Italy travelogue, part XXII

My gang returned from adventures in climbing. Many, many steep  steps it’s reported to reach the castle in Sarteano. The castle will be a  THOUSAND years old next year. A thousand. Years. Old. One of the Borgias sacked  it because, after all, Borgias.
They had lunch in the same place we stopped on our drive in. I  missed the pizza–and the old men playing cards, both of which I’d have enjoyed.  But apparently I also missed the ripped and gorgeous Italian studs doing road  work shirtless. BW was driving so no pictures–and Kat confessed she was mostly  just ogling and drooling. LOL.
Writing will have to be my righteous reward. Also the reading in  the shade of the big trees, and the unexpected little nap there.
And a lovely, lovely evening, with our traditional watching the sun  set, then the big, fat moon rise. More and more time between these events as the  week goes on, and the days grow shorter.
On a little walk before dinner I saw the biggest jackrabbit I’ve  ever encountered. For a second I thought it must be a very small deer. But no, a  very big wild hare!
This morning is beautiful. I just leaned out the window of my  little ‘office’ to lovely temperatures, a slight breeze. The big sprinkler’s  going down below shooting out mists of water with hardly a sound. The  countryside is quiet and still.
I have to pick this morning’s workout and get ready for our last  day.

12 thoughts on “Italy travelogue, part XXII”

  1. I’m sad you’re leaving Italy, Nora, because I’ve enjoyed the tour even though I wasn’t there in person!
    Thanks for sharing. B

  2. It would appear that not all the sights in Tuscany are ancient buildings! You must be sorry to have your holiday away end. Your travelogues will be missed.

  3. So sorry that you are leaving. I will miss all your updates but I look forward to reading all that you have been writing!! Maybe Eve and Roarke visit Italy?????

  4. Hi Nora love your books one of myt favourite places you went to visit……………Italy wish I was there but you made it a reality with your travelogue so cool well dreams do come true. Thanks Shiehaam

  5. I can almost feel the sunlight on my face as I read your accounts. I would pay for a printed version of your travelogue. It’s the sort of thing that I like to read slowly, savoring and dreaming a bit. How about it, Nora? Of course, it’s not as if you aren’t the most productive (and wonderful) author I know. 🙂

  6. Have so enjoyed your Italian travels. I will be going to Italy next month for the first time and your insights are so appreciated.

  7. Enjoy your last day of vacation. All of us have vicariously enjoyed through your writing.
    Pick up a few more just in case presents (always some one visits around holidays unexpectedly or sends you a gift you feel you have to reciprocate. I always have a few pashima or silk scarves. Those not gifted, become my gifts to me (and my daughter).

  8. So sorry to see your trip coming to an end 🙁 I’ve really enjoyed it. Safe travels home and grazie mille!

  9. I Love Vacations… 🙂 But I love returning home to my things, my space, the familiar faces, the familiar scents.
    Kat was right in *just* oggling… what do you want their picture for? ahahahah
    Safe Return and Wonderful Ending Times at Tuscany.

  10. Enjoyed reading the travelogue, especially as I’ve rented a villa for 10 on border of tuscany/umbria for a week next year. I can already picture myself there from your writing.

  11. Not claiming my rewards is righteous, but Nora’s writing is certainly the icing on my cake. Every time!
    I’m going to have to Google this thousand-year-old castle! I think the oldest structures I’ve been in were built in the 1500s, so couple hundred years older than that is almost incredible!
    Little sad this travelogue is coming to a close, btw…

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