Cranky Publicist updates

Honestly, I’m not that cranky but I thought this was the best way to let you know it’s a Laura update, not a Nora one.

(Nora’s well, but I don’t expect her to collect her thoughts and share a blog post until later this month.)

We’re into Nora’s the busiest week  (non-writing category) of the year.   The Turn the Page Bookstore Anniversary event on Saturday went off well, despite heat and humidity.  Yesterday’s Fall into the Story Brunch was wonderful as always — so much fun to visit with happy readers (who all came to see me, of course!)

The annual FITS brunch panorama

My husband and I joined Nora and family for a few days at the spa and an oasis of down time in late June.  Our little crew of dedicated walkers clocked steps and miles every morning before 10 am while the rest of the group moved at their own pace.  Every day offered activities for the kids, spa treatments for adults, plenty of reading, chatting and eating time.  I took photos that made me happy.

20160630_210028 20160701_200219 20160701_154323

Extra bonus (for me?):  no scoreboard!  Woo-hoo!  There was a modified competition after we left, but if I’m not in the room when a game is played,  did it really happen?

Now we’re off to RWA for the week.  If you’re in the San Diego area, don’t forget the Literacy Autographing on Wednesday, July 13 from 5:30-7:00. I’ll let Nora tell you a little bit more about it:

I’ve played with designs this spring and have posted quotes from various books on Facebook.  Here are two examples.  If you’d like me to make the quotes and discussion a regular feature here on the blog, please let me know.

“There was nothing like a Saturday blue sweater

Need to shut down the computer and get to the airport.  I promise to share recaps and photos this week, so stay tuned.


21 thoughts on “Cranky Publicist updates”

  1. Haha I love the quotes!

    My mom and I had such a great time yesterday at the brunch. I can’t wait to read all about your RWA adventure. I went to the conference in Atlanta a few years ago and can’t wait to go again next year. So much to learn and so many people to meet and hug! Safe travels!

  2. Have a GREAT time – and I love the quotes! Always re-post them – thanks so much!

  3. Yes, please! Love the quotes, always makes me laugh or cry or whatever! Hope you have a great time in San Diego.

  4. Safe travels Laura and I hope you have an awesome trip to RWA in San Diego! Had the best time yesterday with you and Nora and everyone at the brunch. Hope you like your locket! I love reading your blog! Hugs

  5. Oh yes. Make the quotes and discussion a regular thing. I like your pictures they are beautiful. Have fun, be safe!

  6. I think what you do on Facebook is just the right amount. They are very good discussion starters i think.

  7. Beautiful pictures! You’ve a great sense of balancing light and dark. The quotes are too fun – bring them on! Hope San Diego at least gives you some breezes to go with the heat.

  8. I love the quotes, please keep them coming! One of these years I’m going to make it down Maryland for one of the events at Turn the Page!

  9. Hi Laura,
    I’m the cranky #professionalromancefan who is not attending this year’s RWA signing in San Diego. I look forward to seeing Miss Nora’s shoes :), and getting your recaps.

    I hope the weather is great, and that at some point, you get time for a pretty photo or two of the ocean.

    Safe journeys.

    Stephanie H. (again, did I mention I’m attending this year? Wahhh!)

  10. Hi and I love the Quotes and hope that you will keep them coming. Have a wonderful and relaxing and fun time… always!
    We are into the heavy heat here. My plans is to read something new. Have a great week…. Beth

  11. The quotes are well done and some of my favs. Have a great time in my old home town. Worked in the literacy program there once upon a time. Very fulfilling and really needed. Congratulations to all of you! Looking forward to your excellent reporting of events.

  12. yes to the quotes, please. I met you at the RWA in NYC last year, & was impressed with your cool calm. It’s nice that you get to join Nora at the spa. I’m also very impressed with your two nature photos. It’s not easy getting shots like those in low light. You might have the makings of a second career in photography.

  13. Beautiful pictures, Laura!

    I had a stroke while you were being busy. I’m glad it was me and not you. While at the drugstore today I saw a paperback of one of Nora Roberts’ books, but I was leaving in a hurry and can’t recall the name. I only listen to the books, anyway. Happy Summer!!

  14. Have a fun safe trip to SanDiego…going to the All Star game? Go National League 🙂 Keep the quotes coming…they bring back wonderful memories. Thank you!

  15. You know the only thing that would be better than the Roberts/Robb quotes and your designs? A t-shirt with some kind of electronic board so that I could either program the appropriate quote of the day, or if feeling frisky, push random and –voila!– a quote of the day. I betcha in the early 2060s this idea is old school. I was born too soon. Thank god for J.D. Robb, so I at least get a taste of the future. Can’t wait till The Apprentice (9/6). Holy crap, I better go to and order my signed copy. (So, yes, obviously I vote to keep the quotes coming.)

  16. I absolutely had the time of my life, my sister and I both did! That’s me in the front in the pink shirt. Remember Laura? I was a little over excited 🙂 I will never forget this as long as I live and neither will my sister. We can’t believe we actually got to meet Nora and even got to hug her! Thank you all that had a part in making this opportunity possible.

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