Provence, France Day 12

Work it out on a lovely morning while Jason and Kat sleep in and BW heads out to do some photography. Add a swim, some hot tub jets. Jason and Kat surface, head off to take their walk.  Think about work. Decide not to think about work and read instead.

[Please note, due to a warp in the time/space continuum — and snarky wifi — these are Kat/Jason’s photos from Saturday. — L]

Church by kat.
Inside the church by kat.
Cat with sidewalk grill. Photo by kat
Couple selfie #2. Photo by kat.

[Here are BW’s photos from Sunday. ~L]

L’aerodrome de Fayence glider experience. Photo by BW.
Castle of Tourrettes. Photo by BW.
The teal Lake? Question by Laura, photo by BW.

Hours of nothing much.

Everybody comes back, and nothing much continues very well.

I think being unused to nothing much my confused and relaxed system thought it was bed time. I drop out for a good hour on the sofa terrace.

But now it’s time for something more. Stagger off to the shower to clean up and wake up. We’re heading up to the hotel for their Sunday Pasta Corner. And as we start out, I realize it’s the first time I’ve left the villa the entire weekend.

Pasta Corner’s popular for a reason. Lots of families already seated–lots of Brit accents tonight. We opt for the whole buffet–that’s antipasto, pasta, dessert. For the first two it’s a build/choose your own from many options. First the extensive, colorful, fascinating antipasto bar. Fields greens, multiple types of olives and tomatoes, stuffed peppers, cheeses, fresh herbs, mushrooms. Big balls of mozzarella swimming in water.  Breads, breads, breads.

Olives with rosemary garnish Photo by kat.
Salad and massive breadsticks. After all, bread IS art. Photo by kat

We sit in the bright evening–and don’t forget the wine (wonderfully smooth). A family comes in with a little boy–maybe three–who is decidedly not happy to be there. Before long he makes his displeasure well known. I watch the mom carry him over to the lobster tank. This erases all displeasure. Lobster magic.

Now to choose pasta, sauce, additions to the sauce. BW goes for pistachio pesto. He’s a pistachio kind of guy. I’m red sauce with basil and garlic and marjoram.

Array o’pasta. Photo by kat.
Finished penne. Photo by kat.

It’s delicious.

And it’s a happy, relaxed, satisfying meal all around as the long twilight comes and goes, and the stars begin to wake.

They have a limoncello baba for dessert. There are other offerings here, but I don’t see beyond the baba. It’s just exquisite.

What to choose? Photo by kat.
Dessert flight. Photo by kat.

The walk back–and there’s the Bg Dipper in a crystal clear sky–isn’t nearly long enough.

We hang out in our living area, check the news. RIP Jerry Lewis. I recall a story when my father–a stage hand at that time–met him, and the inscribed lighters Jerry gave every member of the crew on the show. Thinking back deeper this morning, this was either at The National or The Carter Baron in DC, and Lewis played The Devil in Damn Yankees. Nearly sure of that, though I was very young.   BW remembers seeing him in Hellza Poppin’, and Jason heard a story about him going out the Stage Door to greet and spend time with a woman with MD.

The French President has called for a national day of mourning.

Today we’re taking a day trip to the French Grand Canyon. I can’t remember the name of the gorge–but will have it for tomorrow’s blog. The last time we were here, we drove the couple of hours, but there was tremendous fog, and we saw nothing but the thick curtain of mist. Today’s clear and bright, so we should have a fine view.

May have to shorten today’s workout as we want to leave around ten. Dinner at the villa tonight so we can stream some footage of the eclipse we’re missing.

There’s mist rising off the hot tub in the morning cool. I should carve out time for that.

Fancy hat stand. Photo by j a-b.


Today’s #randomkatness:

Random Panda. Photo by kat.

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  1. I always love the travelogues, but just want to say I am getting a big kick out of the “Today’s #randomkatness” feature this go around.

  2. Well, YUMMO …now I am thinking abt dinner and have not a fen had breakfast! Sigh!!!

  3. Oh those desserts! Belly up to the dessert bar! Sometimes, even on vacation, you just need to indulge your inner sloth , veg out when you feel like doing nothing or as little as possible, and take the day off from writing, sightseeing, etc. No one begrudges you some downtime. I do have a question though. Since my geography is a little foggy, does the proximity of your destination to Italy influence the menus? They seem to lean more toward the Italian than French cuisine. Just curious.

    1. I like “indulge your inner sloth”. I’m tempted to dross-stitch that on a sampler” 🙂

  4. The food looks soooo delicious. Now I a hungry. Loved the photos, the Panda are me laugh. Jerry Lewis was very popular in France, more so than in the US, so I am not surprised the president declared a national day of mourning. Enjoy your trip to the French, Vernon Gorge(?).

  5. Sorry. That should be cross-stitch, not dross-stitch. i don’t know how I’d dross-stitch..

  6. The eclipse here in Ninety Six, SC was awesome. A complete blackout. The Historical Site across the road from us was loaded with visitors enjoying the views. At complete blackout, there were cheers , whistling, and car horns blaring along with claps and sighs!
    It was too totally awesome!

  7. Here in NYC, hometown of Eve & Roarke, we did not have a complete blackout. It was awesome regardless. I enjoyed looking at the food- I’m a big fan of marjoram, but I’ve never thought to use it on pasta. I stick w/oregano, but time to try it.
    Those deserts are works of art. I make my own limoncello, but I’ll have to google limoncello baba. I learn something new every day

  8. I love tortellini. But im curious on why it’s green? I wonder if it’s veggie?

  9. “Excuse me, ma’am, but we can’t seat you yet. There’s a really large panda sitting there.” That’ll start a conversation.

  10. All I can say today is . . . I could live on pasta and salad. Every single item on that buffet would be on my plate.

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