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ddtrh coverI usually let everyone else chime in about books but last weekend I had a chance to read “Wonderment in Death” — the In Death novella in Down the Rabbit Hole — and in my opinion it’s a particular standout among the 11 novellas under JD’s belt.

The official description for the anthology?

You’re late for a very important date…
Enter a wonderland of mesmerizing tales. It’s a place that’s neither here nor there, where things are never quite as they seem. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s whimsical masterpiece, ranging from the impossible to the mad to the curiouser, these stories will have you absolutely off your head. 

Don’t be afraid to follow them…

Since it’s short and efficient (and marvelous) storytelling there actually isn’t a real teaser to give that won’t potentially spoil the “Wonderment in Death” story.  So I’ll set this page up for the discussion now.

It’s in stores on September 29.






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  1. I will have to wait until it comes out in some sort of audio book. 🙁

    1. Audible released it on the 29th as a stand alone novella, it’s titled Wonderment in Death. I think I paid 7 dollars and change for it. 😀

      1. Thanks everyone. The problem with audiobooks is that I would have to take my laptop into the bathroom to listen while I soak in the tub. I will wait until it is released on its own in MP3 or on CD. It will happen eventually.

        1. I am on the automatic subscription service that TTPbooks.com offers, I get the MP3 version of all of her books the day they are released.

  2. Gads, I didn’t even KNOW about this! I’ll have to wait until Christmas!

  3. I am in the middle of it where Eve, Roarke, Peabody, McNab and Callendar are in the computer lab at Cop Central. This section made me realize how much Eve is like me when it comes to the understanding of geek. I’m taking computer classes and have discovered I feel the exact same way about geeks writing in geek instead of English. I do not understand.

  4. Yay!!! Read it already. It was so much fun?. Can’t get enough of Eve and Roarke (God, I hv got a terrible crush on him?). The novella was superb. I am just upset about one thing, what am I supposed to do till next in death comes?.
    Anyways Nora you Rock! Don’t ever stop writing in death series pleaassseeee?

  5. Laura…can you pull my comments for Wonderment off of FB …I mistakenly put them there instead of here…sorry about that..

  6. I enjoyed reading Wonderment in Death…is was a great interlude story..and what great connections to Alice in Wonderland. I particularly liked the way Eve and Roarke continue to be comfortable with themselves and of course each other. That Roarke with rather be out on a case with Eve than be home alone is becoming the norm..but I just loved how he was waiting for her on the door step(sigh) never mind watching her manuever in that parking space with the 180..too funny. A great teaser for this book might have been that Eve told Peabody to think about having sex with McNabb!! What!!…I mean how funny was that scene when they were trying to block their minds from Dr. Bright. Of course that Eve acknowledged that he was a sensitive was pretty big all by itself. Lot’s of other great moments..one being that Eve continues to be in control of her dreams, and , and…is influenced by her friends(Charles and Louise) who she respects about looking differently at a case..her family of friends continues to solidify…all is good. Again, a very enjoyable book.

  7. Finished Wonderment In Death it was Fantastic you have such a great mind keep writing and I will keep reading. don’t want to put on any spoilers since it is the first day will give it a few days and come back

  8. A great story that was fun to read. It is my new favorite novella for the series.

  9. Got it yesterday but will wait to read it until next week when we are on vacation. I always take a new Nora with me on vacation but its killing me not to start this right now.

  10. This was probably my fav Novella. right up there with Interlude.
    I found it amusing coming right on the heels of Nora’s post about not always being able to include all of the beloved characters in every book, (which I totally understand and agree with,) that so many of them where mentioned. I am loving the bets between Carmichael and Santiago. They are fresh and fun.
    Fans need to trust Nora. She hasn’t let us down for over 20 years! Love this world she created and now anxiously waiting for February!!! LOL

  11. “The Amazing Dallas” was super awesome!!!! Another great one! Now, gotta wait what seems like an eternity until the next In Death book…. Or at least Stars of Fortune.

  12. Just posted on the other thread. I’m scared and can’t sleep, this book is kicking my arse and messing withy head. Brilliant, very well done.

  13. This book was so much fun, I Love the snowflake hat . Makes me smile and think of Eve’s crush on Mr Mira.

  14. I have never read Alice in Wonderland. Should I do that before listening to this?

  15. Amazing, as usual! I loved this story…and when Eve giggles..that is so sweet! And to know that even drugged she still looked out for Peabody! Perfect!!!

  16. I just purchased Wonderment in Death on MP3 from Amazon. My library has it on discs, but I was #3 on holds and I like to have the audiobooks myself so I can go back and listen. Keeping the novellas in the correct numbered order among my library books by “In DeathTime” is proving to be quite the task.

  17. I have read and enjoyed the JD Robb novella twice and really liked it. I haven’t read the others. Why? Because I have absolutely no interest in the other stories. While it is nice Nora continues to be friends and co writers with these women. Why does she have to inflict them on us? I would much rather have this story as well as her other novellas in books with other mystery writers, I have usually found other writers I have enjoyed in other writers novellas. For example I found Nalini Singh when I purchase a book for the Lora Leigh story. I have never found a author worth looking into in the mishmash that these books bring. Am I the only one that resents paying so much money for one story?

    1. I gave up on listening to other authors she is in with in these types of books and wait until it is released as a single. I just purchased “Wonderment in Death” on its own. Still rather pricey for almost 4 hours of listening while the full books are 11 or more, but she’s worth it.

      1. I tend to skim them. Sometimes they are good stories, sometimes no. I like the magic coin ones, they are ok. And I can’t remember the name, but I did like the last story in this novella. However, none of the authors are as awesome as NR/JD….in my opinion of course.

  18. I finished Wonderment yesterday. Very good story – worthy of a full-length book. Now I will have to read (listen to) Alice in Wonderland before I go through Wonderment again.

    My cat loved it, too. Some of your books seem to mesmerize her. This was one of them. She perches on the lounge chair in my bathroom area, and if I don’t turn the CD player on she stares at it and then at me. She doesn’t need to talk because her looks say it all. Our last dog was the same way.

    So, two thumbs up and four paws up for this one!

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