A november-ish update

November, how can that be? I mean, I know HOW it can be, but still am stunned there are 61 days left to this year.

Before 2020, Fall into the Story was full of bright, interesting travel, family and life updates from Nora along with lively book discussions. This year, while the book chats continue to bring up differing points of view and some charged opinions, the life section has simmered down to monthly updates with varying degrees of Groundhog’s Day (the Bill Murray movie, not the weird shadow day. Though I admit to preferring Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow for a movie about a day without end.)

I volunteered to take November. For those who love Nora’s own voice, I know she’ll be back with an update around the holidays. Today you’ve got the Cranky Publicist.

In Nora’s world, she and BW celebrated her birthday in the 2020 way — lots of virtual love and gifts by mail. Plus a visit from the ever entertaining Griffin and his parents.

C’mon Atticus, show me a downward dog!

Writing-wise, Nora’s immersed in the second book set in the world you’ll meet in The Awakening (out November 24). It’s hard sweaty work to build a world, but I sense it’s also daily respite from the stress of the world where it’s 2020.

Last weekend, Griffin turned 2! (Ok, if I can’t believe it’s November, I’m really having issues with Griffin and two.) He celebrated in fine style with his Nana and Grandda (and those necessary chauffeur parents). Word is he wanted everyone’s cake — especially Mom’s — instead of his own piece.

Yours looks more interesting. Mom!

Time for the first #randomkatness in a very long time! I know long-term readers have asked occasionally about the blanket Kat was knitting for Griffin. I have proof she finished it before the 2nd birthday:

One side…
the other.

In the Cranky Publicist world — outside of Nora responsibilities — my very first solo photo show opened at Gifts Inn BoonsBoro yesterday. When we planned it in January, the opening coincided with TTP’s Halloween signing. While events at TTP are canceled (the store remains open), the talented team at Gifts continues to forge ahead with in-person and virtual exhibits of interesting art from creatives all over the Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania area.

Including, it seems. Me.

As some of you know, I tend to take photos as I go on my daily walks. The pieces I chose for this show feature walks from 2018 until last month. I framed 12 pieces, then made cards and a calendar.

Framed, ready to go.
A selection of cards.
Outside the shop on delivery day.

And all will be on display/online until the end of November. You can see my pieces here.

I’ll close in the best way possible: a sweet little boy on a tree stump. I KNOW you don’t find that every day.

Perfect form.

As always, stay safe, stay well, and be kind.


36 thoughts on “A november-ish update”

  1. We definitely miss the time spent in Boonsboro. Some friends and I are planning a signing-esque day in town. Pre-ordering signed editions of Awakening, having lunch at Vesta’s, maybe Dan’s, and doing some Christmas shopping. We miss you and our favorite author, and are desperately hoping next year is better!

  2. Thank you, Laura, for this lovely update. The blanket Kat knitted for Griffin is fabulous. I so admire creative people; I haven’t the patience. I also cannot believe that Griffin is two! Time certainly flies by (except this year has a bit of a draggy quality). Your photos are beautiful, as always. Keep smiling and staying safe. Things can only get better.

  3. Thank you Laura. You did a splendid job filling in. Your photos are gorgeous. It all feels relaxed and normal. God knows we need that! I’m curious, how much cake did Griffin eat? 😄

  4. Thank you so much for the update on everyone and your awesomeness photos.

    Oh my goodness how Master Griffin has grown and turning 2 already…he must certainly miss all the family excursions…wishing him a Happy Birthday 🎁🎉🎊

    Congratulations on your photos they are beautiful 🤩 beautiful

  5. Oh wow! Congratulations, Laura!

    Happy Birthday to Nora and Griffin.

    That blanket is fantastic! Is it an original design?

    1. Thanks! It is an original design, I wanted it to have elements from both sides of his ancestry, so Celtic knots for dad’s side and the dragon for my side.

  6. Thanks for the update, Laura. Good luck with you photos.

    November I can see, but Griffin 2. Wow! That one caught me off guard.

  7. Congratulations on your show! Nice photos and nice update. The piece for Griffin is wonderfully done. Thank you for all you do. It’s appreciated. Looking forward to Nora’s new trilogy. I so enjoy her stories and characters.

  8. Hi Laura! Wow! So much color all in one letter! Your photos always have such rich coloring and depth! Congrats on your showing. Happy Birthday to Nora and Griffin. My dad’s birthday was Halloween. 87 years old! Hard to imagine. The blanket Kat made should be hung on a wall, it’s beautiful! Wishing everyone a safe and happy Autumn.

  9. Ah lovely Laura and your fun updates! Griffin is giving me life on that log! Two! How can he be two where did the time go!!!!
    I love seeing how other people live and as I live in the UK the US fascinates me. I hope everybody is keeping well and safe and as Laura states be kind….. Especially to yourself. Xx

  10. Great job, Laura. I do miss my trips to Boonsboro for the various events. Even though GNO was cancelled, I kept my vacation scheduled for that Thursday and Friday. I was thinking of going to Boonsboro and then visiting my mom in WV. Now that I know that you have an art show at Gifts, I will definitely stop by. Everyone stay safe and I hope we get to see each other next year. Take care and happy holidays for the rest of year.

  11. Can’t believe Griffin is two! Your photography is wonderful. A great Thanksgiving to you and Nora’s families.

  12. It was a treat hearing from you, Laura. Yes, life is different, no travelogues to look forward to, etc. But if we are alive, well and coping, then we are ahead of the game.
    I enjoyed your photos. I used to take photos, pre digital, w/my Nikon and numerous lenses. I have a granddaughter, who has a photography studio. You have a great eye, Laura. I especially love the Tangled reflection one.
    thanks for the upate.

  13. As a fellow knitter (& the one who brought the Yarnover Truck to RWA in San Diego), I am in absolute awe of the blanket Kat knit for Griffin. That is one SERIOUS piece of art! AMAZING.

  14. Okay, wait. Cat KNITTED that blanket?? Like with KNITTING needles? That is insane! I am lucky if I can get parallel edges on anything. I bow to the Master (or rather, Mistress?)

    Also, Griffin is just too adorable, and your photos are really great, Laura. I will be awhile getting over that insane blanket though. Yes, I am now obsessed. Have a happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

  15. Ground Hog Day…my worst memory of a movie. It was the days everyone saw the same movie. I was crossing the Atlantic and that movie about drove me nuts. I was ready to go out on a wing for a break. 🤪 You have a terrific eye for color and composition Laura…loved you pictures. Kay’s blanket is beautiful. My daughter is a knitter too and the talent always amazes . Y’all have a safe, Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Lovely pictures Laura. Trying to decide what to buy! We Laura’s have to support one another!
    Can’t believe Griffin just turned 2! That’s such a great, mischievous, into everything age. I’m sure he keeps his parents busy and grandparents when he makes a visit.
    Looking forward to Nora’s new book. Creating a new world must be difficult.
    Kat is definitely talented.
    Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. We are so hoping to visit Boonsboro in December. We had to cancel in April. So glad to hear the stores are open. This years has been crazy. Thanks Laura for keeping us up-to-date. Thanks Nora for writing, the books are really helping in keeping me sane at this crazy time.

  18. That is awesome, congratulations on your show! I had a lovely stay at the Inn in August for my birthday, and can’t wait to go back. I have been reading pretty much ONLY Nora since lockdown began, and it has been the most comforting form of escapism. I really can’t thank her enough. And as a writer, her work ethic is inspiring me daily.:) Thanks for all you do!

  19. Thank you so much for the update Laura! I cannot believe it is already November. It has been a weird year, but it has flown by for me. Griffin is two! Happy Birthday to Griffin and Nora! It is true as we get older time flies faster. I absolutely love your pictures! You mentioned turning some of them into cards and calendars. Are you selling them? Just curious! Please stay safe and healthy! We will all get through this! One of the best ways is to read! Counting the days until the 24th!!

  20. A poem recited during my husband’s childhood.

    Here I stand upon a stump.
    I don’t cut much of a figure.
    The girls don’t like me much.
    Just wait till I get bigger!

  21. Wow! Laura Love the photos. At least that is one thing that Covid-19 can’t take away is our ability to create. I hope your showing is a great success and look forward to seeing more of your work.

  22. Laura, excellent substitute blog, loved the pictures and your voice! Thank you and wishing you good success with your show from another amateur photographer.

  23. Thank you for the update, Laura. Congratulations on your show! The photos are lovely and such a great variety of subjects and settings. I really love “Over The Wall”, but they’re all terrific. And I see your hair is back to red again. Beautiful! But I really did like the grey too.

    I too can’t believe that Griffin is two … I actually said that out loud when I read it. I’m glad both for him and Nana and Grandda that they were able to celebrate in person. The blanket that Kat made for him is absolutely and beautifully stunning. And I like that it is the subject of another intriguing bit of Random Katness.

    I’m so looking forward to The Awakening. Thank you, Nora, for continuing to share your talent and imagination with all of us.

    Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. Stay safe and well.

  24. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the updates! Always nice to hear how things are going. Did Kat have a pattern for that blanket? It is absolutely gorgeous! And while the pictures are beautiful, I really, really like the cards ❤Happy Holidays to all of you. Take care!

      1. Thanks for the update Laura. Your photography looks beautiful. Congratulations on the showing at the very nice gift shop. I can hardly wait for another visit to Boonesboro. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there. Griffins’ blanket is amazing! WOW Kay, what talent! I too, can hardly believe he’s already 2! I’m really looking forward to Nora’s new book The Awakening. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday season. It sure has been a tough year.

  25. Your pictures are beautiful, Laura. We ordered calendars as Christmas gifts. Can’t wait. Stay safe.

  26. Oh my, all the goodness that is a two-year-old. Griffin, you are moving forward too fast as are the little ones in our family. They seem to grow faster when you don’t get to see them. Laura, I didn’t know about your pictures, they are beautiful. it just so happens I’m giving special pictures and gorgeous smelling candles for Christmas and I’ve started shopping last weekend. Today I bought the cutest dishtowel to add to the Christmas gift closet, but I spilled my latte into the bag and now it’s all mine. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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