Quick note from Nora

Hi to all!
I wanted to address the wantings and wishings that the trilogy  books come out all at once, or one right after the next. I’ve twice done  trilogies that came out in sequential months. It was fun, and a challenge.  However, in general, my trilogies span six month per book. The first reason for  this is — pretty simply — I have to write the books. I’m a fairly speedy  writer in the big scheme, but not so speedy I can write as fast as you guys can  read. There’s the research, the head-scratching, the blank-staring, the  what-comes-nexting and everything else that goes into getting a story down. And  even after all that, the book must be edited, put in production, a cover must be  created and so on. This all takes considerable time.
Add in, I don’t just write the trilogies, but two-full length In  Death books and a stand-alone Roberts hardcover every year–with a novella  tossed in now and again. They all take time, for me to write, for the publisher  to produce and schedule.
Even if I rushed it all, or was somehow able to write 24/7,  ignoring actual life, I just couldn’t write as fast as you can  read!
It’s incredibly flattering, exceptionally satisfying for me, as a  writer, to know readers are eager and anxious for my next book. It’s such a  tremendous compliment. I wish I could give you more, but I can only thank you  for the compliment, and continue to write the best books I can write, at the  pace I can write them.
When the wait’s over, I hope you’ll enjoy Shadow Spell as much as  you have Dark Witch. And when THAT wait’s over, I hope you’ll enjoy Blood  Magick–which I’m working on right now. In fact, I’d better get back to  it.

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  1. Thank for all the good reads. Looking forward to Shadow Spell.

    1. I’m surprised to hear people were negative! I’m thrilled that the entire series will be out in 1 year. Many series have a much longer wait time. I was also blown away by the number of books slated for 2014. So much to look forward to! Thanks for sharing your schedule, and for your impossible to put down books!

      1. Nora you are an amazing writer! Your books are so well written. With your creative story lines, intricate details, and charming characters it is mind boggling that you are able to write so many books each year. I have All your books except the few that are no longer in print. Most are in book form and some are iBooks. Since I love to read your books over and over again I have plenty to choose from while waiting for your next book!

      2. I agree- I was amazed the whole trilogy would be coming out so fast. Most authors only publish one a year. I was thrilled to see there’d be 2 “In Death” books this year- those are my favorites and I can’t wait to read them! But at the same time, I’d rather you took your time with the writing and published a book that continued to meet your high standards of writing than a book every few weeks where the quality dropped. You are one of the only writers I read whose quality of writing has stayed as good or better as the series continues!

        1. Totally agree!! JD’s writing gets better and better…quite pressurizing because many authors start to ‘lose’ it after the first few novels, but JD has improved and improved and is outstanding…don’t know how on earth she does it?

          Love the In Death series so much…have read them all three times now…but I’ve got a good memory, so I’m looking forward to a new one in February…Yeah…can’t wait!!


        2. I have to agree with Anne. I love your books and can hardly wait for them to be published, but at the same time, I would rather wait for a great read, than a so-so book. Please don’t sacrifice quality and characters for speed. Always adhere to your high standards. This is what makes you the celebrated author you are. Personally, I have the whole In Death series on audiobooks and can’t begin to tell you how many times I have played and listened to them. They are my favorites! Thank you so much for Eve and Roarke and the rest of the cast of characters.

      3. I love the speed that you write in. I also read a couple of other writers and they take wayyyyyyy longer to get their books out. I love that I can read a bunch of your books in the time it takes some of the other writers to gt one book out. Example have been waiting for over a year for a book from one of the other writers I read to come out with her next book. By the time I read her book you will have the whole trilogy out and I will have read it. Love you under both names. Have most of your books. I am in the process of downloading some that I can’t find any other way. Keep up the great work.

    2. Nora, anything good is worth the wait. I hate waiting too, but love the result. I am addicted to your love stories. Your characters have taken me through so many issues. Ironically, when I am facing some moments of stress in my life, here comes one of your characters to help me soul search. So thank you for the master pieces you give us.

    3. It gives me something to look forward to. I like the build up of anticipation and you give us such great reads while we wait.
      I’m just grateful you take the time to share such wonderful stories with us.

    4. Is Whiskey River in a series? Or what is your lastest series that is out?? Thank You!

      1. Whiskey Beach was the stand alone hardcover. book in 2013 and will be released in paperback in 2014. The newest series is The Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy and the first book, Dark Witch, is just out.


    5. I would rather wait between books and have an excellent read then have a book that was really “written” by someone else and they add a famous author’s name on it! There are authors that publish a large number of books yearly and the quality of the book suffers! I can always go back and re-read a favorite while I’m waiting!

    6. People need to remember hundreds of pages do not magically appear. It takes much time, dedication and perseverance to craft something that will entertain and engage readers. Plus, keep in mind there are other authors that put YEARS between the next book in a series and sometimes let the series just drop. Be happy that Nora is willing to keep producing great works!

    7. Nora…… you continue to take as long as your fantastic writing takes. Your books are still the most entertaining and well researched of any I read. The characters, the research on background all come into play so beautifully through every single page. A retired educator, I know that in our respective fields, the negative comments are the ones we hear loud and clear, while the throngs of positives are only felt in the quiet spaces where we, your avid readers, relish your craft! You go girl! Keep up the twists and turns and the most wonderful of stories out there!

    8. I have enjoyed you books for years!! Love them all so, I can’t name a favorite! Knowing there is a span of time between your trilogy books I purposely waited a few weeks before I started Dark Witch and I forced myself to read slowly!! I learned that with patience I was able to enjoy a Nora Roberts book for two whole weeks!!! Now I anxiously await book two while I enjoy a few good “beach reads” in between!!

    9. I have every book you have published. Some of them are well read and were not new when I got them but are well loved. Since I have been reading your books I have gotten most of my friends hooked. I have read some of your J.D.Rob books and like them alright be your writing style as Nora is by far my favorite.
      One day I’m hoping to get to meet you and have an autograph. Keep on with all of your great stories. The waiting only makes the story better. I just get to reread some of my past favourites.
      The first ones I read was Montana Sky. That just got me hooked but my favorites are the three sisters trilogy.
      Thanks for all my wonderful memories.

  2. Oh my gosh, you take your time! I love your books so much, and while it’s tough to finish one book and wait for the next, it’s only because we’re excited to see what happens to the people you’ve made so real!

    Plus, if you put books out any faster, I’d go broke. Thanks so much for year-round reading!

    1. I enjoy reading all of your books. I really don’t mind the wait between the series, as it gives me something to wait in anticipation for. Nothing better than a Nora Roberts book, a nice warm fire, and a cup of coffee to fill in the afternoon or evening!!
      Thank you so much for all the great writing!!

    2. Jen, I agree! My husband is always making fun of me for reading her books over and over again. When he asks me why, I tell him it’s because he could never afford it if I only read a book once 🙂

  3. Thank you for everything you write! Its a tremendous gift to be able to do what do. Thank you for sharing that gift. After i finish reading one of yours i reread something from the past waiting for something new. Thank You again

  4. I appreciate the lapse & the resulting anticipation!! Frankly, when a trilogy is over I feel a bit sad so this works for me just fine! (I know that’s a load off!! “Whew, Cyndi’s good with it”.) lol 😉

    Thanks for all the great books.

    Enjoy your holidays.

  5. thank you miss nora for eve and roarke..as well as the donovan legacy..they are my fave. i keep on reading and rereading them. till next In Death book.

  6. Oh wow Ms. Roberts! You mean you actually have a LIFE? It’s easy to forget that my favorite writers are people too with family, varied work commitments and personal enjoyments.

    Thanks for reminding me that you’re human 🙂 Thank you so much for all you do. Your books are a source of delight for me. Your writing hooked me many many years ago and I’ve enjoyed seeing your talent expand. Your family (and your teachers!) must be so proud!

    Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas to you and yours!
    -Kahler Hunter


  8. You are such a phenominal writer that you have us hooked by the second chapter and we just NEED to know what happens next. Thanks for sharing this incredible talent with us!

  9. Thank you! Love your books. Please keep on doing what you do so well ~ keeping us totally entertained

  10. You do whatever you do to get the job done. It is well worth the wait. Love all of your books (i got hooked reading the MacGregor series).

  11. Every time you write a trilogy I say “This is the best Nora Roberts book”! Then you write more and I’m forced to change my mind! You keep writing and I’ll keep reading, I promise!!

  12. Thank you for all your hard work! Even though I have read about 150 of your books. I still get excited when a New NR / JD book comes out. Your work has inspired me more than you will ever know. Thank you again.

  13. So thankful that you are sharing your gift with us. Ditto on the read again, and again, and again. I have been downloading your books on my Kindle – as I can make the print larger – had cataract surgery yesterday so now I can probably re-read your printed books again. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment.

  14. Nora, if your books came out any faster I would be unemployed as once I pick them up there is no laying them down. They are so satisfying, Thanks for your talented storytelling. You never disappoint!

  15. Ok, so when you put it that way it really makes sense lol. It’s good to give time in between, I find. That way it isn’t overwhelming . Just please, don’t think of retiring LOL!

  16. Good Morning Nora,
    Please don’t apologize!! When I think of the number of books you put out; you are right…you will never be able to write as fast as we read!! So all of us “Nora Afficionados” will just have to make do re-reading your most memorable books in between the new releases! I am an avaricious reader and I simply cannot wait to get the next installment of the O’Dwyer trilogy….it is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us..here’s hoping you have a wonderful, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!! ♥

  17. Just finished reading Dark Witch. Even though it is hard to wait for the second and third books to be written and published, I think the anticipation makes the reading that much more enjoyable! You are my favourite author and I often wonder how you are able to write so many books and have them be so well written and enjoyable! Anyone who is chomping at the bit could go back and re-read some of your other excellent books! I could read your In Death books time and again as they never fail to satisfy my craving for a good read!

  18. I am an avid reader of your books and am thankful for the time you take to complete each one. Continue as you are….obviously it works!

  19. I say keep up the great work… I was never a person to sit and read a book 2 years ago. Today I can not put my kindle down! Please be honored to know I have only read your books so while waiting I am reading past trilogies. Continue the great write and tanks for giving me something I have been missing for so many years 🙂

  20. Thank you thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us. I am sorry that you have to explain things that people should already know and understand. Magic takes time and energy. We are all caught up in the spells that you create. Bright blessings on you and your family this Yule season and will be looking forward to the new year’s spells 🙂

  21. Wouldn’t it be something if you could write as fast as I read? Oh well I will anxiously await your next book that I will have done in 1 day because I can’t set it down. Thank you so much for the many stories and characters that I have fallen in love with. You are fantastic, Thank you again. Lisa

  22. Thank you, Nora, for all the great writing. I find it quite amazing that you put out as many books as you do every year. You are blessed with a great talent!
    I have to share a request from my husband. He is not a reader of romance, so I was quite surprised when he wanted to read the Circle Trilogy and really enjoyed it. He asked me the other day, if you were going to write another similar to it. Since I would love that also (have read it many times), just thought I would add that thought.
    Looking forward to all those great releases next year! Hope you have wonderful Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  23. Hi Nora, we love you! and love reading your books, whenever you get them ready for us! we are selfish, I admit, but realize that you have to take the time to write them. Your storytelling skills are so amazing, and your books never disappoint, so just know that we will wait (sometimes not so patiently) until you are ready to send us another story. Just don’t stop! Hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for you, who has been my favorite author for too many years!!

  24. I say keep up the great work… I was never a person to sit and read a book 2 years ago. Today I can not put my kindle down! Please be honored to know I have only read your books so while waiting, I am reading past trilogies. Continue the great writing and thanks for giving me something I have been missing for so many years 🙂

  25. I have enjoyed every single book of yours I’ve ever read. But I have to say I LOVE the trilogies the most. Mainly because I hate when a really good book ends…just knowing the story will continue makes me very happy. I’m reading Dark Witch now and am already loving it!

  26. Thank you for all the wonderful books you have written. I just look at the time between new books as the time for me to re-read all the other books! Especially any and all of the In Death books!! Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!!

  27. I have a small list of writers who, once a month or so, I send “WRITE AS FAST AS NORA ROBERTS” thoughts at. Some of them write one book a year, some a book and a short story. Having tried to do NaNoWriMo the last two years, I have no idea how you manage as much as you do. So thanks for that 🙂

  28. It truly is hard to wait but I know that the waiting will result in yet more great books to read! I loved Dark Witch. Nora, you just keep getting better and better. Thanks for all the “traveling” you have helped me do. I will be taking my first real trip to Ireland for my 60th birthday next year. My only regret is that this first time, I will not be visiting Ardmore!

  29. I think your books are fabulous! When I read your new releases I always end up rereading old ones as well as I’m then in the ‘nora zone’ I have read all the in death ones 3 times and enjoy them just as much on the reread! The wait makes them exciting and gives me something to look forward too! You write an incredible amount

  30. Thanks for the message Nora!

    Although it is hard to wait for each book you write I would rather wait and have you write it the way you want it written than have you rush it. Recently, I’ve tried to “slow down” my reading of each In Death book but it is very difficult because they are so great.

    The last one, Thankless In Death, I managed to read over the course of just over a week – and I really had to work to make that happen. There have been times when I’ve read an entire In Death book cover to cover in the span of one evening – but then I’m left with no book to read so I try to avoid that now.

    If you keep writing them, I’ll keep on reading them.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Stay safe.

  31. I anticipate the arrival of your next great book. I have always considered you my favorite author. I don’t own every book you’ve written but 5 shelves on my bookcase keeps me happy. I’ve always got a Nora or JD to enjoy. Thanks so much for enriching my life.

  32. It is difficult to wait, what seems like ‘forever’, for any continuation of your trilogies or other series. I was on tenterhooks while waiting for ” The Last Boyfriend” and “The Perfect Hope” . But I think anyone who has found an Author that they truely enjoy, and respect, well, quite honestly, it makes the wait all the more worthwile..

    I am so very much looking forward to “Shadow Spell” and “Blood Magic.”

    You are truely an inspiration, Ms. Roberts…

  33. ! ♥ !
    The waiting is the hardest thing! I am so anxiously awaiting the next J.D. Robb!
    I hope you never tire of writing that series. Be well 🙂

  34. Nora, thank you for taking the time out from your writing to talk to your fans. I am in awe of the fact that you generally produce six books a year!! That is an amazing output for an author. It is even more awe-inspiring when the books are such QUALITY novels as yours are. Take your time and enjoy your work… you DESERVE that and a life in between also!

  35. Even though there is the long six month wait for the next book it is always worth the wait to me. I love the fact that we get to build excitement for the next wheather it’s a trilogy or another book. Thank you Nora/J.D. for the books, and entertainment, I love it and the books. Well wishes sent to you and yours and you hard working staff Nora.

  36. Loving Dark Witch right now. Looking forward to Shadow Spell. I love the magick!!!

  37. Hi Nora!

    The first book I read that you wrote was Purity in Death and that was in paperback so it had been out for a bit. Imagine my thrill when I discovered this was part of a series!!! I made it my personal mission to go back to book 1 and buy them and read them all in order. The I found out the JD Robb was Nora Roberts. Well now I had a whole new selection of books to choose from. I have long caught up on the JD Robb series and won’t even begin to count the number of NR books I own. I can only say that I look forward to each and every release with great anticipation. In between, I re-read (can’t tell you how many times I have already re-read Whiskey Beach – I LOVE that book!) Do what you do and your many fans (including me) will be here to snatch up your new offerings as soon as they hit the stand!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  38. I just started dark witch and im loving it already!! I love most of the books you write and cant wait till the others come out!!

  39. Thank you so much for responding to all your fans. I too have been an avid reader of yours for more than 20 years now. I can relate to those that wished that you released a book every month, but am simply amazed that you release as many as you do a year! Your talent knows no bounds, and I am so grateful that you are willing to share it with all of us.
    I find for myself, that since I usually finish one of your books in 3 days, that I will reread the books just prior to the release of the next. Quite often, I will do that with either the trilogies or the In Death series. Of course, between times I just reread as many of your books as I can. Some of them I have read more than 10 times now. You are the only author that I can reread, over and over, and for that, I thank you!

  40. I hope the comments weren’t too negative. I will admit I hate waiting for the next books. They are just so wonderfully written! I am patient enough to go back and read other books I haven’t read of yours or to tackle the in Death series a little more in the meantime. I’d rather wait for an amazing book than having you rush just for readers and it not be as amazing.

  41. I completely understand the work and effort that goes into writing one of your books. However, what is frustrating is that publishing companies have pushed back the release of trade paperbacks to one year after the publication of the hardcover. The release of paperbacks used to be six months following the hardcover. Publishing companies are attempting to make as much money as possible on hardcover’s since these cost more than a paperback. What that means for those of us who need to save a buck is that we actually have to wait a full year from the release date to obtain a copy of the book. So, I completely understand that it takes you time, energy and much appreciated effort to write your fantastic stories I wish the publishing companies wouldn’t be so greedy for buck.

    1. Actually, for as long as I’ve been writing, a paperback release of an original hardcover was about a year. It does, indeed, cost more to publish a hardcover, and if publishers can’t recoup a good chunk of their outlay there, they can’t stay in the business of publishing books. If they don’t make money, they can’t pay writers, editors, production staff and so on–and readers won’t get the books.

      I do sympathize that there are readers who have to budget their book money. I’m always suggesting libraries for those who don’t want to wait for a paperback release and just can’t afford the hardcover price.


  42. Thank you, Nora! Your note is so appreciated and another reason why you are the best at what you do. Write on! ❤️

  43. I highly enjoy your books. I have read your stories over and over again. It’s always like rewatching a favorite movie every time I read one of your books for the second or third time. I usually wait til the last book of a series is about to be published before I buy and read the previous two. This way I do not have to wait to find out what happens next. You are such a gifted writer. With that being said, you take the time you need and do not let others get you down. 🙂

  44. To walk a mile in a writer’s shoes would change the opinions of a few I would wager a bet. ( I know this as fact )
    I am of the few in that I love the wait. It’s something I look forward to and as delicious as your favorite plate of comfort food, you know it’s coming and look forward to chowing down when it finally reaches the table.
    Like fine wine, peoples, her books can not be rushed. . .

  45. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who finished Dark Witch and scoured the internet to find out when the 2nd book in the trilogy would come out!!!

    Thank you, Nora. Can’t wait for more.

  46. Even though I’m always anxious for your next book, especially when you start a trilogy. That’s just me as a reader I have to finish the series now! I also understand the process into going into publishing a book. You’re writing is definitely worth the wait. Thank you for filling my years fully of wonderful stories and great characters.

  47. Of course I would just sit and read your books all day! Even when I buy the newest book I set it aside to savor it for a few days, cause once I start I will read it all at once! You are my favorite author & I appreciate all the time & thought that you put into your books! Take your time & keep em coming…& please don’t ever stop writing!

  48. May I recommend that you go back and start from the beginning while you are waiting. The Villa is my fav book of all times and I find myself in that story over and over while I’m anticipating another read. By the time life and a couple of novels happen I’m ready for the next one.

  49. Thank you for all the books, I always reread my books. You can only do what you do. :-).

  50. Although it can be frustrating to wait for a book to come out, it’s also fun feeling the anticipation building and anxiously awaiting its arrival! Nora, thank you for the countless hours of entertainment you’ve provided to me and so many others. I’m constantly amazed that you can write as quickly as you do, and still produce such wonderful books, with characters that never fail to touch my heart. Can’t wait for the next In Death book and for Shadow Spell. Keep ’em coming 🙂

  51. Nora:
    I don’t think any of us realizes just how much work goes into the books you write for us. We do know tho, that as quickly as you write them, we can gobble them up.
    Thanks so much for keeping us all so very entertained with all of your books. I don’t think I could ever pick just one as a favorite… I love them all.
    And believe me, I’ve read all of them at least two times each.

  52. I am thankful that you are still so prolific in an age so many of us is addressing retirement ;).

    And even when you’re not around any more – something I don’t think it’s ever going to happen – You’re a MacGregor after all 🙂 – your wonderful books, characters and stories will hold me until I can oh-why-so-long-before-the-next-book whine on Heaven.

    Much appreciated for all the lifes you enriched my life with,

  53. Nora,
    You are one of my favorite authors and it boggles my mind how many books you put out in a year! I love all of your stories and characters are wonderful; great attention to detail, suspense, romance and characters I care about. About 4 years ago, our city was hit with a big ice storm and we were without power for 4 days. Your vampire trilogy got me through…it was great sitting in front of the fire wrapped in a blanket, a glass of bourbon by my side and a flashlight to read by. I didn’t miss TV at all!

  54. Seriously, Nora, I have always been THRILLED at the pace that you write and release books! So many writers release books so infrequently! I have always loved your work ethic and the quality of your work. The Dark Witch was exceptionally good and I am eager to read the rest if the story, but I can wait! Right now I am rereading the In Death series. It has been so long since I read the beginnings of Eve and Riark- it’s a delight to visit them again. Thanks so much for everything you do. You are my favorite author and I was fortunate to meet you at two book signings. Would love to see you in California again sometime.

  55. You go right ahead and take whatever time you need to make sure the books are well-written. If you rushed just because some fans wanted you too the books would not be near as well done as they are now. So yes, while I get anxious waiting for the next book in a series I’m reading, it’s better to wait than be disappointed. Long may Eve and Roarke reign supreme!!

  56. I’m simply excited that there is so much to look forward to in 2014. I think I would be in big trouble if you could write as fast as I read. I’d never get a thing done! Thank you so much for your hard work, imagination and creativity. It’s an inspiration to me as well as my lovely escape from the real world.

  57. I love your books, and am constantly amazed at the high volume you turn out every year. While the wait is always hard when looking forward to the next in a series, like others have said it is those times I turn to other books I’ve read and reread my favs. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  58. Nora thank you for sharing your great talent with all of us. I too am one of those that chomps at the bit waiting for your next book to be released but have learned to be a little patient, because the wait is always worth it. Again thank you for enriching so many lives by sharing yourself with us.

  59. You’re an excellent story teller, I’ve been reading your work since the mid 70s and, truthfully, you’ve changed and saved my life. From reading Born in Fire, I knew I had a brain aneurysm when it broke and was able to stay conscious enough to tell the EMTs what it was which literally saved my life.

    Your publishing schedule lets me inhale new books and reread and refresh when the next one in the set comes out. And the time in between to remember and anticipate. Can’t ask for more then that! Love your work!

  60. Thank you for all the wonderful hours of reading you have given me. I love the characters, the motives, the twists and turns. And the time between trilogies gives me time to go to an older trilogy or maybe an In Death or sometimes a hardback to “visit” old friends. Most of all, the weekend before the next part of the Trilogy comes out, I go back and read the previous one or two. Yep – by the third book, I’ve read the first one twice LOL. Works for me! Part of my thanks on Thanksgiving will be to you, Nora, and your wonderful talent and skill with words.

  61. Nora,

    Take your time! I have NOT read every book you’ve written and I’m so far behind in catching up. I have so many books by other authors that I’m trying to catch up as well. So don’t worry about rushing to write when it comes to trilogies. I haven’t even read the quartet that you published a few years back, but I will read them when I can.

    I used to read maybe 5-6 books a week 20 years ago and now I’m such a slow reader with my busy schedule and I have a lot of patience. I LOVE your books and I just finished reading Whiskey Beach, a really GREAT read!


  62. If you write it, I’ll read it. Take all the time you need. I have all of your books to keep me company while I wait for more. Thank you for my “old friends.”

  63. You will never hear a complaint from me, and be assured I will be waiting to read each story in its due time. Your gift of story is appreciated by myself and so many others. It is unfortunate that the lack of respect and understanding of the process by some would leave you to feel that you needed to justify yourself. Never fear…you will always be #1 with me.

  64. Nora, thank you for all the books you write. I enjoy them all when they come out and many times after. I hope that you can keep writing for many more years to come.

  65. Hi Miss Roberts
    Do not worry about us , wanting you to write faster, for 25 years i have been reading your books from the Flower series to all the J.D.Robb books, and the wait has always been well worth it. I am reading the Dark Witch one right now and i am making myself put it down once in a while so it last’s longer, hehehe
    And thank you for getting me thru some of my darkest hours with your books and also giving me some great laugh’s along the way.
    Christine Noble =^.^=

  66. Just keep ’em coming! With trilogies, I tend to wait until they are all out then read back-to-back-to-back as I cannot stand the suspense of waiting! I have always been so grateful you decided to write Seth’s story in Chesapeake Blue. Those 4 stories of the Quinn brothers are my favorites. In your free time 🙂 I think it would be awesome to write a novella updating us on how your trilogy/quartet characters are doing…I know, I know…they are living happily ever after! Thank you so much for all the stories you share with us. The good Lord has surely blessed you.

  67. It isn’t that we expect you to write any quicker or spend all your life working, we would just like for some series (especially magical series) to be held until all of the books in the series were ready for publishing, and then publish them in consecutive months. Please, do not stop writing your other books in your usual order, since we eagerly those also especially the IN DEATH series. Thank you for all of your hard work which provides hours of enjoyment to millions of us around the world. Have a healthy, happy holiday season.

    1. I would rather have them the way they are and spread out. It’s bad enough that Nora’s publisher has her release dates the week before Catherine Coulter.

  68. I absolutely love your novels. I am going through nursing school and when Dark Witch came out I had to get it. It is my escape from the life of medicine. Thank you so much for the stories you write. I love all of your trilogies. And of course I can not wait for the rest of this trilogy to come out!!

  69. you take your time Nora, i love your books- and the effort you take to write them is awesome- also, the variety (in death, trilogies, stand-alones, novella’s etc) It’s a wonder you have any personal time at all! btw, Happy Holidays! 🙂 look forward to a few pics 🙂 xo

  70. Wow! I did not know that there was alotta process to b done with. I mean,I had no idea about all of that..I knew that it would take time for the book to be edited and to choose a book cover and anything but I had absolutely no idea that the novals and even the trilogies go thru so many people bfore it comes to the readers’s hands! I’m just shocked about that. Well,Nora take ur time,sweetie. I’m sure that we all can re~read some of ur older novals and trilogies while waitin’ on ur brand new releases. And speakin’ of brand new releases, I had seen ur new release/reprint schedule book list and I was absolutely pleased and even shell~shocked that ur gonna release 5 brand new release novals and even the rest of The Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy,that’s just awesome and great! I can’t wait to read some of those. But in the meantime of waitin’ for those new releases,I know that I can wait for them and in waitin’ for them I can totally read some of ur older trilogies and even ur novals,I am also so far bhind in catchin’ up with u that I know that I can read some of ur trilogies and novals that I’ve never even read bfore…..most of them for the 1rst time. I sometimes like to re~read some of ur older stories,especially the Christmas stories bcause they just touch my heart so much and leave such a lastin’ impression on me. I love that ur my favorite book author,u’ve always been and I just wanted u to know that. Ur characters and even ur stories is what keeps me coming back to read more and more of ur novals and trilogies and I just love that fact! I know that ur characters are only fictional but to me,they just feel…….real! And I can’t seem to explain y that is,but they just feel that way to me! I actually still can’t get over the fact that u’ve already wrote over 200 books/novals and trilogies,that’s an amazing talent that u have. I know that I haven’t read ur books for years and years like alot of ur readers have,I only wish that I could say that but I can’t. I have only read ur novals and trilogies since 2010 or 2011,I think? I’m not real real sure about that.I do know that I’ve been watchin’ ur movies since 2009 and all it started with is Midnight Bayou and by then, I was and still am totally hooked on ur movies. I think that the first time that got me hooked with ur books was River’s End,Black Hills and even Spellbound and I’ve been hooked ever since,lol! Anyways, like I said, just take ur time on writin’ ur novals and trilogies and even ur JD Robb series,too. We’ll all b patient and wait on those beautiful and gorgeous books to savor or gulp it up and everythang. Good luck on ur upcoming novals and even the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy (and speakin’ of that trilogy, I am readin’ Dark Witch and it is just so wonderful right now that I can’t even put it down but I try to so that the book will b able to last longer,lol). May u have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday and may u have the merriest of Christmases!

  71. Wow. I guess I never realized you put out that many books a year. No wonder you have 37 In Death books

  72. I use the time to think about what I read, enjoy it, and reread it!! Anticipate the next one. I have horded all the JD Robb books, and haven’t read a one!! As I have been a fan since ‘Irish Thoroughbred’ I feel that is quite a feat!! My mom use to tell me that you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time!! Blessed Be Nora…..

  73. I always look forward to the next Nora Roberts/JD Robb book with such excitement. I know we as fans can be a bit impatient but the anticipation of the ‘next’ book is sometimes hard to quell. But I’m grateful for your talent and the joy you provide me in those moments when I can sit down with the “new” book and just get lost in the story. In the meantime I’ll search for other books to read and many times go back to an ‘old’ friend and re-read one of your books to bide my time.

  74. You are simply the best storyteller. I read a lot and I always try to make myself wait to start your books…impossible!!!

  75. Just a note to say I really enjoyed Dark Witch, Mirror, Mirror and Thankless in Death – no matter how long before the next comes out I’ll never complain. You do an excellent job, Nora – I’m never disappointed when I buy your books. Hope you have a very beautiful Thanksgiving with all the trimmings and family time that you deserve. May you and yours always be safe and happy. Peace, Melissa

  76. Nora – I have every single one of your books and have read them more than once! You are the best author of all time in my book. Not one of those books ever disappointed. I would much rather you take the time to write a quality book than to try and rush through them to satisfy a few negative people. Your books are well worth the wait. And, if I decide I want to read a trilogy all together, I simply purchase the books and wait to read them until I have them all! Thank you so much for sharing the gifts that God has given you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas!!

  77. Although it’s extremely hard, I wait for the entire series to be released & then read them. I’ve trained myself to line the shelf until the last book is purchased. Although, when the Inn books came out, I started the first 2 to keep my mind from dwelling on some unpleasantness. When I read the 3rd book, the wonderful momentum from the first two was lost. But Nora’s books always take me to a place of comfort & refresh the soul!

  78. Nora, I get so much enjoyment from your stories. The trilogies are my favorite. With Dark Witch, I really enjoyed reading the story of the first witch and her children. It was lengthy enough to really get a good feel for her character. I hope you can somehow include more pieces of her life in the rest of the books. 🙂
    I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. You and your team have never really made us wait too long.
    Did anyone besides myself grow tired of waiting for Jean Auel’s long overdue installment? Nora has never taken that long!! Lol

  79. As a fan since the beginning with Irish Thoroughbred, I have loved your books. You are the only author that I buy in hardback and may also double it with an ebook for ease of bringing it with me. I always have a book in my purse and for the longest time it was yours. I use to be one of those that was impatient with waiting for the next series of books. Now I hang on to them until just before the last release. Well, not always. You are just to good a storyteller to wait sometimes. I enjoy the chances to imagine the worlds you create. My favorite for the longest time was the Royal series. Those books are so dog earred, I have to rubber band them to keep them together. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to imagine your worlds. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas and on into the New Year!!

  80. I know I get frustrated waiting, but I’d never get anything done if the books came out more often. Let her have a life so her books are better. Quality should not be rushed.

  81. No need to rush. I would never get anything done if they came out much more often! Let her have a life and write quality books!

  82. Just wondering which is your best sellout book? Just started theBlack Witch love it so far

  83. Oh, is that all! Just kidding, Nora. Your books are so interesting that I just re-read what I have until the next one comes out. I am finishing up for probably the 3rd time the Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy. Loving it again. I’ll just go back to my “getting full of Nora” bookcase until May.
    Thank you Nora.

  84. Nora, you are my favorite author. Thank you for writing the wonderful stories for us. The characters you create seem to come alive and become people you know. The story is always a page turner. I don’t remember which of your books was the first one I read. It was one of your early books. I’ve been hooked on your writing ever since.
    There’s something you said in the blog that grabbed my attention. It was the mention of ignoring actual life. As much as I love your books, I love the human, Nora, more. I always want for you to live actual life, to thoroughly enjoy and glory in actual life. It was on a trip to Ireland you were inspired to write The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy. I’d been hoping for another book or trilogy set in Ireland. You do Ireland so wonderfully. You have to live actual life to get inspirations, to have happiness, to enjoy being with family and friends. To be balanced.
    When I run out of Nora books to read, I just choose one I’ve already read and visit with old friends. I keep all the books because I will read them again.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

  85. I have posted something very similar here before, so I will just sound repetitive — I LOVE ANTICIPATION! I love waiting for one of Nora’s books almost as much as I love reading said book!
    As long as you keep writing them, I will continue waiting for them. Gladly!
    So thank YOU, Nora!

  86. Dear Nora,
    You are amazing! I just can’t get enough of your books. A year ago, October 2012, I retired from a job in research and could not wait to become a woman of leisure. Well, it really took some time to adjust to not having a structured schedule to adhere to. By December 2012, I was going crazy! However, while shopping at Costco, looking for books for gifts, I ran across your “Inn Boonsboro” book, “The Perfect Hope.” It caught my eye and I remembered reading one of your Chesapeake Bay books, decades ago. I thought, “Well, why not; I had nothing buy time.” I purchased the book only to realize it was the third book of a trilogy.
    Needless to say, I was very excited about reading the entire trilogy so I held off, deciding to request the first and second books for Christmas. Beginning January 2013, I began reading the “Inn Boonsboro” trilogy and had forgotten how much fun it was to read a good romance novel. Since then I set a goal to read every trilogy you had written, and I’m pleased to say I did! Well, still hungry for more of “Nora Roberts” I decided to read every Series/Connecting books. Here again, I accomplished my goal. To date I have read well over 100 of your novels since January.
    Now, for the first time since I began reading your books, I am having to wait six months to read the second book of one of your trilogies. I’m afraid I have been spoiled, because, in the past I could order an entire trilogy while reading the older books. However, I finished reading the first book of the “Dark Witch” trilogy in a few days and realized I would have to wait six-months before getting getting book 2. “Oh, noooooooooo!”
    Well, I’ve decided to go back and look for many other novels you have written, which I have yet to read. That should hold me until May 2014. :o) Once again, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your books, and to please keep them coming!

  87. Love the new except. Can’t wait for the book to be released. Have also read each of the In Death series at lest three times

  88. No worries. I’m content to re-read my favorites while waiting for the next new release, though at this moment I’m a few books behind on the new ones. Thank you for creating such amazingly real characters and intriguing stories to go with them!! 🙂

  89. I agree with most …your books are worth waiting for….and are well written…and get better and better….writing is a job and I think you love your job…..it is amazing how you come up with the ideas and how they grow….I will be eagerly awaiting the next book….thanks for all your vistions…Linda

  90. Don’t ever listen to the negative comments. I hate the wait too but I would go broke with more books out too fast, lol I just re-read the In death books over and over again!!! They take me away when I am in pain and depressed. keep up the great writing!!

  91. Take your time. I may be impatient, but I enjoy every book, every chapter, every page. I become thoroughly engrossed in your stories. Each book is an adventure.
    I do not like the wait between books so my solution is to wait until they are all available.
    Please keep writing. Take all the time you need. It’s worth the wait. 🙂

  92. Personally I’m one of those “voracious” readers who will be one of the first people in the stores looking for your books on the day of or day after they come out and I think they are always well worth any waiting for them since they are so well written that I feel like you bring me right into the story and I re-read them over and over again. I’m in awe of your talent and am content to wait for any crumbs from your table, lol, as they appear since they are so enjoyable they provide entertainment again and again. Keep doing what you do Nora and ignore anyone who wants to criticize – if they think they can do what you do, more power to them but I know I couldn’t. Thank you sincerely for bringing me into your world with the turn of a page.

  93. Dear Nora,
    I can’t believe that people would criticize you, as much as I would love to have a collection of your novels unread by me to go from book to book whenever I liked, I know I wouldn’t do anything else but read, we all need to have lives, family time etc so don’t listen to the negatives you are amazingly prolific in your writing, we’ll always want more but we don’t begrudge you your life!
    Thank you for tons of hours escape that I sometimes need from my life
    Love your ‘work’ xxx. Janette

  94. Nora,
    I don’t care how long they take I just read them over again. I am on my second time around on the in death series. Love love all your books. Keep them coming!
    I only have one request Eve and Roarke ,
    Are they ever going to have children?

  95. I want to thank you for the many years of ‘mini trips’ away from the wife, mom, and full time job person that I have been for the last 30 years. It is always a joy to sit down in the evening after all the chores are done and lose myself in one of your books. Now as I enjoy retirement and grand kids, I still look forward to my nightly visit with your books! Thank you for being a wonderful part of my life!

  96. Nora,
    I love your books; the In Death series, the stand alone books, and the trilogies. Someone else commented on their husband asking why they read books more than one time. I told mine that I reread books for the same reason he listens to his favorite songs over and over. The story and its words paint a picture in my mind that I enjoy no matter how many times I read it. I have a whole bookcase full of your books to enjoy over and over again. I wait with pleasurable anticipation for the next book to be published. Please know that your readers know how much effort you put into the work you obviously enjoy. Keep doing it your way. Best wishes and a hearty thank you from someone who has spend hours and hours enjoying your writing. Oh, and a belated thank you for letting us peek in on your trip to Italy. It was lovely to hear about it and to know you were enjoying it so much.

  97. You are a brilliant creative writer! Do your thing! I love your books; you are my absolute favorite author. Thanks for all the great escapes into other worlds!

  98. Thank you Nora for all your books. I enjoy each and every one. Yes,I anxiously await the next one every time.In between I sometimes re read an old one as I am doing now with Jewels of the sun. It is my favorite trilogy. As long as you keep writing I will keep reading.

  99. I waited two years for the next book in The Passage Trilogy to come out, and I’m waiting another year for the third. It was so long in between I had to reread the first book over.

    I can’t believe people are so impatient that they actually take the time to write and complain. It never occurred to me to write Justin Cronin and tell him to get on with it. Who does that?

    I enjoy having something to look forward to in 6 months, and for goodness’ sake – it’s not like she only releases one book a year – you’ve got In Death to read in between and her stand alone. Not to mention, there are other great authors out there, and I’m sure Nora wouldn’t mind if you tried some of their books. I bet she’d even recommend it.

  100. If you want to read the trilogy all at once, then wait for the last book to come out and then read all of them. I just look at it as an excuse to go back and re-read an excellent book by a fantastic author! Nora is one of the very few authors which I have read the same book more than once.

    1. That’s what I do…wait then read. The wait is usually worth it. Since I have all your books (even PMT) in print plus many in e format I’m never at a loss when I need a Nora fix!

  101. I of course would love a new ‘In Death’ book every week. I LOVE them and count the days until the next one. I have read Naked in Death 21 times and listened to it twice. I read all my books at least 4 times. ALL Noro Roberts books are the best. Thank you.

  102. Quality is better than speed or quantity. I love the J.D. Robb books because the characters have developed over time. You can’t wait to see what happens next. I listen to them on audio in two days, so there no way you can write them quick enough. Just finished the new release, once again Brilliantly written and Susan Erickson does a great job reading them! Thank you

  103. HI Nora!! I enjoy your work. Take our time. I have been reading your books for a long time now, but haven’t read a single book in the ‘In Death’ series… If I can call it that. no offense, but I haven’t. But I look forward to each of the other books that you write. Stand – alones or those that are part of a series..
    Your books have helped me get through some really tough times.

  104. Thank you Nora! I loved Dark Witch and wish the others were already out b/c I’m so excited for them, however completely understand. Can’t wait! 🙂

  105. I really enjoy your books, especially the IN DEATH series! People who have nothing good to say should keep their mouths shut. There are those of us who look forward to each book as it comes out and we realize Nora can’t write them as fast as we can read them but we are willing to wait for the next great read. Thank you for writing such great books. I have been a fan of yours for a while.

  106. Anticipation is part of the allure of reading for me. I love your books and the places and adventures I get from them all. Thank you for sharing your work. I look forward to many more years of stories!

  107. I sometimes wonder how some people can tell a wonderful writer like you know what is right and what is wrong. My family (my daughter) and I read Nora Robert’s books, J D Robb series and we have never EVER been disappointed in any way! You just keep up your own style, your own way and your loyal fans will be there!
    The first book I ever picked up was the McGregors series, and I was hooked. I lent the book to my daughter and that was a start for her too! I envy your talent! Keep up the greatest work!

  108. I am one who read voraciously and I usually get each new book the first day issued. Sometimes I read them immediately which makes the wait for the next, a really, really long time. Some times I wait a day or two, to savor the anticipation. I made a week one time. Usually what I do then is simply go back to the first book and re-read the entire series, especially the “In Death” books. I have “The Witness” stuck in my brain for some reason and while working on the computer, parts of the book keep popping up, weird, I know. I simply am glad that Nora keeps having ideas and is writing. I find it difficult to break in new authors to my reading schedule. I am pretty sure I have a copy of every Roberts book, which I began reading after the Robb books. I know I have every Robb book.

    So yeah, I would like the books more frequently but the anticipation is good for me and should be for others. Nay-sayers and negative opinions probably need to be aired, but get a life. Go out and do something for the world or sit down and try to write a novel yourself to understand.

    Sign me; mostly happy and I enjoyed the “In Death” book, I waited one day to read it after purchase. I am looking forward to the next Roberts as well

  109. Hey, somebody posted they had read the “In Death” series four times, does anyone else re-read? I know I have re-read the i”In Death” series over, every time a new book is issued. So that’s like 37 times I have read “Naked in Death”. . . and so one for the others, and that doesn’t include the novellas. I pick up new things each times as I read very fast and obviously miss things. “In Death” series has to be my most favorite books ever, and I cannot remember never be not be able to read.

  110. So sorry people have nothing better to do than complain. I for one am happy to get 1 book a year from you and anything past that is a bonus! Most Authors take at least a year if not more to write book continuations and I am more than happy to wait if it is a good series and a good writer. That said I feel you are a fantastic writer and gobble your books as soon as they come out and then that leaves me time to read my other favorites. Keep doing EXACTLY what you have been doing and I for one am happy to wait for your books.

  111. Nora,
    I cannot tell you how many books I have read in the last 50 years – the list is staggering! Some I have enjoyed, others have left me scratching my head and wondering what it was I just read. Your books have never done that to me. It is obvious the time that was taken to sort out the story before it was completed. I look forward to each and every book you write. You are a wonderfully talented woman and I wait patiently for each story that you tell. Do not ponder on the negative thoughts of some, but feel uplifted by the positive thoughts of many.

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