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  1. I love that Dennis Mira is in the spotlight. I’m going to really enjoy watching Eve take care of him. The snowflake hat was the perfect intro to the story. Can’t wait to read the rest!

  2. My god, I just read the excerpt from Brotherhood. I am absolutely thrilled with the story around Mr. Dennis Mira, who I have loved from the first mention. I will be counting down for this book.

  3. Enjoyed the excerpt very much! And love Dennis Mira! This one should be one of the best!

  4. I’ve enjoyed every In Death book immensely and I look forward to savoring Brotherhood in Death. I love the Mira’s and enjoy Eve’s slight crush on Dennis. Such a sweet man.

  5. Thank you for a story that puts Dennis Mira in the middle of the action. You had me on the edge of my seat from the first words. I hate winter but you always have me wishing for February!

  6. Can’t wait until February! The cases Nora gives us are always suspenseful and exciting but this one is going to be a step above, even though it does not involve murder…yet!

  7. I am so happy that you focused on Dennis Mira! He’s such a fantastic character! Now really make me happy and do a story around Berenski! It would be something to see if Dickie was in a troublesome spot. ????

    1. Oh, no, ANYONE but Dickie! He may be good at his job but he’s just SUCH a creep (IMO). Now “Mr. Mira” – well, he’s a darling & it’ll be great to read a story with him at the center – can’t wait!

    2. Re Summer’s comment — Oh, no, ANYONE but Dickie! He may be good at his job but he’s just SUCH a creep (IMO). Now “Mr. Mira” – well, he’s a darling & it’ll be great to read a story with him at the center – can’t wait!

  8. Such a great read! SO Happy this is about Dr. Mira!!! I can’t wait for this!

  9. What an enjoyable read…I am so looking forward to the continuing saga of Eve and Roarke. Loved all the follow throughs…Eve wearing the scarf the Peabody made her, the snowflake cap from Dennis Mira and of course THE MARRIAGE RULES..LOL!! But, most of all the loving connection between Eve and her adopted parents, the Mira’s. Oh, and Mira surviving the ride of her life in the DLE Suburban..great stuff..

  10. Downloaded the extract, but decided not to peek, as it would drive me mad not to be able to finish a book. Will anticipate it, looking forward to getting my ebook in February, when I follow my usual pattern for reading the In Death series. Don’t allow myself start reading until the evening, as I can never put them down! So I have dinner, then with a glass or two of a Saint Emillion or a Haut Medoc (I do live in France so it has to be french wine) I read to my hearts content. Phones switched off, all forms of communication shunned, husband banned to tv lounge, whilst I devour the book, live through the whole thing. Emit a sigh at the end, and always a slight feeling of disappointment that I have to wait about 6 months for the next one, unless of course there is a novella. After about a month always reread the book, well worth doing.

  11. The IN DEATH SERIES is my favorite read. Thank you for the advance except. Count down to the release will be a long process. Looking forward to read the new.

  12. Great so far. Can’t wait now for the rest of the book. I love it when Mr. Mira is involved.

  13. Well, I’m in! I plan to buy it anyway, but what a way to ensure that I do! 🙂
    Thank you and Happy Holidays

  14. That makes it even harder for me to be patient for February. It is going to be fun to get some back story on Mr. Mira.

  15. Thanks so much for the gift of the excerpt. This was such a treat. I’ve always said that to me, the personalities come before the mystery. That the two are now connected, is just the cherry on the top, or as Eve would say, why a cherry? The Mira’s have always been a favorite of mine, and it’s a great idea to have the book revolve around them. Now comes the waiting until February.

  16. I am soooooooo upset I read the excerpt because now I CAN NOT WAIT to read the book. I love that it is focused on the Miras! Thanks for giving us more of Eve and Roarke’s inner circle!

  17. I am like Eve, I just love Dr. Mira’s husband and it is going to be torture to wait on the rest of the story……

  18. Great beginning. I love that we will find out more about Mr. Mira. Pity February is such a long way off.

  19. It should go without saying, I can’t wait. I love that we get at least two in Death books every year. Love Dennis Mira and glad that he will be spotlighted in this book. This was an early Christmas gift from Laura. Thank you so much.

  20. Wonderful! This book is going to be another one that is hard to wait for. Mr Mira, an ingenious chose for the subject. I can’t wait, just the first chapter nearly made me cry.

  21. Thanks for the excerpt! I am already hooked on the book. I love the Miras and how Eve responds to their normalness.

  22. I can’t wait to get to know Mr. Mira better in Brotherhood in Death!

  23. More, more! Can’t wait for more. I shouldn’t wish time away, but February seems like forever from now.

  24. Thanks Laura for the excerpt . Only 1 chapter and I am already like it . And the hard part is waiting until February .

  25. Loved the piece, can’t wait for more. Huge fan from the start, just finished purchasing my last missing book in Eformat. I have started reading them all over agin from the beginning.

  26. I can’t wait. I love Dennis Mira and Eve’s feelings for him. I’m also interested to see if Eve’s relationship with DeWinter progresses in this book. Since she’s been introduced, I don’t trust her. That may be just be projection from Eve’s character, but it’s weird to have someone ingratiate him or herself into a group that quickly.

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