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  1. Just ordered it through audible, can’t wait to start.
    Side note: visited Boonsboro on sunday september1. Wanted to check out the Inn staff quite unresponsive bordering on rude cause she was getting ready to leave. Alwsys wanted to stay there but now not so sure. Staff needs a customet service lesson…..TTP staff very informative and quite hospitable as was the staff at Gifts.

    1. Mary Beth,

      This really isn’t the appropriate place to comment on Inn BoonsBoro. I’m sorry you were disappointed when you inquired about touring IBB. It’s a small, private hotel. And while staff have leave to take visitors on tours when it works into their schedule, they ccannot accommodate all requests, especially near the end of the work day when it’s check in time for guests. The IBB staff is known for their hospitality, again, I’m sorry you were disappointed.


    2. I treasure the memories of my stay at IBB. Celebrated my birthday there and would love to return.

    3. I was there on a birthday trip a few years ago, and it’s the best place I’ve ever stayed. The staff went out of their way, gave me a birthday card, let me try other rooms amenities… Perhaps you didn’t know the full story, or they were already committed to do something they couldn’t just stop and give you a tour. Did you contact them in advance or just show up out of the blue?

  2. Look Forward to reading this book.I Love this series.I haven’t missed 1 book in the series.Love all the Characters.Think Dallas and Rourke are Great together.Each character is so interesting.Wish they’d put this series on T.V. I’d watch every show.Thanks Norafor all your books.I think I’ve read every one.

    1. I agree with you except for the TV series. I just have these characters and story line in my mind, woven through with J D’s magic and putting them on screen, will be almost like cheating on my part 😔🤣
      Weird, I know, but that’s just me.
      J D, you are my therapy, you centre me. Just love you for making this world my reality❤️

  3. Just downloaded it and can’t wait to start reading. The books in this series are always intriguing and keep you wanting more.

  4. I ordered my copy from TTP so I now have to wait for it to get here. I know I could have gotten it sooner if I had ordered it from Amason (I know that is misspelled but that key no longer works on my laptop due to spilled tea on keyboard, cue is also toast), but I wanted to get one of the bookmarks to see if I could replicat it. My creativity seems to lie in jewelry making and ribbon bookmarks use some of that skill.

  5. I have it,but haven’t started it yet. I love the Death books, had them all until we retired and moved into a motorhome to travel. I now have them all on my Kindle and ipad. Love that series.

    1. Your post made me smile because I just double checked that I have the audible version and kindle version downloaded for camping this weekend. I plan on sitting by the fire and reading a great book.

  6. I was so impressed how Eve interacted with Eloise. Several times us readers discuss her attitude to people and how abrupt she can be and rude. She was amazing with Eloise, Eve is growing as a person. Her suggestion to Roarke to take a few days was marvelous. She recognizes her love for Roarke is real and it is returned full fold. I loved it

  7. I like to listen first time through. Helps me savor it. I always hear that little blurb of music that signals an In Death book. Like a whistle before a train. And they changed the tune! Ha! I had to check to make sure I had the right book. Macmillan keeping me on my toes.

    1. Me too… Susan Erickson brings out the humor much better than my own reading. I anticipated it, listened and read it, loved it!

    2. I also like to listen and purchased the discs, but the text doesn’t follow the story line in the 4 through 7 discs of my set. I even sat with the book open to follow along. How about yours?

      1. Yes! Mine was messed up too! Not having the tracks follow in a consecutive order was confusing and frustrating….I guess it is the responsibility of the producer, but Ms. Roberts needs to be made aware of the problem.

  8. I am so annoyed. My husband and I just got back from a jaunt to our local Walmart & Kroger. Neither place was updated in their book section. I asked 4 employees in Walmart & 2 in Kroger and no one could tell me when their book person would be in – not even what day. I hope all of you are enjoying your book. 😢😢😢

  9. You never disappoint Nora .. awesome read . Gorged on this book .. read it in one go .. now will go back to reread and savour.
    Eve is developing ,growing , and mellowing a bit but not too much. Hurt for Peabody who , I think , did all those interview so Eve would not have to relive her own experiences .
    Again , great read . Thankyou and looking frwrd to #50

  10. Honestly I loved Eve’s character development in this book. She was mature enough to know she needed Roarke for the widow, understood what Tibble was doing when she was asked to report in and asked for a vacation after a case that was hard on her. She also shared the tidbit about Feeny having her back during her assault and it plays into why she loves him.

    The only disappointment I had was that it didnt play out longer so we could see Darla go after some more scumbags. I feel like Darla played her hand to quickly in going after her ex-husband. I wish they had drawn out the who a little bit longer too, but overall I love when Eve is up against villains I kind of root for. Makes it more exciting when she brings up the good points on why we cant just murder scumbags as we wish.

    1. I must agree. I love these characters . I felt this time the whole story went by too fast . I expected a few more references to Mavis and her big news. The interactions between Eve and regular characters were too brief. The reveal of the killer came too early. The only mystery left was how Eve would catch the killer. I am still loyal to spirit of this series and believe the focus on Eve was sign she is tired and she knows her “family” is always there should she need them . : )

  11. No spoilers but I got a burning question. Where in the world is Jenkinson getting the ties???

    1. I think he’s got a stall on some weird street that specializes in them, rather like the vendor that was selling that weird hoodie that Peabody bought for McNabb for Christmas!

      1. I wonder if he has a friend who makes them for him. Kind of a budding Leonardo, but with ties and other men’s accessories.

  12. WOW! I loved this book! I kept reading excerpts to my husband. I love the character interactions, and can see the character growth.
    Thanks for for giving me the biggest laugh I’ve had in a while. As I’m undergoing chemo treatments, I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve been waiting for this book and finished it in one day. Imagine my surprise when Peabody used a phrase I’ve used for years! Hopefully without giving anything away, after a ride in the DLE, with two other passengers who commented on the ride, Peabody said “Welcome to my world.” I laughed out loud until my sides ached. When I’m training someone professionally, I always use that phrase when they finally understand the scope of processes, tasks, duties, and responsibilities.
    Thank you so much for a wonderful day!

  13. started it last night! besides the build of the main storyline, always enjoy the little side stories of Eve’s other police enforcements &, of course, her time with Roarke (that man is a gem).

  14. Fenney is the best. He really has been her savior in so many ways.

  15. Another awesome read in the In Death series! Eve is becoming more well-rounded. Loved her reaction to Bella and to Ma is’s news – priceless. The crimes were gruesome, but many women would sympathize with Darla, even though she did go a bit overboard. Love McNab, Feeney and Roarke being the geek guys and wanting to play with the “toys.” I look forward to the next Eve and Roarke criminal adventure.

  16. I have spent the summer months reading the entire series from the beginning…rereading a few along the way. I had only begun reading the series a few years ago so it was bliss to immerse into Eve’s world for the last several weeks! I just have Connections and Vendetta left…& looking so forward to them, I am teasing myself by not letting myself start until bedtime tonight—as I know in 2 days that means I will be done with all the books! Also have shelved Under Currents until I finish the series…& then I guess I will have to read another author/s for a while until I have all the Magicks to read consecutively. Stay well, Nora—none of us are ready for you to retire or quit writing! Thank you for the gift you have shared with us over your years. PS really enjoy the travelogues as well…armchair travel for this farm mom of teenagers!

  17. Finished today! Love all those Eve-Roarke moments. I love how she is so much more open about her love for him and more accepting of his love for her…and the concern and care that comes along with that.

    Every interactions that Eve has with Bella leaves me with a huge smile. How far Eve has some in that she admits she can’t resist when Bella holds up her arms to be picked up.

    The case, another tough one…in this case because of the crimes the victims have committed. I was so glad to see the way Eve and Peabody were able to help the victims of the victims get real justice, not the warped justice of the killer. Let them transition from victims to survivors. I hope we get a followup on one of those survivors.

    1. I always laugh thinking of Eve backed up against the front door in the hall with a small thing crawling towards her & then pulling it’s self up on her coat; our kicka** Eve freaked by a rugrat! How far she has come!

  18. I got the book at Target when they opened at 8:00. I wasn’t able to start it until about 1:00 but I read straight through. What a great entry in the series. I love Eve’s development as a person and how she relates to those closest to her and the people she serves. I appreciate getting a little bit of a glimpse into her past with Feeney. He is so stand up and her real father. I’m also loving Jake with Nadine and his interactions with Roarke. It’s sort of like Roarke is showing him the ropes of being with such a strong woman. I love that and hope we get to see more of him in future books.

  19. I just finished this great book. In the old days, i’d stay up till 6 a.m. to finish it, but i can’t do that anymore. This is one of those where we know the killers identity early on. That usually leads to a lack of tension, but not in this case. The characters and plot left me in thrall, and I couldn’t put it down.

    I hope we learn the identity of the candy thief in book #50. I’m sure Nora has something special planned for that one. I’ve read and reread them all, and now i can’t wait for the next one.

  20. I just had a thought. I’m betting the candy thief is Feeney. After getting around the blue dye trap, I realized it must be somebody with really great e skills. If it is Feeney, the Eve can’t be too mad at him either.

  21. Absolutely loved this edition to the in death series cant wait for Golden In Death I hope Its not the final book I could read about Eve & Roarke Forever also I’m loving the addition of Jake & Nadine’s Relationship I would Totally love a spin off series of them

  22. Does anyone buy the CDs for the books? I do, and I just got the discs for Vendetta. Out of the 10 discs, 4 of them have the text scrambled. The first 3 discs and the last 3 are fine, but the 4 in the middle don’t follow the story line as written. Paragraphs of dialog are out of order. Be forewarned.

    1. I’m only just learning about this -and I’m so sorry this happened. If you could send me an email about this to LMReeth@gmail.com, I will forward immediately to Macmillan Audio so they can help you with the issue. 


      1. I also listened to it on CD and was very disappointed with the error.
        However, i figured out the correct order and just listened to it that way. LOL , it made it a little bit of a puzzle.
        You never disappoint Nora, awesome read.
        I love Eve’s development in this one, I loved how she was so sweet and sympathetic with Eloise. I always love Eve’s interaction with Bella it makes me laughand grin like a fool.
        Once again Peapody was awesome, taking all of those interviews knowing how hard they were but knowing they would be twice as hard on Eve.
        Great Read!

      2. Does anyone know if the iTunes version is also corrupted? I haven’t purchased yet, as I prefer to read the book first, then listen. Loved the story, am now ready to go and listen to it but if there’s an issue I’d rather wait.

        1. I haven’t gotten any of the audio book versions, mainly because I tune out what I’m listening to, so I only got the Kindle and hard copy versions and there’s no problem with my copies.
          Just my $.02.

    2. I to have the same problem with my audio book it is the second book in a row that is screwed up

  23. Loved it!!
    Another great read. I actually took 3 days to read I tried to savor it.
    I know the next 2 ID books are already written but I love when they do all nighters and at her house not central. Just fyi
    Vendetta was great!!

  24. Checked out the audio CD of Vendetta in Death from our local library. Wanted to let you know that the story did not follow the appropriate sequence. (The last few disks didn’t follow the story line – jumped ahead, then returned to where it jumped.) Hard to explain but it wasn’t a disk error, it was an edit error. Made it hard to follow the story line. Just thought you’d want to know. Absolutely love the “Death Series”. Have read or listened to all of them. Susan Erickson captures all the wonderful characters in your books. What a difference since she “became” Dallas, Rourke and the others. Thank you for giving me (and all my friends now) many hours of enjoyment.

  25. One big impression from Vendetta is Peabody’s confident handling of the case and interviews. It wasn’t that long ago that she needed Eve to guide her, and she also came up with her own angles that Eve told her were good ideas. Her taking the interviews to spare Eve was typical sweet Peabody.
    Eve’s emotional growth was evident in many scenes, and she was compassionate with Eloise and the rape victims. Eve was softer in this book and a sign of her evolving. Her love for Roarke and the friendships she has forged are rounding her out as a person.
    I loved Feeney’s backing of Eve when she was assaulted. He had her back but I also think he has her candy! It had to be someone with edd skills to jam her booby trapped ceiling panel. Since he always has sugared almonds, we know he has a sweet tooth!
    Another great book. Looking forward to Gold In Death!

  26. I really enjoyed this book and had a WOW moment when Eve zeroed in on the killer quickly and the killer was totally identified.
    It was interesting to read so much of the remaining story truly knowing “who done it”!
    Can’t wait for next one.

  27. One of the many things I love about this whole series is how non-formulaic they are. Many series I have started by others I end up abruptly stopping when I realize every book is the same. The only thing that is the same in every book of In Death is that Eve Dallas will kick ass and the good guys always win! (oh, and Eve and Roarke will have really great sex of course!) How involved will Roarke be? Will Eve and Roarke be in danger from the killer? Or another main character? Will we see the killer’s pov and motivation? When do we find out who the killer is, and will it be at the same time Eve does? Only way to know is to read the book!
    So, how happy I was to see a brand new twist in Vendetta. For the first time the reader knows the identity of the killer BEFORE Dallas does. When she and Peabody go to her home to interview her as the ex of the latest victim I got all tingly. I know she is about to meet the killer, but Dallas doesn’t know – yet. How will she react? What will she notice? Will she figure it out right away? Nora’s overflowing well of creativity never ceases to amaze me.

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