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Italy travelogue, part XXI

Another spectacular sunset last night, and a breath-taking moon  rising in the east. As pretty a night as anyone could ask for. And another  lovely meal out on the patio.
Earlier I heard pheasants calling. It’s a sound I haven’t heard in  years as the ones I used to see around home are gone. We heard some other bird  while having dinner–a night bird, but nobody could identify the  sound.
A good, strong yoga practice this morning. After I joined BW, and  had a pink grapefruit for breakfast. Delish.
The others have gone off exploring–the castle in Sarteano, I  believe is the goal. I opted to stay back and write. A nice chunk done here in  the quiet.
Now I think I’ll forage in the fabulous kitchen for a little lunch,  and eat outside, read a book. I think I’ll have a glass of wine with  that!
Warmer today, and less breezy–a beautiful afternoon for eating,  drinking and reading.