Italy travelogue, part XVIII

Pilates, I discover, is more challenging to do on soft, cushy,  bumpy grass than yoga. But I got it done. As our Kat is under the weather today,  the gang just hangs out.
The lemon and garlic infusion tea Lucia made seemed to help–as did  a solid day of rest.
I got a nice chunk of writing done, despite the distraction of the  view. Also saw people working in the vineyard today–and the big, odd tractor  that goes over the rows. I’ve yet to see any of the deer or wild boars that  we’re told wander hereabouts–but I’m hoping I will.
Lucia makes us an amazing salad to leave for our lunch–as we have  leftovers–and picks it all straight out of the garden. That fresh, fresh  lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers. I try some of the red pepper olive oil on  mine–a good and delicious bite.
Read, wander, take a nap(!) Naps are so out of my routine I wake up  thinking it’s morning. Nice that it was only afternoon, and there’s more time to  plop down in the shade and read some more–and now with a glass of wine. 
Before I know it, it’s time for another amazing sunset. Tonight as  there are more clouds (rain’s coming) it’s even more spectacular. The  overlayment of clouds is burnished gold above the red ball of the sinking sun,  and the horizon is brilliantly layers in pink and red streaks. The light gets  softer, softer, the colors more intense and luminous. Then the sun sets but  leaves what looks lake a simmering fire over the peak of the distant hill. It  just holds there, and holds, keeping the big cloud over it all shimmering gold  on its underbelly.
On the other side of the sky, the moon’s nearly full. As it rises,  it hazes with the clouds that may bring a storm tonight.
Then it’s time for dinner. God, I’m so spoiled now, I want  Antoinella to come live with me, and cook every day. Potato and carrot soup with  sage, then a pasta, then meatballs and chicory right out of the garden. Followed  by some amazing sort of whipped cream with chunks of chocolate.
I can’t eat all of any of it, but that’s not the cook’s fault. It’s  all just wonderful. And the wine we had tonight is made from grapes we can see  just down from the front of the villa.
We secure everything that’s under the awning, in case we get that  storm. If I had the energy–and it wasn’t totally, country dark, I’d go out and  walk a few miles just to work off that meal.
Must do a serious work-out in the morning!
But tonight, it’s relaxing with the sound of busy cicadas, and  nothing else.

6 thoughts on “Italy travelogue, part XVIII”

  1. You are experiencing a blue moon as proclaimed on the Weather Channel’s website. According to the statement, we will experience the rarity of a blue moon, so-called because of frequency of occurrence, not the actual color. Would love to be there drinking in the scenery and tasting the wonderful cuisine. With a black belt in shopping, I’m also envious of your shopping excursions as well!

  2. Poor Kat 🙁 is it the hot weather.
    Hoping she takes it easy ad gets her self well soon 🙂
    I’m following one of Nora’s fans I read in the previous post ans start reading travelogue after I’ve eaten ahahaha 😀
    Thanks Laura!

    1. Nora wrote:
      I finished Sue Grafton’s W Is For Wasted, and will look at the pile I brought
      with me to see what I start after doing some writing tomorrow.

      In a comment to yesterday’s post.


  3. Aww! Sad Kat is not feeling well while on this terrific vacay! Get better!
    I’m sounding so repetitive, but it still sounds unbelievable. I’m curious about all these dishes. My family in Spain as well as the ones in Colombia never follow recipes. They cook by “eyechrometer” & whatever they were passed down from mothers, grandmothers, cooks, etc… It makes me wonder whether these ladies function in a similar way – – just what they were taught or from experimenting.
    Side note: I get SOOO EXCITED when I read about Nora “getting some writing done.” To me, it’s pretty much the equivalent of a sign that reads, “Sheer Enjoyment Coming Soon”!

  4. Hope Kat is feeling better. It’s such a bummer to get sick while on vacation.

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