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  1. I am so excited. This is by far my favorite read and I have literally hundreds of books and books on my kindle. I have been reading the entire series as I waited for this book once again and I never tire of them. I dread the day it is finished for you, hope that is a long way in the future.

    1. I agree with you I hope the series has a long long lifetime yet. Can’t wait till apprentice in death comes out
      Agree with J D regarding baby issue they have the best family (family and cop family) and Mavis and Leonardo’s little munchkin is enough for Eve and Roarke to handle

      1. I think it is time for Eve and Roarke to have a baby! I love the series and all the characters,I have read and re-read all the books, but I think a new twist would be great! They have been through so much together and they would continue to grow as characters. I keep waiting for Eve to wake up one day pregnant!

        1. Hi Lisa,

          That’s not going to happen any time soon. And there’s a whole page of answers here on the blog as to why. Just click here.


          1. Yes, I did see all the comments about why not before I posted, but at least I was not alone in thinking along those lines. I didn’t realize how adamant the author is about the subject, but I can still think my thoughts 🙂

          2. Just do it; get it over with. JDR has already set the characters up to do as such. This is probably not intentional but with their differing attitudes it has to be done. Dallas will change but not much and it will add even more dynamic (plus it is funny when she cannot say bad words), Roarke will treat the baby with even more indulgence than he already does with Galahad. Another dynamic with Summerset but think spawn of Eve. It will be great and should be done.

          3. I will never understand the obsession with other people’s reproductive choices. By 2061 I would hope we’d have learned not to pester people about “when” they’ll have kids. I love these books and if I thought I could write them better than Nora I’d be busy writing them instead of eagerly awaiting every knew adventure offered.

          4. Some people don’t realize they have a choice not to have kids. All their lives it has been, “Grow up. Get married. Have kids.”

            –Happily Childfree

        2. I would love that as well but I don’t think Laura sees it that way. For me it would add humor and a lot of human interest and more growth and with Summerset they could go right on with their jobs.

    2. I love this series so much! This was one of the best so far!! Can I ask a quick question? What book was the scene with sweet Bella and Eve’s “ba-ba” (bauble) in? I can’t find it again. Thanks so much!

    1. If you go to the Introduce Yourself tab at the top, scroll down and add a comment there.

      1. Thank You, I love all of your books. Have just about all of them under both Names 🙂 I have been a life long reader and at 73 that is a long time, and your books are my favorites by far!!

    2. I agree I cannot find where to post without using a “reply”. There needs to be a specific tab for the clueless, like me. I also tried the Introduce yourself tab. No pop up box opened.

      1. Anita,

        The word press construct has the reply box at the bottom of the comments after a post. The same goes for the Introduce Yourself tab — you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the comment box.


    3. Me too. I’m a bit confused by this site. I can only reply but can’t originate any comments

  2. Just finished reading….this is Eve Dallas’s story from the beginning to the end…such a strong character making the difficult choices to be the whole person she has become. And, she tells her own story in her own words..the story of abuse…of friendships..of the badge and her courage …and then finally of love without restrictions. JDR thank you for getting our Eve to this place.

    1. It’s Eve’s story, but I really appreciated that it’s a story that a lot of survivors can understand and relate to. I think a lot of women reading this will see their own pain and experiences in Eve and I know she inspires me in my healing.

    2. Diana I could not agree more. Eve has been really elevated in this book on a personal level without losing who she is a a cop. Does anyone else think there may be a baby in her future? Lol just a thought.

  3. If I ever get beyond The Obsession first chapter I’ll surrender to J.D. ROBB 😀
    But for some I-hate-tha-b***-Nora-created-in-this-book I believe we’re witnessing Nora Roberts’ best Creative years. YAY! Lucky Us 🙂

  4. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through and am loving it. It’s not going where I expected it to so that makes it extra good.

  5. I just got to the part with the new EDD guy. I would have trouble with him, too, I think. Geek is a language I do not speak at all.

    1. I have been a fan of ms Roberts for a number of years with her unique style of writing and I love her jdrobb series a lot . Ik there’s a new one coming out soon and I have devoured all she’s written . Rereading creation in death atm

  6. I just drove to my local Target, where I buy my ID books. They are the only ones I buy- I can’t wait 6 months for the library to get them. Brotherhood is in their circular- but not on their shelves. They don’t know when it’s coming in. So it’s on to Amazon- my only consolation- is waiting is good for the soul.

  7. Almost half way through. I had to stop and say how much I’m loving this book! Yes, I already see differences in Eve. I think it’s telling that she hasn’t lost the snowflake hat Dennis Mira gave her. And her dream where she interview the elephant! “Mr. Phant!!” OMG!

    1. Oh, the snowflake hat is adorable. And I loved that she kept it. And when Dr. Mira first tracked her down in Homicide in Chapter 1, and mentioned Dennis, Eve’s hand went to the hat!

    2. I think Brotherhood is the second best book of the In Death series (NY to Dallas still #1). It was so poignant and funny and gripped me from beginning to end. Some of the scenes reminded me of the earlier books in the series (Roarke holding Eve through a nightmare, urging her to eat after she’s been sick etc). It was a great job of tying the entire series together. Well done Nora.

    3. Mira! Should have known. Been reading obsessively and I am now up to date. But! I could not remember where she got the snowflake hat from! Of course it was from Dennis. Thanks!!

  8. I love this book! No surprise as I always love your books. I so enjoyed the Devil’s Workshop conversation. These make me laugh out loud every time. Mr. Phant’s interview was great too. Fun among the bad lifts the mood. Thanks for all you do, we appreciate you.

    1. I just read the Devil’s Workship conversation, and I was laughing so hard for at least three minutes, from the time Eve started talking for a few minutes after I was done that everyone on the first floor of the house was telling me to be quiet. Oh, I miss Eve when I’m reading other books – and I’ve caught myself in other police procedurals wondering “What Would Eve Dallas do or say?”

      1. Tina, I do the same thing when reading or even watching police shows I think Eve wouldn’t have done that or Eve would have already solved that! LOL?

  9. I am finally finished. The part that had the most impact on me was the part where Eve is able to tell Dennis what happened to her as a child. Even though it was an accident, she kept going when before she would have stopped and tried to get out of talking about it. Roarke always talks about Feeney being Eve’s father repalcement. After this, I think Dennis is a close second.

    1. I agree. Their relationship is very much father-daughter just as her relationship with Charlotte Mira. He always knows when she needs a hug.

    2. I had to finish last night before I could sleep. I had the same thought you did. Feeney is Eve’s father replacement but Dennis Mira is a very close second. This was a 10 tissue book for me. I loved the fact that I I was surprised at every turn. But I just about cried a river when Eve told Dennis Mira about her childhood abuse. Then when he hugged her and asked his questions I was a goner. How could anyone not be in love with this man!! This is my new favorite ID book. Way to go Nora, never a dull moment

  10. This book is fabulous! I laughed so hard at the room with the dolls. Eve had everyone including Baxter freaking out. I’ve never really given it much thought, but, I guess a whole room full of glassyeyed dolls would be spooky. especially if one happened to look like Chucky!! lol

  11. If I have a scary/crazy dream about an Army of Dolls chasing me I’m going to blame JD (Nora). ??

    1. I don’t usually fear dolls, but that freaked me out. I love how Peabody flipped too. Then the other cops calling them psycho for having the dolls. Lol

  12. Just finished. I want to st Wow and thanks for a great story. Now I have to wait for another.

  13. I’m so envious of everyone who’s already reading (or has finished) Brotherhood! I won’t have my own copy until the paperback edition comes out…meanwhile, I’m on the wait list at the library, currently 90th. Yikes! Unless they order 90 copies (ha ha) I’ll be waiting for what will seem like years. Plus I can’t even read people’s comments for fear of finding out crucial plot points. Waaaah!

  14. I’ve always loved her In Death series. But this book made me feeI a wide range of emotions I rarely feel from reading a book. From sadness to disgust to horror to compassion. I honestly don’t know who the criminals and victims are. There’s no “good wins over evil” like other books. There’s just a sense of loss and sadness left at the end. The writing and story is truly a marvel to read. Also, I love Dennis Mira now more than ever.

    1. I think, all of these are “good wins over evil”. The murderers are caught, sometimes in the nick of time before harming someone else. Sometimes in a spectacularly bloody fight at the end – well, okay, usually in a spectacular fight.
      And feeling those emotions when reading a book is what tells me the author is doing it right. If I don’t feel those emotions, then usually I don’t “gel” with that author. I go through all the emotions when I read a really good book, including bawling my eyes out (just read a book where a woman finds her best friend’s body).

  15. It was a Snow Day in Omaha yesterday (today too!) and a perfect day to read Brotherhood. Though I love to have and to hold an actual book, it was awesome to have Brotherhood on my Kindle when I woke up. I was going to pace myself and save some of the book for today, but that didn’t happen! I read the entire book! I laughed, I cried, and thoroughly enjoyed each and every page. I’m thankful for your talent.

    1. I am loving this book and will finish and start it immediately again. I love to try to figure where the story is going as I read, sometimes I have been close, others totally off and a time or two right on the money, I thought I had a good idea on this one but now I am totally thrown off and loving it. I love the characters and how they relate to Eve and each other. But of course my favorite is Roarke and Eve, that is what pushes the story for me. So I am hoping he is going to get a little more involved with the work in this one. I did LOVE his desire to bring Eve fully into their life and their home and completely away from what was. Eve’s reaction was just what you would expect and I loved Roarkes. I am a hopeless romantic and at 73 don’t believe that will ever change. Thank you Nora for your imagination, for this series and for all of your other books that have so enriched my life!!

    2. Therese, I love travelling to Omaha. I’ve had many surgeries there already and will schedule 2 more at the same time this one last time. I’m thinking Summer or Fall. Maybe I will schedule them for when the next “In Death” comes out, but cackling like a fool might not be a good thing to do after surgery! There are always a few things in the books that make me laugh out loud. -A friend in St. Louis

  16. So, I’m totally gone over Mr. Mira. I’ve always found him sweet before, but two separate scenes made me cry! When he made the hot cocoa during the interview and when Eve told him about her past. I’m at work trying to keep it together, but nope, nice try! I love the books, but read them to quick and am sadly waiting for the next. Bay of Sighs? June? *le sigh*

  17. I feel like we’ll see Mylo again one day after he finishes law school. I think Eve may regret treating him badly then… Well maybe not regret but notice?

      1. Mylo was the law student stationed at reception in Lauren Canford’s (one of Edward Mira’s affairs) family law practice. He got a little snotty with Eve.


        1. Still doesn’t ring a bell for me. I will catch Mylo on my second round of listening. Thank you for clearing that up, Laura. Always there for us!

  18. I absolutely love this series and this book is not a disappointment. Especially the banter between Roarke and Eve. I’m glad I got my sister hooked on this book.

    P.S. Did anyone else catch that she spelled Morris’s name wrong on page 333? Wrote Morse instead

      1. His name was incorrectly written as Morse i cant find it now but it is in there somewhere it is going to drive me crazy now intil I find it.

        1. Lisa,

          I didn’t doubt you found a typo, they happen. And unfortunately, can’t be changed once a book is published.


          1. I know it can’t be helped. It is like a game with me I like to see how many I can find. I was just replying to the post about it being on page 333 you mentioned you didn’t see it. I was just letting you know the correct page.

          2. Whatever page it was on, it can’t be fixed. And I believe this particular typo was made in production. If readers are going to spend time pointing out typos, even listing the page, I think it’s good for them to know nothing can be done about it, so really it just causes me frustration because it’s pretty much forever. Writers, editors and publishers are human, and mistakes are made.

            I’d so much rather readers read the book to enjoy the story rather than get hung up on a typo. But to each her own.

          3. I never even notice, I’m too busy being lost in the story.

          4. I don’t understand why we shoud care about typos or misspelled words. We are all human and fallible. Perhaps I am being obtuse but I read for the joy of a story written by an author I admire and respect for their talent, imagination and the gift they give to the reader.

          5. When I worked in publishing, we had a “Corrigenda” file for typos and errors. As subsequent printings and editions were published, these mistakes were corrected. Does that not happen anymore? (I haven’t read the book yet; was waiting for my library copy but am going to buy the e-version later.) Just curious.

          6. Proofing while reading isn’t something some people can turn on and off. I wish it was. I re-read so many of these books, both hard copies and audio. Sometimes it is an audiobook that makes me notice things like Lu, the Dragon vs. Wu, the Dragon. It isn’t intended as a negative comment. But I did think a paperback could be edited before release even if hardcover had a typo.

      2. Different formats (and if in an electronic version, the program type and the font size) can throw off page numbers. I’ve noticed in my Nook, the standard page view, I’ll have a couple of pages with one line on them, or several blank pages in a row, or several of the same page number in a row (usually three pages of one number, then three pages of the next, and so on for a few page numbers). And since the Kindle and Sony use I different file format, I believe, that can affect it as well.
        And yes, errors can and will slip by. Nothing is perfect, and shouldn’t be, and proofers are human.

      3. It actually turned up on my Nook book in 200’s somewhere, and my edition only came in at 315 pages.

  19. Wonderful. Eve’s growth is truly excellent to observe unfold throughout the series, right alongside Roarke’s subtler evolution.

    Tickled pink to learn of the next uniform headed for the Homicide staff, I liked Shelby.

    Someone else commented that Dennis Mira was giving Feeney a run for virtual father to Eve. I disagree. Feeney is father figure, Dennis is grandfather…tender, sturdy, supportive, confessional, and caring. From the very first time we met him, when he told Mira that she was right about Eve, his insight shone clear.

    And I’ll just say that if Eve had had this case in 2057, it might have broken her.

    1. Oh I like your take on Dennis Mira as Eve’s grandfather. That is a great visual. I also thought father but I was wrong, grandfather it is

    2. I totally agree with you about Dennis being more of a grandfather type. I also agree that Eve would not have been able to handle this case earlier in her career. This is the best part of the series for me, seeing Eve’s growth and healing…

      1. Mine, too. For those of us who have been through similar things as she, it is good to see her grow. I would love to have a Dennis Mira in my life. He is just so sweet and kind to Eve.

  20. I just finished reading Brotherhood In Death and I have to say it was a heart breaking beautfiul read. I have read and re-read this series every year since the very first book and will count this as one of my top five favorites. Thank you! For all the laughter and tears and for the knowledge that no matter what bad things life has given you there is always hope for better if you choose to make something out of the bad.

  21. Finished. So many tugs toward humor then sadness. I rate this book exceptional. I like where Eve is now, and I enjoyed seeing more through Roarke’s eyes. Also I’m happy to see evidence that Summerset truly cares for Eve. And, I love when Galahad tries to help when Eve has a nightmare. Head butting her or curling up at her back, so, so sweet.

  22. I finished! Wow. Each time I read s new book I think it can’t be topped but wow. I’m recovering from surgery and I must admit I had to take a pain pill after the doll exchanges! Spent a good 10 minutes laughing hysterically. It was wonderful to get a glimpse into Dennis Mira’s life. He’s always charmed me with his gentle spirit and quiet brilliance. I REALLY want that hot cocoa recipe! Please???

      1. Made Dennis tell us!!!!! Please???? Then we can all make “Dennis Mira’s Hot Cocoa”.

        1. I thought the same the first time Dennis gave the hot chocolate to Eve. Nora to the kitchen please. Lol

  23. Really, really loved this book. With each new book we see Eve evolve into someone she never thought she would be. I was blubbering right along with Peabody when Eve was talking to her about how she came to be able to deal with her past. I loved when she was talking to Roarke and mentioned “Mr. Phant”! I laughed for a good ten minutes!! Nora/JD keep doing what you are doing. We, your loyal and loving fans, really appreciate you!!! Also, thanks Laura for all of your hard work and dedication for keeping us informed!

  24. All the In Deaths have their special moments. There’s all the changes in the characters to cherish, but I think this book tops all of them. I laughed so hard over the dolls, then cried when she was telling Dennis Mira her story. What a magnificent blend in this book! Thanks for a great read!

  25. The big surprise for me was when the Commander told her his wife’s reaction to the call he received. Just about fell out of my chair laughing so hard. Did not see that coming. ? ? Dennis Mira.

  26. I just have to say, I’m just able to get into it, but after reading the first chapter, well, I spent the chapter not only deepening my crush on Mr. Mira, but wanting to cry for him. His cousin treating him like he was some sort of idiot, well, Eve’s crush on him (but that doesn’t make me want to cry for him), Dr. Mira, everything.

  27. I finished it yesterday. Enjoyed it, especially many of the personal moments. Not in my top 10 for the series, but definitely in the top half. Looking forward to seeing how Eve’s new home office comes out.

  28. I was laughing so hard as I was listening to the conversation between Dallas and Peabody regarding Bella’s present. The other drivers must have thought I was crazy.

  29. Just finished last night and I LOVE this book. The material while disturbing does happen, sadly this kind of thing goes on in this world too often. I think one reason I love this series so much is seeing Eve grow and handle her demons. Tragic things happen and to say that you will just forget and move on is not what usually or ever happens. Things stay with you but if you are able to find enough purpose and love in life and believe in yourself you can be very happy and successful. Of course what I love most is the story of Eve and Roarke and I love him as much as her. It is a beautiful relationship and a fun one to get lost in. I am one of the ones who would love to see them have a family, seeing Eve & Roarke navigate pregnancy and children would be funny, heart warming and lovely I think, but whatever Nora feels is right for these characters is what I love to read. I am starting the story again a nap time and am anxiously waiting for the next. i also really love when we get some of Roarkes personal thoughts and insights, really enriches the story for me..

  30. I love the Death books. Some are great and some are fabulous! Brotherhood is one of the standouts!!! I am amazed at the wonderful depth of characters & feelings that are brought out here. Thank you, thank you for your creative talents put out there for us. I so enjoy your books and re read them over and over. thank god for Kindle or they would be worn out. Again WOW! Brotherhood is one of my favorites – thanks so much

  31. Just got Brotherhood yesterday and of course I didn’t want to sleep or go to work. Already in love with it laughed when eve told Edwards wife to kiss her a** and when Commander Whitney told Eve what his wife’s reaction was. Haven’t finished it yet because of those pesky things like work and sleep. I’m sure I’ll finish it tonite.

  32. I just finished Brotherhood & I have to say it is in my top 5 favorite In Death. I am amazed that someone can put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and come up with a story that grips you from the first sentence. I love how the relationship between Eve & Dennis Mira was explored…the scene between the two of them when he realizes what she’s been through nearly had me sobbing. JD Robb has has spoiled me for all other authors…and i would rather read than breath. She is without a doubt the best of the best!!!

  33. I have been an In Death fan, reader, and re-reader for a very long time and I gobble every new book as it is published. Brotherhood was no exception! I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did, but I totally did not expect to have tears come when Eve was telling Mr. Mira about her childhood. Thank you, Nora, for creating a universe with characters we have grown to care about very deeply.

  34. Loved the book. This is one I will reread a lot. Also love Mr. Mira. Would love to have some of his hot chocolate.

  35. Just finished Brotherhood and I have to say Nora hit a home run with this one. From beginning to end I couldn’t put it down.
    The part where Eve tells Mr. Mira what happened to her made me cry and he is such a darling man no wonder Eve has a big crush on him.
    Even though the snowflake embarrassed her when he first gave it to her she wears it because he did.

  36. I am nearly finished and agree with everyone else–this book as great! After reading the last book with the pool sex scene I thought nothing can top this, then along came this book and Desk sex–Wow!

  37. Reading the book again and am always so surprised at the things I see I didn’t see the first time.

  38. My husband and I are in the “get it and read it immediately” camp. We finished Brotherhood Wednesday evening, even with me working all day, and we loved it! We decided that when the movies are made, we’d love to play the Mira’s. 😉 Anyway, J.D. Has another winner. It was wonderful and lovely to see into the lives of the Mira’s a little more in depth.

  39. Try to devour it, but my schedule requires me to read 5-10 chapters at a time

  40. I just finished the book. This one was a true page turner. All are really, but this one…..yum! Loved the relationships. It seems to me this one marks a point in time because of the changes and the letting gos. Eve is more open to discuss her past with people closer to her. She is growing and becoming a better person. The case was also challenging. Empathy vs justice, had me switching bands a couple of time. At the end justice won, but it was hard. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

  41. Love all Eve Dallas books . I am a writer myself and I know how difficultit is to write well . Good work!!! You have got it down to an art

  42. Loved brotherhood! Hated to finish. I tried to take breaks. Awaiting the next in death……6 months? Not another year please.
    I was also crying along with Peabody. I thought I was overly emotional but now I read everyone is.

  43. I don’t see D MIra as a father figure for Every but as a combination grandfather and favorite uncle

  44. Just got done reading Brotherhood I laughed, cried, got angry. At one point my roommate asked if I was okay. I was reading the part where Eve was telling Mr. Mira her story. I loved seeing how far Eve has come with herself, Roarke, and the rest of her family she’s found. I know I’m in love with Roarke, but now I believe I’m halfway in love with Dennis Mira. As always Nora a great read. Now I’m waiting on Bay of Sighs. I think I might just have to reread.

  45. OMG, how does Nora do it? Over 40 freaking books in the series and she still hits it out of the park. So many great LOL moments. And Mr. Mira, Eve’s true father, had me blubbering. Great to see Roarke being cranky. This book was fantastic. Might be my favorite of all the In Death. I will be 53 in March. I have read thousands of books in my life. To know that a book will still come along and make me so excited, to make me fall in love with it, is such a wonderful thing. I will be reading Nora’s books as long as she writes them. Thank you Nora for sharing your gift with us.

  46. Reading it now. Usually I read it in one sitting. But I just had my cataracts removed & I can’t read it in one sitting anymore. I have to say how much I’m loving it. I laughed out loud so much, over the scene about the doll house with Peabody & the elevator with Roarke. And I’m only 2/3 of the way through. I think this is the FUNNIEST book she ever wrote. LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Hate waiting 6 months for the next one. Enjoy reading more about the side characters, like Mira & her husband.

  47. “Loose pants, loose pants . . .” Go, Peabody! Seriously, this ranks as one of my favorite ID books. Your characters have become friends, and it takes a great writer to make the readers feel that way. Nora, thank you yet again for captivating my imagination!

    1. What about their conversation about the dollhouse. I “cracked up”, LOL.
      And the elevator with Roarke–Devels hands…

      I thought this was her funniest book.

  48. I enjoyed this very much- I have been rereading my favorites and this will be one I think= I missed some of my favorite characters but I got so excited to have another book in the series to read.

  49. Love Love Love 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    Finished the book on release date and picked up the audio from Audible on Friday 🙂

    I really, really hope (and maybe pray) that the conversation between Eve and Dr. Mira after she interrogates the lawyer is a set up for the next novella or the continuation is included in the next book. LOL Trying to write that out without including any real spoilers was harder that it should have been!!!

    Have to say that as for Dennis Vs. Feeney, at least in my mind, Feeney is firmly entrenched in that father-figure position. Dennis comes across more as a favorite Uncle mixed with a little Grandfather and Godfather.

  50. Waited for copy from the library, and it is such a great read. I hate to finish! Now getting audio version. I love the Mira story. Wanted to know more about them. Truly love seeing most of the characters mentioned, this was a truly interesting story. Can’t wait for the re-model and dinner at the Mira’s. Amazing insight into Eve’s growth. So grateful!
    Laura, you are so knowledgeable, is there a list of gifts from Eve and Rourke to each other?

  51. I was already mostly in love with Dennis Mira but after this book, I fell all the way. We should all be so lucky as to have Dennis Mira in our lives. That being said, I do not see a conflict in Eve having two father figures in Feeney and Dennis – they each add something different to Eve’s life and I think her life is all the richer for it.

    I also loved, loved, loved Eve’s view on dolls…and the fact that it grew to be contagious made it even funnier!

    And I am sure most of us can relate to Peabody’s obsession with loose pants:)

  52. My feelings are so opposite from everyone else. I have never felt that Feeney was a father figure to Eve. I have also felt the he is her mentor. In New York to Dallas Feeney is referred to as “her former trainer, partner”. To me he took Eve under his wing and taught her how to be a good cop.

    As far as a father figure I have always leaned, very strongly, that Dennis Mira is the father that she wished she had. From the first moment he gave her unconditional love.

    These are just my thoughts and feelings.

    As far as the book as a whole, for me it is the series thus far. Yes we get to see that Eve is no longer a victim but now a survivor. However being a survivor doesn’t mean that it will never effect you ago. I loved that we got to see the path that Eve wanted to be on as a cop. She can still get those bars but we will have to wait and she if or when she tells Nora that she wants to be captain.

    1. There is a conversation between Roarke and Feeney in Ceremony in Death where R tells F something along the lines that Eve considered Feeney her father. Dang, just reread it last night and already forget the wording…lol

  53. My mom and I have just returned from a fun visit in Boonsboro. We stayed at the inn, ate at all the local restaurants, shopped, relaxed at Green Bamboo, and attended the book signing. It was great to meet both Laura and Nora and get my copy of Brotherhood signed while there. I read it on the plane on the way home and can’t help but say I’m so crazy about Dennis Mira. The book was great and our experience in Boonsoboro made it even more special. This was my second trip to the inn and I once again brought home my favorite souvenir- soaps from Cedar Ridge. I made sure to buy another bar of Eve and Roarke’s signature scent and found myself wondering how Nora chose each scent for each room. The Lavendar Patchouli smells amazing and I now associate the smell with thoughts of Eve, Roarke, and all their friends. I think I’ll keep this bar on my bookshelf (with my copy of Brotherhood) so I can revisit the scent throughout the year. Thanks for a great visit and another exciting In Death novel.

  54. After over 40 books Nora still keeps this series going. I have read all of the In Death books more than twice and I still love them.
    Brotherhood is going into my top 5 even with the difficult subject matter. I love the scenes with Peabody and the Miras. Cranky Roarke just shows that even he can be human. Having that woman in Eve’s office without telling her shows he can still put a foot wrong with his sometimes difficult wife.

  55. While reading Brotherhood in Death I kept wondering how you do it. I’d love to explore your brain! You always hit the mark with these books as well as your Roberts’ books. After I finish a new one I’m impatient for the next. Thanks for the laughs, tears, and many wonderful hours of reading pleasure.

  56. I finished Brotherhood and loved it. I am going through it a second time. I always do this with In Death books because when they first come out I read them in a gulp and miss something then go back and read it again. I messed up on this one ads preordered it twice so now I have 2 hardbacks and the kindle version. 1 will make a nice gift. I loved the storyline. It does show that when trauma victims get together things happened that would not have had they not. None of those women would have done it alone. I must say though that Roarke should not have allowed anyone onto Eve’s space without checking with her first. I would have been a lot madder than she was if something like that happened to me.

  57. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for the conversation between Dennis and Charlotte after Eve left. I imagine there were some tears and tea for the both of them afterward. The wrath of a gentle man is a terrible thing.

  58. Any chance to get Dennis Mira’s Hot Chocolate recipe? Sounded too good to be true.

    1. I just write the books! LOL. I don’t have this recipe. I’ve never made hot chocolate from scratch–may try it. If I do, I’d do what I did to give me a sense of how my character made it. I Googled it.

      Check out Laura blog post The Cranky Publicist. She actually gives links to some recipes she found by Googling.

  59. I just finished it this morning. I didn’t think it was possible, but I am even more in love with Mr. Mira than I was before!! What a wonderful man. I am interested to see how he and Eve grow from here.

  60. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I wanted to save someone else from making the same mistake as I made. I mistakenly purchased the abridged version of Brotherhood in Death. I didn’t know it until after I finished listening to it and was reading some of the comments and was confused they were talking about things that I didn’t remember. I started reading the book and realized just how much was not on the audible. I looked it up again and found there was two versions. Why would there even be an abridged version who would want to listen to “part” of the book? Also who decides what parts of the story is left out? I’m reading the book now so I’ll get the whole story. I’ll continue to get the audible because I like Susan’s narrative but I’ll make sure it’s the unabridged version!!

    1. Shannon, did you check with Audible about an exchange? I did the same thing about three books ago and they were very nice about exchanging one for the other. Also, you can even return a book to Audible, which I did not know.

      1. No, I haven’t. Didn’t know you could, I’ll try it. Thanks for the information!

      2. Paula, I did check with audible and was able to return it, they refunded my credit and I was able to use the refunded credit to purchase the unabridged version!! Thank you so much for letting me know.

    2. Shannon,

      If you go to http://www.audible.com and log into your account, at the top of the screen (most likely on the right) you should see an area that says Hi! *Your Name* and it will have a down arrow next to your name.

      If you hover your mouse over your name, a drop down menu should open up. From the menu click on “Account Details”. The next screen may ask you to log into your account again, if so just log in.

      Once the account details screen comes up, scroll down the page and look for the block that is labeled as “Transactions and Returns”.

      Under Transactions and Returns, you’ll click on “Make returns and view past orders” This will bring up a list of your purchases.

      Just look for the cover for Brotherhood and right underneath the cover photo should be a button that says “Return”.

      Just click the return button and you’ll be able to return the abridged book and then you can repurchase the unabridged.

      HTH 😀

    3. I don’t know who would want an abridged version, either. I have to be very careful when buying the CDs or MP3s that I don’t end up with only part of the book.

  61. This was a great read as usual. I’ve been having Eve and Roarke withdrawal since I finished the series re-read, re-listen in December. I forced myself to not turn around and restart the series while waiting for Brotherhood to be released. I did read Stars of Fortune during the break from ID series and have to say it is a total winner also. (I’ve already purchased the second book in that series). I’m with most of the other readers, the doll room totally freaked me out, but then I’ve never liked dolls. Dennis Mira has always been a favorite and this book really cements that feeling. Bravo, Nora/JD, bravo.

  62. I have to start with “I LOVE Mr. Mira!” 🙂
    This was a very moving book for a lot of reasons – Dallas telling her own story to Mr. Mira, explaining to Peabody about how she has found peace and even the confession at the end.
    And I love that Roarke was human and cranky at times instead of perfect ?

    However – I have one question. If Carlee and Charity had been victims of this group – how did Edward not recognize them?

    1. I tried to illustrate that not only had time passed, but the women made themselves look different–and to the men the victims were simply things anyway.

  63. One of the many things I love and appreciate about your writing, is how you can manage to interject humor among the violence or terror, and make me laugh out loud unexpectedly. I always have at least one favorite conversation or new phrase after each story and for Brotherhood, it’s ” the penis has no shame.” Cracks me up! Thank you

  64. oh – and who can forget the “people suits” for the droids ? Love it!!

    1. This is one of the best (I think) & funniest in the series. The discussion of the dollhouse with Peabody, the elevator scene with Roarke…..had me laughing out loud.
      LOVED IT. Plan to get the audio ASAP.

  65. Just finished it last night. Minor details like supper, sleep, have forced me to savor this book, instead of gulping it down. Now I will do a slow reread. But this goes into my top 5 for sure.

    I bow to Nora’s brilliance. Instead of a depressing read, the addition of Dennis Mira turned this book into an uplifting one. At the end, I had somewhat ambivalent feelings about those poor women. Abused people very often turn into abusers. Like the killer in Witness, when Eve felt sorry for the killer, and part of Eve’s dilemma, is that she could partly relate to them. I’m also surprised that nobody commented on this story’s similarity to the Bill Cosby situation.

    I also don’t get the longing for a baby comments. First of all, Nora is the boss and creator. When she says no, that should end it, once and for all. Also, if you are a mom and grandmom, as I am, you should know that pull of guilt, when you put your job before your child. Most of us work 9-5, but Eve works round the clock, for heavens sake! When she gets to the very last book of the series (not before #400, please), then I’d like to see baby makes three. Unless you think that Eve would be o.k. with Summerset raising her child.

    To me, this book is a milestone in the growth of Eve. What a gem! Thanks are not enough.

  66. I have to echo Chevy’s comments.
    I savored this book instead of gulping it down as I usually do. I’ll listen to the audio book and then re-listen to “Naked”. I have been doing this since I discovered the first three books in the 1990’s. I love following Eve and Roarke’s journey together and just how much they both have grown.

    Although I love the series and every book in it and have re-read more times than I can say, “Brotherhood” has joined my very,very favorites. The first three (which I always read as one book), Portrait, Visions, Innocent, Treachery, all the Christmas books, Obsession are some of my go to reads when I need a little Eve and Roarke to get me through the day.

    Thank you, thank you Nora for a beautiful story that made me laugh and cry and just love the characters so much more.

    1. All great choices, Jackie, though I’d have to add Origin to that.

  67. I have been a major fan of the In Death series from the first published book. I have reread them all more than once. This series is my comfort read, my stress reliever, my other world to escape within. I am so fortunate that there are two installments every year and some years, 2 1/2 ( I consider the novella shorts, half).
    I have never commented on a book having decided that I would let my dollars talk for me. I buy the hardbacks, buy a paperback to loan or travel and I buy the e-copy for my kindle. I have been blessed with enough money to do so.
    I don’t care what the storyline is, I am happy for the words and the continuing story and as long as Nora/JD still has breath to write, I will read it all. I want it to take me where ever it needs to go.
    I am compelled to comment this time.
    Brotherhood is the best written in the series so far. The story flowed and the way I felt through all of it has wrecked my system then built it back up with a pretty bow.
    I read a lot and I cannot think of any other writer that can do this in such a way and make me laugh.
    Thank you for this story and Thank you for the future stories, may there be many many more….

  68. This book made me cry…to bad Mr. Mira couldn’t have been her dad…

  69. I started my Nora experience with Naked in Death, and have since purchased every Nora Roberts and JD Robb book I can get my hands on. The in Death series is fabulous, and I’m sure we all have our favorites for many reasons. I always laugh my way through them. I can be moved and touched by them. I can experience anger and outrage and be appalled at the criminals, knowing that there really are people out there who are that horrible. But Brotherhood is the first one that made me literally sob. The scene in Ch. 18 between Eve and Dennis Mira struck a chord so deep and resonant that I couldn’t help but cry. The gentleness and compassion is what every victim longs for, no matter the type of abuse experienced. Nora continues to create characters that are the best, worst, and everything in between, but are all a true reflection of humanity. Thank you.

  70. I loved this book! Well, I love ALL the JD Robb books. I was touched by the constant emotional moments Eve had and have a strong feeling she is pregnant…………is it time for that to happen?, maybe, but maybe it is those hormones raging as she gets further along in true great relationships and preparing for a future family several novels later. 🙂

    1. NO!

      Eve isn’t pregnant. Eve isn’t going to be pregnant. I can’t stress this enough, apparently.

  71. Why, why do I do this to myself? I find out the release date of the next book in the series, then I retread the series while I count down the days, then I pounce on the new book, telling myself I’m just going to nibble on it to make it last. (Sounds like Peabody, doesn’t it?). Hah! Nibble, my hindquarters. Once I have it, I devour it like a starving animal. Then I find out the release date for the next book . . . .

    I’ve gotta say, I think Brotherhood is my favorite so far (I think I’ve said that about 40-plus times now). I don’t know how she does it, but this series gets better with every book. Thank you, Nora Roberts, for countless hours of absolute reading enjoyment. I’m 72 and look forward to spending many more pleasurable hours with the characters you have shared with us.

  72. Love,love ,love the book! I can’t wait to see what Ms.Nora is going to do with Shelby and OMG that new guy in with the E Guys? He is going to be a Hoot!! Every time she comes out with a new book I snatched it up! Can’t wait for the next one!

  73. I love this series. It’s my favorite. This book was exceptional, better than the last few. I thought Eve was pregnant in this book. There was a lot of reference to smells, she rejected coffee, was super emotional (for Eve) though I know this case was exceptionally close to home. Just my thoughts, but I feel it’s coming. I was really impressed by this book and loved seeing more insight into Mcnabb and the Miras.

    1. Hi Brandy,

      That’s not going to happen any time soon. And there’s a whole page of answers here on the blog as to why. Just click here.


      1. Just out of curiosity, Laura, how many times have you already had to have fixed the indentation in the wall from your head banging into it? 😉

          1. Maybe a helmet decorated in Peabody/McNab colors? That would be cute! 🙂

    2. Brandy, let me make it absolutely clear. It’s not coming. Eve is not going to get pregnant. The series is what the series is, and it’s not about motherhood.

      I really hate to disappoint a reader, so I’m letting you know unequivacably it’s not going to happen, not any time soon, and likely never.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the book, and hope you’ll continue to enjoy the series.

  74. NO< No, no. First Eve would be so grossed out to have a baby "in there". She couldn't do her job the same way because she'd be afraid "it" would get hurt. The how could either of them stay home with a baby. Can u see Eve putting "it" in a back pack? Or Roarke? Let "the cadaver" who meets her at the door care for it? NO WAY.

  75. However, I wouldn’t mind Eve finding an aunt,uncle, grandparents, sister, brother who are NORMAL. Just love her so much, I’d like her to have a family—just realized she does, in her friends.

    1. That’s not going to happen either. Eve’s made her family, and made herself. So much more admirable, IMO, then finding some kindly aunt.

  76. Just finished reading the Brotherhood. Another great book in the series. When I think about the characters in the series, they are like a family. ? And I have a crush on Baxter and Dennis Mira.
    I don’t see Eve pregnant at this point. Maybe in 15 years or so after she gets her captaincy.

  77. I am loving the evolution of Eve. Every book she grows, becomes a touch softer and copes better with ‘people’ interaction.
    She is on a journey from horrific beginnings to a solid & loving family. By family, I mean the friends you choose as your family.
    I’d like to thank you Nora/JD for allowing us along for the ride.

    I don’t see Eve pregnant and I don’t think I want to see Eve pregnant either. I have too much fun reading her obvious discomfort with Bella. She’s allergic to babies (just like me)

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