Charity Hat Auction

Remember Nora’s posts about her whole house purge and the brand new closet?  Not only did it make Nora very happy, it brought to life an idea to benefit others.

Nora generously shphoto (57)ares recaps of her trips to the Kentucky Derby — one of her favorite annual events.  (Click the links to refresh your memory of the  2013 and 2014 races. )   Many years she’s worn gorgeous, custom-made hats by Penny Rieck that add even more flair and elegance to the experience.

As she cleared out and moved her closet, Nora realized that her collection of Derby Hats was just too big for the space and thought it might be fun to raise some money for charity by auctioning them off.  Over the next week or so she is partnering with Turn the Page Bookstore on eight ebay auctions of the hats to benefit the Shepherdstown (WV) Public Library.

Ever dreamed about owning a fabulous hat?  Well now here’s your chance.  The first two hats are up and bidding is open! Click here to see all 8 hats.  And if you win, we’ll want photos!



6 thoughts on “Charity Hat Auction”

  1. I’m not a hat wearer, but what a wonderful idea! Kudos!

  2. invited to a Kentucky Derby party. Trying to talk dh into bidding on one of the hats

  3. GREAT hats. If I was to marry again, that white one…oh yeah, perfect!

  4. I should start by saying that I think it’s so cool and generous that Nora auctions off her Derby hats for charity, a library no less. I also admire her ruthless ability to declutter, something I’d like to modestly say I share. So it might seem odd when I declare to everyone that I MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE.
    I am a writer and I confess to the occasional bout of eccentricity.
    Okay, maybe more than occasional.
    So, I’m going after one of these so I can sit at my desk a La Nora and channel her greatness. There will be photos. Hell, there might be a Twitter hashtag.
    Wish me luck, everyone. The race is ON.
    Wait. That looks like Nora shat. Don’t worry. I’ll think of something. I won’t let you down, La Nora.
    Humbly, (and with humor)
    Kate Francis

    1. Update: the first Derby hat has gone, escaping my grasp. I almost gasped out some last minute bidding, desperate to have it as it was the year of Barbaro.
      I loved him, even though he broke my heart along with the rest of the nation’s when we lost him too soon.
      I decided to wait, I have my eye on one that suits my style even though I laugh as I write that. It’s not often (NEVER) that I’d have occasion to wear a Kentucky Derby hat. Other than while writing, of course.
      This is all about the juju.
      But I’m not the only one it seems. There are some serious bidders. So, to form the best strategy, I did the obvious thing. Spreadsheets.
      LOL. Wish me luck.

      1. And….tragedy.
        My husband, being the helpful soul he is, offered to measure my head. You know, because it would make sense to do such a thing if one were buying a hat. Even if it is for the juju.
        Well, you learn something new every day. And my new thing is that I have a big noggin.
        My head’s too big!
        7 1/4 inch. So close, yet so far. I mean, I have to be able to get the hat on my damn head.
        So, I wish the other bidders well on their journey. And may the winners enjoy their juju.
        Big love to the hats, winners, horses, library, and Nora,

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