Day One: Capri

I’m writing this on a gorgeous morning on the terrace, enjoying light breezes and a view of pretty blue water.
Photo by NR
Photo by NR
If you can sit here and not say ahhh, you have some serious issues.
But first, we had to get here.
We left Monday evening for an 8 hour plus flight. Happily I slept through about half of it. Even more happily it was pretty smooth for this unenthusiastic flier. Once we land, we shuffle through Customs, then are loaded into a van for the wild drive through Naples. As on my first trip here, this part is mostly a blur. Pretty buildings, soft pinks and bright whites, outrageous traffic, lots of tunnels, zigging and zagging to the docks. So many boats! Big ones, small ones, sail boats, yachts.
We’re unloaded, then reloaded onto a boat. I like looking at boats. I don’t much like being on one–but you gotta get there. The water’s steely blue, and mists swirl around Vesuvius. Rugged cliffs rise high, topped by deep green. It’s beautiful, even if my system’s saying: Please stop this!
Then there it is, the rise of rocks, the boats circling, the pretty marina.
Unload, reload into another van for the even wilder ride up, up, up to our hotel.
The roads are skinny as a snake and just as sinuous. It seems impossible that two cars can pass, but they do. Sweeping up, snaking up, and now my system is shouting: What is happening?? Make it stop!
Water, gorgeous water, far, far below on one side of the narrow, ribboning road, cliffs or buildings on the other, and cars pass with a coat of paint to spare at careless speed. A bus! You have to be kidding me. No way a bus can–but it does, squeaks right by.
We arrive–at last–about the same time a couple groups from a cruise ship disembark at about the same spot. Crowds of people, lots of noise. We wind through to the lobby–blissfully quiet, and best of all, it doesn’t move!
Our suite’s not ready, but we’re taking straight up to another–a kind of luxurious holding pen where we can sit out on the terrace in sun or shade, take a breath. Look out at the views. Water, the fascinating tumble of buildings running down the fall of land, climbing up the rise of it.
We all end up napping. I stretch out on a lounge chair under an umbrella, put my hat over my face, and go out for a good solid hour. Maybe more as I can’t check the time. My watch battery died on the way to the airport. I wake hungry and refreshed, decide to leave my sleeping family and go for a walk.
It’s so pretty, and more Capri is so damn happy. Bustling with people, shops and more shops lining the winding roads, colorful wares displayed, and that wonderful European mix of languages and accents. I don’t walk far as I haven’t oriented myself yet, but it feels good to move, to be out and about for a bit. It feels even better when I buy myself a gelato.
I’m tempted to shop, but it’s so nice just to walk in the sunlight with my gelato. I wander back, work off the gelato by taking the stairs back up where Jason and BW are awake, and Kat’s still down for the count.
We’re taken to our room, which is dedicated to Gwyneth Paltrow. BW and I stayed here before, and I remember fondly the huge outdoor space, the two-level terrace with breathless views, with shrubs and flowers, and a pretty little pool. Since we were here last they’ve painted a very cool picture of Paltrow on the bottom of the pool.
Photo by NR
Photo by NR
We unpack what we think we’ll need as we’re only on Capri for four days before we move on. Jason’s and Kat’s adjoining room has a cool little pool on a bedroom terrace. We’re going to be very happy here. Why not start the happy with a glass of champagne on the terrace? That’s what I’m talking about.
Photo by j a-b.
Photo by j a-b.
Later, we walk to a restaurant BW and I remember for its good food and good service. We weren’t disappointed. A bottle of wine, pizza for me and Jason, pasta for BW and Kat. I ask the waiter, who’s already amused us, what is the dessert of the day. He says he can’t tell me until I finish my pizza. LOL.
I actually can’t finish it, though I give it a good try–and it’s delish. But he does allow me dessert. I get lemon gelato, and nearly weep with joy.
Photo by j a-b
Photo by j a-b
A lovely walk back as night’s fallen, and the lights gleam.
I think to check into the world before bed, with my tablet. But just conk.
Slept a solid eight, and woke up at six. The views are just as lovely, and I can hear a dog barking, barking somewhere. Kat comes out, and as she’s the cleverest of the clever, sets up her little DVD machine and monitor. We do a vicious little workout on the terrace–straight cardio to get the blood moving. And a nice yoga session after the stretch it all out again.
Photo by NR
Photo by NR
BW came out for the pool, and is now bragging he swam with Gwyneth.

Now my gang’s down at breakfast. I may take a swim with Gwyn myself before I get ready for a happy day of wandering, shopping, seeing sites, and whatever else Capri offers.  


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  1. We were in Naples on a cruise and took the bus to Pompeii. Couldn’t believe how the tour bus got around on those narrow roads, but they did. Loved Naples and that area. If we’re ever back that way, hope to make it to Capri. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds wonderful. Have a great time, please post more pictures.

  3. I love how you paint a picture with words! You never fail to bring it all to life. Thank you!

  4. My husband and I have traveled for almost 36 years together. One of the things we do to treat ourselves after a long flight is book our hotel a day ahead of when we will actually arrive. That way the room is ALWAYS ready. We can unpack, shower, take a nap, and change into fresh clothes to be begin our adventure. It is worth every penny!

  5. Nora and Family, relax and enjoy, thank you for letting us share your vacation with you. Love to hear about all your adventures. Be safe and have fun!

  6. Always love Nora’s travelogues. So descriptive and picturesque. So vivid even without pix.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time.. Enjoy, relax and dream.. Blessings to you and family.

  8. One day! One day, my husband and I will see this part of the world and get to enjoy all the wonders you get to see once medically I am able to travel and medical expenses don’t have us tied down to home. And I say one day instead of ‘maybe one day’ since I know I will eventually get to a better status in my health. Have the best of times and make the fondest of memories. And as always, get inspired for your next books! Thank you for showing us the beautiful world through your eyes and words!

  9. I always enjoy your travelogues! I remember reading them when you were in Corfu, one year, Italy, another, etc. Looking forward to this one, too. Your writing makes me feel like I’m there, which, of course, I’m not, sigh! But I can dream, can’t I!

  10. So soothing to watch the waves, see the light dancing on the water! Enjoy!!!

  11. Sounds lovely! So enjoy your travels and thanks for sharing with us….have fun and keep it coming…

  12. You live a lovely life and thanks for sharing some of it with us! 🙂

  13. Looks beautiful! Have fun. Love all your books and can’t wait for more. We are going to Capri in October on a cruise can’t wait. Have a great vacation!

  14. I just finished Bay of Sighs and this is so reminiscent of Annika and her of shopping, gelato and pizza. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  15. The way you paint a picture. Just lovely. I too don’t care for flying, or boats, but you do indeed have to get there.

    Gwyneth is a little scary!! But the rest is to die for. Ack! Not it’s beautiful.

  16. Thanks for sharing. Sounds wonderful , you have such a gift for painting words pictures of your travels. Have a great trip and I can’t wait for next post. Love the pictures too.

  17. It all looks divine. We were in Italy 10 years ago- the people are so friendly, unlike France. If you think the roads are winding and steep there- wait! Wait till you go to the Amalfi coast, in a bus- my heart was in my throat the whole time. But the views are to die for. Hope you have a great time.

  18. Sounds like heaven. Then again, sharing a pool with Gwenyth on the bottom sounds…..kind of icky? At least spooky.

  19. My mom and I took a girls trip to visit family up and down Italy. I loved Capri! So beautiful. Hoping one day to make it back there. Sounds wonderful. Have a fantastic trip!!??☀️??

  20. Whew! Full and exciting as the traveling day was, the best part was the nap, Im sure! Lol Or maybe the pizza. (Whoever was drinking the Fanta, goooood choice after my own heart! Lol)
    Loved the walk while the others were napping. One always needs to absorb. Colors, sounds, smells, people……all flooding your senses to being you to full cognition of, “AHHHHH!!! IM HERE!!” lol I feel the happiness. Thank you. Waiting for the new day…….

  21. Fabulous Photos and what a great place to visit. I am happy that you are vacationing! Enjoy every precious second!!!! Beth

  22. Lol! I love GP! Sounds like a lovely trip. I really need your vacation blog to relieve the stress right before school starts for the upcoming year. Thank you!

  23. Listening to Bay Of Sighs and I’m LOVING this visual I now have of Capri!!

  24. I loved the Bay of Sighs. I’ve traveled to Capri twice. The first time at 17 with a school group and later with my daughter. Reading the Bay of Sighs I had a very clear picture of the landscape and most of the all the Blue Grotto.
    Thank you for including such beautiful places in your story telling.

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