Nothing Much

 Which is what’s going on around here. I’m in hibernation mode–mostly–so it’s just work, work out, dinner, sleep. Repeat.
It’s what I call the best.
I do break hibernation a bit here and there. The kids are allowed into the cave. With Kayla off to run in States–go, team!– to end her track season, and Logan’s basketball season winding up, I may see a little more of them. That’s always a bright spot in this relentlessly gloomy winter.
As a sign they’re pretty grown up, what was once a toy room/guest room is now, after my purge, just a guest room. Nobody plays with the toys any more, so it’s time to pass them on. A little sad, but then I remember a couple weeks ago after a sleep-over, Kayla and I putting our makeup on together in the bathroom mirror. Every stage has its little pleasures.
Plus, I picked out new paint and bedding for the room. I’ll enjoy seeing it freshened up. And our Sarah who often bunks there after a book signing will, too.
And thanks to Sarah’s gift of an amaryllis kit, I have a gorgeous February bloom.
While I ‘appeared’ in New York to celebrate my first release with St. Martin’s Press, I didn’t have to leave home to do it. My amazing publisher projected the cover of Echoes In Death, front and back on the Flatiron Building. This is just too cool. It’s also pretty sweet having a publishing team who thinks of the just too cool–so I can stay home and write while they do innovating marketing, create fun contests and design fabulous covers.
I can’t count the ways I love my home with them, and the people in it.
[Note from Laura:  Because I DO leave my house in the winter, I drove to NYC to see this in person and “reported” on the display.]
Last weekend I serious broke hibernation when BW and I went into Fit In Boonsboro to take their first Cize Alive class. I’m a big fan of Cize and of Shaun T, and use his DVDs regularly in my workouts at home. Knowing this, our manager Heidi gave me a little nudge to attend. And since my pal JoAnne planned to go, and added a second nudge, in I went. And BW decided to give it a go with me.
Fun stuff–fun, sweaty stuff–with a happy class and seriously energetic instructors in Heidi and Teri.

And we have video! Oddly, muscle memory goes to crap when you turn from the front of the room to the side to get the video, but I think the class pulled it off. I’m absolutely sure Fit’s members are going to love this addition.

The last break–and it will very likely be the very, very last until spring–hits today. If you’re a fan of NPR, you’ll have listened to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. If you haven’t, you’re missing something. I’m delighted they invited me to be their guest on the Not My Job segment. I recorded it live Thursday night–by phone–and it airs today and tomorrow on NPR. You’ll want to check your local listings if you’re interested.  (And the segment is now online.) 
Now with the annual house purging done and nothing on my schedule for WEEKS that takes me out of the house, I’m hunkering down. I’m working on the second book of the new trilogy, and can say without hesitation, it’s sucking my brain dry by the end of every day. It’s hard, complicated writing, and I couldn’t be happier doing it.
So nobody better poke the bear until April!


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  1. I’m so excited for the new trilogy! I put off JDRobb for so long and I loved it. I’m going to jump right in to this one! Even got my husband to agree that I can go to a signing for it. Hooray for that!

  2. Oh man, there are always elements of your life that inspire great envy in me. But, none more so than the freedom to hibernate in your home. Especially in winter (my favorite season). As a reader I’m grateful as this gives you quality writing time. As a person who values solitude it causes a bit of gnashing-of-teeth because I want it too. I’ll just have to project more and perhaps add a little pretending. Looking forward to reading the results of your brain-drain.

  3. I’ve been under a forced health hibernation and I’ve been re-reading my JD Robb collection + the last of your latest trilogy. Haven’t been able to get to Target for Echos in Death but I will soon. It’s National Ice Cream for Breakfast day so that is my goal for this morning and then a friend is picking me up for a It’s Just Lunch group lunch. Thank you for sharing your gift and peeks into your life.

    1. Oh, I will have to do ice cream for supper! Any excuse …

      Getting the books on MP3s or CDs, I don’t get to see the official back covers of the J.D. Robb books. I never knew I was missing things!

  4. I can’t wait to read Echos and hear your episode of “wait, wait don’t tell me”. It’s a favorite.

  5. As a drawing artist I very much appreciate your poetry in the written word. It’s often wonderful to escape into your stories for a break from the insanity of the day. Thanks for being inspired in so many differing ways. As an educator I am envious of the ability to hibernate. Good thoughts!

  6. Two of my all-time favorites combined: You and Wait…Wait!

    This is the ultimate Reese’s peanut butter cup moment for me!

    And I don’t even care that I just outed my age with that reference. ?

  7. I’m in forced health hibernation so I haven’t made it to Target ( gift card) to pick it up. While homebound I’ve been re-reading my J D Robb collection and completing the last book in the latest Robert’s trilogy. Thank you for sharing your gift and the peeks interested your real life.

  8. We listen to Eve and Roarke on audio books, and have gone through the whole cycle twice. (We used to commute daily to NYC.)
    We’re looking forward to the new book–may need a road trip.

  9. You’ve got your priorities right – the grands get to come into the cave! Does Laura have to put up a flare, to make sure it’s safe to come in? So looking forward to the new series, must be so exciting for you, even if it does hurt your brain. Just got the cast off my broken arm and part of healing time I spent re-listening to The Guardian trilogy. You made the islands (all of them) come alive for me. So appreciate how you share your gift with us.

    1. I must put all requests to approach the lane during Hibernation in writing — triplicate. And if my request is granted, I must never look Nora fully in the eye or else I’ll turn into a statue.

      I live in fear.


      1. Firstly: Laura, you are a gem! 🙂

        Secondly: I really enjoyed Echoes.

        Thirdly: winter is definitely too long of a season. I think we should petition the man upstairs to cut it in half and divy up leftovers to spring and fall.

        Fourthly: what trilogy is Nora working on now, and is the first of that set out already?

        Fifthly: I am so behind in Facebook, e-mails, WordPress (Gack, is my site ever pitiful! And I used to make websites before there were programs for making them. Knowing html comes in handy for a few things, but I feel like a dinosaur.) and posts here.

        Sixthly: I am not ignoring people. If I haven’t answered someone please excuse me. I love the friends I have made here. I’m busy trying to find out why I am down to 113 lbs at 5’9″ with a BMI of 16.7, and have been losing about 10# a month. I could be a skeleton in Summerset’s closet!

      2. Laura, thanks for my best laugh of the week! I even startled the bird, who’s the one in charge around here – just ask her.

  10. Thank you for allowing us a window into your life! You are my hero, my go-to read when I’m down, and my warm blankie when I’m sick (you and Jane Austin!). You rock!!!

  11. Loved the videos of Laura reporting from NYC on JDRobb portrayed on the Flatiron building and Fit in Boonsboro of Nora and BW exercising, he is a trooper.

  12. Hi Nora,
    Wow your hunkering down sounds like what I have been doing the entire month of February so far. I even took a break from my computer and phone. Now that says something for me.

    Oh it is sad to pass on treasured toys but every milestone brings new memories. There are a few things that I haven’t been able to part with, but the kids passed things on as they grew older so I really didn’t have to… Whew… I escaped that one.

    No worries, I will make sure that I am not the one that Pokes the Bear, at least not intentionally. I am flying out to Florida for 10 glorious days to do nothing but sit on a front porch, drink Iced tea, walks in the park and watch the Fireworks from Disney World? Land? I get them confused. My hostess said that there is flea markets and craft shops and beading in my future. As long as there is a few Margaritas thrown in, I will be a happy guest! Now I must find something for a hostess gift for her. That might present a problem as she has everything that I can think of.

    Have a great Hibernation and I can’t wait to read the new trilogy. Sound fantastic but I know that it can suck you dry trying to work on all that it entails to make the story come together. Hugs to you…. xx

  13. Loved the Fit video and the interview on the Wait, Wait don’t tell me. Fun. I guess I won’t see you until GNO in May. Have a good Winter hibernating and writing.

  14. I am purging closets and dresser draws too….love that feeling you get when you finish! We also threw out the last of the beach and pool toys from our grandsons. Sadly, with one in college and one in high school, sand buckets, shovels and tons of pool toys just are not used anymore. Passed them to a neighbor who has small kiddies still coming. Can’t wait for your new trilogy! Loved Echoes….one of the best for sure!

  15. Hi Nora,
    Every time I think I have read my favorite Eve and Roarke story you capture me with another tale. Thanks so much for Echoes in Death. It was so powerful!

    I am babysitting my 19 month old goddaughter this weekend, and she has the sniffles, so I didn’t catch WWDTM this morning. Look forward to hearing it, and seeing your exercise video later today.

    So glad you’re hibernating, and working on your new trilogy. Good writing to you!

    Thank as always,

  16. Congrats on your WWDTM appearance. Enjoyed it immensely. So grateful that I found Naked In Death at a thrift store 10 years ago after escaping an abusive marriage. I didn’t believe in true love until you rocked my world. Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us.

  17. Well, your brain amazes me. Every time I read a new book I wonder again how so many characters can be in the mind of one person. So I’m looking forward to reading the books that can suck it dry?. Luckily for your readers you seem to have a quick recovery. Loved Echos ❣

  18. b4 anything else, THANK YOU. I just finished echos 2 days ago- I got it late, & stretched it out as long as I could. It was great-no surprise there. Enjoyed it, & now comes the wait for Secrets.

    The Cize Alive class looks like so much fun. I really need to buy one & try it. I hibernate in winter re exercize- now that we have beautiful weather in NYC, I’m hitting the walking trails.

    I have one complaint- why weren’t we told about the flatiron building exhibit? I live right here in NYC, & I didn’t hear about it. Not all of us are addicted to facebook, so i missed it there. News like this should be shared here, or at Nora’s News. I would have been there in a flash- none of the local nora’s fans would miss it.

    1. I’m sorry I disappointed you Chevy. I work hard to make all Nora’s media platforms inclusive but sometimes I don’t hit all the marks.


      1. Laura, you do a great job. I am on Facebook often and rarely see any posts from many of the pages I “like” so it isn’t all on you but a Facebook thing.

  19. I have been addicted to reading your books for a few years now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! You have a very creative and talented mind. I have to say my very favorite is the born in trilogy…Born in Fire, Born in Ice and Born in Shame, I’ve read the trilogy twice. They have inspired me to visit Ireland for my 1st trip overseas. My best friend and I are going in 2 years. I only wish I could meet Maggie, Brianna and Shannon in person! Thank you for writing the books you write, you have captured the hearts of millions!

  20. Nora I loved you on WWDTM, my favorite author on my favorite radio program! You rocked. Echoes was wonderful and hit every note for me. Great Roarke/Eve dynamic, great mystery, great ending. (The music box had me in tears)
    Also, FYI, I too am not a Facebook fan and only go on it to check out Nora when directed, so missed the Flatiron.

  21. Dearest Nora, I do not exaggerate when I say to you that your books may very well have saved my life. I have been stuck at home for two years undergoing treatment for breast cancer. My oncologist strongly encouraged me to find something to be happy about even on the worst days. I live in a rural area, nobody around at all and with husband at work all day five days a week, my time was spent with myself. I had two of your trilogies when this mess started. I have read them, all six books, over and over and over until now, I can recite those six books from memory. Those beautiful stories were the only way I could get, and stay in, a happy place. I’ve read your other books, not all of them, but as soon as this crucible is over and every shiny penny does not have to be spent on treatment, I am going to treat myself by trying my best to find and purchase every book you have ever written. You amaze me, ladybug. You really do.

  22. You’re a dynamo, Nora. So much energy! I’m happy for you that your life is happy ~ that keeps you creative and writing my favorite series (In Death).

  23. I love reading anything Nora Roberts writes. My favorites are the In Death Series. I have spent many hours laughing and crying with this series. With her writing I can escape the rigors of life for a while. I often wonder while Nora is writing if she has an idea of which actors would play her characters if they were to ever come to life in a movie.

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