Italy travelogue, part II

Nora, her husband Bruce, son Jason and daughter-in-law Kat are in Italy for two weeks and she’s sharing the experience with us all.  So sit back and enjoy!

We enjoyed a bella notte at a trattoria in the piazza near the  hotel. Gorgeous warm evening, cheerful outdoor seating. The piazza’s busy still,  and three young boys hover around a bench sketching the big church. Future Da  Vincis perhaps.

Our waiter’s adorable, the food’s fabulous, the wine very nice.  Though Kat and I agree our lunch wine was better. It’s a friendly, happy place,  and so close I imagine we’ll go back again.
The surrounding buildings are so interesting. Old, in those  sun-baked colors, rammed against each other, but in varying levels. All the  apartments over the shops are dark, and I wonder if all the tenants are on their  August holiday.
We stop into the little market across from the hotel for sodas. I  must have my morning caffeine.
Back home for a really, really good night’s sleep. Before I drift  off I hear voices–happy ones–calling out in Italian from the street  below.
Woke up to pretty sunlight, and decided to start my day off right  with power yoga courtesy of Rodney Yee. Felt just right. BW gets up, showers,  heads down to breakfast.
The selection knob in the big shower isn’t working. Won’t switch  off wand, so until we report and they fix, we use the smaller shower. I go in  while he’s down at breakfast. Adjusting the water temp, and bam! the entire  shower head, pipe included falls out of the wall and clunks me in the head! It’s  a bit disconcerting. LOL. So I end up taking a wand shower after all. And we’ll report this latest plumbing problem, maybe they’ll use this event to finally install that water softener.
We’ll head out soon, I expect to whatever destinations we decide  on. There’s a perfect blue sky out there.

12 thoughts on “Italy travelogue, part II”

  1. Oh my goodness! Thankfully, it sounds like she didn’t get hurt.

  2. The shower incident sounds about right. I lived in Spain, & I remember having so many of those little mishaps. Hopefully this is the first & last!
    Enjoy the blue skies!

  3. It sounds beautiful. I am finishing up my summer off. I work for the school system so I am off for the summers. I will finish out my summer reading and experiencing what Italy is like through one of my favorite authors. 🙂

  4. Does Nora mention what hotel she stayed at? We went to Florence on our honeymoon and it sounds quite similar!

    1. As this is a vacation, we won’t mention the name of the hotel while Nora’s there. Thanks for understanding!


  5. The falling shower head sounds like something that would happen to me. Usually I can’t even figure out how to turn the shower on.

  6. Thanks for sharing & giving me a laugh. Excellent travel diary. Hope they get the showers fixed soon.

  7. I start my day off with Rodney Yee too! Love him! Of course, I don’t get to do it in Florence, but still … Sorry about the bump on the head.

  8. I am really enjoying this travelogue and look forward to pictures. I don’t however need one for the shower scene; there couldn’t be a better one than is in my head. Nora’s admiration of the European skill with languages reminds me of the concierge at the Schlossotel in Igls outside of Innsbruck, who greeted us in perfect English. While we waited to be checked in, she took phones calls where she effortlessly switched from Italian to German to French, and back to English to direct us to our room. Amazing! At least to us Americans!

  9. Thanks for posting the travelogues, Laura. It’s always so much fun to read Nora’s vacation adventures.

  10. I love Nora’s ways… instead of concentrating in the bad she overruns it and keeps on riding. Atta Girl! And inspiration.
    Thanks Laura!

  11. Nora,
    We are leaving for Italy on the 30th. We fly into Florence. We are then going to Sienna for a Family Wedding. Your description of Florence is just wonderful. We can’t wait.
    Thank you Nora

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