A Lot of Bits And Some Pieces

Just not much going on around here because it’s hibernation time.

Delighted to report that Logan–who’s grown another inch according to the Nana Hug-O-Meter and verified by measuring tape–scored a three-pointer to help his team win his basketball game. And Kayla–running the 3200 and the 4×800 relay–helped the Boonsboro Girls Indoor Track Team win the State Championship.

Kayla (left) in relay. Photo from HeraldMailMedia.com

Pretty sweet all around.

Meanwhile after work and workouts, I played (a little obsessively) with a Christmas gift from Jason and Kat. When we vacation together, we do fun panorama photos, with staging and considerable choreography. So for Christmas, they got me a jigsaw puzzle comprised of four of those panos. Fun, challenging and unique. And accomplished! Even if a piece appears to have gone missing from Sorento.

The perfect gift

I’m also thrilled my newly reupholstered living room furniture is now in place. And relieved it received potentially future interior designer Kayla’s approval. I like the cheerful, bright and warm look of it, and that I successfully played off the bird pillows I’m so fond of, and the gorgeous throw my agent brought me back from a trip to India.

Otherwise I’m deep into the book, socked in and happy to be so.

Since I’m here, I’m going to (once again) address a few points, as apparently there’s been a revival of chatter, misinformation and odd assertions on the internet.

Roarke is Roarke. Period. No, no, a thousand times no, he was not named Patrick after his despicable father. He is not, has never been a junior. He is very simply, now and forever–before and after and always–Roarke.

Readers dissatisfied with that are just going to have to accept it.

And just because Roarke rhymes with stork doesn’t equal baby. There will be no baby, biological, adopted, fostered, in dreams or conceived by Eve and Roarke in an alternate universe. (Also no to pregnancy scares which is just silly.) This is simply not going to happen for reasons I’ve explained many times. And no, Eve and Roarke will not babysit for Bella. Why in God’s name–seriously–would they? I really think Mavis and Leonardo can handle finding their own child care when necessary.

Eve will not find long-lost relations. This will not happen. Period. Done. Please??? And her father is DEAD. Really most sincerely dead. Doornail dead. Dead as Moses.

Supporting characters will not take the spotlight as Eve and/or Roarke are sidelined by injury, kidnapping, amnesia or alien abduction. They are, and will remain supporting characters.

I’m never, ever going to ask for reader input into storylines. I do not, as some believe, take reader suggestions and work them into a story, or adjust future stories, character traits, dialog or actions due to reader chatter (be it positive or negative). I write in my own little bubble, and that’s never going to change. If a reader feels ‘it’s time’ I shake things up, freshen things up, it may be that reader needs a break from my work. Nothing at all wrong with that.

In very practical terms, in logistical terms, by the time the chatter starts on a new book, the next is already written and with my publisher–and often the next two as the books are published every six months, and my personal process is to work about a year ahead of publication.

So the chatter doesn’t apply for me from a practical or a creative standpoint. Especially from the creative side.

As a writer, as a creator of a long-running series with recurring characters, I have to think both of the long view and each individual book. It all has to make sense within the world created, for the characters drawn, for the interpersonal relationships of those characters.

Trust me, I know the world and the characters.

Now, I’m going to drop myself into a different work with different characters. I like it in my bubble.


133 thoughts on “A Lot of Bits And Some Pieces”

  1. Damn skippy and I love your bubble! Your bubble greatly contributes to mine. 🙂

  2. I’ve been reading your JDRobb series, from the beginning. Just keep on writing and letting us live in our own little Eve/Roarke world.

    It’s almost Spring !

    1. If you ever quit writing your eve/roark books. I dont know what i would do. I think i would have to go into a rehab for the rest of my life. I wait every 6 months fir the next one. Please keep them comming.

  3. And that is exactly what keeps In Death fresh and exciting and logical in its universe. Many thanks!

  4. Your work has always thrilled me. I love it when something I want to happen, happens. I love it even more when I’m surprised! I continue to return to your stories, partially because I’ve determined that many of the other authors I read hate their characters on some level. The stories you come up with continue to amaze me, even after having read your work for more than half of my life. Never leave your bubble! Except for book signings and traveling (I love the travelogues!)!

    1. I just want to add in that I am always in awe of your talent, Nora. I am thankful that you share with us. I don’t know how you do it but YEAH! that you do! Your bubble is magic, please keep it!

  5. Well said, Nora! I’m sorry you have to keep repeating yourself, however. Why do people think they have the right to dictate how the creator of the work should do it? If they want things done a certain way, do it themselves! Otherwise, do like I do; just read & enjoy! No expectations except that I know I will continue my major crush on Roarke. Deep Sigh….

  6. Your bubble is just that, yours 🙂 I love your work, letting us live in your space for a little while with each new book!

  7. Forgot to say; love the couch!!! And the chairs look great; but I have a feeling I’d have a bit of a problem getting back up out of them!

  8. I do not like that you have to keep explaining these things to some readers!!!?
    Keep doing what you’ve always done, and true fans will be happy!!!

  9. People need to let the author do what she does so very well….WRITE! She would not be successful if she was a hack, which she definitely is NOT. I, for one, love that she is true to who the characters have shown themselves to be to her.

    Keep up the absolutely marvelous work, Nora! Your books have gotten me through many a bad moment, and I reread them many times over, to revisit old friends and places. Love your stuff!!

  10. Also, the Nadine and Baxter relationship came up again. I quoted the blog and the top 10 questions. I ignore the “what would you like to see in a storyline?” I used to answer those questions, but I’ve read your stories long enough to learn that you are much better than me at this and gave up. I think I gave up when you pointed out why Nadine and Baxter can’t be a couple.

    1. I think the reason why most people repeatedly ask the same question is because they don’t look online for the answer. I agree with you the baby thing is getting a little irritating to hear about I would hate to repeat that answer as many times as she does because if I’m sick of hearing it then I’m pretty sure she is sick of repeating it LOL. I probably was one of the ones that said something about needing and Baxter but when I said it I didn’t read the blogs. I think if the public read the blogs more they would get more of their answers. I knew about the blogs however I didn’t know where to go to read them I have only just read them when there was links to them. This is just a wonderful book series I am so happy to a found it ! And I agree you are amazing at writing storylines I’m not going to answer those questions anymore either . It’s interesting to think about but you are the only one that knows where you want to go with it and I like your bubble. You just can’t put these books down .

  11. Man, the internet has provided a place for a lot of good. But it’s not good when it provides a forum for trolls to throw out their opinions without any consideration of the harm or insult they may cause. It’s astounding the sense of expectation that people have that what they ask for, or even demand of an author will be met. Your characters are who they are because of you, Nora. For anyone else to think their input would make a better story for you to write is ridiculous. Roarke would tell them to “bugger off” and I hope you do the same.

  12. I like the world you have created with Eve and Roarke and don’t want any changes. I like your “bubble “.

  13. Brava! Of COURSE you know best what you want to do with YOUR characters, Nora! You created them – and they never cease to amaze and entertain my husband and me! There is the upside (and downside!) to the internet and the vast amount of input from EVERYwhere, and I am delighted to see your faith in yourself and what you have created, in the face of SO many opinions! We LOVE all of them, and we have absolute faith in you and your infinite imagination! What a gift! THANK you for sharing it so abundantly with all of us for so many years!

  14. Just a quick thank you for reminding so many of the answers you have already given numerous times.

    I really love the In Death series – have enjoyed every book numerous times and will continue to do so. The characters are real to me and my old friends! You keep doing what you do… you do it SO well. Sending love.

  15. My husband of 40+ yrs together, legally 39 on April 2nd, finally read a book (fiction, I’m the reader) winter of 2009 while recovering from by-pass surgery. He had seen my emotional reaction while reading it myself and decided he had to see the reason for it. I’ll admit, that author was not you, but I was thrilled to finally be able to share my love of reading with him. Reading was difficult for him in school, not sure why but in the years I have known him, he has self-educated and also read biography’s about people who interested him occasionally. In the four years since retiring along with woodworking he has become more interested in my library, asking for recommendations. I finally ran out of things to give him this past fall, and having spent last spring re-reading all of the In Death series, I thought he might enjoy Eve & Roarke. Genius! He does! He’s on the eighth and fast falling in love with them and all the supporting characters….Thank you Nora!!

  16. Nice to hear the Grandchildren are doing so well, and keeping us up to date with their achievements. Furniture looks great very inviting I must say.
    Having read most of your work, still have a little way to go to be able to say,” I’ve read everyone of your books”, they still keep me spellbound. And I just keep recommending them to all and sundry. It is just such a shame that I never will be able to go to one of your book signings. So your little snippets, and photo’s, of your everyday life are such a treasure, there aren’t many authors who will give all this time, that you give to your readers . Enjoy your cocoon at the moment, summer’s not far away, when your garden will be calling you….
    Take Care…

  17. Great news ,stand your ground / no input from us ! No changes .
    Love the new furniture / yes to the bird pillows and side chairs . I truly wish in my younger days I had bought a big old home and turned it into a B&B , just so I could decorate til my hearts content .
    Why , thank you .Your email, perked me up for the week .

  18. It is unbelievable that you need to keep addressing these issues. Personally, I like all your books just the way they are. I don’t understand why some feel the need to try to make you change things. I actually have only one major concern regarding the In Death series…your mind scares me sometimes! Some of the things you come up with, yikes! Love all your books. I hope you write forever.

  19. Oh Nora. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! How many times have you told the dizzy wits that Eve & Roarke are NEVER , NE.V.ER.- going to have babies/ pregnancies of any form or description? Hundreds. And yet they STILL continue to push that boat. For heavens sake people. She said NO!!!!!!! Get it into your heads!!!! NO. Enough. And as for all the other ideas. Where do you get off suggesting to Nora that her story needs a ‘shake up’? If you’re not happy either stop reading her books or write one yourself. Then you can put ALL your ideas in it & Nora can sue you!!! Great idea. Now shut up & let Nora return to her bubble & continue to write her FANTABULOUS books. Because if she ever stops because you have burst her bubble………….?????????

    1. I totally agree with you Nora! I love the In Death series and the characters just the way you’ve written them. Thank you!

    2. So so so well said ! Curious tho .. why should Nora even bother to continually respond to something like this . Bet the ones with the suggestions for improvements ??? could not write a Thank You note successfully .

  20. I so enjoy both Nora Roberts and JD Robb….Their characters and stories. I love re-reading your books while waiting for your next book or series. Your books make up the majority of my e-reader library. I need them to take me to faraway places I may never visit…But can see through your written page. Thank you!

  21. You just keep writing and I promise I will keep reading. No complaints, suggestions or rogue ideas from the quarter.

  22. Works for me and, as you point out, if it doesn’t for someone, then there are other authors! Looking forward to as many as you write Nora, love them all, and respect your “bubble”.

  23. Love your books, Nora!
    Ok, no more questions about Roarke’s name, about babies, if Eve one day take over a captaincy. Love your character just the way they are.

    Thank you, Nora, for your wonderful stories!

  24. I have all of the J.D.Robb books and most of the Nora Roberts Books. Every few years I read the J.D.Robb books in sequence. Roarke is Roarke, how could he be anyone else? Eve’s fears and blank spaces are her strength rather than a weakness. She has overcome them, or learned to live with them. Your characters are wonderful. All of them. It’s comforting that they appear in all of the books. Thank you for allowing me to enter their lives from time to time.

  25. I think the puzzle is brilliant! I know what my mother in law is going to get for Mother’s Day now! And gifts are not my forte. So thanks to your kids for the wonderful idea, and to you for sharing it! Also, love the bird pillows! I have recently become fascinated with birding and they would be a nice touch to a room around here.

  26. I just want too say thank you. I am currently on a 4wk medical leave. that last time I took off more than 2weeks was 20 years ago for the birth of my son. Nora Roberts books got me through then and now I have J.D. Robb and Nora books took get through this time off.

  27. Thanks for sharing. Kayla is growing up. Loved the pictures of the furniture too. Sorry that you, yet again, had to explain about YOUR work? Thanks for all you do and I LOVED Echoes! Can’t wait for secrets and Day One!

  28. My thoughts . . . if I had better ideas, story lines, or plots I would be writing the books and Nora would be buying mine. Since I don’t and she doesn’t, I think we’ll just leave things as is. She can write, I’ll read and the rest of the world would do well to follow suit. 🙂

  29. Ha ha ha, fan thinking they could help Nora/JD on a book. If you need to express, write your own…
    Keep the bubble intact and let us enjoy the spoils!.
    Loving every word she writes.

  30. I have read your books for too many years to count. You don’t need help with the characters or the plots. I have enjoyed every one . Your JD Robb books are my favorites as they have become like family. I reread them, in order every year. Please don’t change.

  31. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. I love the way you write and wouldn’t want you to change it.

  32. Love Eve/Roarke world. Never change. Each summer, in my leisure time, I reread the In Death series and it never gets old. And I love their redecorating. So fun to see Eve’s reactions. You write. I read. We each play to our strengths.

  33. You have created the best characters in fiction. If people think they can do better they should write their own stories and leave yours alone.

  34. Nora, I feel indignation that you, once again, are put into the position of VERY kindly and generously taking time to disabuse readers of any notion of including these oft-suggested “ideas” in future work. Most of us respect that fantastic creative bubble, and wouldn’t dream of trying to direct your efforts and ideas. Yes, it is fun to play a cross-referencing game, such as imagining renowned chemist Maddy Cutter consulting with Eve on a case, but the real work is taking place within your wonderfully creative mind, and we can’t wait for each new book.

  35. Your bubble works for me and has since I picked up your first book right off the rack 20+ years ago. You’ve been my favorite author from the beginning and I love re-reading your books. Like visiting family. You just keep on doing what you do best and I’ll keep waiting impatiently for your next book!!!

  36. Boy, I must really be out of the loop if someone is thinking/suggesting that Eve’s father is still alive! I kind of understand wanting Rourke to have a first name, in the same way I wanted my grandson to have a middle name (he doesn’t), but he is not my character and it isn’t my book series. I certainly would hope that by the time period in the books that there is really good, really safe, really reliable birth control so no pregnancy scares for most women. Eve isn’t maternal. Rourke is not paternal. They are enough for each other for immediate family (if you don’t count father figure Sommerset). Although she doesn’t need me to agree, I agree with something said a long time ago about this, that it would change the basic premise of the story line for there to be a child. Let it go, people!

    The only thing I would want to change about this whole series is that I would love to be a proofreader or something so I could see them earlier! I seriously hope Nora/JD doesn’t have to explain all that again to readers who persist in trying to tell her how to do her job.

  37. I get it! Really! Just keep doing what you do best. I’m extremely happy with that. Thank you!

  38. Thanks for living in that bubble, and creating works that bring joy to my bubble. I’m amazed that people have the audacity to try and influence your work. It’s yours. I appreciate the hell out of it exactly as you choose to create it.


  39. Oh Snaps Nora, I cannot believe that you have to repeat this all over again for readers who just don’t get it! If they want a different element to a story then they should sit down and put it on and in their own books. (Just Not YOURS)…
    I see where your coming from however. I am into digital scrapbooking which I love. For Christmas I decided to do individual pages for each member of our forum. My plan was simple.
    Make a list of all members, make a page that I enjoyed making, and post and dedicate the page to said member, cross the name from my list and move on. Sounds reasonable right?
    I received emails and messages that said in part “I liked my page but I really LOVED the page you made for So and So”
    How hurtful. And I ended that! There will not be anymore Christmas pages, or anything else from me. Just my work and if I want to make something for someone I will.
    So I really get how frustrating it is when you get “Suggestions” from your readers. The only thing that I can say in their defense is that perhaps they are new to your blog and may not have seen the posts that you have proclaimed a Not Happening moment in the books. Still they should have some respect and not mention it at all.
    I for one enjoy your bubble as it is… your the writer and I am the obsessive reader…… Have a great week!

  40. I love your clarity in communication! As a long time reader and the wife of an author, I have great respect for your process. I am amazed at the breadth and width of your characters. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift, your processes and bits of your life with us.

  41. I can’t believe you have to keep going over this. I don’t understand why people can’t just be happy that you are so prolific and write such wonderful stories.

  42. Honestly? People expect to have input? What arrogance! If you’re so creative, write your own damned book! Love your books – they keep me going sometimes. And one day, when I’m feeling brave, an Eve quote will be tattooed on my butt: “Bite me.”

  43. I have read those comments on social media & SMH. How many times do you have to repeat yourself! The dynamic btw Eve & Roarke is fantastic as is. Why does every relation have to have a child – some couples are just not parental material. One reason I stopped reading the Harlequin books, except for the Intrigue & Romantic Suspense lines. Nora, I have been reading your books for too long to count and always haunt bookstores as soon as I learn release dates. Just keep on doing what you are doing. It is your craft & you excel at it. If some readers want a different story angle, then they should write their own stories. Congratulations to your granddaughter & her team on the Championship win. I so enjoy your shared posts of time spent with your grandchildren, travels, cooking & gardening.

  44. Please stay in your “bubble” – it brings me much joy!

    Again, I remind my felow “readers” – there is a reason why we are “readers” and Norah/JD Robb is the writer.

    ANd this is why we are so blessed!!

  45. Your the best. They are who they are just keep it that way. Your bubble is fine with me too. That being said, I hope it is okay to talk about Echos here, because I just have to say the music box scene, omg ranks at the top of my awwwwww meter right along side of the park Eve had made in remembrance of Roarkes mother.

  46. All I can think to write is: Thank God for your bubble, long may it float. and congrats on having two pretty terrific grands. Oh, and the new upholstery? Looks good! Hibernation works well for you.

  47. First of all, as a mom waiting (not so patiently) for grandbabies, I so appreciate that you share a bit of yours with us. Vicarious thrill and all that . . . so, thanks.

    Secondly, haven’t you heard? If it’s on the Internet, it MUST be true! Seriously though – some people have nothing better to do than be negative, angry or bossy. As others before me today have posted: thank you for showing us a window into your “bubble” every once in a while. It’s a refreshing part of my day to read your thoughts, puns, struggles and pure fun.

    And finally – that couch! Those chairs! Fabulous, absolutely fabulous! Thanks for the glimpse.

  48. Kudos to the g-kids and their achievements! Love the colors you chose for your re-do, so cheery! I’m guessing the dogs aren’t allowed in that room – lol. The carved coffee table is gorgeous. The puzzle is such a cool idea! I love a good puzzle when I need to clear my head – that one’s a beauty.

    I just don’t understand people. Why try to fix something they claim to love? It never crossed my mind to question Roarke being just Roarke. In much simpler times people only had one name, so why not? Glad you’re standing firm, this is your world you’re sharing with us, and bless you for it. I take breaks all the time, in between your books – lol. So many books to read, so little time. Enjoy your Fortress of Solitude!

  49. As an author and fellow creative, I love this so much.

    As always, thanks for being so damn sane. And for the incredible body of work you continue to give readers.

    ❤ Kat

  50. Thanks for the update on the grands. Love hearing about them.

    I love your living room. Looks cozy and comfortable. Great colors.

    Spring is just around the corner. Can’t wait to see your garden again.

  51. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of story telling with us. It is truly amazing how creative all your books are, but especially the “in death” books. To be able to keep a long running series, so engaging and all the background detail is truly a gift. I love everything you’ve written, you are truly my all time favorite author.
    Congrats, on the awesome job of your grandkids. I love your blog, how you show us slices of your life.. I wish I could garden like that. Thumb isn’t that green. 😉
    Enjoy your bubble, can’t wait to read what is next.

  52. As an interior designer, I second Kayla’s approval. I love the sofa color, and pillows. I was just thinking you could use a throw- but if you got a beautiful one from your editor, I’d use it, and throw it over the end of the chair or sofa.

    Thank God for your bubble. We benefit from it big time. I’d never be so bold as to make suggestions for your work. But watching the Oscars last night, got me speculating about Eve & Roarke attending, after you dropped that tidbit in Echoes about the Icove movie being nominated for an Oscar. In my mind, they are the most attractive couple. The way you describe Roarke, there is no actor alive that comes close to his looks. Boy, do you have a wonderful imagination!

    1. I have a second sofa, more loveseat size–not pictured on the blog. The gorgeous throw is draped over its back.

      I’m so happy with how this turned out!

  53. I missed the fun about Eve trying to catch the chocolate thief in the last few books. I’m a chocolate lover and so look forward to those antics. Love the series and the ever changing lives of all the characters with Eve and Roarke at the top. Enjoy your bubble, Nora while I enjoy my knitting mode. 😀

  54. I buy Nora Roberts and J D Robb books because you are the terrific author I love to read. I am sorry you need to keep reminding readers that you do all the work that we love, not them. I am grateful for you bubble.

  55. Two things: first, the furniture is lovely — those chairs!!! Second, I love the world you create in your bubble — it is one I happily explore with each new book — and I do not understand people who want to tinker with the products of an author’s imagination! Let them write their own books to suit their “wants.” I am happy to wait for the next book and travel the journey you have laid out for us. Actually, not so happy — you are an amazingly prolific writer, but it is just my hard luck I can read faster than even you can write.
    Bless you for the many happy hours you give this somewhat housebound 86-year-old Grandma — the people, places, and plots bring such pleasure!
    As Spock used to say: Live long and prosper.

  56. You are the writer and I am the reader. You do your job, I’ll do mine . Nuff said

  57. Oh my goodness, I don’t know how you do this month after month. My 82 year old mother is obsessed with the JD Robb books, as well as everything else you write. I am just finishing up the guardians trilogy, and can hardly wait for the next trilogy. Keep it up! This from another adoring fan!

  58. Love your worlds as written. Thank you for taking me into a future one where I can enjoy visiting with characters I love.

  59. Please keep writing the way you do! I so enjoy all your books and you provide enough turns and twists to keep me guessing.

    Thanks for sharing your talent and for providing me with great reading.
    Blessings to you and yours.


  60. It drives ME crazy when readers keep asking the same questions or giving the same suggestions for story lines. It’s amazing how you keep a sense of humor about it. I truly love your work. Thanks for giving me so many hours of reading pleasure.

  61. I don’t think I have ever felt the need to give an email message a standing ovation, but there is a first time for everything! Well said! The stories you create in your bubble give me a wonderful escape from my world. Thank you!

  62. Nora please do not change a thing. Thanks for giving us such great books to read and for continuing the series. I love all the characters. You do a great job. Love your other books too.

  63. I know it must be so frustrating for people to give you storylines and even complain when you don’t do what they say. Overall I would say it is a compliment that people love your universe enough to daydream in it.

  64. The upholstery rocks!!! Not only does it look fabulous but also sinkinto comfortable. Family can relax, ease on down the day…and pillows and throws with memories attached! YES! Sez me!!

    I have read the first JD Robb…and would love to read the rest??? Dare I hope for boxed sets in the future???

    Outstanding Christmas gift! How fun is that!

    Thank you for keeping us in the Nora loop!!!

  65. I love the Eve/Roarke books! Please keep up the great work!

  66. Oddly, and baffling to me, people will still argue and insist. It doesn’t seem to matter that the writer of the books says this is the way it is. They disagree. That is, to me, incredible arrogance.

    These are fictional characters. My characters. You are absolutely free not to like what I write, but you can’t, by all that’s holy, correct me when I say Roarke has no bloody first name. I created him.

    I welcome anyone to take this response, link it anywhere.

    Roarke is Roake because I say he is. That should be enough. Since it’s not, let me just spoon feed those who are entitled and arrogant enough to argue and correct a writer about her own FICTIONAL characters.

    Roarke’s mother had left Patrick Roarke before she gave birth. She was in a desperate situation, in emotional turmoil. A young, naive country girl who fell for a very bad man. She did not put a name on the freaking birth certificate. How hard is that for some readers to accept? She didn’t know what to do, so she didn’t officially name her child. So whar?

    Seriously, so what? The fact that neither Roarke nor Eve were given official names as a child has impact, it has weight. Accept the weight and move on.

    It does not matter that his mother was Catholic. Bollocks to that. It does not matter that Patrick Roarke was an evil, egotistical bastard. Double bollocks.

    This is a world I created, with characters I created, with backgrounds I created. You simply can’t disagree. You can not like how I’ve structured things, or designed them, but you can’t, as a reader, say I’m wrong. Because I write the book, I write the characters, and that is simply it.

    Those who insist I’m wrong or persist in pointing out how and why I’m wrong are really, really silly and really, really annoying.

    Can’t you just have fun with the books and enjoy the characters as written?

    1. Nora, my mother used to tell me often that those who can, do. Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, criticize. So ignore the critics and keep doing what you do!

      1. I’ve known a lot of teachers and in my experience they CAN do very nicely thank you.

  67. You shouldn’t have to explain your process or reasoning for why you write In Death the way you do. Don’t listen to the backseat writers because if they think they have better ideas than you then they should be writing their own books! I love your books just the way they are please don’t change a thing!

  68. For me the issue or Roarke’s first name was always settled in my mind, it is to me an other similitude with Eve: the only reason she was name Eve Dallas is well explained in the books, and since no one knew of richard troy, it saved her from being name Troy. By the same token everybody knew the boy as patrick Roarke’s son, so he became Roake’s but like Richard Troy lack of care in naming his child , Maybe Patrick Roarke lacked the care to give him a first name, who cared if he had one everybody could see he was his

  69. I’m wondering if there is a support group for writers (in all mediums) and dealing with fans who want to dictate how you tell your stories. There sure do seem to be fans all over the place trying to dictate how the story goes in books, on TV shows, movie series, just any format.

    I’m also wondering if maybe this blog post, well starting at Roarke is Roarke; just needs to be reposted after the release of each new In Death novel. It might save some frustration.

  70. Huh! around here missing puzzle pieces often turn up in my dad’s pockets. My grandma, mom and I loved to do puzzles together, but my dad liked to say he finished the puzzle by steeling a piece before he went away for work a week at a time. He would then come home to a puzzle very close to or finished but for his M.I.A piece. He would then claim the “win”. I would suggest a pocket check of any known cheaters.

  71. Hi,
    Love your books, both by Nora Roberts and JD Robb. Continue in your bubble! You are absolutely correct and sorry you have to keep addressing those same questions! You are the author and I myself couldn’t do what you do.
    Loved Echoes in Death and can’t wait for next book.
    Thanks for sharing your home and grandchildren with us.

  72. Love your sofa & chairs! Congrats on the grandkids wins. I’m so glad you have your bubble because when you emerge we get fantastic reading!

  73. Are we really having this conversation again?? Seriously, people, let it go. Get in your own bubble and write your own books then, and your can make your characters do whatever you want. Nora, obviously what you’re doing in terms of writing decisions is working, so you keep doing you because we like it just fine!

  74. Nora I have been reading your book since my son was two, and he has reached the healthy age now of twenty six. Thank you for the journey.

  75. Well said Nora. These are your characters. Your stories. How anyone has the nerve to say you are wrong is beyond belief. I love Eve and Roarke and count down the days to when the books are due out. I love all your books. Thank you for all your wonderful books.

  76. I appreciate the support here. Sincerely.

    There are, however, readers and groups of readers who hammer at aspects of the series. Roarke’s lack of a first name, for one, and routinely, maddenly, the insistence of this reader type that Eve have a baby.

    Doesn’t matter that I’ve clearly, repeatedly, firmly stated there will be no baby. It doesn’t matter that I’ve clearly, repeatedly and firmly explained the reasons i won’t take the series and the characters in this direction.

    They insist. They shrug off what I say because they want, and the fact that I’m the writer, I created the character appears to mean little. Other writers have done it! They claim.

    I am not other writers.

    But it would be so funny! Hysterical!

    As if I’m writing a comedy series.

    Basically, they insist I’m just wrong, and it needs to happen.

    Some shift to adoption as if an adopted child doesn’t require all the time, love and devotion as a biological child. I say shame on them.

    I have gone over this, addressed this, explained this ad nauseum. I just can’t keep doing it.

    And when this continues to be debated and insisted, when I continue to be ignored and dismissed, I start to wonder if it’s just time for me to wrap the series up, or at minimum take a long break from it.

    As long as I continue to write the series there will be no baby, biological or otherwise. No child, period. Peabody will not pop up pregnant. Nor will Nadine, just to get that one out of the way.

    These are not romantic comedies, and the reader either enjoys them as I write them or they don’t.

    I have a few months before I would start the next in the In Death series. I think I have to put these characters I know so well, and love completely, out of my mind for awhile. It would be nice if the reader who believes he or she knows better than I do, who continues to beat this same drum, would also take a little time to reflect how exhausting it is to continue to address this issue over and over and over. And maybe, just maybe, if you enjoy the books, give it a rest and just trust me to do what’s write by the characters.

    I’ve completely run out of patience and any semblance of humor on the subject.

    1. Sorry that a few idiots are putting a strain on you, hope you will not stop writting the series. The only advised i could give you is: ignore them, do what you want, regardless of what a few whinners say, YOU are the WRITER, there would no story without you.so if they dont like it let them find other books to buy. I love the surprise you bring to the story so keep doing what you want, I for one will gladly follow.

    2. Why don’t you just block those who complain constantly? It’s not like you haven’t explained this all 25 or 1,000 times. Seriously, it’s kinda like going to see Hamilton and then calling Lin-Manuel Miranda and telling him to take out the Rap because you don’t like it.

      These are your characters, your stories and your world. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. Authors and readers have a symbiotic relationship. Your job is to write, my job is to read. If you look at the number of books you sell in this series, it’s pretty clear that several million readers willingly participate in this symbiotic relationship. For those who want to dictate characters or story line or what’s happening in the world of Eve & Roark, perhaps you could just tell them to go pound salt?

      I don’t want to be in charge of Eve & Roarke’s world. I don’t want to make decisions about names, babies, relationships, plots, storylines, etc. I want to come visit YOUR world. I want to bop in, see what two of my favorite fictional characters and their circle of friends are up to. I want to be entertained and then I’ll say goodbye until it’s time to come visit again.

      You do your job. I’ll do my job. And those who want to dictate or complain – bite me! 🙂

    3. Nora, please don’t let these idiots destroy your love of Eve and Roarke and their world. Try, try to just ignore them. They can’t force you to write anything you don’t want to write. Those of us who are hopelessly addicted to the In Death world would go into severe withdrawal if the series ever stopped. (You aren’t allowed to retire.) I am serious about one thing: you are the creator, and no one has the right to make any suggestions unless she’s your editor! ( At least I would assume that your editor might occasionally make suggestions. Maybe I’m wrong about that.) A few annoying readers don’t have any say, period.

      (Btw, I was very interested to hear your explanation as to why Roarke has no first name. I’d never heard that before.)

      I’ve been going through your Nora backlist since December. It’s been fun. Even as fast as I read, I haven’t gotten through them all yet. It’s fun to see some of the little elements that turned up later in the Robb books. (Especially the books featuring serial killers.) But even though I’m enjoying the books, I still like Eve and Roarke best. Tomorrow I’ll be emailing a friend with a list of recommended books, and Naked in Death will be on the top of that list.

    4. Please do not stop writing the series. I am angry that people think they have the right to tell you how your books must go. How dare they. I sure don’t buy the books because I want to say how they should be written. I buy them because they bring joy to me as I read them. Please continue to write the series. Don’t let these people stop you from continuing the series.

    5. You have created something wonderful. Follow your path, your light.

    6. I would be so tempted to write a blog story that included EVERY suggestion of where the readers want the series to go. Every paragragh would have give Roarke a different first name… they would have a child/ adopted or natural and she would quit the force and so would Peabody without her mentor( end of series ) TA DA…..if this is what the so called fans want??? But I have a mean streak in me. And personally I would not want you to devote any of your writing time to a fake story if it meant you were not seriously writing a book. I can not believe what people write on line to others and if it is a negative comment.. why are you reading the author’s books and if you write a negative comment… I hope you are a best selling author yourself! Thanks for providing me with some great entertainment over the years

    7. Nora, I apologize as I am one of the people who made a plotline suggestion on Facebook. I had not seen the blog entries here, but had only looked at the jdrobb.com site. My only reason for making a plotline suggestion was to try to ensure that given your incredibly AWESOME rate of writing books, you didn’t run out of ideas for the series, but I promise to never do so again. I think I’ve read all 56 In Death novels and novellas at least four times each.

      I don’t know if you can “Pin” a post to your FB page stating that you don’t accept plot suggestions from readers, but you might want to see if you are able to.

      Thank you so much for your imagination, your incredible conversational writing skills, and your dedication in keeping up such an awesome pace to please all your fans.

  77. Good for you, Nora! Let them sit in their own stew if they won’t listen. I sincerely hope you don’t throw your hands up and quit, I so look forward to the twists and turns you create for us to unravel. I love the stories, and am happy to wait and see what you’ve got waiting for us the next time. BTW – loved the trailer for the new book cover and the overview!

  78. OK now I am really pissed off at the ignorant , egotistical people who assume you need help in doing something YOU excel at and YOU have done so for a long time . I do not buy your books to critique them , I buy them because I enjoy the gift of your creative mind . I do not want to give you suggestions for story lines just so I can brag “Yeah I suggested that ” . I do not have a clue how In Death series cooks in your brain but for God sake please do not let a bunch of immature ingrates stop YOU from writing cause 99.9% of your readers are just waiting for the next installment . Please , Please , Please do not abandon us .

  79. Let me add I’m not talking about the newish reader, or the new to social media reader who asks the question. Yes, questions about a baby/child/pregnancy scare make my brain bleed–but that’s not the fault of the reader who’s never heard the answer.

    It’s the ones who hear it, loud and clear, and won’t stop. Who persist, who keep saying: I think she (or you if direct to me) should this or that, even after it’s pointed out I’ve stated I’m not doing this or that, and why.

    The sturdy Laura deals with this issue–and it comes in waves–through reader mail. It pops on FB and on the ‘net routinely. It may be I need to step back from social media for a bit.

    1. Nora, I’d be sorry if you stepped back since I so enjoy your blog spots and your humor, but I sure understand why you would. I’m showing my age by saying this, but I remember the days when sending a fan letter by mail was the only way of showing appreciation for a work. A fan had to give thought to what they wanted to say and, hopefully, give thought to how it would be received. I’m sure you still received this same kind of hooey, but probably not in such volume as today. It’s far too easy these days to tell the world one’s thoughts (and why assume the world want’s to know??) and too many folks don’t use their brains before they speak (or write). Bless Laura for being your filter, but shame on the people that make that necessary. Be at peace, enjoy life and to hell with everything else!

    2. I actually gave up any form of social media a year ago last month (except for a couple blogs I follow) and it was the greatest thing I ever did. After years and years of dealing with the absolute arrogance and entitlement and sheer stupidity of some people, I’d had enough. Let me tell you, it’ll be the best thing you ever do if you do decide to give it up. The people are never going to stop complaining and suggesting and arguing, it’s just not going to happen. The best thing that you can do is just stop entertaining them. Stop arguing back and giving them that fuel. You can’t argue with arrogance (ahem, or stupidity).

    3. Please please please please please don’t stop writing the series because of these fuckwits and dumbtards that think they know everything!!! We love you!!!!

  80. I would rather see you take a break from social media then loose the IN DEATH series…but regarding the nags, just ignore them.

  81. “Trust me, I know the world and the characters.”

    I do trust you! And I have to say, it gives me immense relief to know that Eve will never have a baby!!!!!

    1. I’m with you Melanie. Nora knows what she’s doing, she doesn’t need the self-important social media trolls to give her advice. I’ve loved the In Death series right from the first chapter of the first book! I’ve read every one including the novellas at least twice plus most of the other books Nora has written. Never disappointed !!!Thank you JD/Nora for all the wonderful stories and the characters in them!

  82. I couldn’t find a perfect thread to post this, so here I go.

    Amazon has a “New” Nora Roberts book, The Obsession, that we can pre-order. It will be released on March 7th in all different forms from hardcover to MP3.

    It’s a good thing my feeble brain remembered ordering this book before or I would have bought this again. This has happened before. I keep a list of J.D. Robb books I own, but I haven’t done that with the Nora Roberts books.

    What’s up with this? I don’t want to pay for the same book twice again. I fell for that once before.

    1. I can’t control how Amazon or other venues promote, but my publisher has an NR logo on the cover of any new Nora Roberts’ book so readers can be aware. It ‘s also smart to just check the copyright date, and that should be listed on the Amazon page,

    2. This is the paperback edition of last year’s hardcover. So it’s new in the sense it has not been released in paperback before March 7 of this year. And when you go to The Obsession paperback page on Amazon it shows all the editions.


    3. If you scroll down the Amazon page on Obsession you will see this information:
      File Size: 1784 KB
      Print Length: 464 pages
      Publisher: Berkley (April 12, 2016)
      Publication Date: April 12, 2016

      Since that’s almost a year ago, you know this is not a new release. Not all formats are released at the same time, for instance a hard cover & Kindle version may be released but audio or paper back are usually released later. Also, the AUTHOR has no way to control how the DISTRIBUTOR lists their books. If you don’t have a list, you could also post on the Amazon page and ask for the original publication date as others will happily tell you.

  83. Hi, maybe not in the same vein, but does anyone who uses and bought audio books through Itunes,have had their books mysteriously disapear. I had most of them, was re listening to the series again to stop being bored on my commute,dowloaded Thankless inDeat last monday and when i came to download Concealled in Death it was gone fron my library along 31 other In Death books

    1. Nathalie, check and see if your listing was “all” and not, say, last six months or a year. Gave myself a heart attack once, thinking I’d lost a bunch of my books.

  84. I only have 1 question for all those people who have suggestions. If you are so creative a writer, where are your books? Please tell us where your books are so we can go read them! Don’t have any? Then shut up and let the real writer handle it. Don’t like the way she handles it? Then read someone else or write your own! We love Nora,her characters,the way she writes and all her books! Leave her alone ?

  85. The pity is that from book 34 there is in the series an underlying plot that has been developing ever since. Eve Dallas falls in love with Kyung. If you are smart and you read the books with attention, especially to the dialogues, you will realize it. In the last book published by the author, Echoes in Death, this subplot follows.

    1. Well, I consider myself pretty smart, and I do read with attention. All I see is mutual respect between colleagues. Anything beyond that is a pretty far stretch, IMO.

    2. Are you going to share any of that funny stuff you’re smoking or are you planning on hogging it all to yourself? Just curious. 🙂

      1. I’m with you on this Pat!!! Hahahaha! Pass that shit this way! Lol! It must be some good stuff, cause she’s hallucinating.

    3. Oh, please! LOL. Just because Kyung’s not an asshole doesn’t mean Eve’s falling in love with him. Where do you come up with this stuff? I WRITE them, and I’m telling you this is not a developing subplot, and there’s no hint of it in their dialog o interaction. At all. You are certainly free to imagine what you like, but it’s insulting to the writer and other readers to state you imaginings as fact–if we were just smart enough to see it.

      1. Thanks, Nora! It was a bit trying, answering her in a courteous manner – LOL.

      2. I commented that I want whatever she was smoking lol! Cause that lady is definitely hallucinating!!! Seeing plots that no one sees especially the writer herself! WOW!!!

  86. Please tell Nora to never listen to ANYONE about her books. They are perfect in every way. I never finish one and think ‘I wish she had…..”
    I was listening to “Apprentice in Death” again and love all the things Eve says about babies and dolls because she is the total opposite of me and it is so much fun. I agree with everything in this post of hers. Thank you Nora for writing. And I love hearing about your grandkids. Being a grandmother is the ULT as Mavis would say. I so love Bella.

  87. If your fans want a book by you with children, I recommend they read your stand-alone novels such as “The Liar.”

  88. I have been a fan of your books for years, I have read all of them (I think) and own most of them. It took a while for me to get around to the Eve Dallas stories, I don’t know why, but they have become my favorite. I love how the books flow from one into the next. I also wanted to say, a little late I know and I am sorry for that, thank you for your wonderful stories, I enjoy them all. Also thank Eve and Roark for the card. I was surprised and happy to receive it and wish them and you a wonderful year.

  89. I just finished re-reading Hot Rocks (NR) and Big Jack (JDR). My question is, do you ever have difficulty going back and forth? Hot Rocks was really good but NR writes with a gentler pen and then when you start reading Big Jack, JDR gets tougher. I don’t know how you do it, but please don’t ever stop!!!

  90. I know this is an older post, but I do hope Nora still sees then because I just want to thank her for all the wonderful books. I have read almost all of the “Nora Roberts” books and am now reading the J.D. Robb and I love every single one of them. My mother was a HUGE fan of yours and would buy every book you wrote the day they came out every single time and she introduced me to your work. The first I read was the three sisters island trilogy and I was hooked. My mom passed in ’09 and when she did, I inherited all her books. Which about 85% of were yours. She passed a love of reading to me and I have continued to grow her little library and have all your books that she never got to read. And every single one that comes out I buy right away to carry on the tradition. Your books have given me a continued connection to her and though it may sound weird, it has helped keep her close. I have re-read a lot of them multiple times and when I read one that was hers I sometimes come across a book mark or a list, a note she wrote to herself, or something like that that she left in the book and it brings her a little closer. So I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful worlds you have created and for helping to show me a piece of my mom I may not have seen without your books. We have 4 generations of women now in my family who are devoted fans (including my grandmother and my daughter) of yours and who’s lives you have touched so much. We hope to be able to come and see then the page and the Inn someday and hopefully meet you and get to thank you in person. Please keep writing!!!♥♥

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