Weekend Whirl

It sure felt like a whirl as I’m sitting here and it’s already Monday.
But during the whirl I had some sunshine and some gardening. I hit the nursery early Saturday for a carload. Truckload already planted, and this was mostly for pots. And what a lovely start to the day. All those lovely plants to choose from on a cool May morning.
Cool enough (come on, May!) I kept a jacket on while I played with design and execution, only ditching it as it warmed–finally–in the afternoon. Oh, I had pots to fill, and fun doing it. But miscounted, it seems. But there are always a spot in the beds, here and there for a little more.
 IMG_1411 (1) IMG_1408 (1)
And more fun and satisfaction as I see nasturtium and sunflower seeds starting to sprout. The basil looks a little sad–just too much rain–but I’m counting on a come back.
 IMG_1412 (1) IMG_1411 (1) IMG_1405 (1)
I’m leaving two barrels and some bits in the faerie garden for Kayla, otherwise, flowers are done.
So it’s onto vegetables. These we grow in bags on the lower patio–more sun. I cut eyes and sprouts for two bags of potatoes, while BW mixes peat in with soil. We have three varieties of tomatoes, and in they go with so Epsom salts for a good start. And peppers, too.
Next weekend–barring more stupid rain–I hope to divide and transfer some perennials to spots that need a little boost.
This long day of work needs to be celebrated with an adult beverage and a stroll around to admire the fruits of all that labor. Ah. Smell that dianthus, the heliotrope. The star flowers are just starting to bloom.
Then my girl arrives. Kayla is going to her Eighth Grade Formal. She looks so pretty, so grown-up. She’s taller than I am–how did that happen? Nana does her makeup, Grandda gets some pictures, and off she goes. Rite of Passage. High school is around the corner.
The day ends with proofing galleys. I sleep like a rock.
Sunday’s downright cold for May. I have inside work.
I have a photo shoot on Friday, so must now gather wardrobe for the three different shots, three different looks. This is, I don’t lie, a PITA for me. Many more things I’d rather do than spend a couple of hours in my closet figuring out what to wear. Enjoying my clothes doesn’t preclude PITA. I think I’ve got it, but we’ll see.
Remember that a fourth deal’s been added, to be dealt with at Girl’s Night Out on Thursday. Need to select yet one more outfit.
And since May decided to be March, it’s kitchen time. Much more enjoyable for me to bake bread, make soup. Not as enjoyable as being outside, but I’ll take it.
Now, since I didn’t get to them on Saturday, there are tubs of books to sign. Then those galleys won’t proof themselves.
Still, the weekend that just flew by with little break in the action ends with Game of Thrones–the Mother of Dragons is BACK!–and Penny Dreadful, so gloriously spooky.
Now it’s Monday. The sun’s shining, and may it continue. I’m ready to work, and since today schedule includes grandkids after school, adjust my day to get the workout in before 4:15.
I want to hear what Logan’s been up to, but–I’m a girl, after all–I really want to hear about the dance.
Hopefully, we’ll all take a walk in the sunshine, and take some time to admire the gardens.

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  1. Beautiful gardens! What are the black flowers in the pot? I’m getting my flowers and veggies started…can’t believe I planted two big pots of okra just a week ago and already they are coming up, and I’ve had so many strawberries I’ve had to give them away! I don’t like them but hubby loves them………….Nora I agree, I would want to hear about the dance too, there may have been a cute boy or two !………one last word, last week at work I had a customer who lives in Boonesboro.. It was so cool talking to her about you, the Inn and shops. She said I was the first person who ever knew where Boonesboro was when she mentioned where she was from……I hope to visit some day!

    1. The black flowers are petunias! I’d never seen anything like them. Had to have!

      1. Get these every spring from a lovely Amish greenhouse in Pa. The black is gorgeous and reminds me of velvet. They are stunning paired with yellow petunias.

          1. I had the blacks last year and pared them with marigolds and I DO live in STEELER’S county. 🙂

  2. Wow — I can remember before Kayla was even born, and now she’s so grown up! Sigh. How did that happen?! I don’t feel old enough for you to have such grown up grandchildren! 😛

    Gardens are lovely too. We have rain in town today, and up to two feet of snow heading for the high country. No doubt the gardeners around here are as frustrated, or more, as you are.

  3. Beautiful gardens! I love the updates you send – I learn so much- got a question – what are the Epsom salts for and why? I garden too but never used Epsom salt before..
    Your granddaughters dress is beautiful! Hope she had a great time!

    1. If I have my chemistry right, it’s the magnesium in Epson Salts–very good for tomatoes and peppers.

  4. Hey, Nora,
    Your gardens are stunning. The terracing walls are so well done! I sure do miss the more temperate climate of MD, even the rain.

    And Kayla..how lovely. A close relationship with a growing grandaughter is priceless.

    May there be a graceful Spring!

  5. Oh Nora, Kayla looks so grown up for her formal. I wonder where the time goes! I had my youngest daughter Laurie over for the weekend. Saturday was her 30th birthday and it seems to me that she was just a little girl yesterday.

    The kids totally wore me out and I was in bed at 7:00pm last night and just woke up less than an hour ago. So the first thing I did after making a pot of coffee was to sit down and read your blog.

    Your gardens are just beautiful. I really miss my gardens and my pond. Apartment living is no way for a girl who loves nature to live, but I am thankful for what I have. Enjoy your week! Beth

  6. I love your flowers! I don’t have a green thumb or a green anything. lol! It seems I kill just about every plant I get, so I give them to my Mother and she plants them. (Now, she has the green thumb in our family) She has the whole yard around our house fixed up beautifully. (She’s 75 ) I pick at her and tell her that when she passes, the fowers will be right behind her because I’m no gardner. I’m a great cook, but can’t garden worth a damn.
    Kayla is a beautiful young lady. I know you are proud.
    Thanks for sharing your time with us. it makes me feel like I know you even though I don’t. I like getting glimpses of your world.

  7. Oh you’re gardens are beautiful, a lot of work, but well worth the time. Your sharing your thoughts and time is really good of you . Enjoying your time with your grandchildren,is also so important, they grow so fast and these are so important times in there lifes to look back on .

  8. Sounds lovely. Kayla is so grown up! I hope she had a grand time- time flies and they are young adults far too soon. Bread and soup- nothing better. Your gardens are gorgeous. Do you do any canning of your lovely vegetables? A lost art! Hoping your beloved warm weather kicks in soon, it’s going to be close to 90 degrees in my neck of the woods today.

  9. I really enjoy your blog, especially your enthusiasm with gardening. I share this passion and spend quite a bit of time in Spring, planting new flowers, changing a little the architecture of my flower beds, but also feeding perennials, trimming certain bushes, etc. etc. And I do enjoy an adult drink at the end of the day looking at my accomplishments. Fun, fun, fun!
    Here in the Tuscan hills (Italy) May, so far, has been much cooler than usual. Sun and rain compete with each other day in, day out!
    By the way, I visited Boonsboro a few years ago, but the Inn was closed. My daughter lives in Ashburn, Northern Virginia and I hope to return to Boonsboro one of these days and check out restaurants, the inn and the bookstore. When you write about your area, it’s nice to imagine where you are. Take care and thank you for keeping us, your devoted readers, up-dated! Enjoy your beautiful garden as much as possible! Cheers for now with a glass of Prosecco!

  10. Kayla is so lovely! I hope she had a wonderful time. What beautiful gardens you have! I love the raised gardens and all the color! I found black petunias last year – with a yellow stripe down the center of each petal. It’s so dramatic among all the brightness. Thank you so much for the pictures, I’m still waiting for the weather to get to where I can put out the annuals. My perennial bed is getting a good start and gladdens my heart.

  11. Send a bit of your warm my way! We had snow to the north of us today. The northeast seacoast of MA is a chilly place this spring. Way too cold to plant anything yet, unfortunately. The leaves just started to open on the trees last week…my weeping cherry still hasn’t bloomed. But my husband had our boat splashed this morning. Even though it looks like we’ll be wearing winter coats & boots while we’re on it! I’m thinking its a chicken pot-pie kind of day. I have 2 of my 4 grandlittles with me, so I have plenty of hands to help. Your gardens & your granddaughter are beautiful.

  12. Gardens are lovely but no comparison to that beautiful granddaughter! So pretty and her dress is so age appropriate and pretty. As a grandmother of two granddaughters it is so discouraging to shop for dressy clothes and everything is slinky or pint-sized adult. Give me polished cotton, seersucker or silk shantung with Peter Pan collars! Let them be young ladies past 6x size.

  13. Wow. Love the petunias. If I didn’t kill every plant under my care I would want some too. And wasn’t Kayla nine just yesterday?

  14. I also got most of my garden planted on Sunday, once the threat of frost had passed here in Chicago.
    Cleome, scavola, caladium, evolvolus, begonia! Love working the combinations. Gardening is one of my passions, but once it’s done and you can sit back & enjoy the view – nothing like it!

    I read an article last year on Epsom salts, soI added it this year to my tomatoes, and on a hunch to my peppers – it is supposed to increase the yield, which means I can do 4 or 5 plants instead of 6 or 7, as I can eat tomatoes every day!

  15. I love your gardens. But why do you need to work-out? When I’m up and down on my knees, gardening , that’s a great work-out by itself. And, since you are always slim, and never seem to gain weight, you don’t have my problem- clothes in three different sizes, so you should always have something to wear. Whatever you pull out, at least you know it’ll fit.

    How in the world do you have roses already? With mostly rain, and very little sun, my roses are not blooming yet.

    1. I sit on my butt most of most days, at the keyboard. Regular work outs keep that butt in line, not to mention all the health benefits. So I do it for my butt, my bones, my heart, etc.

      The knockout roses are just starting to bloom. They come early and stay late!

  16. Oh my, Kayla’s eighth grade dance. Seems like just yesterday you were showing me her picture, but then my grandson is graduating high school in June. Time sure flies. I want to hear more about the dance also. Kayla’s dress and shoes are lovely.

    Love your garden, especially the black petunias. I always had a thing about black orchids thanks to Brenda Starr.

  17. Are those black petunias? I ordered some last year and yes indeed they really were black. Everything looks wonderful. Gosh has Kayla grown! Her dress and shoes were beautiful and she looks so pretty.

  18. It was so cold here in southern Ontario that it SNOWED on Sunday!! I love your garden. I don’t have a green thumb at all, I tend to kill anything green. but i love to look at other peoples and wish.

  19. Love the black petunias, haven’t seen them here in Australia, I must go hunting come spring, we are heading into winter here, so I’m putting my garden to bed, I’m in Tasmania, so we have a cold winter unlike mainland Aus, so it’s time to pull out the snuggle rugs and good books, make soup and bread and hibernate! Have a beautiful spring!

  20. Beautiful garden, Nora. You are inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m studying surgery scheduling software this week in Madison WI. Beautiful green on the trip from Minneapolis MN. Not too many flowers up yet but there’s promise all around.
    Melissa Blanchard.

  21. I love your updates as much as I love your books!!! Enjoy your beautiful garden and family!!
    Thank you!!

  22. Nora, your gardens are beautiful! Living in NYC, I neither have the space , nor the ability to grow flowers or vegetables. I kill everything I try to grow. I have 2 bamboo plants that are a month old and I’m shocked they’re still alive!
    When I first moved here, I made a deal with a neighbor, that I would provide all supplies, if he would take care of barrels of tomatoes and herbs we planted. That worked for 10 years, we had all types of fresh herbs that I dried in the Fall & used in the Winter and early Spring. It was decided to put solar panels on the roof to help defray the costs of lighting the buildings, of course the panels went in right where I had had my herbs for years. I now have 2 baskets in the backyard, but they’re not doing as well not do I have space for the variety we had on the roof.
    Your granddaughter looked beautiful! We want to hear about the dance. My granddaughter made her First Holy Communion on Mother’s Day. She’ll be starting 4th grade in September. I only have the one grandchild and I’m happy that we are close. I’m teaching her to cook and we have sleepovers. I was her “Important Person” at school 3 weeks ago and helped her group win Math Jeopardy game. That won me big points! Enjoy your garden and enjoy your grandchildren. We all are enjoying your books, especially the in Death ones. Can’t wait for Apprentice in Death!

  23. So glad you are Game of Thones fan. I am hooked. Love Kalissi. How about John Snow? Now we have the I unburnt and the undead. I also share your gardening passion. Love your books.

  24. I’ve never seen black petunias before. I have plenty in purple and yellow. Luckier with the purple ones, don’t know why. My garden is in full Spring mode and soon will arrive the Summer mayhem. They’ll fade too quickly.
    Congratulations to Kayla! She’s Gorgeous and so Lady-like already.

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