I intended to write a blog this weekend about our little Thanksgiving. Well, not little when it came to food—LOTS—but people. Just our little bubble, taking care to be safe, taking care of each other.

And it was lovely.

But some of the comments and responses on The Awakening discussion thread changed things.

I understand, even appreciate the enthusiasm and the impatience for the subsequent books in a series or trilogy. I’ve often felt it myself. There are certainly books I wait anxiously and impatiently for. But as a writer and someone who’s worked with publishers for many years, I understand the process, and the time it takes.

I don’t expect readers to understand that process. Though I’ve felt obliged to explain it as best I can, a number of times because some become angry and accusatory when they don’t get what they want when they want it.

I also don’t expect readers to tell me how to write, how quickly to write (not talking about the ‘Can’t you write faster’ comments which I understand are just enthusiasm) or to pontificate on how publishers need to publish so they, again, get what they want when they want it.

That’s arrogance, that’s misplaced entitlement.

I’m not going to go into all the steps and stages of what goes into turning a manuscript into a published novel again. I’ll simply say this is a process that takes months, even up to a year. In the case of a trilogy, the publisher must, contractually, pay the writer for the manuscript when it’s turned in—the writer needs to be paid for the work completed. And the publisher can hardly pay the writer, the editor, the production staff, etc then sit on the book for a couple of years.

It’s a business, with expenses. It’s a business with a number of authors and manuscripts, and editors and so on.

Over and above the simple practicalities, it’s astonishing to me when a reader dictates my business or my publisher’s—or any writer’s, any publisher’s.

In this particular case, it may have triggered me harder because I’m working so hard to finish the second book in this trilogy right now, stressed that I’ll do so in order for my editor, my publisher to have the time they need to produce it so it meets its current schedule. I’m stressed—as always—that I’ll write a good book that satisfies readers when it does come out.

We do the best we can, we writers. Publishers are filled with people doing the best they can. I am not the only writer my publisher works with, not the only writer whose books needs to be edited, produced, printed, scheduled, marketed, distributed. The covers for my books are not the only ones the art department has to create.

I’m currently writing four books a year, but for some, that’s not enough. Or they blame the time between books on my publisher when they have absolutely no idea how publishing works.

These comments tied a knot in my stomach—I know better, but they did. They piled on more stress and aggravation.

And no—the customer is not always right. Sometimes the customer is rude and wrong.

At a time we’re hoping to remember things to be thankful for, as we head into the holiday season, maybe we could choose to be thankful for books instead of complaining we can’t have more fast enough.

Things are difficult and stressful enough, so a story that takes us away from that hard reality should be a plus.


179 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. Nora, I cannot believe how do called fans can be so selfish. Not only do you write amazing books, trilogies etc.,and Novels which are brilliant, what they don’t realise is you are also a wife, mother and grandmother. Family is important and so is your peace of mind.🤗 Please try and ignore these insults, true followers are happy to wait.🤗

    1. I fell in love with your writing at a pretty young age, me and my granny read your books together (from different states even!) and I can say with 100% certainty that each and every book is worth the wait. And it’s exciting waiting for the next one! One day I’ll own every book (I’m pretty close now!) and while I wait for the next I’ll just read other great authors or reread one of my favorites. the anticipation is just as rewarding!

      1. You are such a prolific writer. Those crazy people should just shove it. Other writers only get out 1 book per year.

    2. AMEN!!’ My sentiments exactly! Never quit, Nora – PLEASE!!!! 💕🙏🏻

  2. Those who demand that you write faster or the publisher work faster need to pull their heads out of their butts. I don’t know how fast you type and if you use hunt and peck or ten fingers to type, but I do know that four books a year is a phenomenal output. I type around 30 wpm with ten fingers and I have carpal tunnel syndrome too. Also, I don’t bother to edit my writing so all my term papers are first drafts. Three months to go from blank paper to polished work ready for publication is a blazingly fast writing speed. Ignore those idiots. They probably don’t have any idea how hard it is to spend 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365.24 days a year banging away at a keyboard, the lazy bums.
    I appreciate all you do.


    1. AMEN again. 4 books a year is astounding. I have a friend (who fancies himself an editor) who insists you MUST have ghost writers. I tell him to jump off a damn cliff. Nora WORKS HARD. Thank you for every single book. Those of us with any sense are just incredibly thankful.

  3. Some people are just so ungrateful for what they have. It’s easy for me to say-just ignore them but sometimes that’s easier said than done. I’m delighted that you’re able to write such phenomenal books and that you’re such a prolific author.

    1. I would rather have four books written by you than more books written by someone else with your name plastered on it. I am grateful that you are honest about the process and your work is honestly your work.

      The new book kicked ass!

      1. Thanks, “another Laura”, for your comment. To honor authors like Nora I won’t read those who slop out 8-12 “books” a year or add their name in big letters to someone else’s work while taking several years to get one “cross” the finish line under his own name. It has always amazed me that one author can have such a high level of original and creative production as Nora does. She is a marvel.

  4. Nora, this rudeness and arrogance is a product fueled, I believe, by the anonymity of the internet and the arrogance and entitlement so clearly demonstrated by some of those in public office. Some people seem to believe that only their own wishes and desires are important and are quick to be condescending, petulant, demeaning, and demanding when “thwarted” by the correct processes and procedures that you have described. More civil times are ahead for all of us; those who are true fans are indignant on your behalf and are fully supportive of your amazing output and the self-discipline that allows it to happen. Yes, we are thankful for you!

    1. Thanks, Donna! You said it “perfectly” for many of Nora’s readers.

    2. Absolutely right. With the ability we have now, it is all too easy to say things to people that we would never ever say to that person’s face. I just read The Awakening. And then looked back at the comment for when the next two come out. Did I think, “oh drats, another year to find out what happens!”? Yes. Did I think I should grouse at Nora for it? Of course not. I just thought, oh well I’ll read it again right before the second comes out. I am amazed at those who buy the books and wait for the third to read them! LOL

      1. Oh, I’m one of those people who wait for all 3 books before reading them. I have my job to keep me occupied, but I also re-read some of Nora’s books until then.
        To Nora: no matter what other thinks or say, it’s always worth the wait reading new books from you. Thanks.

    3. Donna, couldn’t have said it any better!!!
      I’m exhausted by the entitlement attitude which seen to be the “new” norm…Nora…A million thanks for writing and sharing with us your gift ! Since I’m a nurse and kind of a blood and guts gal…YOU were very tactful!!!! Writing isn’t a craft but and art and gift! Thanks

    4. Donna, you said this perfectly.

      Nora, as a decades long reader of your books, whatever, whenever, you publish a new book I am there awaiting it. And , yes, it is easy for me to say ignore the naysayers, but I hope and pray you can. AND just let me say, I’d much rather heard about your Thanksgiving than for you to have to write the blog you ended up having to. God bless you and Laura and your families. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

      1. Your writing is a magic tapestry. I always feel like I had transported in the world you have created. I can understand the impatience. However brilliant work can not be rushed. Thank you for your hard work.

  5. Nora, yikes! It bums me out to hear that readers can be so mean, rude and blaming on you! It is such a joy and treasure to escape in a great story, a fun book. I purposely try to read slowly to savor. So, hears a fan that has read and enjoyed, and will patiently wait for the process to flow….. hoping to not be in the asshat fan category! TY!

  6. Nora, I have copies of all your books and have been reading them since you started writing them. I love your books and look forward to each and every new one that is published. I personally now wait until the third book in the trilogy is about to be published then buy all three so I can sit and enjoy them all one after another, absolute bliss. I hope that you can ignore all the people who say these stupid things and keep enjoying what you do, writing fantastic books that please countless people. Wishing you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas.

    1. I cant bring myself to wait till the third book. Props to you for that!! My ADD is like nah girl go to Target!!
      I LOVE her books. Ive even ebay’d and used bookstores all over the southern US till I have all her harlequins even.
      The fact she does 4 books a year is an astonishing feat. Im petty-but those who complained ‘w’itchily need to be blocked from the site.

      Have a great New Years! Stay Safe

      1. Dear Awkward: So happy to hear that someone else collected the Silouette/Harlequin paperbacks years after publication. I scoured the West Coast for them while awaiting the next “latest” ID or trilogy or full length suspense novel. Considering the volume of work out there and speed of her production, I can’t understand where the w’itchy ones get the balls to rant. Stay safe and enjoy a happier 2021.

  7. Always ready to wait and wonder what adventures I find in your books and always appreciate the extra time you give us when you write about your family. I know insults are impossible to ignore, but you show strength in how you address the issues and now you can put the problem on a hidden shelf and not allow the rudeness to aggravate your thoughts.
    Enjoy the holidays.

  8. Of all of my favorite authors, you are by far the most prolific. Four books a year are a phenomenal accomplishment. The fact that you keep all of your books fascinating, funny and touching, with multidimensional characters, is a miracle. In addition, you take the time to share bits of your life with us. Your generosity, your work ethic, and your juggling talent is greatly appreciated. I challenge anyone who is complaining to manage four books per year, and stay fully active with a husband, children, grandchildren, pets, friends, gardening, staying fit, owning an inn and traveling often. (BC – before Covid). The whiners need to zip it. The rest of us will savor your new work as it comes out and wait for the next with joyful anticipation.

  9. I’m so sorry, Nora. I’m grateful that you put out four books a year. And have the discipline to sit and write. I once heard a radio talk show host say you need an iron butt to sit and write.

    I’m sorry that’s not enough for some readers. Thank you for the four books a year and looking forward to the next book.

  10. So glad that you and yours enjoyed Thanksgiving!!!

    And applause applause for the comments about rudeness…perhaps it is my age, but I am appalled at what I view as a sense of entitlement combined with ME FIRST.

    That being said….I am staring at your latest and am oh so grateful for the amazing job that Turn The Page does in mailing the books out.
    And, I think today will be the day I devote to entering another Nora World.

    Be well…and bless you for the many hours of amazing reading that you have given me.

  11. I am continually amazed and grateful that you manage 4 amazing books a year. If you could somehow close yourself and increase that number I’d definitely read more but mostly I’m just impressed.

    I recently (yay quarantine) went back to the beginning and through a variety of sources re-read 90% of your entire catalog of work. Compressing the reading into that short space of time really highlighted for me the growth and change in your writing. I’m so glad I discovered you in the early years so I was able to experience it both ways. Thank you for decades of entertainment and looking forward to more!

  12. Thank you for what you do! I simply read the newest regular novel then the newest In Death. I purchase the newest but am actually a little behind in reading them, in other words I try not to gobble them up as soon as I get it. Causes anxiety 😂. And actually just reading book 3 in The One. Taking my time making sure I miss nothing.
    Thank you for your imagination and wonderful story telling!

  13. I am so sorry. I have never written a book, let alone 4 but I know it would take me a long time.
    I love your books and eagerly await the next one but on your timeline because I want the best story.
    Have a merry holiday Christmas, enjoy and embrace life and time with your family.
    I will wait for your books and reread my favorites While I wait.
    I just finished reading the Doom trilogy again for the 3rd time. I love that series and it is eerily close to our pandemic
    Have a great blessed day. I love your books

  14. I’m sorry some people feel so entitled. I guess they’ve never learned the pleasure of delayed gratification. When I would buy your books as they came out in paperback, I would usually wait for all three books in a trilogy, but I have to admit to now resorting to reading them as they come out and giving myself the added pleasure of rereading the previous book(s) at that time. Now I spoil myself by buying the new release for my Kindle as it comes out (preordering so I get it at midnight!) then buying the paperback later.

    You’re one of the most prolific authors who is able to be so because of your discipline and dedication and who still has time to share parts of your life with us, as well as keeping a balance with family, friends and home.

    Even though I’m Canadian so we had our Thanksgiving in October, you and your writing are one of the things for which I am grateful. I hope your Christmas is not tainted by selfish readers. Stay safe and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  15. Nora, anyone who reads your books religiously knows that you do 4 books a year, and we appreciate the effort that goes into each and every one of them. I will wait (semi) patiently for the next book in this trilogy, and be thankful that you put everything you have into giving us the book that is meant to be written.

  16. It upsets me so much that you have to take time away from book 2 to write this. I have a couple of authors I enjoy and I am grateful to get the one book a year that I get from them, so believe me when I say you are a treasure!! Like most treasures you are taken for granted and that is too bad.

    My biggest complaint with the first book in this trilogy is that I decided to just wait and get all three books before I started so I could have them all to read at one time. Well…then I thought oh I will just read a few pages to see how this will be, I made it all the way to page 2 before I was totally hooked and knew waiting would not be possible! Lol, I should have known that plan was not going to work out so lucky me gets to spend time right now falling love with this trilogy!!

    The way I look at it is I will get two visits with Eve and Roarke while I wait to see Breen again, plus I will get to meet Adrian in May. In my reading world that makes the year wait not too bad.

    Thank you for making me look forward to 2021, because I know I have 4 new books to love!

  17. I am thankful for the hours of reading entertainment since I discovered your books twenty years ago. Those trolls who give you “advice” are unhappy people who can never be satisfied. You keep writing and I keep reading-at your pace.
    A Happy Fan

  18. Hi Nora,
    I don’t typically send emails or comments. I am a fan and have read a lot of your books. Athough not when they first hit the shelves as I can not afgord it. However, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for what you do. Every day not just around Thanksgiving.
    I am upset that people would be so….arrogant. There is so much going on at this time how can they demand (that’s how I interpret the comments) things they have absolutely have no right to. In moments like this I try to recall something my granny taught me a long time ago.
    I cried and cried for a new pair of shoes even though mine were only a little scuffed and worn. Until I saw a man on the buss that had no feet.
    We don’t always realize what we have or really want until we see through someone else’s eyes.
    Nora keep doing what you are doing. Your true fans know you give it you all everyday. People who work outside the home have a designated start and stop tome. Those that work from home should be given tha same cosideration in my book.
    Love your work, do your yoga or play games with the grands or maybe a wine and cheese wine meeting with the ladies will help with the stress.❤

  19. Nora,

    It just astounds me at how rude and entitled some people are. Your books have helped me heal through bi lateral knee surgery and well as a hip replacemt and eye surgery.

    Your characters have kept me company through the deaths of loved ones.

    I am eternally grateful to you, your books – and to Laura.

    The people who “stamp their feet” demanding more, NOW need to get a grip – or perhaps, just grow up – and quite simply, learn to re-read. There is always something to find on a second, third, even fourth reading.

    These selfish few speak for all of us; I wish you and yours the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons.

  20. What on earth is going on with people, where is charity.
    With the stressful times we live in I can’t believe people selfishness, and then aim it at an Author whom thousands admire, who also has a life outside of writing, who also has a family, children ,grandchildren , a husband, a home to looks after.
    Jesus , Nora is a prolific writer, we should be all thankful for that, so stop your winging, whoever it was that did complain, and get a life.
    Leave Nora alone.
    And if you don’t have anything nice to say, stay away from given your selfish opinion’s, it makes my blood boil..
    Some People!!!,

  21. I just finished your Boonsboro Inn trilogy yesterday. It was fantastic! I love the way I can see the characters in my mind and would love to meet them all. Don’t let others bother you. You are a fabulous writer and I have enjoyed each book I have read from you. It will be worth the wait!

  22. Well written (of course)! Sad the need to address these (sic) complaints. I have enjoyed all of your books over so many years! Always looking forward to new ones. I appreciate the anticipation & time between books, like waiting for a surprise waiting to be unwrapped. Take the time you need to be all that you are as a balanced individual who is highly talented. Some in this era have become self-centered, focused on immediate gratification. They need to slow down & take the time to thoroughly enjoy life. Be you, let your muse work through you, grow as you need to, stay true to yourself.

  23. Can’t believe that “true Nora Roberts Fans” would be so cruel and rude to demand that you write faster. I would think they would understand that YOU are writing these wonderful books not some ghost writers as some other authors do. Bah humbug to them for not understanding and realizing that you are real and honest!!! I love your books and I always anticipate your next one no matter how long it takes…

  24. This makes me sad. Your writing brings me such joy and I’m thankful for all of the work you put into it, and for you! Whenever I need a pick-me-up (too often these days) I reread one of your series and escape into another world.

  25. We live in such a time where it’s become easier to be rude and hateful than kind and grateful. It’s a shame. You shouldn’t have to explain the publication process to these ungrateful “fans”. Forget the negative and know you have the admiration of so many others. Personally, your books have kept me sane and catapulted me into other worlds when my own has been crazy so, THANK YOU.

  26. People are interesting aren’t they? I am always amazed at the quantity and quality of of your work. Try not to let it get to you, I’m an NICU nurse and we have families constantly wanting us to provide care faster, not realizing that faster isn’t safe for their baby.

  27. I bought the audio book yesterday and was very excited to do so. I am really looking forward to listening and getting involved in a new series. This has been a rough time for my husband and I so your new book is a welcome diversion. My joy in having this book ahead of me took a nose dive this morning as I read though this post. I understand people can be a pain in the ass even when they are doing so out of misplaced enthusiasm but after reading just how stressful this all is for you and I am sorry for it, it takes the fun out of a new book journey that I was really looking forward to. Not to tell you how to run your business but to offer a suggestion to solve a problem, maybe just turn off comments. Reducing stress these days is a worthwhile endeavor and if ungrateful readers are adding to your stress it might be worth a try.

  28. Nora, your books are worth the wait, always. I finished Awakening, and knew that next year I will have the joy of reading the next. Meanwhile I will read and reread your other books a process I enjoy almost as much as reading them for the first time. Thank you. ❤️

  29. Nora, I fell in love with your books from the first reading of your first book. I have always been amazed at your skills of storytelling and how you always manage to make each new book different from the last! I will tell you what my father once told me after my telling him of someone who had been nasty. He said, “ Just consider the source……like the man that got kicked by the jackass”. It has held true for me for many years. You can’t please everyone, so please yourself!!!
    Keep those wonderful stories coming…. at your own pace and on your own terms!!

  30. Oh my goodness. I didn’t read the original blog on the Awakening because I am trying to hold out reading it until I have a block of time to dedicate. Then I read this blog post so, of course, I had to go read the thread.

    Nora, I hope you know that you are a beloved author, and the comments, know-it-all attitude, and demands of the “Karen” in the thread are not what most of us think or feel. (My apologies to anyone actually named Karen, I’m NOT referring to you.) You are correct when you say the customer is not always right and specifically, in this case, the *customer* is wrong.

    One thing I have learned in 2020 is that someone is either basically a kind person or they are basically nasty. I am pleased to see how many genuinely nice people there are in this world. Those who cheer others on offer a hand-up or an unexpected kindness, they allow their best to shine through.

    Then we have the *Karens* of the world, with their demanding, rude, meanspirited, nastiness. 2020 brought them out in droves and they proudly shout their rights to the rest of us. For what it’s worth, we see them, we know them, and we avoid them. Most importantly, we don’t agree with them.

    I’m only writing this today because yesterday’s *Karen* really seemed to stress you out, hurt your feelings, and genuinely get under your skin. Her attack was rude, insulting, lacking facts or comprehension of the entire writing/publishing process. She stood up and shouted to the world “Look at me, I am going to insult a world-famous author! Aren’t I something?” Yes she is.

    John Pavlovitz said it best, “In life, it’s important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.” She was wrong, don’t let her live rent-free in your head. My suggestion, (that you didn’t ask for but I’m giving anyway) is to write the Thanksgiving blog you had planned in the next day or two. Share photos of Griffin, any kids (dogs included) that may have brightened your holiday and kick back for a day or two.

    Then bright and early Monday morning, go back to writing Becoming. We’ll wait.

    1. I was going to add my two cents’ worth but Patricia has said it all so much better! I agree completely – so very grateful for your amazing work ethic and imagination, Nora. All the best to you and yours.

  31. Happy Holidays! I was one who wrote, “Damn, I have to wait a year. ” Not as an arrogant criticism, but as a “Damn, this book was fabulous.”

    I adore your writing, wait breathlessly for every book you write. I have read every book you’ve ever written.

    I understand the process, have been in print/publishing my entire career. It’s a long, arduous process. And, if you didn’t follow it and produce a top-notch product, people would birch about that, too.

    You take me out of my head. You make me see with your words. For that I am grateful. For that, I will continue to wait.

    I meant no disrespect. I had hoped it would be taken as I can’t wait.

    1. I absolutely understood you comment, Carole—and that sort of thing wasn’t at all what I felt I needed to address.

      And yeah, if the writer and publisher turned out a lesser product, everyone would bitch about that.

  32. I’m sorry that you were affected by the thoughtless comments of some of your fans, especially during a holiday when we should be reflecting on the gratitude we should have for our blessings.
    I, for one, am very grateful that you still have the energy and inspiration to create the four books a year that you you do. That you have the imagination to create such amazing characters and worlds that I can escape to again and again, is a wonder.
    I just returned from the Inner Harbor, and the Night series. Daring, Holding and Finding the Dream has me returning again and again. And needless to say I live permanently in Eve and Roarke’s world, listening to that marvel again and again.
    One of the best things about your trilogies is that I read the books as they come out, then reread them as the second and third come out, enjoying them over again.
    Don’t let them get you down.

  33. I’m very sorry you are going through this, there’s enough stress around our crazy world right now without having to deal with this obnoxious behavior. There’s a lot of things I want right now but I’m just going to have to wait until things calm down. Am I happy to shelter-in-place during a pandemic? Not in the least. But I will do it because that’s the way things are right now. Stomping my feet and demanding another outcome won’t change things. But I digress. I love your books and each time I finish one I’m already looking forward to the next one. The sense of anticipation is exhilarating. It’s something to be excited about. And your books always come when you say they will and that’s truly special. So I hope you’ll keep doing your thing, Nora, in your own way and in your own time. I wish you well, and I’ll be here when your next book comes out. And the one after that. Happy Holidays.

  34. Unbelievable! Those people have no clue. They obvious have no lives. I also follow Jana DeLeon and she has the same problem with some of her readers! I have enjoyed your books for years. They are well worth the wait! And….most authors only put out 1 book per year, if that sometimes. Shoot, I’ve been waiting almost three years now for Diana Galbadon’s next Outlander Book….and she kinda of left a cliffhanger! Lol. Thank you Nora for what you do. I’ll wait. Blessings to you and yours.

  35. I am not going to criticize the fans who only want to read more from you. I am one of those fans (not a rude one) and I do understand the publishing process but to end the book on a cliffhanger! OMG Nora! I will be patiently waiting for the next book. Fingers crossed and Marco made it to the other side. Loved it!

  36. I’m so sorry that people treat these authors that we say we love. I say that because we don’t know you we really love your books. Having said that you’re not the only author that has had this going on. I have many health issues that put me either on the couch or in bed a lot. Nobody could write fast enough to keep me in books which is why I have many authors I read. One of my authors has had people threatening to quit reading her because she can’t write fast enough. Never mind that she has had several losses, a divorce and health issues for her and her family. It is such an ugly world sometimes. I’d love to hear about your thanksgiving.

  37. I’m sorry that you even felt the need to write this post. This new era of demanding instant gratification rears its ugly head again. What’s wrong with anticipation? I remember the days when we wouldn’t even know a new book was coming out until it was in stores.
    It’s unfortunate that there are those who feel that the customer is always right and that processes should be adjusted to suit their wants (definitely not needs). They surely aren’t thinking of how these adjustments would affect other authors whose publication dates would have to be moved around to fulfill these demands. What about the fans anxiously awaiting their books? Aren’t they just as important as Nora fans?
    I hope you can now enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

  38. Good things come to those who wait. Yes, I got hooked into the story immediately. I am looking forward to the next one! When the third one is coming, I’ll reread the first two to get fully immersed in the whole story. Please relax, enjoy your family, life and writing. By the way, the ending rocks!!!!

  39. Good golly Miss Molly! It seems that the personality traits of entitlement and arrogance have become prominent in our society and I’m so sorry they’ve shown up in comments about your amazing new book. When did we become the ‘me,me,me,me, it’s all about me’ world? Sending waves of love to all and thank you for sharing your talent/gift with us. ❤️

  40. And breathhhh…do not stress my lovely…all the best…and that is what you do! is worth waiting for. You are the only author, bar one, whose books I have followed since your beginning that I have re-read more than once. May you continue to always shine.x

  41. You are the only author I could never get irritated with about how much or how fast you write. You already give me more books per year than any of my favorite authors. And you manage to have a life with your family, travel, do things you love. I want to be you when I grow up! That being said, even authors that put out one book every other year are entitled to write as fast or as slow as they want, the same way they are entitled to write what they want. As much as some of us secretly wish it, you do not exist just for us.

  42. Some people are spoiled by the “20Booksto50K” attitude. I’m a hybrid (self plus traditional, tradpub is mostly short stories for me) writer myself, and even *I* know that publisher schedules take a while. Shoot, doing selfpub *right* takes time.

    Yeah, I have three books out this year. And even on a selfpub schedule (they were a trilogy and I did fast release on them), it took me most of the year to write them, revise, get through my editor and cover artist, copy edit, and do my half-assed pre-release promotional work. Book 4 has a tentative release date of February 2021, but I’m going to be pressed to meet it because the darn thing is going to 115,000 words. And again, editorial and cover artist process.

    The people who think you can just whip these books out have no conception of the process and what it takes to turn out quality work. Period. As a fellow writer, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. It isn’t right.

  43. Nora,

    I have been reading your books for decades, and will continue to do so. I started this bizarre year with my “word of the year” being “kind.”. So, be kind to yourself, as the world here spins around, and we’ll enjoy the second book of this trilogy when it makes its way to us. As someone who spends their days supporting salespeople for a living, I can tell you that absorbing others’ stress only serves to block your energy…so imagine it flowing away, via a channel that shunts it off to your cimoist heap, as it’s just a bit of organic fertilizer.

  44. God, 4 books a year, and it’s not enough??? Go write your own 234 books a year yourself, then! Nora, be in my hands with a new book of yours is a pleasure, a goosebumping pleasure, and I am really grateful for every one of them. This complainers isn’t majority, believe it. We love you and your work has changed my life.

  45. So sorry some fans were rude…just finished the Awakening and, personally, I am very grateful for the few days in a completely different (non-Covid) world, for the thrilling love interests and for the she-must-have-been-eavesdropping real friendships. Do I want to dive into the second? Sure! But I am humbled by how prolific you are and, even more, how GOOD you are. Seldom, if ever, do you drop into the fomulaic, and your characters stride right off the pages. Thank you!!

  46. Customers are often rude and wrong. I work in freight industry, and the number of people who have completely forgotten 3rd grade geography is still stunning to me after 35 yrs in the industry..

    I’m just so excited whenever a new book is coming out. Be it under robers, or J D Robb. Amazed at how you’re able to write 4 a year… I can barely write a memo.

    Thanks for what you do & please keep in mind, that most of your readers, like most satisfied customers are the silent majority 💜

  47. Nora, I am so sorry that you are not receiving the respect you so richly deserve. I am an avid reader of anything that you produce from your incredible mind, and am very appreciative of the process. While I wait, eagerly, for whatever the next books come, I never for a moment think that it should be NOW. Genius takes time, writing takes time. You are so much more prolific a writer than any I read, and you deserve so much more respect than it appears you receive. If some people think you should be cranking out more than is humanly possible, let ‘em try….I guarantee they couldn’t even write a two paragraph letter, let alone the wonderful gifts you give your readers.

    Hoping you keep well, your fans will be patiently waiting for the next. (I am positively loving The Awakening!!)

  48. I love your books! The waiting makes the anticipation greater and more exciting for me! Your books are my escape from the stresses of life. Thank you!

  49. After reading all the comments, they said everything I could even think to say. I missed the bad comments apparently, but I’ve read you for a very long time and will continue to read you and reread you and reread you again for as long as I can see.

  50. I for one am just so grateful for how many you DO write each year! Than you for 30 years of absolute reading pleasure!

  51. I am sorry you had to hear this kind of thing. You write 4 books a year, and that is kind of amazing in itself. I follow authors who write only 1 book in 5 years. So you are a fast writer in comparison to most of the other authors I know. The fact that November 2021 is the release date for the next is slightly disappointing, but far better than most authors I know of, especially since I will get 3 other books you have written in the interim. Just keep writing, and I will keep buying and enjoying your books. I know I can read a LOT faster than anyone could write. More reason to read many authors. Besides, the release date tells me to re-read it some time in October so I am ready for the new one.

  52. I am glad you had a great thanksgiving with your family and that everyone is doing well. I am sorry that some entitled idiots are stressing you out with their selfish, stupid comments. Your books are thoroughly enjoyable and the fact that you produce 4 in a year is amazing. I know it’s hard not to take the comments and demands personally but try to remember that most of your fans will wait for your books as long as it takes for them to come out. I often read the current book in a trilogy when I get it and then reread once the second is due out to refresh my memory and get back into the story.

  53. Well now I’m mad! I wait patiently each weekend checking FB for another Fall into the Story. From Nora or not Nora Laura, either makes me incredibly happy and feels like a treat. If it is not there, thats okay I wait for the next weekend with out a word. So here I am opening FB (I don’t use FB for much else other than this) and see a new post! My heart leaps! Only to find out ungrateful people have not only angered the world’s greatest author, but taken away a Thanksgiving Blog!

  54. I think I have read most of your books. Sorry, didn’t discover JD Robb in time to read those. I wish I had the whole trilogy @ once. I also wish I had a million dollars. I will wait for good writing any day. You books have transported me to places & realms I’ll never travel to personally they have given me so many hours of joy. I used to buy your books in hardcover. I now read on Kindle app only. Every book has been worth the wait. Every book has been worth the price. You just keep writing @ your own pace, & I’ll keep reading your books way to fast because I have a very hard time putting your books down. This is long enough, I need to go finish Th Awakening! You’ve never written a bad book.

  55. Ah Nora,
    Here we go again. Don’t sweat the “small” stuff. I know, easier said than done. I always try to reduce the negative to small, consider the source, then file it away. I have a small box in the attic labeled ridiculous.
    Peace be on you Nora….peace be on us all.

  56. Those goofballs must not have been Harry Potter fans when those books were first being written. One book would come out and we’d have no idea when the next one would be. These people most certainly aren’t George RR Martin fans – who knows when Winds of Winter will be out. But you know what? I’ll still be buying it when it does come out. Just like I’ll be buying your next book. These fans have no IDEA how lucky we are that you are so consistent, meticulous, and accurate with your planning. It just boggles my mind. You’re doing great Nora, and we are thankful for you.

  57. Wow, people can be pricks!

    Anyone complaining it takes too long for you and your publisher to put a book out has zero patience whatsoever. Four books a year is a *monumental* output, and as someone who also reads George R. R. Martin, waiting six months for the next book is *nothing!*

    Re-read, for Pete’s sake.

    Hell, I *used* to re-read all the J.D. Robb titles between each release, but I don’t have that much time now that the novel count is up to 52, plus novellas, if I want time to read anything else! I still try to re-read them all once a year, which puts those titles in the same category as Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit for me in Top *N* Favorite Books.

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  58. The Awakening is wonderful and yes I am looking forward to the second book but anticipation is part of the excitement of a new book. But this is true of the In Death books also.
    Writing is a process from creating the characters to a publisher releasing the book if it were easy everyone could do it. But it’s not easy and as a reader we should be patient and wait for the magic to come. Thank you Nora for the wonderful stories you weave for us.

  59. I always think of each book as a gift and well worth waiting for. As I haven’t read a book of yours that isn’t a great read, I’d say you do it right!

  60. Thank you for what you do. It is a gift to share your passion with the world. Sorry to hear you are frustrated with folks, that doesn’t make it easier on you. Four books a year is amazing! I appreciate that I can count on a few times year when I know I have something that’s just for me, to curl up with and escape. It’s something I look forward to and appreciate from you! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas Nora!

  61. It seems the longer this goes on, the ruder and more hateful people become. I am thankful for the books you produce every year. When you do a trilogy, I buy them as they come out and save them until all three are out and read them all at one time. Anticipation! Thank you so much for your wonderful stories. I re-read your books over and over, they never get old or lose their appeal. Stay safe and healthy and Happy Holidays!

  62. I find it amazing that Nora is still so plugged into what her fans think at all. It is a real credit to her personally that she still cares so much about what they think.

  63. Some people are nasty little trolls. My answer to rude demands like this is give the monitor the finger while hitting the delete key. For face to face trolls a great big smile. They’re miserable human beings whose joy is to make us miserable. Don’t let them get you down. Your a fantastic writer and we thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  64. You were the first romance author I read, I stumbled across one of your books by chance, left behind in a desk drawer by a previous administrative assistant at an office job eons ago, and I fell in love. Absolutely in love. And that love has not diminished a single iota in the many years since so I’ll wait, however long it takes, without complaint. It’s always worth it.

  65. I love your books, I savor each and every one, and I am incredibly grateful that you share your wonderful imagination with the world.
    I’m also delighted to know that there is already something delightful to look forward to in 2021 … <3

  66. Dear Nora,
    Thank you for many hours and days of enjoyable reading for years. I looked back at your trilogy publishing dates over the past and nothing has changed. Four new books a year is fantastic. I re-read or re- listen to them often because I enjoy them even more the second time around. I also re-listen to the previous books before the next one in a trilogy is released. I can’t do what you do so thank you for being in my life.

    I’ve also increased my my range of reading by adding Marie force, Karen Rose, Lora Leigh, Erica Hyder, Janet Evanovich, RaeAnne Thayne, Donna Kauffman, Ellen Brady, Robyn Carr, Margaret Mizushima, Allison Brook, Donna Ball, Emily Kimelman, Catherine Coulter, Stephanie Laurens, Krista Davis, Amy Shojia, Jude Deveraux, Jane Ann Krantz, (Jane Castle & Amanda Quick), Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Kat Martin, and a few more.

    So Nora thank you for entertaining me for so many years! I would rather listen to a book than watch TV. I also love to play solitaire while I listen too. You and the above authors have kept me entertained this past year especially during covid isolation to prevent contracting and spreading it.

    Blessings to you and Laura for your updates.
    With Love Sincerely,
    Denice Sherman

  67. Nora, just let it go and relax. i dipped into the beginning of Promises in Death earlier: Eve started the day with “water therapy. Thirty laps in the pool, a spin in the whirlpool followed by a twenty-minute hot shower” And then she walks out of the bathroom to Roarke & breakfast. Now that’s a great way to start the morning! Just envision it; do what works the same for you & ignore the problem children!

    I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving otherwise! I bet Griffin was fun; is there any particular Thanksgiving food that he prefers? I know for my nephew, it was mashed potatos & gravy for a lot of years! But he doesn’t like biscuits! How can he be related to this family & not like biscuits??? Ah well, we tease his mother; her side’s influence…except her Dad loved! biscuits! Take care!

  68. My profound gratitude for the beauty and quality of your amazing books, of your intriguing and delightful characters, of the worlds you create when you cross over into other dimensions. My wish for you is that the opinions of the arrogant, the unreasonable, the unkind, and the greedy will bounce off you and go gurgling down the drain. Your millions of grateful fans hope that you do not dignify those rants by giving them any attention at all. It is so unkind that they focus on the negative instead of on all the beauty you create…but living in their selfish, critical heads is the natural consequence of their folly. Your talent, your artistry, your prolific gifts in the writing realm are a joy to your fans! And this Thanksgiving weekend, your gifts that have helped me through SO many hard times are among the gifts I value most. God bless you and lift you up…and fill you with the knowledge that most of us are treasuring your work and grateful you are still finding joy in it. Enjoy this coming Christmas season!

  69. pa-tience: noun. 1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

    Not always easy, but eminently doable. We love and read an author with over 200 novels under her belt! Read them again. Start knitting. Buy a puppy. Watch every season of NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy & Friends. Fill your life with joyful noise and be deliriously happy we have a vaccine on the horizon.

    Or, if you’re old like me, wait several months, forget that you’ve read The Awakening and read it again! Wait. Repeat. Book 2 will be here sooner than you know. ❤️

    “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not smashing it” Arnold Glasgow

  70. Nora,
    I’m so sorry there are so many rude, so-called fans who even dare to make the type of comments you’re addressing. It astounds me that anyone thinks they have that right. I cringe every time I read such comments, wondering who the hell they think they are!
    As someone who’s been reading your books since the Silhouette days, I look forward to, and love, every one I read of yours, whether it’s a NR or a JD. As much as I love the advent of social media, where we can actually interact with people we admire (or their fantabulous personal publicists…Laura!), I don’t like people who take advantage of that by criticizing, demanding, or making suggestions as to how someone should be doing their job. I love and appreciate you for the many hours of pure pleasure I get from reading your books. Thank you for being you and doing what you do.

  71. Nora, please excuse those fans who requests are unreasonable. They know not what they ask(demand)!
    Besides the fact my niece/goddaughter, good friend and her daughter are all writers who had their books published over the last 25yrs or so, so I have firsthand knowledge of what goes into getting books put to fans, beyond the writing process, whi ch can be difficult in itself. Those readers who read “Dark in Death” should also have more knowledge, as the process timelins was explained clearly in that book.
    I would love to have another In Death book every month, but I know that cannot happen! It would be impossible to write quality books at such a pace that they could be published once a month. Let’s just say that your fans enjoy the books so much, they’re over eager to read the next book. If they threaten to stop reading you, if they don’t get what they want, it will be their loss! Please relax and enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving weekend. Keep writing the quality books at your rate. Ignore those that refuse to listen to reason!

  72. I have been reading your books since i first discovered the wonderful world of the Macgregors and i would also wish that more books were available every year and the wait between was shorter but then the wait does indeed increase the anticipation and the happiness i feel when a new title is released so would not change it for the world please keep up your wonderful stories and ignore all those people who ask for more. They should just learn to be patient like the rest of us who truly enjoy how you write and craft the wonderful worlds that you create. Thank you so much for keeping me uplifted in bad times and making me laugh and cry and care for all the people you have developed over your career they have been and always will be worth the wait.

  73. I’m grateful for your stories and would have much preferred to hear about your Thanksgiving. I’m sorry that some readers are so selfish, but I’m extremely happy when one of your books is released because it’s always worth the wait! Thank you for taking me places I’ve never been, giving me an escape, and characters that I won’t soon forget. Nora, you’re the best!

  74. It upsets me to hear/read that these comments are posted. I wonder how these commentators would feel with people riding them about their jobs. I would nor more tell you how to write then I would accept you telling me how to do needle work or cooking (although I think you could show me a thing or two in that area, 😏).

    I was looking forward to reading your blog about your thanksgiving celebration. Living alone through this pandemic, I like reading about other people’s celebrations. It helps with loneliness while I wait for this pandemic to end and we can travel again.

    A friend and I were talking about going back to the Inn. But we live in Canada and have to wait for the boarder to open again.

    I love your work. It has been enjoyable reading your new books and rereading older ones. Thank you. I hope you and yours continue to be safe and healthy. Have a great holiday season.

  75. Dear Nora, I just read your note “thankful”. I admit, I have not read other people’s comments nor do I intend to after reading your note. I just want to say, “Thank YOU!” for all the joy you have given me over the years with your books (both Nora & JD). I have the dates marked on my calendar and am always looking forward to them. I started a few trilogies ago to buy them and wait until I get the third one to read them all together. Like a mini vacation. I am so grateful and thankful for every single book you write for us. You are such a treasure and we are blessed to be able to read your wonderful stories. For every person who sends mean spirited comments, there are thousand of us who beg to differ. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, safe & healthy. Big virtual HUG. Thank You.

  76. You just do your best as you always do. I work in a popular big box store and deal with people 40 hours a week. They are more stressed and angry than normal for many reasons. Just know that most are thankful for your talent and caring to give us an escape into a truly excellent Story. May your family have a safe and happy holiday season and let the haters hate.

  77. Dear Nora,
    First, thank you! Your writing over all these many years has gotten me through some tough times. I do believe I have them all, not in paper form lately due to bad eyes (Thank God for Kindle!).
    Second, I too eagerly anticipate each book, but all understand the writing, publishing process. So do what have been doing so beautifully, and try not to think of the selfish, entitled, unknowledgable idiots.
    Again, much loving thanks and appreciation.

  78. I am very pleased with the number of books that you write every year and how quickly they come out! I can’t imagine how much talent it takes to be able to do what you do. I’m sure it is difficult to ignore the complaints. Keep up the good work. More people appreciate you than you realize.

  79. Wow! To say I’m steamed is putting a gloss on it. I’ve been a fan for years and still amazed you can maintain the output you do. I agree with others, the internet provides a cover for boneheads. That’s unfortunate. However, it also provides a path for the opposite…appreciative fans. You know you have so many more of those. Please ignore the clods, we love you. I will wrap this up before I spout “adult words” and regret it. You are fine as you are.

  80. Hi Nora,
    As everyone here has said, it is very distressing to hear these comments have stressed you yet again. Just uncalled for. You should not have to explain yourself or the business over and over. To wriye 4 books in one year is amazing and i anticipate each one. Yes it is hard to wait but so worth it. One thing I wondered is do you work just on one book at a time? Or maybe 2, do you get up and wonder what is Eve doing today? Or what is going on in Ireland? Probably not. Have a wonderful Christmas from a super fan. Not long now that Eve is back

  81. I’ll just add my thanks to you Nora and all your wonderful books. It has to be hard but, ignore the naysayers out there, they aren’t worth your attention.

  82. Nora,
    It amazes me (though it shouldn’t knowing people as I do) that some people are so incredibly ugly about wanting something immediately and when they don’t get it, how abusive they are to the one who has (in their eyes) denied them . You are an incredible writer, not only in the fact of writing 4 books a year, but the depth of emotion you bring to each character and the story. It takes time to develop not just the characters but the whole story line. I know this because I did write a story years ago while in college. It was never published, but I do remember the time I agonized over it.
    Please disregard the naysayers, and the ugly and totally inappropriate comments. Take the time you need to spend with family, friends, your garden, your pets. The balance you have in your life, as well as your imagination, is what keeps us, your very loyal readers, eagerly anticipating your next books.
    I hope your Christmas is blessed and joyful. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you have given me personally.

  83. Thank you, Nora, for all of your hard work, your consciousness, your love, your caring, not to mention your gift of writing. As a devote fan for years, I am just grateful when a new book is published. Keep doing what you’re doing. And please know that MOST of us, appreciate you more than you know! Sending much love and hugs, especially for the holidays!

  84. I find the fact that you write four books a year phenomenal! And all the while, you keep the stories and characters so fresh and exciting. Most authors just manage one book a year. Please, please, please ignore the rude remarks of those who want more, more, more, faster, faster, faster. You are a wonderfully well-round woman with a remarkable talent for story telling. You share so much with your readers, they should be happy, say “Thank you,” and get on with their own lives. Readers can always re-read another of your books or read another of their favorite authors. I’ve been madly re-reading my favorite of your stand alone books, plus Connie Willis, Sharon Shinn, Sarah Woodbury, Laurie R. King, Marie Force, Lee Child, Thomas Perry, and so on. I love your resilient heroines, the different professions they have (rescue dog trainer, chef, and Shelby, to mention three). They take me away from my shelter-in-place and make me happy. Connie Willis took me time traveling to 2060, WWII and the plague years in England. Sharon Shinn took me Gillangeria and magic (love magic and wish it were real). I could go on, but I want you to know that, even when I want the next adventure faster, I have other options and believe anticipation is part of my reading experience. I have sooo many books to look forward to, so please ignore the rude, rude comments. I, personally, save your trilogy books until they are all published before I read because I hate waiting to know what happens next. I remember be thankful that I didn’t see the original Star Wars saga until Return of the Jedi came out. I would have been very frustrated having to wait three years to find out what happened to Han Solo. So readers should be happy that is usually only one year between books!

  85. Please don’t let the ugly comments get to you… Your true fams totally understand the time and effort you put into each book. I just finished your latest book… loved it. I am eagerly waiting book 2 but till then I just reread other books you have written. Much love

  86. I look forward to each of your wonderful books to be published, I pre order on Amazon, to make sure mine is delivered on the day of release. The book arrived at 10.20am. By noon I had ordered book two, now I have to start looking forward until October 7th next year! I love the feeling of anticipation, knowing that it’s on its way, my husband does not understand! Thank you Ms Roberts, you skills are God given.

  87. Here’s what the complainers should do: When you are Jonesing for another Nora book just go back and re-read one! I so enjoy revisiting old friends in Nora’s books.

    1. Me to. I think I have read the search at least once a year since its release. I just miss Jaws if I don’t re read it. Some of the pets take your heart and never give it back. I love most of the pets but Jaws reminds me of a dog I used to have!

  88. I am so thankful for any new book that is published by my favorite authors especially now, as it is needed so much more. While I too think, “write faster” I also know that’s not the entire picture and when the next one comes, it comes. In the mean time, I find other new authors that I discover I like. Thank you for writing the books that I love and enjoy immensely. Till next time….

  89. I remember years ago when you published a trilogy, each book one month apart (Circle?) and you said it nearly killed you and everyone involved. You said never again. You’ve explained more than once here what is involved in publishing a single book, I’m personally sorry that you having to explain again lost us a visit to your Thanksgiving. I hope you and Laura both had wonderful, peaceful times with your bubbles. I loved, LOVED the Awakening (thank you, btw, for figuring out how we Audible people can ‘see’ the spellings of the more difficult terms – brilliant!), and while I’m happily waiting for book #2, guess what? There’s at least three more Noras’ coming my way! I’m not one of the hardened souls that can wait until all three books of the trilogy are out. I’ll re-read the first book just before getting book #2, ditto for #3. One of the very few benefits I’ve found from advancing age is that I no longer remember books exactly – lol. It’ll be a treat every time. To hell with all the naysayers, the whiners, and the ultra-privileged. I bet they can’t write a coherent post-it. I know I have to work at it – lol. Peace and love to you and yours.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better, Just do what you do best. You’ll never make everyone happy and those of us that enjoy your stories are doing just fine.
      I hope this is the place to ask, but many or your stories are place in Ireland. How office have you been there? You speak as if you go there often.

    2. I agree with you, that age makes remembering the end of books almost impossible, I have a different problem. 8 years ago I had a nasty road accident, I was put in a coma while the medics tried to put my body back together, they did an amazing job, but I’ve lost my short term memory. I can finish reading a book, put it away for a week, then I can read it again, and still enjoy it.

      1. I am so glad the medics successfully put you back together, though that must have been scary. Stay well.

  90. Nora, you have a true gift. You are an incredibly prolific author who, for years, has published 4 books a year. I can barely fathom sustaining this pace! You’ve made millions of readers happy all over world, and your spectacular generosity of spirit is apparent in every one of your books.

    Writing is hard, demanding work (speaking as a writer myself) and sadly there are those out there who don’t or can’t see that. Your writing schedule is intense, and I can’t even imagine how you juggle work with your family and your life. I want to thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us time and time again.

    For those reading this who keep whining for more (and for more faster), and who want to pick arguments with Nora while trying to explain publishing and writing to one of the most successful novelists of the modern era, I think y’all should step back and reevaluate. This pandemic has been a nightmare for so many, and Nora’s novels have been a refuge for me. I’m sure they’ve been a refuge for everyone here. But writers are people. They’re not robots. Editors, copyeditors, cover designers, marketers, etc–are all people. I urge those complaining about the wait to have empathy. To usher compassion into their hearts. Nora doesn’t owe us anything. She’s been kind enough, and candid enough, to pull back the publishing curtain over and over, and her answers on the subject should be enough. I sincerely hope they will be.

    And to Nora, again, thank you. I’m probably not one of your typical fans (being 25 and male) but your books have a depth not often seen anywhere else. Your characters are family. Alive and breathing. And I will be reading and re-reading for years and years to come. I already know I will adore “The Awakening” when I read it, and I can only hope you give yourself the necessary space to write the next books to your satisfaction. This angry minority definitely does not speak for all (or most) of your devoted readers. Have a very Merry Christmas! And happy holidays to everyone reading!

  91. Hugs to you Nora, I will sit very patiently and wait for your books when you are damn good and ready, not a moment sooner. I will sit and read the other 100+ books of yours over the long winter, just like always. Please never stop writing, you are simply the best there is, and your fans would be lost without you. much love

  92. I fully agree. “That is arrogant and misplaced entitlement. ” There seems to be much of that this year. It is unfortunate that this needed to be said. May those insisting on books on their reading timeline, 1) find a library and other authors works, and 2) do their own thing… pursue a new hobby… and learn a nicer perspective of life. Thank you for the books you do write every year, and may I be half as good as you, one day.

  93. What??!?! You mean to tell me that you’re not a machine?? My oh my. You are too kind to those ‘fans’. I would say to not worry what they say, but you have so much ‘nice’, that you do worry. Putting your heart and soul on the line with every book, exposes your nice. It’s a shame people want to chip away at that. You do you Nora!!! Those of us that go crazy between books, APPRECIATE what you do for us. You are my escape from the madness that is. My little slice of peace in the chaos. My calm in the storm. Thank you for ALL you do!!

  94. I have read you for years, and love your Irish Trilogys. I’ve also read your In Death series. You are a fantastic writer, and I just loved the Year One series! Now I will start The Awakening, and be taken into another world. Many Blessings and Thanks to you!

  95. THANK YOU so much for all the amazing books you have written over the years! The fact that you have more stories to share with us is a tribute to your creativity as an author. In these times your books are my comfort zone, and I have reread many of my favorites! My mantra has always been anything wonderful is worth waiting for! Your books are worth the wait in time! Pace yourself and continue on!

  96. I am astonished about the selfish kind of some Readers and their stubborness….i dont see me like a customer..i see me like a person wo is so happy to read book ,so many books!!!,who are fantastic and with lovely Charakter! Nobody should try to say some artist and the Team of all of the process how they should do their work!! You all do a great job and please dont be upset about this selfisch readers!
    Stay healthy and greetings from germany! Your books safe my mind in so many ways Thank you for that !

  97. Thanks, “another Laura”, for your comment. To honor authors like Nora I won’t read those who slop out 8-12 “books” a year or add their name in big letters to someone else’s work while taking several years to get one “cross” the finish line under his own name. It has always amazed me that one author can have such a high level of original and creative production as Nora does. She is a marvel.

  98. Nora, please look at all these positive replies and let go of that knot in your stomach. If you can’t wait for the next book, then wait for all three before starting the first. Your work is amazing.

  99. Nora, I’m so sorry somebody’s upset you. I tend to ignore those kind of comments. I don’t need the aggravation and as my kids used to say, “those people are poopy heads”.  What do they know and who cares? They are nobody’s, really insignificant nobody’s. Maybe if we all wish together for them to step in front of a bus, we’d feel better? Seriously, ignore the Poopy heads of the world, they know NOTHING.(I’m not gonna read the comments, no time but know there is a lot of advice & well wishes in there as true fans are wont to do.)

  100. I just want to say I am so thankful that you have chosen to share your incredible talent with us. So I will take the next book when it comes and enjoy old favorites until then. Happy Thanksgiving.

  101. In 2017, at my local library, I found the In Death series. In about four months I read the series from the beginning, including all of the short stories (thanks to the inter-library loan system!), through the first book of 2017. What a wild ride!! Now I’m part of the group that gets on the reserve list as soon as it’s posted for each of the new In Death books!! That “your reserved book is ready to pick up” email is sweet every time!! Thank you for such wonderful adventures!!

  102. Dear Nora – You can see how many fans you have! I have all your books, collected over decades. As a copy editor, I’m appreciative of some of the process. Looking forward to finishing The Awakening, and rereading it in October before the next one comes out. Thank you for your wonderful characters – we know them well. Hope you get to blog soon about your Thanksgiving 💖 Laura – hope your holiday was good too! Thanks for doing what you do as well. 💖

  103. So sorry that some of your readers are so difficult! I, for one, appreciate what you do. The fact that you can manage to think up and produce four books a year is amazing to me. As one who has read all of your trilogies, my preferred method is the buy each book as they come out and then wait till all books have been published before reading them. In that way I can read and enjoy the entire series all at once. Patience is a virtue people!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  104. I am so sorry that some of your readers made you feel more stressed. The way I see it is that the gap between sequels in the trilogies gives me more time to go back and re-read the first or second book in time for the new book to be released so that I am reading it with the characters and events fresh in my mind.

    I enjoy your books whenever they are released. I can honestly say that I am in awe of your work ethic and your output of books each year.

    Boo hiss to those who are less appreciative of your work!

  105. All I will say Nora, is this – ignore those people. It’s easier to lecture than to follow their own rules. If they were true fans, they would understand how much you pour into these books of yours and that its not easy. The worlds, the characters, the images, the emotions that you create actually bring them to life in our minds and thats no easy task.

    Not sure if anybody had the same experience as I did, but at the start of the lockdown when the World went crazy, “Year One” is what came to mind. I remember telling a lot of my non reader friends how the first chapter was prophetic of what’s happening around us. Although the similarity was coincidental, the images the words in the book created were so strong that they were still fresh in my mind after all these years.

    So, even though the waiting tough on the reader’s part (including mine ) – the wait has, every single time, been worth it. And that’s your talent – keeping readers spell bound – even after months and years.

    Have a blessed rest of the year, a Merry Christmas and a very Wonderful New Year.

  106. I appreciate each and every one of your books. The wait in between? That gives me the chance to re-read the first before I read the second, or the second before I read the third. I get as much enjoyment the second and third time around. The stand alone books are enjoyed just as much and re-read also. One of the many things that I am thankful for in this crazy year, and every other year is that Nora Roberts and her talent exist in this world! Happy to wait as long as it takes to travel where ever you take us!

  107. Dear Nora/Laura, I was intreguiged by the Facebook post to come read the blog. (I literally just opened facebook after finishing The Awakening) I don’t know what comments were said to elicit such a response but can only imagine. As someone who has no idea what goes into the publication prcess, can you direct me to wherever it was that you detailed it out previously? I am truely curious what the publisher does once a manuscript is finished.

  108. I am so very very sorry, and angry and disappointed on your behalf, that your hard work is rewarded by such thoughtlessness. To put it mildly.
    I have read every single NR/JD book, & am missing Eve’s world so much am thinking about re-reading them for the 3rd time. As a retired high school English teacher/principal, your books are still my favourite escape…& the other dozens of authors enjoyed but they don’t compare. I so understand how gruelling and dedicated your writing schedule must be—& am so amazed by it. How others can criticize is simply a reflection of their ignorance, & I wish there was a way for you to have means to electronically weed those out so you would never see them in the first place, let alone have to waste your time — & these valuable Falling Into the Story posts — with a response.
    I, for one, truly truly enjoy getting to know a little of the author behind the work, and glimpses into your world. So having these trolls detract from the peek into your days annoys me to no end.
    Wish you and your family, and Laura and her family, all the best in the holiday days ahead. May there be magic and happiness, despite all happening in our world.
    With the greatest of thanks for sharing your talent and gift with us,
    Victoria, BC, Canada

  109. I’ve been reading Nora since the Harlequin days…I have all her books, and love to re-read them frequently. I love getting new ones, but don’t mind waiting, as I understand the process. These things don’t happen overnight, especially writing and publishing. Keep doing what you do Nora, and I will keep waiting. Love and Hugs to you, Laura and your families this holiday season.

  110. Once again the selfishness of the “I deserve what I want when I want it” crowd rears it’s ugly head. To me that smacks of being spoiled at some time during their life and now they expect it from everyone. Do I wish I would have the next book sooner than a year? You bet. But I also enjoy my delayed gratification. I circle the date and have a countdown going and the closer I get to a new release date, well the happiness is infectious. In between trilogy books I get to visit Eve and Roark, travel to Cordinia, Inns Boonesboro, visit with Brides, and a host of so many other favorites and pick up a few other books from other favorites authors. What I am trying to say is that they need to get over themselves. Nora you provide me with hours of entertainment and take time out of your busy schedule to provide us with glimpses of your life and I for one am grateful. Lora does an amazing job and I love everything both of you do to keep us in the loop as much as possible. Stay strong and just let the whiners whine because I can promise you they have already started whining about something else. Blessed Be.

  111. Nora, I am sorry your holiday was spoiled by some nasty people! You know we could analyze them to death! Jealousy? Envy? Who knows? While scanning through the comments on this blog it is apparent you have way more fans than nasty people in your corner. In this time and age we should all be thankful that there are still books and authors that write them! Reading is one of the few freedoms and joys left in this world to us all. I am reminded this am while reading this blog about an old saying: Truth is stranger than fiction. I wish and hope all good things for everyone here.

  112. I just finished the awakening. I purposely did not start it until after thanksgiving dinner was started. ( if I hadn’t we would be eating grilled cheese sandwiches) I try really hard to read responsibly. I have read other Authors that I take weeks to finish. I can not though I try to stretch a Nora Roberts book into a week. Saturday I had a brilliant idea to read the fallintothestory comments on the awakening. I believe the comment that first started the negative was meant as a anxious reader that was just stating ” A whole year!!! How will I stand it?? ” Oh if only it had stopped there. I have been reading Nora Roberts since 1982 and grilled used books stores to find previous published stories. My first full novel that started me was Montana sky. The first series…The McGregors. I really don’t like the business and of books only the story end. But without 1 I can’t have the story. So I will wait until Nora finished the story, I will wait until the publishers and artists do there part and wish it was faster. Then I remember I also have a life and if Nora published faster I would never get anything done. In a time of the pandemic when no movies are being made tv series are delayed, families need to remain distant and , everyone needs to social distance. What a blessing to escape into the awakening and fall in love with Marco! and Bullocks! I loved every feeling I had reading the book! I than you Nora for being my light in the storm and my break from reality even for a minute. The work you do and the places you take us in the story are very needed! God bless and again THANK YOU

  113. Nora,
    When this pandemic hit, I ran to (re)read your books. They were a balm to my panicked heart and mind. Those of us privileged to still have jobs (teacher) during this period, know how much more stressful everything can be, and I’m so very sorry your “fans” added to yours. We have seen how the best of us and the worst of us has shown its face in 2020. I can only hope for better next year. I wish you and yours a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and New Year!!

  114. of course I would like another new story from you right after I finish reading the last new book, but of course that’s not possible. I’m often amazed what people think and even more so what they put in writing – and then hit enter. All we can ask of you is to do what you do and be grateful you still do it. Chill – have a nice meal with a glass of wine and get yourself into a good writing mode – glad you are staying safe and healthy. You need to be put on the early vaccine list for essential workers!

  115. Awww Nora. That you even had to write what you did is so sad..And i only read that. Not the replies..because i know w/o reading those replies most feel like i do.
    We are so Blessed and Thankful to you as the Unbelievablely talented author that you are for each & every book. Like so many I’ve read them all. The stand alones, trilogies, etc. Have almost all. Have been over for book signings, met you & Laura & had my pic taken w you. How lucky i feel. To be close enough to be able to share that w my daughter. We are actually coming over next sat. (Dec.5th) for the day,for my b’day.
    But there are so,so many of us that do know that each book is So Worth the Wait. And yes, i too read ‘ the Awakening’ in about 2 days. And i wait, along with a gazillion others for book 2.
    a Blessed Christmas & New you & yours..

  116. I personally find it amazing that Nora is able to write as many books in a year as she does. And each and every book is incredible time and time again. I also directed a few well placed curses at the universe at the cliffhanger ending but I know that it will be worth the wait to find out what happens next. Let the woman have a chance to work her magic. I rather like to think of it as looking forward to Christmas morning where a well thought out gift is waiting for me. I’d rather have that any day over a pile of crap someone threw together at the last moment just to get it done.

  117. One of the things I am most grateful for this year is your work as JD Robb and Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series. I listen to both of them on Audible constantly. They provide me a life to live in when my life is lonely. The provide me characters I can totally relate to (jeans, boots, don’t care about hair, makeup, etc). Your In Death characters have helped me survive being alone 99% of the time. I am so thankful for them and for you. No complaints here. (Although I will admit in my mind I create stories with Eve that I happen to be in).

  118. Nora, there are many like me who would never want you to rush any book out. You have given me the gift of hundreds, if not thousands of hours of reading enjoyment. I’ve loved reading every book of yours. Four books a year is a huge feat and you never skimp on the quality. Don’t change a thing.
    I wish you and your family a very good Christmas. Thank you for the continual gifts you give to all of us.

  119. Thank you! Thank you for taking me on an adventure when the stress of life was beginning to overwhelm. Your books always take me out of my life temporarily and transport me to a new world or place and time where I can relax and enjoy the ride. Always excited for the next one whenever it arrives!

  120. Art that is created in 5 minutes is not the same as art created over a period of time through reflection and refining. Not everyone gets that. Not to mention that people are looking for a way to vent their random frustrations through any available avenue these days. Don’t let the clueless population get you down.

  121. I honestly cannot understand taking the time to complain and argue with an author about their publishing schedule. I trust that authors publish on a schedule that works for them and their publisher. Would I love if I magically had a new Nora Roberts book to read every month? Sure. But that’s not how life works. So spending time arguing with an author and other people about how they can amend their schedule (when said author has literally explained how they work)…just seems like a waste of time. Honestly.

    Also, if releasing a trilogy over three years were a marketing strategy (which Nora has said it is not) – who cares? Marketing books is part of the business and an author has every right to market their books to capitalize on success.

  122. Glad you told them to eff off, Nora! Grateful for all your books. Looking forward to The Awakening (my Christmas present to myself). Very best wishes.

  123. I’ve been a fan for more than thirty years. I eagerly await the next book, and realize what a lot of work goes into each one.
    Thank you for many years of pleasure. Since covid, I’ve been rereading all of your books, and get just as much pleasure in them the second and third(in some cases) time around.
    I even got my husband hooked on the JD Robb books, and he’s read them all. We love the way your books come alive.

  124. Nora, people can be so cruel nowadays and don’t “Think” before they speak. Maybe it’s the Covid virus and staying home so much or just the generation. I know what it’s like to want the “next” book in the series to come quickly but also when the “next” book is also the “last” book, I want it to come slowly so I can savor it before it’s gone.
    But, there are so many books being written nowadays that if one has to wait for their “favorites”, it’s not like they can’t read something else. Even change genres for awhile to break a habit. I, at 73, have started reading “fantasy” books. I never got into them much but I find now that what I’ve read so far are very interesting and inventive. You never know what you’ll end up liking that you never tried before.
    Keep up the good work, Nora, and take what time it takes. Most of your fans “understand” the process. Always a few bad apples in the bin.

  125. Nora,

    First, I’d like to say that I hope you enjoyed your holiday despite the negativity in the comments of the previous post. We could all use a little joy at the end of this horrible year.

    Second, I hate that you have to keep explaining to people the process of writing.

    How arrogant to think that you have nothing better to do with your time than churn out content and that publishers should schedule around customers’ wants (not needs!)

    I, too, “can’t wait” until the next book comes out and I’ll definitely be one of the ones pre-ordering it but I would never demand that it be released when I’M ready for it.

    This is the way it has always worked and social media, being able to connect with the author, and this generation of instant gratification doesn’t change that. I wonder if these people would dare say that to your face or are they just keyboard warriors?

    Not that I don’t think you’re an amazing author but don’t people have other things they can read in the meantime? There are tons of other books that come out every year. Pick one of them up, people!


  126. People should realize when going into something labeled as a trilogy that they are going to have wait. I’m impatient as the next person, but if you want to find out what happens in a series then dont read them until they are all out. I loved it BTW and look forward to the next!

  127. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving regardless! I just want to say that I’m truly Thankful for you and your books! They are worth the wait💙

  128. I so eagerly await your books and in the trilogies I simply reread the previous book before the second one comes out. I understand wanting to be able to continue with a story as it leaves off with each book. I love your writing and love how they take me away from everything I will look forward to everything that you share with us – thank you for all the stories that I love!

  129. Hey, Nora,
    I don’t usually read the comments on your blog posts but another author pointed their readers towards it today (Ilona Andrews)
    4 books a year, year after year, is absolutely amazing. I’ve been reading your books since your first book back 40ish years ago… back when I had a subscription to Sillouette and Harlequin and I was in the Navy and would do a happy dance when I saw one of the books was from you (and my roommates would be like “hurry up! We want to borrow it!”)
    If I really enjoy an author anymore, I leave a review asking them to read the interviews done with you about how you put out so may good books a year, hoping they get some hints and WRITE FASTER.
    I read some authors who put out more than 4 books a year, but the consistency leaves much to be desired. I automatically order books from you as soon as they go up because I can be sure that they’ll be good stories, well written, with good characters and settings … but really, just good stories.
    I started your latest yesterday morning… and then immediately bought the audio book so I could listen to it during my dentist appointment… then in the car… then while cooking dinner… I could not put it down. I would like the next book to be out tomorrow, but I certainly can wait because it’s not going to be 6 years (how long I’ve bee waiting for the 2nd book from another author), it’s going to be next year, it’ll be a quality story and I’ll love it.
    Please believe that there are those of us who love your books and appreciate that you write so consistently and prodigiously and we’re shaking our head at the entitlement of someone who would “explain” publishing or writing to you… that’s some … something… I have no words.

  130. You have the most incredible work ethic. And are the most prolific writer. We love you and you inspire as well! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  131. I hate that someone has added to your stress by compassing about the timing of the trilogy. Some authors who write many books a year just change the names and write the same story. Waiting a year between books is pretty typical and I have found your books to be worth the wait. Also, I usually reread the previous book right before the new one comes out so I get to enjoy it twice.

  132. Nora,
    I fell into the J.D. Robb In Death series years ago as a reader, and your talent captivated me. Since then I’ve become an indie author myself – and the realization of the time, effort, and money it takes to even bring ONE book to market was eye-opening, to say the least. The fact that you produce so many wonderful stories in a single year? My hat’s off to you, most definitely. I adore you as a reader, I aspire to be like you as an author – and I freaking love you for telling it like it is and putting rude, entitled folks in their place.

    1. Absolutely, no kidding! The discussion about this person over on Twitter (Romancelandia is boggling) made me think about another dimension above and beyond the usual editing-production tradpub/selfpub discussion–publicity and promotion. Setting all of those up takes even more time than editing and production, and doing it for myself gives me even more appreciation for what it takes to do it for someone at Nora’s level. Just doesn’t happen overnight!

  133. We are all truly blessed with so many wonderful books from Nora. I’ve been reading for years and I always still have a stack in my bookcase waiting for me to read them.

    I’ve read a number of them this year and I know I’ll read more this winter.

    It is the season for counting our many blessings. I know I’m counting mine again and again.

    Thank you Nora for all the wonderful books. As always, everything in its own time and space.

  134. I’m sorry you got stressed, Nora. It wasn’t fair or in any way reasonable. I think that “fan” got a little too much into the thrill of trolling one of the most famous authors around and getting a response. I hope the outpouring of support has heartened you. The book was really good. I have been cutting down on book purchases lately and even as someone who has literally bought all your books, I read the sample before I bought. It was just too good not to buy. I felt you achieved a higher level of writing in this book, so all your hard work and everyone else’s made a huge impact. I loved the cliff hanger! Super fun!

  135. That completely sucks. This reader is full of gratitude for the hours (weeks? Months? Years?) of joy your work has brought me.

    On top of that, I keep thinking about the lesser known authors that your work ethic supports.

    I don’t know publishing but I’ve read about how tight the margins are. I’d bet real money that your disciplined schedule and phenomenal talent are things St Martin’s counts on to keep their margins in the black while growing new authors on the income your work brings. (No pressure :D).

    Upside of this: I think you are picking up a lot of new readers. I’m so happy for them.

  136. I LOVE your stories Nora, and writing FOUR books a year is an incredible feat. I don’t know any other author who can do it, and if there are any, I doubt they do it as well as you. We (as the majority of your readers) totally understand the time it takes to not only write but publish books. In many cases like you say, it takes years! All the YA books I know of take 2! And that’s not something that is in your control at all. I hope the loving messages I’ve spotted above will give you some comfort, but I know it’s sometimes the negative ones that get into our head and hearts more, so please know that we want you to be happy and healthy and there are more of your readers out here who love your work and will wait as long as it takes for you to write your stories. We are true fans and readers and cherish your words. Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books. I wish you all the best health and happiness, Nora! Lots of love from me and my nana in the UK! (She’s read everything you’ve ever written, and gotten me, her 26 year old granddaughter, hooked, too!) <3

  137. As a writer, I cut readers some slack because most don’t know how writing and publishing goes. The “Oh, I can’t wait for the next book” comment is okay. They’re excited. I get that way, too. However, when the comments get nasty or persistent, that’s unreasonable.

    Four books a year is an excellent rate. Particularly because you write books longer than novellas. Some writers can manage only one book a year. I imagine they hear “write faster” many times.

    I tell myself to write faster all the time; I don’t need to hear it from readers.

    Sadly, I don’t think the landscape will change. Readers who read a book in a weekend will demand more books. If they read that fast, I highly recommend rereading books they have while waiting for new releases. Much is learned from the second is read.

  138. Nora, thank you for every single wonderful book that you produce that takes me out of my daily life and into wonderful fictional worlds. I have read your books for 25 years and think that I haven’t missed many. You are an inspiration to fans and other authors. I have authors I love that can take 3 to 4 years in between book and I am grateful for them as well. Not only do you produce 4 books a year, but they are always so well written and amazing. I am grateful to get any new stories and very thankful to be a reader.

  139. Ms. Roberts , I will admit I am not one of your readers. It’s a genre thing, but that hasn’t prevented me from being aware of your talent. Do I was surprised when a friend of mine retweeted someone pointing us to the blog post where a commenter had the audacity to tell you how to get things done. She kept at it. I read a good portion of the comments, but I didn’t make it to the end. What brought me here, though, was what we learned about you (those of us who could see past the end of our nose, of course). We learned that you stay to see it through, even when you are discouraged. You kept engaging with people. You kept reading, because 2 or 3 times that I saw, you stopped to express sympathies to commenters who mentioned recent losses. These are things that I find so lovely and attractive in a person. I’m trying to make it a habit to remark on positives instead of just negatives – sharing the love, as it were. So I came here just to say thank you. Thank you for being a lovely person.

  140. I would never normally do something like this and going on your website was really randomly done. I happen to read this blog and was super surprised. I guess in my mind, I would never think to tell someone how to do something that is obviously your art and profession. Really weird. I do want to say though that you are my favorite author. I appreciate you and your talent and the escape you provide when I read your books. You have really gotten me through some rough times in life by giving me that. Plus the anticipation in waiting for your books and then excitement when the day comes is pretty awesome! Anyways… just thank you.

  141. Your stories always rock. Do I hate the wait, yes BUT they are so worth it. It’s just another excuse to reread the previous stories so they are fresh in my mind. Do what you do. We are here and will always be here. Happy Holidays.

  142. I have read so many of your stories. Carolina Moon is still one of my favorites. The very end of Divine Evil blew my mind. The MacGregors made me love how you moved storylines through generations. I’m a co-author now, and we write romance. I can’t imagine having the sheer volume of backlist you have. The number of novels you have written (not taking into account J.D. Robb even) blows my mind. I would NEVER imagine someone who claims to be a fan being so entitled. Your response is so tactful. I still love your books all these years later. “nolite te bastardes carborundorum”

  143. Dear Nora,

    The Awakening is magic. Complex, layered, a work truly magical. Thank you! It came out at a perfect time, a time when we need the light to look beyond. I am now reading, for the first time, The Rise of Magicks. I know this thread is for your newest book, but I need to tell you what Book 3 of The One means. I could not read it for a long time. After a very dark year, I could not find my way. This book seems prophetic; a coincidence perhaps, though I don’t believe in coincidences. We are living through a dark time, a time that calls for courage and a larger purpose. I have struggled to keep faith, to find courage. Struggled not to lose sight of the light and the beauty (as in pg. 401) in the bombardment of news and noise. You are living your purpose and I want to thank you for showing me mine. You have helped me to face the darkness, while not losing sight of the light. Know the importance of what you do and accept my thanks.

  144. Nora,

    Thank you for all the books you’ve written. I have enjoyed all of them. The Awakening delayed meals, Christmas tasks and sleep. I am deeply grateful for your mastery as a writer to always take me away.

    All the best to you this holiday season! Looking forward to the 2021 escapes!

    Stay safe and stay healthy!

  145. Nora/JD,
    I’ve read, re-read, and enjoy all your books–stand-alones included. When you do a trilogy, I always read it but will re-read it before the next comes out. I did with the One trilogy, I’ve read the trilogy at least 5 times. Never get tired of it. There’s a few of your trilogies I don’t have but I’ve re-read the ones I do have and am always looking to find/purchase the ones I don’t have. You are a blessing and I am always amazed at your creative talent. Your books allow my imagination to fly away to different worlds. I’m an avid reader and have other authors I follow so you keep on doing what you do. May you enjoy a Merry Christmas with family and friends. Thank you!

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