Italy workouts: The list

Kat put together a list of the workouts she and Nora have done in the mornings this vacation.

I’ve added hyperlinks so you can explore if you want — some are to retail sites, some are to the instructor’s sites.  All of them are meant to be starting points — it’s up to you to do the research. It even includes a Lumitea Bloating relief method for the big meals you will probably have in Italy.  Always look at reviews of the workouts, click on the video samples.

Kat said in her email to me:  Everything  is either low impact or can be pretty easily adjusted to be low impact.  I was very excited to see people getting inspired to workout from hearing about us working out!

Cize: The End of Exercise with Shaun T by Beachbody

Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Your Week by Gaiam

Scott Cole presents Tai Chi Training by Mill Creek Entertainment

10 Minute Solution: Dance It Off & Tone It Up! by Anchor Bay Entertainment

10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones (resistance band workout) by Anchor Bay Entertainment

10 Minute Solution: Slim & Sculpt Pilates (resistance band workout) by Starz Home Entertainment

Prevention Fitness Systems Express Workout with Jennifer Galardi Dance It Off!

Bootcamp Boogie, Petra Kolber Fit Life Wellness Series

Liquid Grooves Petra Kolber Fit Life Wellness Series

Crunch Cardio Salsa (with Giselle) by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Dance Off the Inches Cardio Hip Hop by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Yoga: Flow Saraswati River Tradition with Zyrka Landwijt by Real Bodywork  (Note from Laura — I own this one and it’s really excellent.)

Kat hasn’t done the ones below yet with Nora, but they’re also in her folder, including some weight bench only workout.

Jennifer Kries New Body! Pilates III by Razor Digital Entertainment

Jennifer Kries Power Flow Vinyasa Yoga by Razor Digital Entertainment


11 thoughts on “Italy workouts: The list”

  1. Thanks so much for posting the list, Laura. I already googled one of the ones Nora described – this makes it much easier!

  2. That’s it! No excuse for me now. And if NR can do it on vacation – religiously – I can then too. (And I’m NOT on vacation.) Thanks!

  3. Thanks a million. There goes my excuse of not knowing where to start. Nora & I are the same age, same month- she is much busier than me- if she can do it, even on vacation, then I don’t have any excuses left. I’ll probably find a new one, though.

  4. Yay! This is GREAT! Thanks so much for posting. Thanks to Nora and Kat, I had already started the 10 minute Pilates and the vinyasa yoga, now I have a whole list to explore. I leave for vacation Friday, already have my dvd’s and Nora/JD’s packed. You both have inspired me to continue the workout on vacation by your good example (followed by some wine, of course). I am so enjoying your travels, thanks for sharing with us!!

  5. Thank you, Kat and Laura, for putting this together and posting it for us. Very kind of you and much appreciated. Enjoying reading about all the adventures!

  6. Wow, thank you so much for these links. I was looking for new workouts, mine were getting old. I listen to audiobooks during my workouts most of the time, it can get very interesting during certain parts.

  7. You guys are great!
    Thank you for sharing your trip, your experiences, your yummy meals and the work outs!
    See you in September! ????

  8. Thank you so much for the list. I actually enjoyed reading about your and Kat exercising each morning. Maybe me and my Kat(Kathleen actually) can start some of these exercises. I prefer doing ones that have positive. feedback from people who have no financial interest in the product.
    Some I may not be able to do, because of my back and legs, but between Kat and I, I’m sure we’ll find combos we like. Again Thank You!

  9. I started feeling inspired to workout by Nora’s many characters that workout, especially the ones training for battle like in the Circle trilogy and Guardians trilogy. But then after reading the blogs of the RWA trip and this Italian vacation and her faithful exercising wherever she goes, I finally decided I needed to get my butt in gear and make it happen. So my family and I joined a Crossfit gym a month ago and we love it! Nora, thanks for setting a good example, even with your characters!

  10. Love this blog- thanks so much! I enjoy reading it. It looks like they also did T25 by Shaun T with Beachbody

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