4 thoughts on “BookChat: Tribute/13”

  1. In California where I live, the weather has been sunny. Flowers are blooming, trees are greening and, for the most part, people are practicing social distancing. Grocery shopping is an adventure, especially at the different stores. I find it amusing that toilet paper is always the first item everyone heads for – where would we be without our toilet paper? Save your magazines! They may come in handy! 🤣

  2. More time with my sweetheart of 40 years and a 3 minute commute to work have been WONDERFUL! I am just sorry the world had to go to heck in a hand basket to get it.

    Also it has been confirmed, our neighbors are great! Everyone stay safe and wear your masks if you are in a state that has relaxed it’s requirements.

  3. We live in a little development of 13 houses on the edge of a forest. Every Saturday night one of the neighbours blasts music from 5:30 to 6:30 and we all have a drink and dance in our gardens. We don’t have fences between our gardens, so we can all have have a drink and a chat with 2m distance. We’ve been sharing tools, organising group deliveries—it’s like all the good bits of living in a commune without the creepy stuff. We are very, very lucky.

  4. Doing better than I thought I would in stay-at-home mode. My reward is hearing the laughter of my son and his wife as they enjoy games, or a movie, or “socially-distant” happy hour with their neighbors on the sidewalk outside their flat.

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