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  1. Hi Laura! Thanks J.D. for #50!!! Its been 22 yrs in the making! Congratulations ♡
    Just downloaded to my Nook…catch ya tomorrow!
    Loyal fan, Deb in Denver

    1. I beg to differ with you by three years. Naked in Death was published in 1995.Sorry. On Jul;y 1st it will be 25 years on Kindle and paperback.

      1. I started Naked In Death about 15 years ag9. Hooked on the series ever since. Got #50 at 3 A.M. as an ebook from Amazon. Started listening right away. Up to Chapter 4. Had to stop as I was tired. Started listening again shortly.

      2. Yes, you are right! I wasnt clear… i bought my first book in ’98, actually the first 5 in paperback!! I was jooked immediately ♡ that’s the 22 fir me 🙂

  2. Congratulations on 50, J.D.! (You too, Nora!) I just started reading the In Death books in 2019–I first read Naked in Death in October–and they’ve quickly become an obsession. It’ll be a while before I reach this book (I’m on #7 now), but I’m thrilled knowing I have so many more amazing adventures to read and reread!

    1. Savor it haha! I started the series a few years, and I just got caught up last year. While I was thrilled to finally be up to date, I immediately missed always knowing my next read and longing to have forty more novels staring back at me! 🙂

      1. I’m making sure to savor every one! Automatically knowing my next read is such an underrated pleasure, and I don’t want that feeling to go away anytime soon.

    2. I found this series about 6 years ago and found i started on the 3rd book and had to go and find all the others and start back over at #1 cannot read a series out of order LOL. Love Nora/jd roberts

      1. How funny is that? I started on the third one as well except in my case it was about 15 years ago. I wanted a quick read working the graveyard shift and I bought paperbacks of immortal, judgment and visions in death, which is memory serves were 3, 4, and I think 19… odd but those were the three my local supermarket had. I went back and reread them all in order though.

  3. Congratulations on this wonderful milestone! I am grateful you love to write! When I read Naked in Death, there were 10 books in the series. Oh, what a glorious binge that was…Sigh

  4. I sure do — it was at Barnes&Noble, right after I’d finished LOYALTY IN DEATH, and decided I needed to read more about this “Eve Dallas”. I picked up NAKED IN DEATH at B&N in paperback, started reading — and kept reading until the store was closing, at which point I went and bought it!

  5. living outside the US it is next to impossible to get ahold of books in Englishm which is why i look forward to visiting the grandkids during vacations there… I get to catch up on all the great books. Nora Roberts (JD) is my favorite go-to author. I am currently re-reading the Dream trilogy a nd I do believe we need one more! maybe about Ali and that way we can catch up with Laura and Margo and Kate…..we can dream too!

  6. I’m not quite done with the book, but I already know my favorite part. The part where Dennis Mira helps Eve tell Jay Duran that his wife was murdered. He’s so cool.

    1. Oh yes, I loved this part. I love Eve’s crush on Mr. Mira and I just love him as a character. <3

    2. Another great book, been hooked since day one back in 1995! I was in the bookstore at Willow Grove Park mall (WaldenBooks?) looking for my next book to read when the cover of Naked in Death caught my eye – that blue body silhouette just jumped right off the shelf! I was in the habit of checking the copyright page in those days looking for my favorite authors and when I saw Nora’s, name it was to the register and back to home in quick order to start reading! I have the whole collection and have revisited these old friends many times in the last 25 years and still enjoy every reading. Thank you, Nora, for sharing your golden gifts with us all – as always, can’t wait for the next release!

      1. As I wrote in the introduction, this is the place to discuss all things about Golden so there would/could be spoilers in the comments.


  7. It was 1996 or so, I was looking for a Nora book I hadn’t yet read and discovered Naked, Glory and Immortal on the bookshelf next to her books. Picked them up because they sounded intriguing, then discovered J.D.Robb was Nora! Been hooked ever since and so grateful that she has continued this fascinating and addictive series. Thanks Nora and J.D!

  8. Can someone tell me what Brooke Pettigrew was in?
    Been reading it since 2:30 AM Eastern standard time. Almost done
    Thank you

    1. Darla and Thaddius Pettigrew were in Vendetta in Death (not going to give spoilers on that just in case). But I don’t remeber a Brooke.

  9. I started the first year she published it, 1995. My first son was born sleeping in June of that year and I was reading to help me get through. JD and Nora books were and continue to be my go to books. I have every one.

  10. I was in an used book store and saw several in death books, picked up one, not Naked, read it, went back and bought all they had, haunted used book stores and finally found all of them up to that time then bought current as they came out. I’ve now read them several times. I want Eveand Roarke to be my neighbors, lol.

  11. I am so torn. I all ways pre order my audio MP3 book months before the book comes out. But now MP3 audio wont come out till summer, library doe’s not have it and I wont spend 39.99$ on the CD audio. To day is the first time I am not getting my book the day it comes out I am sad.

    1. Vendetta in Death is the first book that they stopped putting the Mp3 version out before the paperback. I always buy both but I also won’t buy the hard copy. I have to wait. Any spoilers are always appreciated as I hate waiting. I found out about JD ROBB in death series from a coworker in 2000. I have ever since bought the paperback books and then both the CDs and continued buying each new paperback book. Then Mp3 version came out and I bought “everyone” from Naked in Death to Connection In Death. I gave my aunt all the CD versions I had at that time.

    2. So if you buy the book on Kindel, the audio book is just 7.99 plus tax, which is a bargain. Best book deal ever! Kindle and audio for about 25 dollars

      Great book! Just half way And love it. I started the series in about 1998. I have been hooked ever since. I love the way the characters grow and change and the stories stay fresh.

      Thank you J.D./Nora for all the hours of joy!

    3. do you have a local used book store? sometimes they have patrons that buy the hardback, and then turn it in. I can’t imagine why, but I’ve found new hardbacks that way.

    4. I know, Wendy, me too. I caved and went to Audible for the last two. Couldn’t stand waiting and it’s about $15 a credit. I communicated with St. Martin’s Press and MacMillian Audio. They both tried to tell me that was “standard” across the publishing world and I informed them that no, it wasn’t, and named the other authors I get MP3 audios of, still on hardbound publishing day, throughout many publishing companies. One email told me they were going to ‘discuss’ it, but that was two books ago, so I can guess what was decided. I think, after Golden, I won’t be getting the MP3 any longer. That way, I’ll have the first 50, and the novellas, on disk and will only go with download afterward.

  12. I was in local Target store years ago and stopped by the books. There were several by JD Robb so I looked thru them until I found the first one published – Naked. Took it home, read it that evening, went back the next day for the others I saw there, realized that not all of them were there so went to favorite used book store and found the others. Then I haunted the bookstores for each new one and purchased the paperback. I was appalled to see that the new ones started to come out first as hardbacks. Foiled. So I got on the list for the new ones at the library and as it was then published in paperback – I purchased the paperback. I have tried to buy each one as it comes out in paperback, but I need to check my shelves since I may have missed one or two. The stores sell out quickly when the paperback does come in and I don’t always remember to Amazon. Now I can check the website for when the new ones come out and arrange to buy the paperback. It’s all good. Thanks, Ms Robb, for writing mighty fine stories that us non-writers can’t wait to read.

  13. Congratulations JD on #50! Was starting recovery for my 3rd joint replacement in 4 years last june ( 2019) and while waiting for a signed Nora book, i downloaded “Naked in Death”, instant addiction. Not sure its to Eve or Roarke, but downloaded them all over the next few months. Read & loved every word, every page & every book. This time i pre ordered a signed Book. So will love the feel of the book as i read. Thank you JD aka Nora, been a fan since i picked up my first Nora, too many years ago for me to admit! Love ya & looking forward to the book signing in May!!

  14. Sure do as it would have been here at home! I was cruising for a new book at the little bookstore inside our local Kroger’s (back in 1996 when it was really a bookstore, now it’s a shelf of mostly magazines), saw Naked ID, picked it up, thought this sounds interesting & took it home. Reading it, I kept thinking this sounds like Nora Roberts! Being a librarian, I had access to the national cataloging database at work; checked & found out my instincts were right! I’ve been reading each title as it releases ever since & have said for years that this series comes before food if my budget ever gets so tight that I have to choose!

    The best thing about retirement? I opened the new title shortly after midnight & didn’t stop reading (well, I did fall asleep for a couple hours) until I finished it. I didn’t have to worry about putting it down to go to work! And I loved it! Thanks, Nora!!!

  15. Who can remember the year, but a salesgirl in a fabric store was reading an ID book, and she got me started. I’m grateful to her, and to Nora, for all the hours of reading pleasure. The ID books are more of an obsession to me, & congrats on a very big milestone.
    I must be the last person on the planet, who only reads hardcover. Of course, that means that even tho I preordered w/amazon prime, i didn’t get my book today. I guess waiting another day, only adds to the thrill.

    1. Yes l also have converted to hardcover books, they read easier when you can lay them flat in your hands. Imagine having to wait weeks to get a hard copy to Australia…but it’s certainly worth the wait.

  16. Finished. Thoroughly enjoyed. DLE in BLACK – awesome. And Eve dressed for EW (and snobby NYC companies) kicking butt (even if Peabody only threatened their POI with Eve kicking her ass). Hope we see more of Rodrigues – he was a great hire by Roarke. Kendal was good character as well. Poor Lowell. Denis is a rock and awesome guy. The UNSUB(s) – another idiot(s) who don’t think the NYPSD can link the crimes to them (or find the body in a timely fashion), nor break the alibis. Juanta — loved her introduction, but hope (due to her job) we don’t see her too often for business reasons (socially, I think Eve should add her to the party list). HARVO IS THE QUEEN!! Loved Det Swenson – he’s still got it! Reo is awesome, again.

    And the tree planting – what memories can come.

  17. Thank the Lord. My book just came!!! I promised to go to a lecture tonight, and I’d love to cancel, but won’t. I’m one of those nuts that can stay up to 5 a.m. reading.

  18. I have loved Nora Roberts books since beginning or very close to it. I changed counties in 1984 and they were the only ones I bought with me. I discovered In Death at the second or third book and have all of them, my book shelf is over flowing and I have packed away some of my other books, so that Nora’s are always available. Thanks so much for the years of pleasure. They are the only books I don’t have to skim through to make sure they are a good story.

  19. I just finished it, I love retirement which enabled me to take the day to read the book.
    I loved it, great book, I loved Peabody’s actions with a suspect.
    This will become one of my favorite rereads, it was excellent.
    Eve has really grown as a person, great story, very sad in the beginning, but murder always is sad, whether the person killed or someone in their life who will miss them.
    Great job, JD Robb, Nora Roberts

  20. I don’t remember the exact year I started reading the In Death books but I think I started at 15 and went backwards to catch up. I’ve read Nora for years before that and ever after. Just received my signed copy of Golden. Can’t wait to start it.

  21. I recently reread the series .. got them in groups from the library. CONGRATULATIONS! The series continuity was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters again.. and to witness their growth in every book. You kept them true to their inner selves and deepened them through the series. I’d like to say here’s to 50 more .. that may be wishful thinking on my part!

  22. Finished Golden a couple of hours ago and loved it. Saw such growth in Dallas and her relationships. Just love the ID books! Think Peabody showed a lot of maturity, and seemed to take more responsibility in the investigation. The ending was really special.

  23. Started reading as soon as the mail ran! Very good book! My favorite, as always, is Eve’s interaction with Dennis Mira. He’s just precious! Love this series and the character development and involvement. It’s like visiting with old friends. Thank you.

  24. don’t know where you live but I got mine thru Kobo on release day. Maybe try there!

  25. I was a Nora romance junkie, re-reading my favorites over and over until I picked up a In-Death over labor day weekend two years ago and quickly picked up 4 more. I’m starting number 32. So it’s fun to see the spoilers and excerpts.

  26. Great as usual! Loved Mr Mira’s part.
    Reminded me of Seduction In Death. Another set of rich kids who think they are entitled to do whatever they want.
    If you count the novellas, this one is the 60th story. It is the only series I have not got tired of and just quit reading. I still can hardly wait for the next one. I couldn’t remember the Pettigrew reference either, I better go back and read it again.

  27. The only problem with “In Death” books is that I can read them faster than JD Robb can write them – even though she’s a prolific writer! Just love them to death! So before the next one comes out, I have to go back and re-read the old ones!

  28. This may have been stated somewhere I didn’t see, but what is the explanation on the cover poster? Loved the book, as always.

    1. Readers were asked about 7 months ago to submit selfies holding their favorite in Death. The ones chosen were used to create the larger JD Robb image.


  29. I was a Nora Roberts fan and really didn’t get into reading the death series because they were short compared to her other novels. However, I started a job that required a 2 hr one way commute 4 days a week. Music did not keep me alert in the mornings, so a friend recommended I try audio books. As I browsed the library for audiobooks (no Overdrive then, only CDs) I ran across In Death. The length of the book fit great for the commute. They were perfect and my addiction to the In Death series started!!

  30. I listed to audio, or books on cd when I quilt. one year I did 6 quilts in 6 months while listening to 14 JD Robb books in a row. it’s easy to stay at the sewing machine when you brain is interested in a good book.

    1. Sharon and Ali are right. And the ID narrator Susan Ericsson is one of my favorite narrators. Ms. Ericsson’s voice and how the characters sound in my head are the same (and I didn’t find audio books til about # 20)!

      Thank you again for all the great fun!

  31. Got it yesterday and finished it in two hours. My favorite scene was when Peabody pitched a fit and fell in it when Grange dissed her upbringing. Just because someone didn’t go to an expensive school doesn’t mean that their education is sub par. I went to college at C.S.U. Sacramento, and my brother graduated from USC, and he’s the one with a couple of Placer County arrest warrants.
    Just my $.02.

  32. Excellent, excellent story! A great #50. I’m part of a book group on Facebook and we’re all trying to figure out what is the flouncy thing at the waist on Dr. Mira’s dress, I think at her first appearance? Even our resident fashionista can’t come up with it. A very minor thing in the realm, but has our curiosity. Got a great giggle at Roarke’s suggestion about Eve’s teaching. Got me thinking about future scenes with great relish. The continuity in the stories, the blending of friends, associates, and others is wonderful. I’m the sort that is happy with my own company, but is also okay with my small group of friends and family when it happens, so I can get Eve’s (maybe also NR/JDR’s) befuddlement with how did she end up with all these people, while also enjoying or at least appreciating them.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s a peplum. Eve would never know the term. Mira would.

      Too many images on Google to post just one. But if you search, you’ll get the gist.

      1. Peplum. That’s what my mind pulled out when it was described. It pulled it from all those decades ago when I actually stitched clothing on a sewing machine. My grandmother did tailoring to supplement the income for many decades & she taught me. Sorry to say, I quit a long time ago!

      2. Thanks, Laura! I could see it in my head as soon as I read what you wrote. Fashion rotates all the time, doesn’t it?

    2. Isn’t the flouncy thing at the waist of Mira’s dress called a peplum?

  33. got Golden yesterday – stayed up too late reading it – finished it this morning – back to re-reading the series – up to #29 Kindred in Death

  34. One of my favorites! Loved #50 – and the way it ended.
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful series!!

  35. I was vacationing in Panama City Beach when a friend (Thanks,Donna!) handed me Naked in Death and said she thought I’d like it. What an understatement! I love these books and am getting ready for my second read of Golden.

  36. So far the book itself, the content and storyline, is great; I’m about 75% of the way through. I am, however, a little disappointed in the Audible version. The characters, their voices, bring sincere depth and consistency in each of these books, however, every now and then, a narrator just doesn’t fit to the voices. In this version, the voices for Morris, Charles, Barenski and Mr Mira all sound the same…there is no character differentiation. Roarke is there but even his voice is “weak” as compared to most of the other books.

  37. Thanks to Nora for her exceptional storytelling and for continuing this series. I started with Naked ID in 2004 as it was recommended by a stranger who saw me reading a mystery while waiting for a train. I will be forever grateful to him! Golden was very enjoyable as a continuation of the series and was another great procedural. Nora has the magic touch for character growth and development. I’ll be starting my reread again as a new ID always awakens the urge plus now waiting for “Hideaway”. Thank you, thank you again!

  38. I anticipated this book, wondering how you could make #50 stand out from the rest. WOW! Simple, Eve and a confidentPeabody work their case and run the team. It was a perfect “Golden” story. It sort of took us back to the beginning, bare bones. But all the warm friendship and love have added to each story. Well, anyway, consider this applause and a standing Ovation. Thank you Nora for hours of first class entertainment .

  39. A really good addition to the series. Loved it when Peabody came unglued and yelled at the horrible school director. Appreciated the way Chief Whitney backed her 100%. Spent about the last half of the book worried that the killer had put his former girlfriend (who had put her poor choices behind her) on the kill list. Very grateful that he hadn’t.

    I started the series when it was about 15 books along. I remember going thru those first fifteen titles at breakneck speed (during my summer break). I finished them all. Then I sat down and read them all over again! I didn’t want to leave Eve’s world.

    I have one quibble that’s been bugging me for awhile: as a cat person with two adorable felines of my own, I want to know how Roarke can wear a “midnight blue” suit and pet the cat without getting cat hair all over his suit. The navy blue sweater I wore yesterday needs some serious time with the sticky-roller before I can wear it in public again!

    1. I actually address this in one of the books. It’s early, and I haven’t hit the caffeine yet, but I think it’s in the next book coming. It’s just one of those little asides, so I could be wrong about which book.

    2. I figure, knowing Roarke, and considering this is in the future with AC’s, drying tubes, vertical lift on certain cars, etc; he’s got some handy machine he walks thru on the way out the door that magically removes all cat hair. And that’s got to be some machine because that’s not easy!

      1. I’m sure Roarke Industries has dealt with cat hair problems. Either fabrics repel cat hair (my preferred solution) or there is a “drying tube equivalent” that removes every trace.

  40. I actually address this in one of the books. It’s early, and I haven’t hit the caffeine yet, but I think it’s in the next book coming. It’s just one of those little asides, so I could be wrong about which book.

    1. Eve references the cat hair he is getting on his million dollar suit in Echoes in Death. It’s on page 112 in my hardcopy. Roarke responds ” It’s easy enough to deal with”. So no doubt Roarke Industries has developed a superior way to deal with cat hair. If so, it is the second favorite of the futuristic gadgets in the series. Right after the Autochef

  41. Started reading with Naked. In fact have the first seven covers with the blue lady. They are mostly falling apart. Got the first 5 in hardback. Love all your books. Was up for the signing of Golden. Great book.

  42. I started reading these in 2001 when my husband and I were stationed overseas. Bought Immortal & read it first without realizing my mistake – it had been shelved in the wrong spot so it was all alone. Went back the next day & found the right shelf & grabbed all the rest The BX had. Been re-reading and anxiously waiting on the next ever since.
    Loved Peabody’s flash of temper in this one! I was hoping for Eve & Peabody to get to see footage of when that awful woman was fired and kicked out of her office with the fancy fabrics so that we could see Peabody’s reaction.

  43. Oh I just love this series and all the characters.specially the Dynamics between Eve and roarke.just hope this never ends .and I keep praying for the long healthy life of Nora so she can keep dishing out these goodies. I was sad the Malory series ended with Johanna Lindsey’s demise . Please please take care of your health dearest 🙏 Nora .

  44. I had so much fun with this one!! I have a soft place for Charles so I was happy to see him in this one.

    I would love to go back and see how many times the word “gold or golden” was used in this one! I loved it and got a smile every time I read it. I thought it was a fun and clever way to do a shout out to book 50.

    I really loved the way Eve has come to appreciate being able to go home and will always smile now when I read about her coming home to the lights being on.

    This one will be re read a lot!!

  45. I love J D Robb I read the entire series again before Golden was released. Golden was a great read and I loved the flow from all the previous books. Hope you don’t get tired of writing the in Death series Nora.

  46. Loved the book. Loved Eve saying the guy couldn’t find his way out of a room full of doors. The characters just keep getting better. Mr. Mira was fabulous doing his usual thing, and showing us more of who he is.

  47. Got hooked on Nora’s books first. While waiting for a new Nora, decided to try J. D. Robb. The Eve/Roarke dynamic was the hook for me. My favorite part of In Death series is their relationship. While the storyline of Golden was good, it lacked Eve/Roarke time. Looking forward to 51.

  48. Got hooked on Nora’s books first. While waiting for a new Nora, decided to try J. D. Robb. The Eve/Roarke dynamic was the hook for me. My favorite part of In Death series is their relationship. While the storyline of Golden was good, it lacked Eve/Roarke time. Looking forward to 51.

  49. I don’t remember when I discover J. D. Robb, but I was hooked from the start. I adore series mysteries when the characters grow and mature, and Eve and a Roarke are two of the best!

  50. I ordered my hard copy though Turn The Page and started reading it while waiting for a fellow resident to finish grocery shopping. Another resident asked me if I had finished it two weeks later. I wound up telling him that I had finished it two hours later. I live in a transitional home for previously homeless.

    Diane Roach

    1. What did you think of the book? I find it funny that some people can take 2 weeks to read a book. I can’t do that, I find myself just powering through and then sad when the book is done. LOL

      1. I thought it was really good. I would like to have seen some more of the background characters, but that’s just a minor gripe.
        Diane Roach

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