Day Thirteen: Sorrento

It’s repetitious, but the day’s beautiful. The view is blues–deep sea, bold sky, the softer hues of the mountains across the water, etched clear. I love the long white wakes cutting through the blue behind the white boats. From this height, those wakes look impossibly straight, as if drawn with a ruler.

 BW and Kat make their Sunday breakfast, Kat chopping, BW stirring. I hear Jason talking to them in the kitchen as I walk around outside because it’s so damn pretty.
Day view. Photo by Kat,
Day view. Photo by Kat,
The calico comes to visit while Kat and I set up our workout. We stick with Shaun T, a fun 30-odd minute routine to get the blood pumping. Then, hey, we Cize It Up again, doing that last 2-plus minutes over.  I think we qualified as backup dancers by the end.
Out come the mats and the dreaded but necessary 8-minute abs. Oh Shaun, you seem like such a nice guy. How could you devise such hell in such a short time-frame? Then it’s over, and since Shaun’s our guy today, Kat pulls out another of his disks from–I’m not sure–T-25 or something. It’s called Stretch. We want a stretch.
We get one, but it’s a sweaty business as well. Squatting and lunging? Oh, but . . . okay, I felt that!
I’m going to add Kat does all this wearing wrist weights. I would die a little. Probably a lot.
But it’s done, and though the cat has stretched out watching us with a cool stare that might read: You’re both crazy, right? We’re once again righteous. And I hit the showers, gratefully.
We Facetime home to talk to Kayla. She and Colt are up, Logan is not–so I have her take her phone into his bedroom, and we all laugh as he pulls the covers over his head.
A little work on the patio, a little wine to follow. It’s a very happy routine for me.
BW has made jokes about Fig Newtons as we have several fig trees and permission to eat them. As I walk post-work, I head out to the big tree. We had a fig tree in the back yard when I was growing up. My pop loved that tree. It had to be sacrificed when we put in the pool, but I still have memories of that tree. I don’t like figs, but remember picking them, and my mother stewing them up for my father. So picking those fat purple figs reminds me of my parents. Nice memories
I come back for a bowl as there are so many. I call on BW to help pick some that are far too high for me to reach. It’s a lovely little chore on a bold summer day. And productive as Kat–being Kat–has Googled recipes for Fig Newtons. We’ll need a trip to the market at some point for a few ingredients, but it should be fun to try making them.

Figs.  Photo by Nora.
Figs. Photo by Nora.
I try my new raspberry sherbet linen. It fits, but needs a belt. I use one of my scarves, and it all feels very easy and summery.
We’ve got some time before the chefs arrive, so I try Olympics. There’s some air rifle competition. Kat and I ponder it. Not to diss the dedication and skill of air rifle competitors, but it just makes little sense to those of us who know nothing about it. Why are they wearing futuristic space soldier outfits? Why do they all look so bored? Still, the guy who wins the gold looks really happy after, so sincere congratulations.


The chefs. Photo by Kat.
The chefs. Photo by Kat.
Our chefs arrive, and get right to work in the kitchen. Our first course is a beautiful presentation of figs and melons wrapped in ham on a little bed of field greens. This draws the bees that haven’t troubled us before. All that sweet juice! Haul out the citronella candles! Jason–being Jason–finds a wasp deterrent on his phone. A wasp deterrent app??? Yet the bees seem to like it.


Photo by Kat.
Photo by Kat.
Luckily, after the figs and melons are eaten, those plates cleared, the bees lose interest in us.
We have ravioli stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella, served with a light red sauce. It’s beyond fresh. I can’t eat even half of my serving–I know there’s more to come–but have never had better. It’s confirmed that our chef made the pasta himself that morning. I’ve never tried making pasta fresh. Maybe one day, especially if the results are anything close to this.


Photo by Kat.
Photo by Kat.
When I tell the sous chef it’s a small stomach, not the food, he shows me the pork medallions to be sauted, asks how many for me. One. Kat decides on two, the men three. These are served with chunks of potatoes roasted a perfect gold. These are delicious. I think: Marinated in olive oil, some rosemary and pepper, sauteed with same. And when I ask–that’s just right.


Photo by Kat.
Photo by Kat.
Now there’s some sort of lemon cake dessert AND tiramisu. I groan. I’m told I MUST eat the lemon cake. The tiramisu isn’t important. LOL. It comes in a little bowl, topped with cream and a little berry. Tears form in the eyes at the first bite. Tart, sweet, creamy, heavenly. I love me some tiramisu, but yeah, not so important now. There’s always tomorrow.

Dining al fresco.  Photo by Kat.
Dining al fresco. Photo by Kat. 
A little walk around in the night air, a little more wine. Bedtime.
Night view. Photo by BW.
Night view. Photo by BW.

I woke to pink and blue skies. We plan to sneak in an early workout, then gear up for our day trip to Pompeii. BW and I had an abbreviated visit there–called by rain–years ago, and Jason and Kat a longer one on their honeymoon. It’ll be nice to all go back together, see what we see.  

Bougainvillea up close. Photo by Nora.
Bougainvillea up close. Photo by Nora.
Hydrangea arranged in the entry. Photo by Nora.
Hydrangea arranged in the entry. Photo by Nora.

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  1. Reading this book entry in bed, 6:45 am, and all I can think of is – that ravioli! The heck with breakfast, I’m heading to Sorrento for red sauce! So, thank you, ma’am, for the yummy descriptions. (I might have to try ravioli for tonight’s dinner.) Safe travels. (PS – did you finish the King book? If so, what’s next? Do you use a physical book or an e-reader?)

    1. I like a paper book in my hand, so don’t use a reader.

      Loved the King book–and am now onto the lastest Alex Grecian.

      1. I’m the opposite of you two. I like my e-reader because I like being able to carry all my books around. I like so many different genres and so many different authors, it’s just more convenient to be able to carry an object the size of a Kindle. Another reason I like it is I don’t have to worry about storage space and I don’t have to get rid of the books.

        1. I have approximately 5000 books in my library at home and about 120 in the TBR stack in the bedroom. I do have a Nook (tablet and phone) but only use these if I forget my actual book when I go somewhere, like a doc appointment or something. I have about 300 on the Nook, but not sure when they’ll get their chance to be read. I just like the physicality of holding and smelling a book. And I can’t get rid of them. Much to my husband’s chagrin. They’re like my children. Or my dogs. But I love that there is a choice now, don’t you? Cheers!

  2. Nora, I look forward to reading the day to day adventures of your vacation. The pictures are fantastic! Glad your having a great time. Keep writing.

  3. My husband shot air rifle for Ireland and it’s definitely a very technical sport – the idea is to not move AT ALL and the spaceman outfits are there to keep you as rigid as possible. And a bit uncomfortable, which likely explains the look of discomfort.

    Sadly no Irish presence in shooting this year, but Ireland is so excited for our silver medal this year!

    1. Thanks for the insight. Kat and I were just baffled.

      And congrats on the silver! The sculling brothers, right? I read an article about them-and they’re just adorable!

  4. The food sounds amazing! There is no comparison to freshly made pasta of any kind, but your chef’s creation sounds perfect! The photo’s posted from your travels are all beautiful! I think my two favorite are BW’s “night view” and those white flowers! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  5. Have to wonder how you decide _where_ you’re going. Must be some severe negotiations. So enjoy the view through your eyes.

  6. The Pompeii exhibit in Cincinnati was absolutely heartbreaking! All those innocent lives lost, and “frozen” under 12 feet or more of ash. Would love to venture there one day. Thank you for your wonderful descriptions. Guess I will have to make homemade pasta for tonight’s dinner. Lovely pictures. Keep them coming!

  7. Ooooh Pompeii! What a wonderful adventure! I cannot wait to read about it! I know that you will have a wonderful time.
    So nice to have dinner prepared for you by Chef’s. What an incredible meal that they prepared for you. It all sounds so delicious.
    Enjoying every moment and making special memories are really what life is all about. I am glad that your able to relax for a while. You work really hard so now is the time to kick back! Hugs, Beth

  8. Hi, and thank you. I wait for a couple of days then I read your travel diary in one big, scrumptious bite. I’m with you regarding pockets! Enjoy the journey — and thanks for writing.
    ciao bella!

  9. I love the ravioli. I love pasta of any kind but I really love pasta with cheese. Glad you’re having a good time.

  10. Another super day ! And oh how nice to have chefs cook such a wonderful meal for you all. Always have room for the great deserts. The flowers are beautiful.. Again thanks for sharing.

  11. First of all, I’m glad that I’m not alone, in not giving in, & only having books. I felt so backwords. Now that Roarke and Nora join me, I feel much better.

    The lemon cake sounds divine. Nora, you work too hard. (Vacation should apply to working out, too.) I decree- every time you finish a book, you need to celebrate- have a chef come in, & cook you & BW a great dinner, of your choice.

    I hope you enjoy Pompeii- I didn’t. To me, it’s a depressing graveyard- innocent people & children, taken suddenly by a horrible act of nature. I’m really curious to see your spin on it.

  12. I am enjoying the posts. I lived in Naples for 3 years so you are in my old stomping ground. For something unique go to Paestum south of you for intact Greek temples except for the roofs. It was also in the moves Pane e tulps

  13. Visited Pompeii in June, one of the most fascinating places on our 12 day cruise…. Enjoy……..
    Love your updates Nora……….

  14. That food looks simply amazing and I’m sure tasted even better by your descriptions. There’s always room for dessert! ?? I’m impressed with your daily exercise routines! Is this something you also do everyday at home?

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