Not so deep thoughts

I’m pleased to say my Facebook pages are pretty much a happy place for me and for readers. The idea behind them has always been to offer information to readers, to provide some fun and a platform for interaction.
Laura works hard to make that so.
I’ll always be baffled by those who come on to take swipes–and now since the infamous BITE ME blog, our policy is to delete a post and/or ban a poster who crosses the line. It helps maintain that happy, informative place for all of us. So now my bafflement is more about the passive-aggressive type posters who bounce into a thread, make some half-assed complaint or snarky comment that generally has nothing to do with the actual thread.
Here are my rambling and circular thoughts on that–which I hope I’ll round up by the end of this blog.
I had a really solid writing week–always grateful when that happens, when nothing much interrupts. (Dogs in/dogs out is routine around here.) It’s a simple fact that when I’m working, I’m not giving this type of poster a single thought. Their opinions, or bids for attention, or sad need to take shots–not just at me, but other posters–aren’t in my universe when I’m writing. The story and characters are all. My story, my characters, my job, my responsibility. There are times when I see this kind of comment I’d like to say: Babe, do you honestly think you have one iota of influence on me when I’m into the work?
But anyway.
Excellent streak of writing time, which is almost the only thing I like about winter. And the weekend focused on more of the annual purge. This year, I emptied out the DVDs and VHS tapes from their cabinets. And asked myself WHY am I keeping these VHS tapes? Is this not 2016?  I made a list of those movies I really want, and ordered them on DVD for the collection. In organizing the DVDs I optimistically shelved them by category (this will never last). But it doing that it illustrated clearly, I love a variety. I have the wonderful classics (To Have And To Have Not remains one of my all-time faves) right up to our latest addition, The Martian. Dramas, comedies, musicals, thrillers, film noir, mysteries, action movies, science-fiction (klaatu barada nickto). I have the entire 7 seasons of Buffy on DVD. I have horror and Disney movies. If they make a movie from a Marvel comic, I have it (and have probably watched it multiple times). And okay DC comics, too.
Not everyone would like every movie I own. Some, in fact, may seriously dislike many of them. We are not the borg. We are not all the same with precisely the same tastes and interests. Movies, like books, are written and produced to entertain, to make us feel or think, laugh or cry, excite us or soothe us. What a story, in any form, evokes in an individual is personal. There are scores of popular or renown books/movies I dislike–some intensely. I may very well say so, giving the reasons for my reaction, in a group of pals. I would not go to the FB or fan page or whatever for same and post comments saying I hated that movie–or take the passive-aggressive approach with: It could have been better if…
One, I have better things to do. Two, it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever what I think. It doesn’t change ANYTHING. The book, the movie remains the book, the movie. The writers, publishers, producers, directors aren’t going to suddenly say: OMG, Jane Smith doesn’t like it–pull that sucker, or reform the current project to suit Jane!!
If they reformed a project to suit (some of) my tastes, it would probably read: Buffy and The Avengers Travel To A Galaxy Far, Far Away Where They Go Singing’ In The Rain On The Way To Silverado To Inherit The Wind.
Hmm. I should make one of those refrigerator magnet scrambles out of all my DVD titles.
Point is, most of us wants different types of entertainment at different times. We want something that suits our mood as well as our tastes. And there’s so much to choose from, we can have just what we want.
I also purged and organized my exercise DVDs in the gym so i have a chance to get involved on CrossFit games. It just reinforced my particular needs and desire for variety. Some days I just need yoga, others I want some sweaty cardio–maybe Latin dance style, maybe hip-hop. Or I want to pump some iron (okay, it’s only 5-10 pounds, but I PUMP it) or I feel like I need some strong Pilates. I can choose. I can mix it up (always better to cross-train anyway). If I buy an exercise DVD, decide it’s not for me, I can give it to a friend who it might suit better.
I won’t even get into the fact we–finally–bought a wireless music thingie and boxed up hundreds of CDs. Or the big cabinet full of beloved vinyl. It’s the same thing–variety and taste and mood.
We all have favorites–we have likes and dislikes in our entertainment tastes. Okay, workouts aren’t entertainment, but you get me. The world’s just chock-full of choices to suit everyone’s needs, tastes, moods. Sometimes we choose something that just doesn’t work for us. Or doesn’t work at that particular time (because moods change). So the smart thing is to move on to something that does work, at that particular time.
Life’s too short to spend time reading, watching, sweating or listening to something that doesn’t engage us, make us happy.
And it should be too full to spend time poking into FB threads where people are engaged and happy to try to change that mood to your own unhappy one.


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  1. Exactly! Write on my friend and don’t give these losers a second thought! ?

    1. Think like a proton–be positive! I love happy things. Sci-Fi makes me happy…Star Trek the original series especially, I am happy that Lt. Dallas appears to like it, too.

    2. Nora is one of best ever at what she does,and critics be matter how good one is,or how good a person,there are always a few nitwits trying to bring one down.ignore them,stay positive,I say.

  2. AMEN If I don’t like something, I NEVER post or complain about it. It’s my personal opinion, & why should somebody else care? But I do comment if I LOVE something- so THANKS are not enough- you, Nora, have given me endless hours of reading pleasure- more so, since the In Death books came out. But how you find time to watch any videos, cd’s, etc., with your busy schedule, is just beyond me. Unless you sleep 3-4 hours a night.Then i get it. Once I hit my 50’s- I need more sleep, not less. If I get less than 6 hours- watch out!

  3. Rock on! And tonight I get to open a new story from you and have a glass of wine in my new cobalt blue wine glass! It’s a good day.

    Sorry for the negative nellies, and as a good friend of mine used to say, “everyone has the right to screw up their own afternoon.” Just not mine. Power on Nora and Laura. 🙂

  4. I almost didn’t read The Liar because the first review said it was boring. Please! It was just what I always get and expect from Nora Roberts–excellent! You keep doing what you do best and we will keep on reading with enjoyment!

  5. Exactly!!!! btw- I read a comment made by Peabody (Brotherhood) this morning, my house guest asked “who said that”?, I replied- Nora! he knew who I was talking about and he’s never read your books. I always enjoy that! Love your ways Nora. Thanks for everything. 🙂

    1. why yes, I did get up at 5 a.m. today to get Brotherhood on my Kindle.

  6. Yep, I agree. ? And it really doesn’t matter what a person’s job might be, having a full week where it all WORKS like you wanted and needed it to work is an absolute gift. Glad your week worked that way.

    I just started Brotherhood, and I had a thought. Sorry if it isn’t strictly proper, but it isn’t actually about the book, so bear with me, please. This is almost like the world’s longest book, and we just get the chapters separately, a couple of times a year. Unlike most chapters in a book, these “chapters” easily stand alone but you do get the extra from having the previous “chapters.”

    Thank you again for providing us chapters for this on-going story, and the other books you write.

  7. I got the distinct impression that one of your favorite movies is “Silverado”….So wicked awesome, isn’t it?!

    1. Well, Scott Glenn, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Linda Hunt, Brian Dennehey–I know I spelled that wrong–how could it not be wicked awesome?

      Where’s the dog, Payton?

  8. Nora, that’s just a perfect blog! Readers who think they can tell you how YOUR books should go are just not wanted.

    Keep writing just the way you do!

  9. Nora, you came into my life 20 years ago when my husband left me for another woman. A friend at work introduced me to Nora Robert’s books. I have read them all your stand alone books and the in death books. They take me away. Being an introvert I enjoy your blog (feels like I have friends without leaving the house). Everyone seems so angry these days….they need to look to themselves. I have never written anything like this before but want to tell you to keep up the good work because there are those of us out here hanging on by a thread and just read your books and go on. Right now I am waiting for the mailman to deliver Brotherhood. Sorry this is so long but I want you to know that people like me love you, Laura and your books! 🙂

    1. Beautifully said; many stand with you, you’re not alone! 🙂

    2. @Diane – From another fellow introvert, you’re not alone! Power on and Use The Force (of imagination). We’re with ya.

  10. I understand getting rid of VHS and CDs, don’t get rid of vinyl! That’s forever! On a serious side, I’m always sad when this issue comes up. You don’t like a book, move on. If I like a book, does someone really think they’re posts will change my mind? I read an article a few weeks ago about how Roarke and Eve aren’t a great literary couple. Well guess what? I still love them and intend to read each book when it’s released. You may not find them great, but I want to know what’s happening with them! Brotherhood is rocking so far, as your books always do for me. Screw everybody else!

      1. We also have a large cabinet in the game room filled with vinyl….We still have a record player that works, my hubby babies it..and we love to listen to them. My prize in the cabinet in an Elvis Moody Blue album, and the vinyl is baby blue. Don’t judge me…..LOL Your talent is amazing and I have every book you’ve written…..Just picked up Brotherhood, and about half way thru…….it is fantastic.

  11. Love what you had to say!!! Just keep writing! I am someone who has read your books for enjoyment, to escape when life has seemed too hard and just to feel!!! Thank you for writing them and please don’t stop.
    One other thing. That movie you listed “Buffy and the Avengers….” sounds amazing!!! And like something that could come out of my movie collection. A couple of my family’s favorites you might enjoy (if you haven’t already seen them) “Noises Off”, “The Court Jester” and “Philidephia Story”. There are so many more that I love but thought you might enjoy those!

    Thank you again
    Katie Shulman

    1. I have those movies!

      The flagon with the dragon has the brew that is true!

      And TPS has everything I want in a movie.

  12. Eloquent as usual ! Well said , I agree completely, and would say
    as has everyone that no one should feel they have the right to bring down the mood. I find it really objectionable when common courtesy is ignored . Love your work thank you for your wonderful stories.

  13. As usual, Nora… are RIGHT ON!

    Unfortunately…there are always “Negative Nellies” (love that term….Susie) who rain and piddle on everything. I suspect they are just unhappy people and need to bolster up themselves by tearing other down.

    Your characters, Nora….are always uplifting and positive – which is why their stories are a favorite with those of us here. Hang in there…..enjoy your winter of writing. Hope to see you in July at RWA….!

  14. I have NO idea what the FB post was that has inspired this. And I don’t really need to know,lol. But what I do know is that for a long time now, I have become unwilling to post anything to the FB page other than “Can’t wait” or “That’s great” for fear I will inspire wrath. I continue to read your books (especially the “In Death” series) but I am no longer interested in contributing to the community. I enjoy reading the questions and the thoughtful replies some readers can scribe. But not me! As you said “Life is too short”. Somehow, I think that will only inspire a and a “Your choice” rather than any self reflection on how the written word (with no tone or facial expressions to soften the message) can be conveyed to some.

    1. I’m very sorry, Kathy. It wasn’t a single post, but several by a particular poster. We really try to keep the FB pages upbeat and happy.

  15. Nora, I just love, love, love your books! So much so that I just reread your books and forget about other writers. That being said, it took me years to pick up a J. D. Robb book. Now I’m hooked on that series and plan to make my way through them all. Thank you for blessing us with your amazing talent and the worlds you create. Keep up the great work for many years to come, please.

  16. Sounds like my movie collection. I have everything from Singing in the Rain to The Walking Dead (All seasons that are available). And a little of everything in between. 🙂 Forget the negativity. You’re awesome. And those who are rude, suck! Love you and Laura!!!

    1. I have all The Walking Deal available seasons, too! I order them as soon as they’re available, then have a marathon rather than watching the episodes as they air.

  17. I completely agree. I usually have no problem with a thoughtful or thought provoking discussion or even debate. But there seems to be a certain kind of personality that feeds on the passive aggressive, snarky, and just plain unnecessary mean spirited comment- especially on social media. Frankly, I don’t have the time or the desire to hang out on sites that are not about things I am interested in and enjoy. You have a I figure that those who do, have a lot of time on their hands for a reason.

  18. You go, Nora! Totally agree with you. And I went back and read the “Bite Me” blog. I’m with you there too. I love your work and want to thank you for countless enjoyable hours of reading and time spent in different worlds with different people.

  19. I love reading your posts and your vacation logs. Keep up the good work, continue writing and living. Block the negative energy.

  20. Nora… Love your books. You tell it like it is. Just keep on writing and I will keep on reading.

  21. I totally agree with everything you wrote. Nuts to the ones who want to complain! More important — I was tickled by klaatu barada nikto!!! One of my favorite movies — in the original! I don’t know what makes some producers think they can make a better movie by remaking a classic. But live and let live — someone someday may even be crazy enough to try a remake of Casablanca!!!

  22. I continually am stunned by the blatant rudeness and crudeness of posts on FB! Not understanding what the poster hopes to accomplish! That being said…GO NORA!

    Excellent points! And how tedious it would be if we all liked the same!!!

  23. There are too many negative people in the world. Some days it gets so bad I wish there were a negativity sniffer that would emit a let’s get positive ray and the person it hit could never be negative again.

  24. As for me, Eve and Roarke are real to me! I love this series of books so much it is hard to wait for the next one. Keep up the great work Nora!! Don’t pay attention to those who try to tell you how to write your books. They are yours. I am thankful you write these! Hope they never stop coming.

  25. I almost got lost at “klaatu barada nickto”. Great movie! Facebook is like what usenet was. Anyone could come online and post whatever crap they wanted to; and it seemed the more vitriolic the crap, the more really juvenile the poster was. Silly, really. Life is to damned important to be wasted on such.

  26. I had a lot to say on this subject. I typed it all out, then realized that you had already covered it. I love what you do. Them that don’t can just ignore it. Keep it up, please. And I want one of those movie magnets.

  27. You really hit the nail on the head. I loved the Tom Clancey books and always bought each one as it was released but sometimes it would be a year before I was of the mindset to concentrate in order to follow his writing style. Sometimes I had 2 or 3 on hand that I hadn’t read yet. Sometimes I want a fun, silly, happy go lucky book, sometimes I want a great mystery/love story and I’ll go through the entire In Death series (maybe once every 4 or 5 years) and sometimes I want a good historical novel and I’ll reread the Outlander series. I hope every author I read knows how much pleasure they bring their readers. Right now I’m in “In Death” mode because I’m reading the new book and could not read a Clancy to save my soul. On the other hand, I AM counting the days until Obsession is released. So many good books, so little time. 🙂

  28. Nora–I always enjoy reading your Roberts books…but I LOVE reading the IN DEATH books! I hope they last for YEARS to come.

  29. Love it.
    …..I really really loved the Bite Me post back when you posted it. LOL
    You’re the best.

  30. I LOVE you Nora (not in a creepy, stalker kind of way -lol)You are so spot on.

  31. Every time you, or your alter ego, release a new book my first thought is “Oh boy, where are we going this time?” The variety of how and where your stories go as Nora are as much a draw as the characters and story thread as JDR. I’ve never understood people that hold such anger that they get their pleasure trying to hurt others. I don’t have the time or inclination to hold onto negativity, so good for you for also going that route. Let them stew in their own juices. Loving Brotherhood right now! P.S. – I personally added The Thin Man to your movie title – lol.

  32. I remember the the comments that spurred the Bite Me blog. I’m glad it was fixed to delete the negativity from dumb- ass people that can’t be happy unless they’re trying to hurt someone.
    As for the movies, dvds etc I like to binge watch too.I just watched The Blacklist, seasons one and two and the third is airing now.:) also Heroes, anyone remember that series? I’m on season two. also just finished reading Brotherhood!!! whoop!

  33. I cannot wait to get Brotherhood in Death. Thank you for being the writer you are. By giving a lot of people many hours of enjoyment. I have enjoyed your books for a long time. I am very glad when I went into the bookstore many years ago wanting a book to read that I fell across one of your books. I have been a fan since. I then came across the j. D Robb books a few years later and became a fan. At the time there were only three of those out. I know you gave me fun books to read. I may not have liked all of them, but that was my taste. But I always said to someone who asked what I thought of one series or book I was not crazy about, I would say the book was good, because everyone has their favorites. I have mine. They should make up their own mind . You are a terrific writer. So thank you .

  34. Nora, you’ve been my favorite author since I was in high school reading Harlequin! Obviously, these negative Nancy’s have absolutely no taste! Love the blog post, love your books, live long and prosper. 🙂

  35. Just remember: ” It’s not my circus, my monkeys, or my problem.” Love all that you put into your writing. Long may you continue.

  36. Whenever I see a post that has been hijacked by some malicious, festering turd of a person, I get irritated. The anonymity afforded by the Internet makes some people a little too brave (read passive/aggressive) for anyone’s own good.
    Personally, I think Bite Me was appropriate and well deserved!
    You bring me countless hours of reading enjoyment and I very much appreciate your prolific writing style! I especially enjoy the books set in locales I’ve been to…Carmel, Antietam, etc. I’ve even done the Nora Happy Dance standing in Turn The Page (woo and two hoos!) . You rock!

  37. Funny, we just watched “The Day The Earth Stood Still” two nights ago. (The original, of course. ) and I organized all my DVDs as you did. But when I offered to do the same for hubby he said, ” No Thanks!” And closed the door to his precious man cave. My CDs are already arranged by artist. I think I’m perfectly normal and that’s all that matters. Keep on with it girl…and the same for Laura. Good job to both of you!

  38. Learned how to start a new status post, and stopped jumping into thread with OT comments. :D.

    Also, I did the same thing with our VHS and DVD’s when we moved. Only VHS we have left are from our wedding and Faith’s dance recitals. May have those converted to DVD at some point. Disney movies that Faith hasn’t bought in DVD will be bought when she has grandkids. Who knows what will be around then?

  39. I could not agree more. There are books my friends love that just not appeal to me. Does not make them a bad book, just not for me. All of your organizing challenges me to do the same but where to start is the problem?? Loving the book, getting ready to take it to bed with me and read till I can’t stay awake.

  40. I agree about those types of commenters. There seems to be an uptick. Coincidentally, I actually posted a status recently that said I don’t understand why someone would follow me if they only want to criticize. It makes no sense to us, but I guess they find it useful. A way to gain attention like a child may. I’m glad you’re taking a stand and deleting. I wish more would. Maybe we’d all see a difference. Just keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

  41. You said it sister! I totally don’t get someone who thinks they can say mean shit either directly or indirectly! People don’t get “if you can’t say something nice….”

  42. Well said, Facebook is a great concept allowing family and friend around the world to keep in touch in a way they’ve never had before and for that we’re all grateful. It also allows us to read blogs like yours, hear about you life and adventures, and get to know you and other writers and celebrities in a way that was never possible before. That’s all the good stuff. Unfortunately there are always what I call the spoilers, not only in the grand scheme of things but in local community posts.
    I focus on the positive and ignor the negative even when I could sometimes get really mad about the rubbish some people think is suitable for public venting. They seem to have the time to think and write comments solely with the purpose of stiring up a hornets nest. Is that how they get their thrills? Life must be so boring and dull if that’s all they have time for. Should I feel sorry for them, NO. Get a life and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy what we like.
    Your books have helped me through many tough time over the years as well as given me hours of enjoyment. Reading the posts that follow you blogs I hope you realise how important your work is to so many people around the world. Thank you to Laura as well for her contribution .
    Finally, and might I add this is the first time I have ever posted a comment like this anywhere on any platform, thank you God for the delete button!
    Best wishes to you, Laura and the rest of your devoted readers.

  43. Nice to see I am not the only person who likes The Evil Dead!!
    I drive the family crazy quoting lines from that movie (and every single one of Mel Brooks movies too)!
    Thanks, Nora, the Klaatu Barrada, Nicto, made me laugh!
    Remember, “Shop smart. Shop S-Mart”!

  44. As a person who drug her feet about getting an eReader or a tablet, preferring a book in my hand, I am really, really happy that I finally caved in and bought one. I bought my copy of The Brotherhood last week as a pre-order on both Barnes & Noble and Audible. This morning, both editions were waiting for me to download!
    I have become a fan of Susan Erikson’s narration of Eve and all of the characters. This enables my hands to be free to be covered with bread dough, or crafting or in the car.
    I am now the proud owner of all of your unabridged JD ROBB audio books and the 20 most recent JDR ebooks and they are all on my Nook tablet!
    I am glad I stopped being a ludite and joined the 21st cntury!
    Thank you, Nora for all of the excellent stories over years!

  45. Love your books, love your posts.
    There are always some that look for the ” negatives” in life…..I feel sorry for them.. Life is too short for that……
    Keep up the great work Nora & Laura…

  46. I’m an emotional coward so I don’t state my opinion or suggest – good grief! – what you should write, say or think.
    Heck, I not even KNOW you. I know your characters. Like some and so few I could live without. In fact, now that I mention this, I do 😉
    If I don’t like something I shut my mouth and move. Leave it well alone. Not touching it. I might even agree with some bitching but not going to join her in the battle as I’ve been known to change my opinion on something – in a character or a line of story – that Nora wrote about… it happened with Whiskey Beach. Worse book to finish ever. I ditasted everything. Not Ioga person, not too outgoing person, no patience for the poor-me-stay-away guy… all I wasn’t was in that book :D. I believe that in my first reading there was only a character I liked – Hester. That was OK. I could wait for another series or book to live in… or return to it (as I did, I can’t help ;)) and think it is not about ME. Or FOR me 😉
    I didn’t read the “Bite Me” post (is Bite Me a bad word?! because of how appalled Laura sounds (I’m not English speaking so I wonder)) and if I happened across it depending on the day I would read it and OMG what-when-who-WHY through it or I would just think Nora has her b**** hat on (she’s entitled and no one wears it so well 😉 ) and keep out of it.
    Being an emotional coward in no fun but it also means less trouble and angst 😉
    Take care and Have a Nice Time Everyday. And like Ellen DeGeneres said when receiving an Award:

    “Deep down we all love one another, and we need to get back to that.” — Ellen DeGeneres

    Sorry for the long comment 🙁

  47. Well said. Life’s too short to spend it tearing people down just to make yourself feel taller. I Think more people need to remember the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” rule from kindergarten. Keep on telling your stories & I’ll keep using them to put off doing the housework. :0) Bear Hugs from Australia. KRIS xx

  48. Sooo sorry and soooo disappointed to see once again that you are addressing this same nonsense!!! Thanks for all the hours of peaceful relaxing time with your books!!!!

  49. Nora, it is a shame that some people have nothing better to do than criticize what they themselves cannot do. I have enjoyed your books for many years (we are about the same age, I believe). I look forward with great anticipation each book , be it a JD Robb or a Nora Roberts. Thank you for sharing your immense talent and for your willingness to communicate so freely with your fans.

  50. As my mother used to say “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. Of course now Mom’s a “crabby old lady” (her phrase, not mine) I have to remind her of that.

  51. I found it interesting that you have all 7 seasons of Buffy. One of my personal favorites. I always thought Buffy and Eve were similar characters. Dinner conversation with you and Joss Whedon would be an amazing evening indeed. As for the naysayers, people are looking for attention in all sorts of ways. There are ways to discuss and not agree on every point but should never be nasty.

  52. A friend of my sister often advises to not let “____” live rent-free in your head – where the “____” is someone who is being rude, nasty, whiny, negative, etc.
    It’s a clever enough saying to remind me that I’d rather spend time on things I love (for example, reading) than on other people’s negativity.
    Thank you for being part of the reading that I love!!

  53. Nora, you are so right. People need to get a life. To me, they scream “toxic person” here. Just ignore them. I don’t waste my time 27th them. Love all your ?. I’m starting my purge this weekend. Love Judy.

  54. OMG, Nora – you’re a Buffy fan!!! Wow!! I just love Buffy (have spent way too much time hunting down YA novels based on the show). My husband, whose taste in many things is totally in sync with mine, says he “can’t understand what Buffy’s about.” I’ve given up trying to explain it.

    Ordinarily when I post here I refer to you as Ms. Roberts, but that just didn’t feel right for a comment about your liking Buffy. 🙂

  55. I agree totally with Lora. Good thoughts. Positive attitude. How can ANYONE say something negative about her books? The woman is a miracle! Don’t know what I’d do without her books and especially the In Death series (which I have read at least 10 times!)

    Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop! Lol

  56. Nora, you are right on the money, as always. It is so hard these days with the Internet sometimes – people feel anonymous and think they can post anything – things they would never say in person. I’m including a quote below from a book I like, The Jane Austen Book Club (I hope that’s ok, I beg your serious pardon if that is a faux pas). But even though the quote is kinda a downer, I think what you said is right – it’s important not to focus on the negative, not to waste time on things or people you don’t like, and move forward with hope and focus on what you do love, what makes your heart sing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I know so many of us value your wisdom and beautiful stories, both blogs and books!

    ” “When I was driving to the hospital,” Sylvia said, “I thought if Allegra was all right I would be the happiest woman in the world. And she was, and I was. But today the sink is backed up and there are roaches in the garage and I don’t have the time to deal with any of it…Already I have to remind myself to be happy… Why should unhappiness be so much more powerful than happiness?”
    “One difficult member spoils a whole group,” Jocelyn agreed. “One disappointment ruins a whole day.”
    “One infidelity wipes out years of faithfulness.”
    “It takes ten weeks to get into shape and ten days to get out of it.” “

  57. Hi Nora,
    I find that I am in my happy place more often when I am in a Happy Place. There are so many places to rant and rave and that is just not for me. Be happy my friend in all that you do and it seems that you are and I am happy for you. Take care, Beth

  58. *standing and applauding* Bravo, well said. I get so frustrated with FB for that very reason. To each their own as they say. I’m not a mystery fan so I don’t read the “In Death” series…but I think I have every single romance/drama/etc you’ve ever written. So I don’t even look at the “In Death” posts. For me to comment on them would be a waste of my time and yours/your readers. Why don’t people get that? Glad you’re having a fabulous writing winter! We the readers appreciate the fruit.

    We’re trying to downsize our house to move into a much smaller place. Where do you go with all the stuff you purge?

    1. Depends. Some is really trash. Most will be donated to Good Will or the Salvation Army or some other organization, or offered to friends or family. Other items may travel down to the Outer Banks where we have a beach house.

      And some, I have NO doubt, BW sneaks into his workshop or other storage. He can take the purge hard. (g)

      The main thing for me, it’s that stuff’s out of here!

  59. I picked up Tears of the Moon in 2000? Or so – and I’ve been reading your novels ever since . I’ve re read the Jewels trilogy many times, it’s my favorite- a bit sentimental I guess but I love them ?

  60. I have been trolling all the libraries in my area trying to find some of your books I have yet to read. I have read three of them this week and a question kept bouncing around in my head….”Who are you”? Whitney? Jillian? Jack? Eve? Parker? Peabody? I’m sure there is a little bit of you in every character you create, male or female, and a few characteristics you wish you possessed more of. So, fess up! Who are you?

  61. Thumbs up for the reference to The Day the Earth Stood Still. Best movie every (not really) but one of my favorites. 🙂

  62. As a Buffy Fan, I also own every season, I find myself now buying movies that I had on either DVD to VHS, on ITunes so I have them available anywhere. And I can box up and make more room. Just like I have repurchased every JD and most Nora books on kindle and Audible. Warning: Listening to the stories is highly addictive !

  63. I can’t remember the first Nora Roberts book I read, but I think I have pretty much read them all now and loved them! Some more than others, but they never fail to entertain and touch me! I did not think I would like the JD Robb books, but now I am re-reading the series for the 3rd time!! LOL

    Keep up the good work, and can’t you write just a little faster!! LOL

    1. hah! Seems like Nora writes pretty darn fast. But even if she was faster the publisher would still make us wait. It’s what they do, they’re afraid to ‘saturate the market’. Silly in my opinion. Like I’m not going to buy every Nora, King and my other favorite authors every time they come out. But I don’t expect it will ever change.

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