Day Four: Capri

Photo by j a-b
Fancy dinner calls for a fancy couple. Photo by j a-b

In the spirit of mixing things up, we take a lazier day after the day of The Big Hike.

This doesn’t mean skipping the morning workout, and Kat’s got some Piyo DVDs. They aren’t for weenies! A forty-something minute session gets the blood moving and the muscles stretched. Then it’s time for my three companions to get their massages. I opt to do a cardio workout as I’m getting TWO spa treatments.

By the time I get out of the shower, everyone’s back and blissed out. It’s handy I can just wear my robe to go down a couple flights of stairs to the spa. Which is lovely and quiet and friendly. Clearly everyone there wants you to have a perfect time. My hot stone massage was a perfect time. All those muscles I challenged on the hike, and in the morning’s workout get a good, deep rub, and that heat? Ahhhh.

I’m pretty blissed myself by the time I walk back to the room. And there, my fam is preparing to take a trip on the chair lift that runs beside the hotel–and way, way up. The way, way up has already answered the question of whether I’d want to go. I settle down to work for the hour or so before my facial. The minute I start I’m back into it and realize I wouldn’t mind a solid three or four hour session at the keyboard. But I have the spa calling.

It literally flies by, that hour, so I’m surprised when I check on the time and see I have to leave right now! So still in my robe–and it’s an added bonus to spend the bulk of a day in a robe–I head down again. I’ve chosen a facial that involves oxygen being blown onto (into?) your skin. Not sure how it works, but it feels like your face is being quietly airbrushed. It’s lovely and relaxing. It also involves a neck and shoulder massage, a soothing mask, hand massage. All together, more bliss. And after my skin looks and feels amazing.

I can see why celebs come here for a week just for the spa treatments.

My gang had a great time riding high above Capri, have the photos to prove it–and had some gelato to cap it off.

Photo by j-ab
Reason # 1 why Nora is not on the lift. Photo by j-ab
Reason #2 why Nora's not on the chair lift. Photo by J a-b
Photo by J a-b
Photo by Kat
…but you have to admit the view are worth the ride. Photo by Kat
Photo by j a-b
The intrepid exploriers, very high above the water. Photo by j a-b
View of Naples from Anacapri. Photo by BW
View of Naples from Anacapri. Photo by BW
The daily gelato. Photo by j a-b
The gelato reward. Photo by j a-b

Housekeeping’s here, and one of the ladies apologizes for not speaking English. Then speaks it perfectly in a conversational way–to ask if we’re enjoying our stay, to tell us we’ll love Sorrento and so on. My Italian’s pretty limited to hello, goodbye, good day, evening, night. And various foods. It always impresses me how Europeans have at least a conversational command of so many languages. Americans should do better there.

I’ll add everyone in our hotel has been a delight–friendly, personable, accommodating. Just as the shopkeepers, the waitstaffs around the island have given off that happy, welcoming vibe. More than making a sale, providing a meal, making the bed, checking you in or out, it’s service. Lovely, competent and cheerful service. It makes all the difference.

But now it’s time for me to actually get dressed. We’re going to take ourselves a walk down a quieter area–still shops to play in. A few more gifts to select and friendly shopkeepers to chat with as the light softens toward evening. We can hardly leave Capri without buying a pretty bottle of limoncello. It would just be wrong.

We wind our way back to the restaurant where we ate our first night. I want nothing more in this world than their pizza. Well, maybe some wine to go with it. It’s all as cheerful and delicious as before. Honestly, nobody prepares food like the Italians, or sees to pretty details as flawlessly. We have our easy, fun, yummy meal–pizza for me and my boy, eggplant parm for Kat, a tuna dish for BW. A little dessert. Nobody walked home hungry.

Photo by j a-b
Photo by j a-b
Salad, pizza, eggplant parm. Photo by Kat.
Laura’s guess: BW’s tuna dish. Photo by Kat.

Today, post workout, we have to gather our things, organize, repack what we unpacked. We’ll say goodbye to our amazing home here, and the beautiful island of Capri.

Time for a boat ride. At least, for my shaky system, it’s a short one. And by mid-afternoon we’ll be on Sorrento.

New adventures await!


21 thoughts on “Day Four: Capri”

  1. Lovely sharing of your day. Not sure why, but it makes me happy you seem to miss the writing. Love that you worked in an hour even in such a beautiful setting.

  2. Lovely family. All seem to be enjoying the trip. You deserved the massages etc .

  3. Wow! The views are terrific and I know it was exceptional seeing them in person. I’m a daredevil, so I would have rode the lift too( I once parasailed and it was a rush!!!’
    The food looked sooo good too. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures and seeing all the pics. Have fun and a safe journey.

  4. Nora – I love all of your books and finding your blog is a pure joy! Thank you for being an incredible writer and woman! Enjoy this special time!

  5. I’m still trying to decide if I’d go in the chairlift, but the pictures are amazing! Glad you had such a wonderful stay!

  6. Is your husband still at the stage of growing up or are you are the stage where you are getting shorter like me ? 🙂

  7. I would enjoy the massages an gelato but would not go anywhere near the chairlift. Thanks for sharing

  8. Nora have enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like u are having a ball. My husband and I are heading over to Italy from Australia next May. Booked our flights yesterday so very excited. We are doing a drive holiday around Italy after seeing daughter get married in Tuscany but cannot wait to spend time atojnd Amalfi coast. Looking forward to reading about your adventures tomorrow.

  9. I want that pizza B A D! One day, I will go to Italy, drink Pinot Grigio, and have that pizza!

  10. Love this snapshots of your day! Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. WOW- The two of you dress up very nicely.You look like one hot super-couple. I’m also so impressed, that you love writing so much that you’d squeeze in one hour of it. Lucky people love what they do. That’s to our advantage, also. As you’re my favorite writer of all time, I thank God that you are so prolific.

    I hope you enjoy Sorrento. If I remember right, that have a big furniture shop there, with some beautiful big and small pieces.

  12. Margarita pizza ! You cannot get a good one in the US . I know, I have tried.

  13. We have a lot in common- don’t like spinach cooked and NO WAY I’d be getting on that ride!!

  14. Nora, I have to ask – is Jason your son, and Kat your daughter in law or just friends of yours? I saw that you had their wedding at the Inn, so I just assumed, and I don’t want to misunderstand.

      1. That’s always helpful! I’ve seen situations where the DIL and MIL can’t stand each other, and the poor son/husband is in the middle. I love that they vacation together.

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