The Register – 11/4/16

For the rest of the year, I plan to compile a weekly round up of social media goings on, photos that appeal to me and tidbits of  info that just don’t fit into other posts.  So, not a Cranky Publicist post (like the one I’ve drafted in my head about how can you be an In Death fan if you misspell Roarke???)  but a neater way to keep you all filled in on what’s new and what’s not.

First up:  the Inn BoonsBoro package featuring an Evening with Nora sold out within hours.  I’m pretty sure if it goes smoothly, there will be another one in the future.  Stay tuned.

Next, St. Martin’s continues to be super excited about their first book with Nora/JD — Echoes in Death.  They will release small bits — one liners really — over the weeks to come to whet appetites even more.  Here’s the first one. echoes-whim-1

(BTW, Heroes & Heartbreakers has some excellent features about and by authors, reviews, reveals and other fun reader-y things. This morning starts with a discussion about Nora Roberts or Nora Ephron — have to love a good Nora, right?)

Continuing on the St. Martin’s Press theme (they are more excited than anyone about working with Nora!):  they have an ongoing sweepstakes tied into Echoes in Death.  The last two prizes are up for grabs soon — the last one is an Eve style leather coat!  Details and rules* are here.

They also created an amazing pop-art poster for Echoes in Death and will giveaway to readers in the US and Canada (ex. Quebec)** who upload their pre-order receipts before midnight, Feb. 6, 2017. All details are listed here.

And, because excitement this big can’t be contained, they’ve revealed the cover for September 2017’s Secrets in Death.9781250123152_fc

I’ll have more information about it next week. Pre-order links are coming on line, but it’s still a little too early for some.  Will list all the pre-order links next week.  Promise!

Third:  Love Between the Covers is now available on Netflix and will be out on dvd on December 6 — same date as Island of Glass.  I posted about the documentary here.

Finally, at Saturday’s signing two readers (names escape me right now) told me all about one of their phones that took photos by saying  “Cheese!” “Shoot” or “Capture!”  It was a Samsung 7 and I have a 6.  Nora will attest that I pouted about not having that amazing capability — which just made us laugh.

Back at the Fortress of Solitude that night, I googled voice triggered photos and found out that I could make my Samsung 6 do it.  And it did!  Here’s the evidence.

Nora, Sarah and Kat enjoying my thrill of snapping a photo by saying “Cheese!”

Then we set BW’s Samsung up as well.  So happy faces all around, except for Nora’s pout that her iPhone didn’t take photos by talking to it.

Still she smiled for the photo.

OK, that’s week one of The Register.

Comments, questions, things you’ve found on your own?  Share in the comments.


* While we love our worldwide readers and hate they have to miss out on the fun, there are varying rules and regulations regarding contests and sweepstakes in countries outside the US and Canada making it problematic and extremely difficult to create global contests.

**  Canadians in Quebec can’t enter due to their own tight rules on sweepstakes.  All other Canadians must answer a math question to make it a test of skill rather than chance.

22 thoughts on “The Register – 11/4/16”

  1. Hmmm my evidence picture never came through. Is it my phone or what? Any one else?

    1. It didn’t work on mine either. This is an intermittent problem I have had with this newsletter. Some pictures show others do not.

      1. It’s a frustrating, intermittent problem on this side here too. Am working on a permanent fix.


  2. Nora, I agree with you, no children at this time in the series. I enjoy Das time with Bella.

  3. Eve definitely shouldn’t have children, but a pregnancy…. (one the stalwart detective and her brilliant, beautiful husband don’t quite pick up on because it’s so out of their wheel house). But that’s what Mira and Sommerset are for ??

  4. Yes, yes, YES!!! about how can anyone not spell Roarke right?? Which, by the way, this Comments block marks as a misspell, but what does it know? Love the idea of The Register! Also, did you hear my groan cross-country on the preggers thing again?? C’mon people, lay off! Okay, obviously I need more caffeine this morning. What a cool feature for the phone! Being retired and surrounded by electronics, I’ve never upgraded from my old clamshell cellphone. Not so much because I don’t want to, but I just love watching my niece roll her eyes when I pull my antique out of my pocket. Got to take our jollies where we can, right? Loving the new book covers!

    1. Paula, I couldn’t agree with you more. How can fans keep misspelling Roarke. Doesn’t matter how some fans think it should be spelled, this is Nora’s series, her choice to spell any name the way she chooses. Surely after so many exciting books fans should know how to spell Roarke by now.
      I also agree 100% – no children. Geez what do fans not understand that having babies would change the entire dynamics of the books and if Nora broke down and Eve and Roarke had a baby (I know never ever going to happen thank heavens) when they left the baby all the time in the care of Summerset, fans would be coming out of the wood work complaining about what horrible parents they were.

  5. Love this idea, Laura! Thanks for all you do on the blog. Started watching “Love Beneath the Covers” today and am in book geek heaven!

  6. No worries, Nora. Say Cheez App (App store- free)- voice command for Iphone photos.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on September 2017 In Death…got it pre-ordered 🙂
    My Samsung is a 3 so I’m woefully behind times.
    Yes, spell check is only as good as the standard words…usually doesn’t help much with names, it always challenges my last name.

  8. I cringe and am embarrassed for those who constantly rave about a character &/or book and misspell their names. It is just plain lazy. Roarke and Claire (Outlander) come to mind most often.

  9. Love “The Register” and love the one-liners! Thank you, Cranky Publicist (and Nora, too lol)! Time for some Dallas coffee, Belgian chocolate, and/or a bottle from Roarke’s wine rack 🙂

  10. Thanks for The Register. Great idea… Do’t have netflix but will look for the dvd as my Christmas present to myself!

  11. Ummm…I wouldn’t be tossing that misspelling Roarke stone too hard. Check out Betrayal in Death, (book 12), page 29. LOL

    That typo has been there since I received my first book from TTP when the book originally came out, and it is in my Kindle version I purchased earlier this year.

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