Ah, weekends

Sometimes they’re pretty perfect. Or, for me, absolutely close enough when they come after a week of nose-to-the-grindstone writing, then decide to offer in March a day like the bonny month of May. One day only as today is much cooler and just gloomy–but let’s not get greedy.

Atticus and I both wake early as a rule, and this is working out well housebreaking-wise. He does, however, tend to wake with a spate of happy barking, which is a jolt. But still. Up and out, boys, up and out, and let me get some H2O and some caffeine into my system.

Then it’s time for good dogs to have some breakfast while I workout.

The only real item on my Saturday list is baking bread, and since it’s gorgeous out, we leave the back door open. Dogs can come in and out while I mix and knead. Why do they almost always want to be in, and asleep? It’s too pretty for that, so while dough rises, I go out–and so do they. I take a small nap and easily block snoring noise with earplugs or even other noises to sleep even better.

First rising, I throw some sticks and hunt up brave little blooms. periwinkle spreading under fallen leaves, baby’s breath almost ready to riot. Peonies pushing out of the ground so they can bloom when it really is the bonny month.

Go in, punch down dough, reform. Head back out.

Sit is a non-negotiable command for dogs in my world. Atticus has learned this quickly. He’s a bright as well as a happy dog. Parker is, truly, the love of his life. I’m a close second. They sit nicely for a photo while Pancho–back in the Donut yet again–photobombs.

Pancho’s fine with the new guy, but the only time Pancho moves at anything but a meander is when you throw a ball. A thrown ball, and he’s–donut included–lightning. But he doesn’t play manically with Atticus as Parker does. I dig up three balls, throw them. If Pancho could’ve gotten all three in his mouth at once, he would have. He did manage two a few times.

I introduced the rope last weekend and watched Parker and Atticus go wild. I know this picture is blurry, but they were moving so fast, and I was laughing too hard. The puppy clamped onto the other end of the rope, and like Roller Derby partners, Parker took Atticus on a Crack-the-Whip from one end of the house to the other. Parker’s about 85-90 pounds of pure muscle, and when he races through the house, eyes wild, it’s like a horse free from the paddock. Atticus may be small, but he is pure game. Pancho, ball firmly clamped in his mouth, just watched.

Back in. Since I’m making Italian bread this takes one more short rising after I form the dough into footballs. So back out again. BW helps me haul a new pot and dirt as my lemon tree needs it. And I can leave it out in the sun for a few hours.

Baking time, and hey, it’s Saturday, so it can be glass of wine time, too. And since we seem to have broken winter’s back, we decide to start up our water feature. BW blows out the leaves, does whatever manly thing he does with the pump. As the water starts to trickle, then to fall, then to stream, I’m very happy. So are the dogs. It’s old hat, and a favorite spot for the older guys, and a brand new adventure for the little guy.

Flowers starting to bud, sun shining, ball-chasing dogs, fresh bread, my pretty water feature singing, a second glass of wine. I suggest to check comparisons on this site about the best water filters, it is important because drinking filter water can save you tons of money.

A pretty perfect weekend.

After my workout I should probably pick up around here as that didn’t get done yesterday. And since it’s cool and gray, maybe light the fire, sit down with a book for a couple hours. Seems like a pretty good endcap to an excellent weekend.


21 thoughts on “Ah, weekends”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing a “normal” day. I especially love reading about your dogs. They look so happy! I’m sure they don’t realize how lucky they are.

  2. I was laughing at your question- “Why do they always want to be in, and asleep?” Most of us want to do that, on a weekend after we work all week. I envy your discipline, more than your talent. Writing is a gift, but getting up early and working out on a weekend, is discipline. As for baking, the majority of the world buys bread in the bakery, & doesn’t bake their own. Kudos to you.

    I’ve never grown peonies, but your look lovely and ready to go. Is there anything you don’t do well?

    1. Peonies are easy, but really do better with the cages as they’re heavy-headed and a strong rain will flatten them when they’e blooming so beautifully. Get the stands, and stand back and do nothing but enjoy, and cut some for the house. No talent required!

  3. Thank you for sharing a bit of your weekend with us. Spring becomes magical when gardens begin to display what they have been hiding during the cold face of winter. Love the pics of your dogs. God really did something wonderful when he created the dog. Baking bread while writing another bestseller. Talk about multi-tasking. ??

  4. I went a walk around my garden today as well Nora. My peonies are doing the same as yours. I can’t wait!!!! The daffodils are out, the tulips are at various stages now, grape hyacinths are out, bluebells coming along nicely. Fratilleries are peeping through. Arbretia sitting up & taking notice. I love this time of year!! New growth, new life after the winter.

  5. I just love the pictures of your pups. And I especially love the new one Atticus he’s a cutie pie! I always love to hear about your exploits. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Your dogs are adorable! Love labs, now have a westie, love him just as much. A comedy with the cat. Love your posts and books. Baked an Apple pie today.

  7. You’ve got some happy, happy dogs. After our last snow, I went out to refill the bird bath and noticed greenery poking out from the burlap and mulch of my perennial garden. Yep, the mini-iris and crocus were way early for my area, but they insisted. Couldn’t help but smile while I cleared around them and enjoyed the color. Now my coral bells and the rhubarb are poking up. March and April are two of Colorado’s snowiest months. We’ll see if they stay lucky. Enjoy your spring!

  8. I enjoy your family time and day in the life stories. I’m disabled and live in my car and miss my ? so much still even after a year without her. Until an apartment I can afford opens I can’t have another. I miss my flowers too and I keep bookmarking ideas. My granddaughter keeps saying she wants to stay with me which she can’t. I am so looking forward to that. When I read your books they take me to another world where I can be happy for awhile. So for that I thank you.

  9. Thanks for this peek into your world. Last Friday was also magical here in West Michigander–up in the 60s. Decided to rake & mulch the around our fences and hedges. Love your musings on the fur babies. We recently had a brother’s dog stay with us for 2 weeks (our last fur baby left us 3 years ago). Our hearts were so happy while Charlie was with us. Wondering if we should re-open those closed doors to another?

    1. We had thought Jake would be our last, planned on a different life style when retired. He left us in October 2012. After two years I couldn’t stand the silence anymore and started looking almost against my husbands wishes although he agreed it was too quiet. Took me almost a year, summer of 2015 we finally had Sophie…training a puppy again at over age 60 has been an interesting challenge but worth every bit of the effort. She is the sweetest thing and gives us both such joy.

  10. Perfect weekend!

    And even here, close to Lake Ontario, it was warm enough for a heat off, back door open kind of day…I refer to the open back door as The Door To Eden where Watson is King of his domain and can squirrel chase at will! Nothing beats an all out run for the squirrel to bring laughter to his eyes!

  11. I believe these types of posts are my favorites: the ones that include your dogs. These furry kids do make life so much more full, don’t they? Thanks for sharing, not just the words but the pictures as well. Ain’t nuttin’ like a dog on a gorgeous weekend, wrapped up, of course, with a couple of glasses of wine and a good book. (By the way, what and whom DO you read? Just curious . . .) Cheers!

  12. After reading about your peonies I’ve decided to replace mine that got winter killed. As you say, buy the stands and let them thrill you with their beauty. Thank you for sharing your weekend. And your dogs!

  13. Thanks Nora/JD for sharing your photos and time with us. Truely love hearing about your weekends, puppies/dogs and all your baking etc. You are so talented in so many ways!! The Lord has really blessed you! Love you books!!

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