberts.
      It is the suspence that I like in this serie, not the romance – that only is a plus.

  150. I will have to admit that my 83 yr. old mother has declared that a Baxter/Nadine mix would be interesting! All the drama. This issue made me think of NR/JDR’s comment, “Water isn’t wet enough for some people.” There are those who will always be unhappy – no matter what.
    I am the book-buyer for our local library and had several people ask about the 3rd book in a series by author, B.J. Hoff. The book was delayed multiple times and one woman was particularly insistent that I hadn’t bought it in a timely matter. (being nice here) I finally contacted B.J. Hoff through her site and she was kind enough to answer. She explained that her spouse had a cancer diagnosis and the book was on hold while she cared for him. I thought I had solved the mystery and printed the email so they could read it for themselves. The impatient fan read the email and said, “I don’t care what is going on! I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK!!!” I don’t think anyone has ever proven that loyal fiction readers are all sane. or kind. or understanding.
    Write the books. We’ll read them. And thanks. I appreciate all you’ve done, especially Inn Boonsboro as I’ve just returned from a fabulous trip. Amazing. Listening to the books now and it is as if someone has thrown open the window! Thanks so much for all of it. Every single bit.

    1. However frustrated or baffled I might get–or ever get in the future about a reader demand, nothing will ever come close to how the reader you referred to behaved. How blindingly insensitive and selfish.

      I hope Ms Hoff’s spouse is doing well.

      So glad you enjoyed your trip to Boonsboro!

  151. I am absolutely stunned by all of this. These are JD/Nora’s characters, she says what happens to them and what direction her stories go. I have never been disappointed by where her imagination has taken me so far. Every single book is a continuation of the saga of Eve and Roarke and their lives. I always find some new and wonderful tidbit, something new to enjoy in each and every book. No one can write the In Death series like Nora/JD, they are hers and she shares them with us. I am very grateful that she does.

    Nora, keep doing what you do, I love your writing, your stories and will follow E and R where ever you take them. I enjoy them no matter what situation you put them in and be thankful you share your talent with us, your readers. Do not let the people out there discourage you, change your direction or piss you off so bad you say to heck with it and end the series sooner then you would have.

  152. I love the “In Death” series. I can’t remember which book I started with but after reading it, I began buying and reading in order. Took me almost a year to catch up. Now I look forward to every February & September.

    I think Eve, Roarke and all of the characters are what makes this series so great and I look forward to JD’s story lines whatever they me be. I am no writer and would not begin to make requests of an author. I enjoy every aspect of her books as she writes them. Her imagination and detail of the characters and story lines puts me right there with them. Well, I try not to go vertical when Eve is in a hurry.

    Mostly, I am grateful that she continues to write them. Thank you Laura for keeping us informed and thank you JD (Nora) for your wonderful writing ability. Can’t wait for February.

  153. I would never presume to tell any author how to set up their stories especially one of my favorite authors. I read only certain authors’ work because I like the way they write. I think the main problem occurs when the author or her staff asks the readers what they think. If you ask, they will respond – often in a way the author doesn’t want to hear. For those readers who feel they have the right to tell an author what to write, sit down and write your own books that are not based on another author’s work. See how hard it is to write even a short story after developing a plot based on an entirely new storyline. Robb’s Eve is still trying to learn the marriage rules, there is no way she could care for a child properly. Why anyone would want to see Eve screw it up and thus hurt her child, is beyond me. She often hurts Roarke and he understands her faults. A baby would to permanently damaged when it discovers that as her child it would come in third after her job and Roarke. Thank you Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb for standing firm against the people who think they know YOUR Characters better than you, their creator.

  154. I, for one and NOT ready for the In Death series to end and I read a long time ago that If Eve and Roarke had a baby the series would end. So, assuming that when/if Nora is ready to end the series, the fans that want Eve and Roarke to have a baby will get one then.

    It’s her book, she has the right to write it as she wants. I understand that and I for one want many, many more In Death books. Thanks Nora for all the reading enjoyment, NOT just the In Death, but all the other books, starting with the very first one for Silhouette.

  155. I was laughing at some of the comments yesterday. What comes after the “baby demanders”? Next, we will have dieticians complaining about Eve’s diet. “Oh, she eats too much red meat or too many pizzas!” Then, the animal rights folks will complain that her cat is too fat and following that the fashion designers will disagree with Eve’s clothing. Good grief. LOL. Maybe these folks should run off and try to write their own story. I enjoy In Death series as it is….

  156. I wrote this a while ago to a very dear friend of mine:

    “I’ve come to realise in the past couple of weeks that I (take note) want (not need) a man. I guess it’s due to the books I’ve been reading of late written by Nora Roberts/JD Robb.

    I want the passion, the desire, the want, the physical, the love, the adventure for myself that I read about in her books – the good with the bad, the fairytale with the reality, the beautiful and pretty with the ugly… I find myself envying her characters, as there is not a single one of them that isn’t beautiful, strong, independant – people in their own right. I wish I could know them personally and be apart of their lives.

    I guess I closed myself in for too long… I want to know more, do more, and be free to do it. I want to cut my hair, change my wardrobe and be a woman. I want to wear turqouise (which is my birthstone) in any shape or form of jewelry. I want a garden, a huge one with everything in it! Oh, the colors and the smells… I want children, my qouta has always been four and I want to call my daughter Kenny.”

    Nora, I want to thank you. You are an extraordinary blessed writer and I feel blessed by your stories. I’m in awe of you – not only do you live with all these wonderful caracters, you keep them coming at us and it’s always new, fresh and exciting. I’ve not been disappointed yet and don’t see that I can or will be. I’m addicted I guess – love, love, love your style all round!!! Thank you once more.

    And Laura, you too, thank you. Appreciate what you do, not only for Nora but for us (the fans) as well.

  157. Dear Nora,
    I am Marijke Wijnants from the Netherlands, an enthusiastic reader of your novels.
    My native language is Dutch, so I always had to wait for the translation of your books.
    2 years ago I started to read in English, and although it took twice as long to read your books, it triggered something in me.
    I wrote my first poetry booklet ‘Sprouted from my crazy mind’ and I have you to thank for this.
    Why you may ask? Because you learned me to think outside the box, because you taught me how to tell a story, because you initiate me to pay attention to details.
    I am a big fan of your books, needless to say, and my opinion is and always was, you are the author, it’s your story.
    Of course you get your ideas from the people you meet and the things you experience, but it still stays your creation from your fantasy mind :-).
    I love you for the wonderful things you gave me, and the confidence that everybody – even me – can create.
    Hugs for you and Laura from Marijke Wijnants

  158. I just want to thank Nora for all the great books she has written and hope will be writing the coming years. I just love the In Death serie. It took a while before the came to the Netherlands but they are now here and we can enjoy them. So please Nora keep on writing and I’ll follow you on the journey of Eve, Roarke and all the other great caracters in your books. Thank you so mutch for so many great hours of reading.

  159. To me, the question comes down to whether we trust Nora Roberts/JD Robb to write stories that continually delight and satisfy us. Certainly I have (privately!) speculated on a future that would include children, but I am more than willing to leave it to the incredible JD to decide when and if it will be appropriate to include an expansion to the family. After all, this is the future, with Rourke Industries on the cutting edge. The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

  160. i believe in and understand the choice Nora made in the series and anyone with sense can see how Eve reacts to babies currently is not how one wants to picture her as a supermom and we all want her to be a really good one. Let me remind you that the story is not about what you or i as readers want but what Eve wants and she is not ready for babies(plural as Roarke has hit his head hard and wants more than one) and i believe when she is she would be different in simple terms it will cramp her style the one we love so much.

  161. Wow. It always baffles me to read stuff like this! It would never even enter my mind to tell an author how to write her stories and what to do with her characters, let alone whine, complain or threaten to stop reading her books… If people stop reading JD’s/Nora’s books for such stupid reasons, then I’d say good riddance! I can’t understand why people think everbody needs a family consisting of a mother, a father and one or several kids – there are so many different types of families these days! And not everyone wants to have children of their own; a lot of people are perfectly happy to just be aunts and uncles/godparents/whatever.

    Nora, I’m a big fan of your books!

  162. I love how she writes. They are her characters and I totally agree a baby/child changes everything. Bravo for her and you for stating it bluntly.

  163. Picture me with some pom poms & a big bow in my hair, whilst wearing a cheer outfit & chanting, “Say it, Laura! Tell ’em, Laura! Preach!”

  164. NO BABIES! Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Thank you Nora/JD for all of your fabulous books! I love each one! I can’t wait to start the next one when it comes out. Nora’s way of storytelling makes me want to write someday. I want to say Thank you to Nora for every story/book that you write that I/we enjoy. Thank you Laura for doing your job. We appreciate you in all you do. I’m using we for all of Nora’s biggest fans( sorry Laura – I’m one of the biggest fans too) 🙂 I know at times it is tedious when someone ask the same question over and over. I think a link to the blog with the answers will hopefully do the job. It may be good to know what other topics can make Nora go running from the room so we as super fans can avoid those topics. I for one would never want to mistakenly send Nora running. I wish both of you a joyous upcoming holiday season. Now Blood Magick is calling my name…..

  166. Well, said, Laura….I love and enjoy all of Nora’s books….I am just going to sit back and enjoy what her imagination has to offer. Nora became my top favorite author years ago and will remain so for years to come. I will never borrow her books from the library, because to me they are treasures that I never want to give back. I will always buy and keep and continue to add to my collection. One day I hope to meet her in person, and get a big hug.

  167. Thank you both Nora and Laura! My step-mother is an artist and when I used to sit her booth at art shows it always floored me when people would start on how the picture would be better with this or that. Oh My! If I don’t have the talent, I can certainly respect it in others, and the books, characters, pictures or whatever are yours alone. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  168. Thank you Laura for your excellent response and patience to such incredibly insensitive people. I for one am boggled that anyone would have the gall to insist or suggest to a professional just how to do their job. If they were so good at it, why are they not a best selling author like Nora Roberts?

    I eagerly await each book – either NR or JD with anticipation, and “treat” myself to a magical time away from reality, snuggled under the covers, or enjoying a lovely bath at the end of the evening or under a blanket on the couch. I “fall into” the books and am sorely tested if someone dares to disturb my time with “my friend Nora”. Even though I have read her books since the 1970’s from Silhouette days, and often feel like I would enjoy to sit down and share a pot of tea with her, she is not my friend (~sigh~ and a definite loss to me), she is MY favourite author of all time. I kick myself when I read her books too quickly, because then I am stuck waiting for her next book to come out, and must either read some other authors (which is not fair to them in that thought – they just aren’t Nora…lol) I think a great many of us understand that concept!! or, to keep myself happy, I simply go and re read another NR/JD book. I too am sad when a Trilogy is over, but, that is what it IS – a trilogy…lol…so I have to get over myself.

    I truly hope Nora knows how she is loved and coveted world wide I’m sure as a person, wife, mother, friend and goodness knows a grandma, but to the majority of us, a wonderful artist and author who gives each one of her devotees the opportunity to escape into her latest adventure and dream on. I hope one day to be able to visit Boonsboro, what an adventure that would be! Thank you from one very grateful fan.

  169. It sounds like some commenters are “frustrated authors” I say if they want a story about a cop with a husband that has a child they should write it themselves. Nora (J.D.) is awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing. Even having to wait for another book is good. It’s called anticipation . . . and it’s better than instant gratification.

    Eve and Roarke’s story his I J.D. Robb’s and is her work product, not the readers. They get to share in the story and should feel lucky and honored to do so!

  170. Hi,
    Thank you Nora Roberts for all you do and go through to write your wonderful books. You have always been my favorite author.

    I am sorry to read the comments by a few people that feel entitled to direct your writing. Sadly I have seen this bad behavior on several Authors websites and FB. I don’t get why people feel the need to tell you how to write. Too bad we can’t block all people like that from our lives. It is nice that I can delete (defriend) someone I don’t want on my FB page. Family or not if I don’t like what is said, they are gone. lol

    I think it is great that people are passionate about your books, some need to take a chill pill and remember that they are not the Boss of you. Too keep harassing you is stalker behavior.
    I hope all of this crazy behavior stops and you can get on with writing and I can get on with enjoying your books and reading your website and FB.

  171. I saw the post yesterday and my thoughts/comments boiled down to if a reader thinks they really have it so bad they should move on to something else. Quite simply, the visions authors share of THEIR characters, of THEIR stories, is something we are lucky to get to share in. And truly, NR has created an incredible series that is still fresh, exciting, and well-written…after how many books? Talk about amazing! She has a proven talent. Why not trust it – trust her – that the stories will be what they need to be? And just sit back and enjoy the ride? With so many commenting I don’t know if NR will see this; but thank you very much, Ms. Roberts, for sharing your incredible gift with us. Please know that to every angry or resentful comment/fan you have, there is a good 30 that think you are just one of the best writers out there and who absolutely love the stories you have brought into our lives. I lost my mom a few years ago, and I miss so much getting to share with her our love of reading, our love for comparing notes on favorite authors or favorite series like the In Death series. You have touched people’s lives in a good and positive way. Again, thank you.

  172. Ugh, the fact that this was needed is absolutely ridiculous. The whole ‘baby’ subject popping up in every single Facebook post on the JD Robb fan page (or that’s what it seems like) is partly why I’ve stopped paying so much attention to the page. Especially since Nora wrote that blog entry about the whole topic sometime ago, covering the topic very clearly.

    I love listening to the audiobooks. Need to start listening to the latest one.

    1. We hope, with this policy in place, we can keep the FB page more interesting and lively–without threads routinely getting bogged down in the baby debate. It must get as tiring for regular posters as it does for me!

      1. It does. When I originally watched the page I liked seeing what topics were brought up and what other people said. It can be really interesting to see what other fans think and to discuss the topics. Especially since beyond my family (my mother and four of my aunts enjoy your books and that’s how I got into them) I don’t know a lot of people that are familiar with the In Death series and it’s nice to have a place where everyone is familiar with the subject being discussed.

        That topic and the debate can really ruin the original thread. I really hope it works! Will keep an eye out.

  173. Hi Nora/J.D.,

    I wanted to say thank you for entertaining me for the last 20 years!! Since I picked up the first book I read by you I have thoroughly enjoyed every story, description, and character you have written about. I was sorry to read about this question of Eve and Roarke having a baby has caused such a social media drama. You tell a great story and should continue to tell it the way you want. I have been very busy for the last couple of years as a librarian, but am rereading the entire series once again. I can honestly tell you that I am loving starting at the beginning and falling in love with all of these characters again.

    I have also recently read the Bride Quartet and am rereading a few of my favorites of your books. My only “request” of you and my other favorite authors is to please write faster. LOL However I know that a great story comes in its own time and the anticipation will cause me to enjoy it even more. I look forward to your next adventure.

    Thank you, Shelly

  174. I love Nora’s books just the way she has written them. All of them. I am now reading Festive in Death. Great Book. They are all good, some might be a little better than others, but always good.

    Too bad there are so many opinions, but there always will be, that is and has been the way always. With FB and some of the other sites I guess we just have to accept them. In some cases we can ignore them, but then in others we can’t. Especially when there are such great authors. Looking forward to reading Blood Magick soon.

  175. I tell people my two favorite authors are the same person! It’s incomprehensible to me that readers who care about the characters enough to have an opinion about their life path would then rail against THE ONLY ONE who can give us the joy of spending time in the company of those characters! I used to be sad for a bit as each of Nora’s trilogies would come to an end (nevermind the MacGregors!), but I understood she had other stories to tell. How amazing, then, that a world of her creation has captured her heart (and OURS!) enough that we don’t have to say goodbye at all! We instead are privileged to watch them learn, grow, mature and connect with one another over time. To tell Nora how to do what she already does better than anyone on the planet is ridiculous. If she decides in the next book that Dr Mira shows up at the blue squirrel with pink hair and a nose ring, I will wait patiently for the logic of the strange turn of events. But I will TRUST NORA, because they are HER creations and has their best interest at heart. If a reader can’t respect that, they should at least keep their derision to themselves.

    1. Thanks, Cherilyn, for my morning laugh! The thought of Mira like that was too funny! Agree with all you said.

  176. Geez! I didn’t even realize all this was going on. For crying out loud, readers don’t dictate what a writer writes. I have read and loved every book that Nora has written since I started with her books many, many years ago. 🙂 Leave her alone and let her do what she does best….write fantastic books that take us out of ourselves and give us enjoyment.
    Since just about the only TV shows I watch are cop shows, I think it would be so fantastic if the In Death series became a TV show. I’ve even come up w/ my dream casting for it, but that was years ago when there was a rumor Nora was making a movie deal so those actors are probably too old now. It’s too bad Sir John Gielgud is dead…wouldn’t he be the perfect Summerset?
    Happily waiting for the next book…and the one after that…ad infinitum. Keep up the good work Nora!

  177. I remember the first book I ever picked up Of Nora Roberts (never mind I hadn’t even heard of JD Robb, it was so long ago that its entirely possible JD Robb hadn’t been published yet) it was an old beat up copy of Dance Upon the Air. I didn’t want to read it. I refused. Why in God’s green acres would I read some silly romance novel that my mom said was the best book she had ever written. But finally I decided to just read it. And read it I did. To the point of getting so lost in it I didn’t actually show up to my job and didn’t realize this fact until they called to ask where I was. I devoured that trilogy in 24 hours. Then promptly went out and bought every other book in a trilogy that I could find.

    I am not on facebook, I don’t have a blog, and really not any social media presence what so ever. So I never see these things happening until there is a big blog post somewhere and about a bazillion comments (where mine will likely be lost and never read but that’s OK) SO I thought I might throw my lot in with all of you. Please don’t shame me when I tell you all this, I actually haven’t read many of the JD Robb books. I have read some of them, the short stories, and even listened on audible. I just have a hard time with futuristic novels. I don’t know why. My mom keeps telling me to read them and I know maybe I should. But here is why I really don’t ever make an effort to pick them up and crack out the series. I will never be able to get back that feeling and gift my mom gave me when she pushed that book down my throat the first time. And what if she’s right about JD Robb, what if I love them and devour them and that feeling that I know is there is gone and I wont ever be able to get it back. That’s what JD Robb gives us. That’s what Nora Roberts gives us. The amazing gift of a new world, new eyes to see through, adventure and romance and life! My mother is now ailing and not able to afford every new Nora book that comes out, I am in a much better position for that. So in some way every time a new book comes out no matter who writes it I buy two copies. I give one to her and I always hope that I am giving her a taste of what she gave me. For fans of Nora to be rude and demanding and entitled hurts me. It shames me as a fan when sometimes in the back of my mind I wish that I could go back and have a new series redo from any of my favorites. If enough people hurt her or get angry with her what if she stops writing, what if she chooses to wash her hands of us. She wouldn’t be wrong to do it. Would some one tell Picasso how to paint, or Einstein how to do his Physics work better. Its the same thing. Let her be. Let her talent shine through. That’s all that matters.

    And P.S. as a mother of 2 under 2 myself it does change. Everything changes.

    1. Lindsay, thank you so much.

      And I love hearing stories about mothers and daughters sharing a love of books. I had this with my mother and know how precious it is.

  178. My car died. Big deal. Well, I got a call on a Monday that my latest JD Robb book was being held for me until Thursday. Ran right outside and told my neighbor (“I’ll take you anywhere you need to go”) I was sure she would say go grab your purse and put on some shoes. Nope. Tuesday….nothing. Wed…..nothing. Now as of Monday I’m really ticked off, I WANT THIS BOOK. So I got mad and walked to the stinkin library, cussing and carrying on the whole way ( Yes, it was uphill the way there) She called a half hour before library closed and said she would drive me there and my response was (Hard to do but I was pleasant) Thanks anyhow, I’m halfway done with it. I am on total disability, have major heart issues going on and I was going to get that book if it killed me. Yes, I know….so what. Well the so what is I am a junkie for these books, the thought of ANYONE telling the author how to do it at this point in time is a bit funny to me. I want to be surprised each time, not reading something Mary Smith, a fan told her what to write. What Nora does in all of her books is pure genius to me and I can’t be happier then when I’m sitting outside on the patio reading a new book by her. This summer I figured out how to float on this huge raft/chair thing in my pool and be able to read without the book falling in the water, now that’s genius. We all need to stop telling each other how to do their jobs, I don’t cut hair coz I can’t. And I don’t do roofing coz I can’t. I buy or borrow books because I’m not busy writing them. Leave people alone so they can do their jobs, after all not too many of these vocal know it all’s would appreciate being told how to do their jobs. Sorry, meant to write 2 sentences. Thanks for all the great books Nora, from one of your biggest fans for years and years now.

  179. I read in Death books aloud to my daughter for years, paraphrasing anything to graphic, and fast forwarding through the love scenes, for years. When I handed her my copy of naked in Death and told her she was old enough to read them all herself without the mommy edit, she understood it for the rite of passage I meant it to be. Of course, it ruined her for teenage boys….she’ll be holding out for her Roarke! Aren’t I the sly momma!

  180. I totally respect and understand Nora’s territorial attitude toward her work. This being said, with a wry grin and a twinkle in her eyes I throw out a thought:

    “Why not give them an m-preg?” (and it doesn’t have to be the main pairing, either…)

    Bad of me. Very bad… 😉

  181. I guess I’d never given a thought to the pressure writers are under, especially writers of Nora’s caliber. I believe she should be treated with the same amount of respect I give to any professional I admire. Nora is the writer, and the expert. If I could write, I would, but since she’s the one who’s done so successfully, I choose to let her make the choices writers get to make and I get to enjoy the outcome. A win-win in my book.

  182. I stubbled upon this blog and was shocked to read so many fans want Dallas and Rourke to have a baby. Why? All the things that make Dallas, Dallas would change. She would no longer be able to be as dedicated to her job and Rourke, the things that make the character the top kick-ass cop she is. Image Dallas, with Peabody riding shot gun in a wild car chase through NYC. Dallas is T-boned and knocked silly by the baby’s car seat coming loose and hitting her in the head! Dallas doesn’t even remember to eat or carry a handbag — and suddenly she’ll be carrying a diaper bag complete with goodies for the baby? Why not make her love shopping and giving her a once a week appointment to a beauty and day spa too! Or have her take up cooking with Summerset and together they can bake cookies for the whole of cop central! For me, Dallas having a baby would change the feel of the series way to much. From kick-ass cop to Susie homemaker, It would become complicated. I love the series the way it is. Thank you for not folding to popular demand!

  183. Wow! My first time here, and what a topic. I can’t believe the nerve of some people. I discovered the ID series a few years ago when someone left a very battered copy of Origin in Death in the laundry where I worked. Like another fan several posts back, I quickly gathered up all the others and I now have the complete (to date) collection.
    I admit, sometimes it’s fun to think about what I’d like to see for many of the characters’ futures, but I would NEVER, repeat NEVER, have the utter gall to tell Nora how to write a book.
    Please keep doing what you do, Nora. There’s a reason why it’s your name on the best seller lists, and not mine. LOL

  184. I just re-read this thread, as looking for something/anything, as my mother’s funeral is tomorrow and Nora/J.D.’s Brotherhood in Death release is helping to keep me sane! When Naked first came out 20 years ago, my mother and I both read… huge Nora Roberts fans. We continued to share books, then after the 3rd or 4th, I bought her her own copy, as she didn’t take care of books the way I liked(she dog eared her books, a sin in my way of thinking?).About 10 years ago she started asking questions, above and beyond our usual dissection of the book is were reading. It got to point, she starting asking me to summarize whole books for her, 1st chapter by chapter, then entire books! But she always “read” Nora or J.D. . Finally she couldn’t remember past books, characters, or anything about the books at all! I was so sad, she lost this great love we both shared. Soon after, the Alzheimer’s disease was formally diagnosed! Over the last 6 years, I’ve continued to read whatever chapter I was reading out loud to her, when visiting her Assisted Living residence, acting like we had just left off a few minutes ago. I had read the traders of Brothethood to her, and we were both excited at least for 30 seconds, as my birthday is in 2-1/2 weeks and I considered Brotherhood an early present. Thanks for helping me stay connected to my mother. She didn’t always remember, but while in the moment… she enjoyed immensely, like in the early years! I will continue to read the in Death books, but I wanted Nora and Laura to know how much the books meant to Eleanor Younger, of Brooklyn NY!

    1. Laura,

      I am so sorry for your loss. Will be sending positive thoughts your way tomorrow.


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