What are you reading/anticipating?

It’s a rainy Saturday in Maryland.  Word is Nora is making soup.  I am not.    But I am thinking about books and spring.  The Equinox approaches!  As the Northern hemisphere nears the end of a long winter and the Southern starts to shed the dog days of summer, I thought it was good time to shake off the dust on our reading lists and swap ideas of what to read.


The LiarNora’s 2015 hardcover romantic suspense, will hit stores in the US/Canada on April 14, in the UK/Ireland/AUS/NZ and SA on April 16.   To me, The Liar is book that simply sings spring from the setting to the blooming of one Shelby Foxworth.  And I’ve got to admit that Griff Lott hit #1 (with a bullet as Billboard Magazine used to say) on my Nora heroes list.  We’ll have to talk about that in April won’t we?

BTW, if you are anywhere near western Maryland on April 11, Nora will sign copies of The Liar at Turn the Page’s spring signing.  Kat Martin, Christine Trent, Shayla Black, Jennifer ProbstRobin Kaye and Adam Pelzmen will be there as well.

One small perk of my job is that sometimes I can beguile an advance copy of another author’s books from Team Nora.  Right now I’m waiting (impatiently) for Nalini Singh‘s Shards of Hope to show up on my door a little before the June release.  (BTW, did I mention Nalini is coming to Turn the Page’s 20th anniversary event on July 18?  No?  Did I say Jill shalvis will be there as well?  NO?  Well we’ll keep that between us for now ok? )

Everyone has favorite authors, right?  Nora’s shared some of hers here like Stephen King, John Sandford and Sarah Addison Allen.   Nalini and Jill are two of mine so July will be a fan girl moment for me.

What have I read besides The Liar?  Well I can’t say enough good things about Sarah Addison Allen’s First Frost.  It was one of those books that I finished completely convinced I’d never read another good book again.  But don’t worry, I know I will.

Sarah Morgan is a wonderful writer and the first book in her new Puffin Island series, First Time in Forever, is on my desk.  And I’m also anticipating Thea Harrison‘s Midnight’s Kiss — the latest in her Elder Race series.

What are you reading these days?  And what are you anticipating in the coming season?



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  1. Currently I am reading “Daring to Dream. Holding the Dream and Finding the Dream”. I am enjoying this book tremendously! I anticipate starting “Celebrity In Death” soon.

    1. I am on this series too! I am reading, “Daring to Dream” right now. I’m only a few chapters in, but I am hooked!

      1. “Swimming to Catalina”, Start Woods… Starting to read his Stone Barrington series once again.

      1. That’s next on my list but I thought I’d catch up on some of the short stories that I’ve missed before I get to that. I also have Jayne Ann Krentz’s latest “Trust No One” which I have to read this week – what a chore! /sarcasm 🙂 – before I return it to the library next weekend.

    2. I just finished reading Burned by Karen Marie Moning and I am presently reading Obsession in Death on 1 reader and Rock Hard by Nalini Singh on the other. I’m trying not to rush through Obsession In Death because then I have to wait for the next story and I hate waiting. Love Eve & Roarke, they’re my favorite couple.

    3. I am currently reading Voyager (third book in the Outlander series) by Diana Gabaldon

      1. Enjoy the book – it is excellent. Unfortunately, it is also the last really good book in the series.

    4. Obsession in Death. Probably will go for some of Terry Pratchett’s stuff in his memory. Great writer, funny guy…

    5. i am reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. But I just took the quiz “how many of the 200 books by Nora Roberts have you read” and I counted 154 for sure, possibly more. Thank you for writing such wonderful stories.

  2. I am rereading Glory in Death and also reading, Descent by Tim Johnston. I am anxiously waiting to read The Liar.

  3. I am reading “Daring to Dream”. I am in love with her books, and whenever I find one with a deckle edge, I snatched it up!

  4. I am rereading The Search friend got a new lab puppy and it made me think of it so reread

      1. I just finished True Betrayals and just started Carnal Innocence. Prior to that I read the “In The Garden” Trilogy . I always have a Nora Roberts book in progress.

  5. I am currently reading Christine Feehan’s Water Bound and waiting for The Liar to come out. I especially like your paranormal (?) books. Will there be anymore of them>

  6. Can’t wait to read The Liar but I am rereading Eve and Roark

  7. I’m currently reading Obsession in Death and awaiting The Liar.

  8. I am currently reading Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand by Carrie Vaughn.

  9. I am finally reading Blood Magick. I bought it but made myself wait to read it until I read the first two again.

  10. I am currently reading Split Second by David Baldacci, not my usual type of pick, but I am enjoying it! I am anxiously waiting for The Liar, can’t wait!! After this winter it’s giving me something to look forward to besides Spring and Sunshine

  11. I am trying to finish The Collector before The Liar coming out next month. Avid Nora fan.

    1. Collector was one of my favorites – led me into documentaries on the eggs

  12. I am reading Delusion in Death, getting caught up on the series! I’ve been ignoring the taped shows from TV, because I just want to read…lol.

  13. I’m reading, and almost finished with Blue Daliah and loving it. In excited for the others in the series. I’m also reading Vision in White. 🙂 Just finished The Reef and loved it.

  14. I am reading Thankless in Death. Not too far into it yet. I have so many to read to get caught up!! Love Nora and her awesome talent!!

  15. I’ve read a couple good books this week. First was Obsession in Death which was EXCELLENT. I finished up the Fallen Angels series by JR Ward and read the latest installment in Kimberly Frost”s Southern Witch series. Right now, I’m waiting on 3 new books to come out in the next month. The Liar is one of them. It has been a good book week. 🙂

  16. I’m working my way through Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache books. Reading “A Rule Against Murder” right now. Also reading “Cop Town” by Karin Slaughter. That’s a hard book, but compelling.

  17. Since there is a new JD Robb audiobook out I started over. At the beginning. Listening to the entire series for the third time…each time there are a bunch of new books to add. I was enjoying myself. I appreciate the fact that brilliance has mentiined the title of the next story after the conclusion of the book! It saves me having to keep looking up the reading order. However, if I’m not crazy, along with the excerpts for said next book they’ve also unfortunately increased the reading speed. One of the things I always appreciated about the performer of the audible version was her lyrical and comfortable rhythm. Speed is now oddly and somewhat erratically disturbed in several of the books. Leaving me in the same condition! Such a shame. Non-the-less I’m still listening and am up to “Haunted in Death” Which explores the infamous “Number 12”! 😀 I’ve had an eight week eye problem and so far this series has kept me and my knitting fairly happy company! Thank goodness for Nora and Audible!

    1. Please check the speed setting in your audible reader. I think it must have gotten changed accidentally.

      1. I, too, as listening to the in death series for a second time. Just love the stories and all the characters, and particularly the narrator’s voice.

      2. Thank you. I have already checked that. It is on the correct setting and I have a new iPhone with all the updates. I won’t bore you with everything I tried. I will be re listening on another device as well as my computer to compare, at some point. I’m too intent on the series to do that right now.

  18. Obsession In Death. I just reread Naked and Judgment, two of my favorite In Death books.

  19. I’m settling in with my collection of all the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett, with an ache in my heart. I know by the time I’m a page or two into the first one, I’ll be able to smile again. Will miss him forever, but I’m so grateful to have his books to comfort me.

  20. I’m reading Homeport right now by Nora and I’m REALLY enjoying it. Next I will start on The Blood Brothers trilogy next. Can’t wait for The Liar to come out!!!

  21. Currently I’m listening to the Three Sisters Trilogy, again, and I’m waiting on Liar and the new J.D. Robb with baited breath.

  22. Can’t put it down! The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins. Suspenseful page turner!

  23. I am reading Imitation in Death and i am also reading The Elite by Kiera Cass

  24. I am eagerly anticipating The Liar! Obsession in Death was FABULOUS! I’m also looking forward to he new ones from Eloisa James, Julie Ann Long in a couple of weeks. In June there’s King’s Finders Keepers AND a new one from Sharon Bolton and desperately hoping for a third book from Robert Galbraith. 🙂 Thanks be to Nora for never letting me down and publishing so regularly!!!!

  25. I’m grieving the loss of Terry Pratchett – RIP and my sympathy to his family. I’m reading a charming book, The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister, I highly recommend this book! Just finished Dan Brown’s Inferno and reminded me so much of Nora’s travelogue from Italy. I thoroughly enjoyed Obsession in Death and Eve’s realization that she had so many “fans”and her reactions and thoughts on the subject. I am eagerly awaiting Nora’s The Liar and Karen White’s The Sound of Glass (May). Also CAN NOT WAIT for Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman. To Kill a Mockingbird is my all-time favorite book.

    1. Erica Bauermeister is a wonderful writer — School of Essential Ingredients is one of my favorite books.


  26. I am reading several series but am currently reading Let me go by Chelsea Cain which is the last book in the Archie and Gretchen series. Waiting patiently for the next in death book

  27. I’m having heart surgery next week, and will not be allowed to do anything for 4-6 weeks as I recuperate. Therefore, I’m getting my iPad loaded up to get into some serious reading, which will include Nora/JD of course, but also some Kristen Ashley, Sandra Brown, Karen Rose, Jill Shalvis. Some are new, some are re-reads, and while I’m a romance junkie, I do like an eclectic mix of the genre. I am also hoping that by the time I’m back on my feet, the weather will be better and so will my heart!!

    1. Alice,

      Here’s to wonderful books that make recovery fly by. Be well and let us know how you fare once you’re cleared to be back at the computer!


      1. Thank you, Laura! Hopefully my fingers will still work okay, so I’ll let you know.

  28. Currently re reading Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan while waiting for The Liar and Devoted in Death

  29. Just finished The Broker by John Grisham on audio and started Six Years by Harlan Coban for book club this week.

  30. I am reading Magic Touch. It is a 12 novels of Urban/Paranormal Fantasy collection. It was only 99 cents on amazon.

    My favorite authors is a tie between Nora Roberts (JD Robb) and Jayne Ann Krentz.

  31. Hi Laura,
    It’s foggy and rainy here in Brooklyn. I just finished Nalini Singh’s Rock Hard. I can’t wait to read Aden’s story in Shards of Hope (lucky you!). Also finished Rescue Me by Cathy Mann and Obsession in Death by JD Robb. I have One Wish by Robyn Carr next, then Firelight at Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth, and a Rachel Lee Conard County Next Generation story on the TBR mountain. Attending a Turn the Page bookstore signing is on my bucket list. 😉
    As always, happy reading! Hope all is well.

    1. Stephanie,

      We have New Yorkers daytripping down to the signings all the time — and it can be a really pretty ride. Just saying…;)


  32. Jan to March read Ilona Andrews ‘Kate Daniels’ books, Lindsay Pryor’s ‘Blackthorn’ series, read Patricia Briggs ‘Dead Heat’, Jeaniene Frost’s ‘Bound by Fames’, Helen Harper’s ‘Blood Destiny’ series, Thea Harrison’s ‘peanut…’. Currently trying Susan Ilene’s Darkness books. Loved Nalini Singh’s Archangel books, all of Lee Child’s, Vince Flynn’s, JD/Nora’s, Steph Laurens, Lisa Kleypas, Christina Dodd, Julia Quinn, Lorraine Heath, Cherise Sinclair, Maria Snyder. Every weekend is a scrall through waiting for the next book from any of these. When there is nothing new coming out I go back to beginning of In Death series, Mercy Thompson series or the Eddings Polgara!

  33. Currently re – reading concealed in death, but I have just picked up hush and her last whisper by Karen robards

  34. Currently reading Cuckoo’s Calling as a group read. Really enjoying it! Can’t wait for The Liar!

  35. I JUST finished reading Obsession in Death. Holy Moly what a book! My 14 year old just started reading The Unwanted series and wants me to read along.

  36. Nora cannot write fast enough to suit me!! So right now i am reading “Fatal Distraction” by Diane Capri. I always think that the current “In Death” is the absolute best…and then I get the next one! And oh my goodnees, THIS one is the best!! Read them all, have read most (if not all) of her others. Phenominal writer!! But I think my absolute favorite is the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy followed closely by InnBoonsboro. Love your books.

  37. I’ve found myself reading a lot of YA dystopian fiction lately. Some of it good, some of it starting off good, but unfortunately not delivering throughout the trilogy. (For some reason they tend to come in three’s).

    Pierce Brown’s Red Rising was very good and I’m saving the second book Golden Son for my trip to New York this coming week. He writes very well, and I think I needed to read something from a man.

    I also recently read The Maze Runner quartet by James Dashner for that same reason. They were well written, but the end left me hanging…

    And yesterday I snuck in Nora’s Unfinished Business. They release two or three Nora-books a month here in Norway, but by now they’re mostly reprints of reprints, so I have to go through my collection to make sure I don’t already own them 😉

  38. I am reading Dogwood Hill by Cheryl Woods. Good book! I have finished all my Nora Roberts and JD Robb’s books. Who am I kidding, I read hers when they come out!

  39. I am currently reading Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs and then I will read the Golden Son by Peirce Brown. Can’the wait for The Liar to be released

  40. I am finishing up Olive Kitteridge. It is this months book for my book club.

  41. Currently ‘re-reading New York to Dallas on audio and working through Christina Dodd and Debra Webb’s backlist. I have The Liar on pre-order.

  42. Nice post! Thank you for reminding me about The Liar. I just pre-ordered it from TTP.
    Currently reading Murder Past Due by Miranda James. I do enjoy books about books, book-sellers, and libraries.

  43. Just finished rereading The Inn at Boonesboro series again. I recently discovered Robyn Carr and look forward to exploring the books I took out of the library by her. I am also have Sarah Addison Allen’s The Peach Keeper in my to read pile. Thanks to a recommendation here I got out of the library the audio book for Missing In Death and look forward to listening to it.

    I really enjoy seeing what everyone else is reading as it gives me ideas of titles/authors to explore.

  44. I just finished “The Atonement” by BJ James…Good story and I am also listening to “Strangers in Death”. Waiting for “The Liar”. Can’t wait..:)

  45. I just started Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey. My most anticipated book right now is the 8th Grave book by Darynda Jones.

  46. Right now I’m reading Born In Ice. It’s a great series. I can’t get enough NR Books. I really hope you write many more Witchy books. My all time fave NR books so far are the Three Sisters Island Trilogy. I will bee reading them again. My Sister used to be the bookworm but I think I’ve left her in the dust now since I discovered Nora Roberts <\:-)

  47. I just finished reading Confess by Colleen Hoover. If you haven’t read her books, they are fantastic. I also recently finished reading Kyland by Mia Sheridan and The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon. Both of these authors write smart, interesting, and unique stories.

  48. just recently began Diana Gambaldon’s Outlander series. Now into book three and can’t put it down. The accompanying TV series is phenomenal too!

  49. Re-reading the “Sisters” trilogy. For about the 10th time.

  50. I just finished Obsession in Death a couple of days ago and I am now reading The Girls of Mischief Bay.

  51. As I say a fond farewell to a long, hot summer, autumn is beginning to make an impact here in Sydney. I won’t miss the heat but will miss the long days. I am currently reading “Broken Skin” by Stuart MacBride – one in a series of crime fiction books set in Aberdeen, Scotland. Gritty, realistic and peppered with some black humour. The first novel in the series was shortlisted for the International Thriller Writers’ best debut novel category. Highly recommended!

  52. Currently reading Shadow Spell (book 2 of The Cousin’s O’Dwyer Trilogy! Love this trilogy!!! Cannot wait for The Liar! Bringing a group of childhood friends to stay at the Inn late April! Cannot wait to share the experience with them!!!

  53. I ordered and received yesterday the Sign of Seven trilogy from Turn the Page bookstore. I just finished. Blood brothers and am just beginning to read The Hollow. this is a great series and I’m blowing through reading them. I had read blood brothers but had never read the other two in the trilogy,, so I’m doing that now. I just love.lump!!!

  54. Just finished Obsession in Death…great read. In the middle of Birdsongs by Jason Deas.

  55. I’m a multitasker, so I buy the Audible versions of the In Death series. I just finished Conspiracy in Death. I believe it is the only Eve Dallas book that has brought me to tears. I cried three times listening to that book. I believe it is by far J.D.’s best work yet. I downloaded Loyalty in Death as soon as Conspiracy ended, but I am listening to Conspiracy again. I am buying and listening to them in order, although I have read the books already. I also like Nora’s books, and plan to read Liar when it comes out next month. I would like for Nora to know how much pleasure and company her books bring to me. She is truly an angel.

  56. As I do with most of my Nora Roberts books, I am now rereading The Three Fates. I never get tired of her stories and reread them over and over because they are so good!

  57. I read The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg a few weeks ago. I just found out it’s actually a series so I am looking forward to reading the next two The Chase and The Job :-).

    I’m currently reading Die Again by Tess Gerritsen. I’m a big fan of the Rizzoli & Isles books.

  58. After six straight J. D. Robb books without a break (and barely coming up for air), I am now reading The Girls of Mischief Bay by Susan Mallery. After that, I will no doubt be ready to dive back into the In Death series. I just can’t get enough of Eve and Roarke!

  59. Mmmm, I am currently re-reading the Key Trilogy. Haven’t decided yet which trilogy to re-read before The Liar comes out. I love the way Nora’s mind works on any story she writes!

  60. Just finished J. A. Jance’s Cold Betrayal. Love her books. Looking forward to Nora’s next month. Also looking forward in the next few months are books by Dorothea Benton Frank, Barbara Delinsky and Kris Radish.

  61. I am currently reading the Red River of the North series by Lauraine Snelling. Easy read, about South Dakota in the late 1800’s. Not a romance, just a little of everything. I have read all of JD Robb’s books, except the most recent.

  62. Aurora (The Exodus Trilogy book 2) waiting on anything from Nora or Jayne Ann Krantz.

  63. Have read Nora for years but have recently got hooked on death series. Reading holiday in death right now

  64. i just finished The Golem and the Jinni. Fabulous weaving of time, cultures, locales and beings both human and supernatural. Loved the rich imagery and characters.

  65. Can’t wait for The Liar!! I just (finally) read Water For Elephants. I’ve had it forever, but have been putting off reading it because I saw the movie first and loved the movie so much that I was scared I was going to like the book better (which is ALWAYS the case, isn’t it?). As it turned out, I still like the movie better… Go figure! I get turned off by too many “f bombs” (I mean please!! Out of all the words in the English language there really are other words to get the point across with just as much feeling, so save it for when it’s needed) and I actually thought the plot line of the movie flowed better than the book. Now I’m in the middle of “Green Darkness” by Anya Seton which is kind of a scary tale from the late 60’s, and I have James Patterson’s “1st To Die” on deck.

  66. I am eagerly anticipating Aussie author Kylie Scott’s final Stage Dive book, Deep and Jay Crownover’s final Marked Men novel, Asa.

  67. I’m going on vacation and needed some good reads, so I’m taking with me Local Hero and Best Mistakes. Even though they are older books their new to me so I’m happy!!!!

  68. I’m reading “The Real Boy” by Anne Ursu. One of my neighbors recommended. It has magic and a changing world around the boy, whether he likes it or not. I just started, but seems good. It got great reviews!
    I have to admit I’m obsessed with Obsessed in Death! More than the usual new book love affair. Embarrassing, really!

  69. Waiting for the liar i’m reading patricia briggs Dead heat, Anne bishops the other Series and rereading Noras The Collector (one of the best stand alone from Nora :-)) and ilona andrews Kate daniels.

  70. I’m listening to Betrayal in Death just now, almost finished it and working my way through the series. I’m also reading Catherine Cookson, another of my favourite authors.

  71. I just finished reading “Last to Die” by Tess Gerritsen. It’s in the Rizzoli & Isles series. They are a detective and medical examiner respectively. This was actually the first I’ve read. This was the 10th in the series. I definitely will go back and read others.

  72. Rereading The 4th Death book Rapture! Just retread first 3 three now this. Very rehabilitating coming out of this dark season. Thank you Nora or JD. BETSY

  73. HELP!!!!!
    I have this scene from the in death series stuck in my head and I just cannot figure out which book it was from! It was when Commander Whitney told Eve that one of the main reasons she is being refused the promotion for captaincy is because of her marriage to Roarke. And she told him (Roarke) and he flipped because of all he’s done for the NYPSD! I really want to reread it just to get the scene out of my head cause it’ll bother me until I find it. Thanks in advance!

  74. i just started The Dovekeepers by Alce Hoffman
    I’m always anticipating the newest Nora Robberts or JD Robb.

  75. finished THE WITNESS for the third time!! love it! then TREACHERY IN DEATH now onto ORIGINS IN DEATH again. her books are like sitting and talking to old friends 😀

  76. Nice post. I’m currently reading “Seduction ” by M J. Rose and waiting on the release of “The Witch of Painted Sorrows”. Also, waiting eagerly the release of “Cold Moon” by Alexandra Sokoloff.

    And, my debut novel “Dianne’s Destiny” releases on March 18th through Amazon.

    And, of course Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb get my vote.

  77. Just finished re-reading True Betrayals and starting Montana Sky

  78. I’m listening to Obsession in Death, again! I just got finished listening to The Witness, again.

    1. Sorry, Possession in Death. I thought that didn’t look right. LOL

  79. Private Affair by Rebecca York. Its the third in her Rockbridge Security Series.

  80. I am currently reading shadow spell… absolutely loving this series

  81. I love these discussions because I’ve found some great authors! On your recommendation during the last such discussion, I read Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen and loved it! I also read Tess Gerritson for the first time and well as Louise Penny. I started Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books, and I am through the first four. They are funny and I’m enjoying them. I recently finished The Search by Nora, and I loved it. I love that Nora’s books have dogs and cats as integral parts of almost all her stories as I am an avid dog lover. I will be starting Sarah Addison Allen’s The Sugar Queen next, and I will be reading all of her books. Laura, can you recommend the best Nalini Singh’s book to start? Thanks again for these great discussions. I’m awaiting The Liar and of course the next In Death book. Love Nora/JD!

    1. Nalini has two series. The Psy-Changeling series starts with Slave to Sensation. The Guild Hunter series starts with Angels Blood.

      Have fun!

  82. I’m having a Linda Howard weekend with the Mackenzie’s. Enjoying the family reunion. I am ready for The Liar. And in my crystal ball (amazon) I see the first in a new Nora trilogy is coming later this year. So happy to see that.

  83. I have been re-reading some of The Black Jewels novels by Ann Bishop – her books are so well crafted and haunting. It isn’t easy to make violent and bad tempered men named Saetan, Deamon and Luciver the heroes you root for but she makes you love them as well. 🙂
    I’m also re-reading The McKade brothers. I love these men and in many ways, these books feel like the Inn Boonsboro trilogy.
    The link to the Civil War and the restoration of an old haunted house into an inn – it’s not a copy – the characters are very different, but there’s a connection for me. One of the things I love about these 4 books is that they span years. So, the 4 brothers aren’t falling in love at the same time – and you get to see the first couples relationship and family grow by the 4th story.
    I will probably look for a new Mercedes Lackey book and possibly get back into The Thorn Queen books

  84. I am currently reading Hidden Riches by Nora Roberts. I always wonder where she gets her ideas. Her books are great

  85. I am currently reading ” In Cold Blood ” by Truman Capote after finishing “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ” I am looking forward to the release of ” Dry Bones” by Craig Johnson.

  86. I’m reading Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs and The Variety of Life by Colin Tudge. Science rules!.

  87. just finished who buries the dead by cs harris……………to me her Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries rank right up there with Nora Roberts and JD Robb………of course I had to finish obsession in death before I could start who buries the dead……………….

  88. Right now I’m reading book 3 of BoonsBoro Trilogy – The Perfect Hope! I’ve been in the mood for series lately. I think I’m going to start The Garden Trilogy next. Re-read actually.

  89. Archer’s Voice, by Mia Sheridan. It’s a sweet love story of a young man who lives in isolation because he can’t speak, until a girl comes along who knows sign language and helps him gain his ‘voice’ via sign language. I loved it so much I got a book on sign language and am learning the basics of signing. It made me realize we should all know a few basic signs in order to say hello or to recognize when someone is asking for food or help, or just to be included. We all talk with our hands anyway, so why not learn specific signs? It’s a Win-Win situation!

  90. I am rereading the Bride Quartet. I am on book 4. Not sure where I am going from here. I just moved not long ago and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my books, bookcases and other household items from storage. Then I will have about 900 books to choose from!

  91. Hi Laura, I’m just beginning Brad Thor’s “Full Black”. It’s time for some “male” mysteries in the midst of all my female romances. He is a wonderful author & seems to have the pulse of America. I also want to read “First Frost” by Sarah Addison Adams. She seems like a good new (for me) author. Her book cover is beautiful!! Makes me want to dive right onside! So good for her. I have many on my TBR list & of course Nora is on there too.
    Hope you are feeling much better from your surgery. Happy Spring.

    1. Marsha,

      I’m moving along (literally). Now I just need to accept the knee will react to weather even more.

      thanks for asking!

  92. Binge reading in rotation Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series and Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson/Alpha & Omega series. All are amazing in their creative worlds and all so different.

  93. I’m currently reading Taming Natasha….by Nora Roberts….love her and JD Rob ‘s book….

  94. Just finished the McKade brothers stories and starred on the O’Hurleys. Renewing acquaintances with them.

  95. I’m currently reading the Irish Legacy trilogie. Love them.

  96. Rereading actually, Visions in Silver by Anne Bishop. The first week of the month had so many great books come out that I read Visions very quickly. Now I am going back and taking my time, picking apart the story to get the small nuances of the sub plots.

  97. Wege der Liebe ( blood magick, o´dwyer trilogie) ,in germany it comes on 14 th march.
    its very hard to wait for me, and then i read on 1 day 😉

  98. I am about half-way through “Blue Dahlia,” book number one of the “In The Garden” series. I, too, work in a garden center, so I am thoroughly enjoying it (even though my boss is nothing like Roz and there isn’t a guy like Logan working with me).

    1. I reread this trilogy right before the Bride Quartet that I just finished. I think it was probably my 3rd or 4th reread! I have to replace my Blue Dahlia book as it is getting ready to fall apart.

  99. an old one “What Matters Most” by Cynthia Victor

    Just started it

  100. I am busy with the in death series. I have purchased 25 of the books already and adding to it every month.

  101. Just finished a reread of The Collector. Just as enjoyable the second time around.

  102. I am reading the third installment of Ken Follet’s trilogy, The Edge of Eternity.

    On another note about Nora Roberts, JD Robb series. I got started listening to her in death series on CD while making my jewelry and became hooked. I have no desire to read this series, because I love the narrator’s voice. She does all the voices. It is so entertaining, I even take it with me in my car.

  103. I love these posts – my library has really expanded since I started reading this blog.

  104. OK, let me try that again.
    As I said, I love this blog because I’ve found so many new books to read. And, like Dana in the Key trilogy, I have to own them.
    Anyway, just finished Die Again by Tess Gerritsen (Rizzoli & Isles series) and I’m in the middle of The Shadow King by Jo Marchant (non-fiction, described as “the bizarre afterlife of King Tut’s mummy) and the first book in another YA series, Storm Siren by Mary Weber.
    One day I’ll finish 2312 b Kim Stanley Robinson. I have about 3 chapters left, but we moved not long ago and I have no idea what box it’s in!! Also looking for my copy of Bob Randall’s The Fan. Wanted to read that again after I finished Obsession in Death.

  105. I am reading an old Nora Roberts book its called Sweet Revenge and I am as usual loving it xx

  106. I am currently reading Divided in Death as I am on my way back through the entire series. This happens every time I read a new In Death book. I just have to re-read the series. Harlan Coben’s new book comes out soon, that will go on my to be read pile.

  107. Reading
    Shadow Man by Cody McFadyen, very hard-core murder mystery
    Just finished the first three books in the Bewitched and Bewildered Series by Alanea Adler. These are ‘Adult Only” paranormal books. I have never laughed so hard.
    Just starting Breaking Creed by Alex Kava about a Retired Marine who has trained homeless dogs to do things like sniff out drugs and what not who joins up with and FBI agent on a case

    The in Death novellas in order
    Just finished the first two books in the Frontline series by Marko Kloss, basically military sci-fi
    Just starting Vanished by Kendra Elliot, about a kidnapping, and FBI agent and a local detective

    I also like to take an in Death book and search, (or use x-ray on Kindle) and search for a secondary character and go to just those spots. I have come to a better understanding of that person.

    And all of this is how I am handling empty nest

  108. Sorry to have to buck the fiction trend here, but just finished The Sound of Music Story by Tom Santopietro . . . . as a major SOM junkie, had to read this to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie release! I did manage to read The Collectors and Obsession in Death first, though 🙂

  109. Finished reading the MacGregors last week. It has been a long time since I’ve visited with Daniel and I still find myself laughing out loud at his antics when it comes to finding the right “one” for his kids!

    1. Just finished The Summer Kitchen by Lisa Wingate. It’s a beautiful story about second chances and following your heart when it seems all is lost. And I am currently rereading The Witness, one of my favorite Nora Roberts books!

  110. My most favorite are Catherine Coulter’s FBI series and her Brit in the FBI series. Therefore I am eagerly anticipating July 7th’s release of Nemesis and September’s release of the third Brit in the FBI book. This is almost like having two FBI books because she and JT Ellison put Savich and Sherlock into the books sometimes. James Patterson is another one I like. I just got NYPD Red 3 so I will be reading that. Patterson’s Alex Cross series is one I need to reread.

  111. I collect about 20 authors–several have new books due soon –Charles Todd, Laura Childs, JD Robb, Anne Perry,Cara Black, C.S. Harris, Victoria Thompson and of your Jacqueline Winspear

  112. I am re-listening to the Harry Potter series as I drive my 45 minute trip home each day. Found couple new authors I really like…Rachel Hauck and Susan May Warren. Both are Christian/faith based and inspired but excellent! My coworker just finished my copy of the Chesapeake Bay series and loved them…who wouldn’t? I really enjoyed The Collector! Happy Spring to all…we had first calf of season yesterday here on the farm.

  113. Currently reading An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. Next is My Own Heart’s Blook also by Gabaldon. After that, the new JD Robb, or Trust No One (Krentz) , Burned asMoning

  114. I’ve been reading a lot of steampunk lately, like London Steampunk series by Bec McMaster,
    Gaslight Chronicles by Cindy Spencer Pape and Tales of the Underlight by Jax Garren.

  115. Just finished NYPD Red #3 Great book. Also finished James Rollins Blood Infernal, Order of the Sanguines. I love books that are series as well as good mysteries with multiple story lines. I am waiting for several new books from authors Janet Evanovich, Brad Thor, James Rollins Catherine Coulter, Kay Hooper. The best of all will be Devoted in Death. I remember the very first one I read was Reunion. When I realized it was a series I went back to the book store before I was finished with it and bought ALL the ones that had come before and started at the beginning. Talk about “falling into the story” I was hooked and have been ever since. I have been getting these books on the first day ever since and wouldn’t trade this series for anything

  116. I am currently reading The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy!! Obsessed! I love your trilogies! I can not put the books down! I’m reading Shadow Spell right now!!! Can not wait to finished it and move on to the final book. Will probably reread this trilogy just like I reread the Circle Trilogy! You’re amazing Nora! I only read your books!

  117. I’m currently re-reading Blood Magick. I love this series! I was just thinking that I love the way Nora writes men. Branna is by far my favorite female character to date. It didn’t hurt that I saw my name in this book as well, a very small character in the story.

  118. I just finished Iced by Karen Marie Moning, and will be starting Burned tomorrow.

    Obsession ID was fantastic! Also lately, Cassidy Cayman’s Lost Highlander series, The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness, and an old Stephanie Laurens bundle: The Reasons for Marriage, A Lady of Expectations, and An Unwilling Conquest.

    There’s not much to do with all of this snow that keeps dumping on us. It is spring, right???

    Actually, our crocuses are up. We had enough melt yesterday to see them before it snowed again today.

  119. Loved the latest in Death. Just finished the newest in the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear, these are really good books. Wild Hearts by Sharon Sala was good. Made a new discovery thanks to The Tattered Cover in Denver. They recommended Laurie R. King’s “The Beekeepers Apprentice”. I’m enjoying this very much. Waiting for The Liar to appear next week and anticipating A Deadly Web by Kay Hooper tomorrow.

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