Ups and Downs

My life right now seems to be a series of them without much of that steady middle ground.

I really like steady middle ground.

Updated total: 41 authors and 93 of their books infringed by Serruya. She’s a blood leech sucking on the body of the writing profession.

Arranging for a truckload of salt to dispense with her has been taking up a lot of my time, energies, sanity. Hopefully, once that’s in place the frustrating and infuriating distraction of her will fade, at least a bit.

Meanwhile I had a very happy week at our annual Drunken Girls Spa–with Special Guest Star Griffin. Nora had a week with girl pals, massages, games, champagne, and food she didn’t cook. Nana had a week of baby laughs and snuggles–though she did share those with girl pals.

And Laura’s not allowed to whine about the games as she dominated in the new addition of Cards Against Humanity.

Note from Laura: this is because I’m the Queen of Empathy and Persipacity. Not the queen of building stupid words.

Laura will continue to complain when the universe sends her messages: Buy a clue? Wear a clue as a feathered scarf? You decide.

Though Kat ultimately thwarted Elaine in Scrabble, she couldn’t –nor could any–topple Elaine who we crowned Queen of the DGS on our last night.

Our previous Queen JoAnne had a hard fall and shared the loser earrings with Pat.

A great week for all, with beautiful days, rainy days, stormy nights–including one that blew open the (unlatched) balcony doors. Flying curtains, toppling lamps, rain blowing in, women scrambling, Auntie Em summoning.

The annual paint & sip evening. Bright colors abound.

Shortly before I left for the week my tooth implant felt weird, and my bite shifted. Now I’m chewing the hell out of my cheek. But it’s an implant, I think, what’s the deal? No time to find out as I’m leaving.

Call the dentist the morning of my first day back. The day, I’ll add, I’m supposed to haul BW to the nursery in his truck, get all my pretty plants and start digging in the dirt. And have my NEW CAR delivered.

A happy day after a happy week.

Things didn’t go as planned.

Dentist says come right in, so I get dressed and do that. Figures he can fix, takes a look. Needs an X-Ray. Uh-oh.

Don’t you hate that?

Bad news, maybe worst case scenario news. It looks like the bone graft failed, implant shifted (I wasn’t wrong there, but being right never felt so bad). I need to go to implant guy. The Hammer Of Doom: It will be like starting over.

I like to think I’m pretty tough, but I just looked up and said: Oh, Jesus.

My dentist calls implant dentist himself. Again, I’m told to come right in. These are very good guys, really good doctors. But now I have to text BW, can’t be back by noon, off to second dentist.

Arrive, am seated immediately. Implant guy is so kind, apologizing for the failure, looks at X-Ray. He doesn’t think it’s a graft failure, but a fracture of same. Somehow–and this baffles him–I’ve managed to crack the bone.

He had to numb me up, always a good time!, take off the crown, take out the implant. Yes, indeed, I cracked it.

While he’s cleaning it out (even more fun than needles plunged into the soft tissue of your mouth!) I think: Fucking Serruya. I’ve caught myself stress clenching over the past weeks. Make myself stop, but still.

I blame her for my current situation. It actually helps, a little.

So he does what he does, sews me back up. DA gives me pain med, I get Rxs and make next appointment. The process takes several months of appointments. Oh well.

Off to CVS to fill Rxs. Drop off, go outside to call BW. Notice I failed to charge phone after spa and it’s down to like 16%. BW doesn’t answer. Not the house phone, not his cell–though I try both twice.

I am not feeling tough.

He finally calls me back. I cut off his explanation as phone will die. Just meet me at the nursery at 1:30. I’m getting my plants, damn it!

Get Rxs, drive to nursery.

Ahhhh. A happy, happy hour. A true up in a down day. The scents, the colors, the textures. Mine, all mine! The hell with everything else, this is my little paradise. I fill four huge carts. We fill the bed of the truck.

Sadly, I don’t have it in me to dig in the dirt. Just don’t have that next gear. But I can lay all those flats and pots out on my garden walls.

And take more meds.

Car guy’s running late, which is just as well. We put the delivery off until the next day.

My plan for Friday: Work in the morning, plant in the afternoon. I knew it was supposed to rain, but still.

Pours. So work the day.

However, many, many Serruya interruptions. No wonder I cracked a bone graft. Still, a decent chunk of work, and it’s good to be back into the story.

And here comes my fabulous new G-Wagon. I’m so glad to have this model again (and loaded this time!!) They reconfigured the interior so it’s comfortable for my Tall Guy. The old model just didn’t have the leg room.

It looks like a big, deep, dark green tank. But an elegant one. I am a General behind the wheel of this baby. And it’ll do what I tell it. I just have to say: Put on left seat warmer, and it will warm my butt. I don’t have to push a button for that now. I can tell it who to call, what temperature I want, what music I want.

It takes Barry The Car Guy an hour to go over all its beautiful tricks with me. So many wonderful tricks! I am in love with my new car. A very happy up.

Of course by the time all that’s done, my swollen jaw is throbbing. A sad down. Hit those meds, get the ice bag.

We’re celebrating Easter and Logan’s 15th (!!) birthday today. He requested pulled pork. So after ice bag, I make the rub, rub the pork.

Definitely time to lie down.

Today, I put the pork on, boil a couple dozen eggs for kids to Cool Whip dye, make the sides, make the bbq sauce and pull that pork. BW will pick up Logan’s fave chocolate chip cookie cake.

I hope to dig just a bit. Even one bed, one pot would be enough until tomorrow.

Because a big up will be having four grandkids–including Griffin for his first–here for Easter.

I’ve got an achy swollen jaw, more frustrations and interruptions ahead with our serial plagiarist, but….

I have a beautiful family I’ll enjoy the hell out of today. I have plants waiting for me to find just the right spot for them to fill.

And a new car!


75 thoughts on “Ups and Downs”

    1. Happy Easter! Great day in Maryland. Now I know what to look Forward to. Headed to the oral surgeon on Wednesday for my implant. Yuck.

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family! Hopefully all of your “gardens” will bloom brilliantly over the summer and the “pests” in your life will be few!

  2. Finding the sun through the rain, focusing on the ups around the downs. Frustrating reality we all seem to have at some point in our lives. Wishing a smooth recovery on the tooth. Maybe you could add that to the plagiarism charges….
    Enjoy your birthday and holiday celebrations.

  3. You are such a trooper. Even with the dental horrors, you still multi-task. Glad you had happy days to balance it out. The pulled pork sounds so good.

    This is probably an exercise in futility, but don’t push yourself.

  4. I’ve missed your blogs and could almost feel your pain in this one…OUCH…wishing you and your beautiful family a very Happy Easter ??

  5. Gotta love all those high tech bells and whistles on the new cars. Whoever came up with the bun warmer idea made a stellar discovery that pays off in spades in cold weather. That takes the chill off your behind while the rest of the car warms up. My husband sings the praises of his heated steering wheel which I don’t have, but I think my next vehicle should.

    Does the serial plagiarist write under other names? Is there a list your readers can consult to avoid enabling her deceit?

  6. Look forward to hearing about planting and the colours of your pots and garden! Hope tooth eases soon and enjoy grandchildren.

  7. Bless you, Nora! You find the sunshine in any rainy day. Take care and enjoy those grands.

  8. I broke a crown, and in the process of getting it fixed found out I needed two more crowns on the same side of my mouth. I said go ahead. He told me a tooth on the other side of my mouth needed a crown. I told him he was getting three crowns, don’t get greedy. I’m so sorry about your implant. I spent the week reading Felix Francis and Lisa Scottoline and Scrapbooking. I pray that you’ll get in the dirt and plant this week.

  9. I feel for you. I had a root canal done after my ex used my face for a soccer ball in a drunken rage and snapped one of my top front incisor in half horizontally. He also took a corner off the neighboring tooth so I now have rabbit fangs in the form of porcelain over metal crowns. Dental work sucks. I hope that plagiarist roasts somewhere very warm.

  10. Oh Nora – how I can sympathize with your dental woes. Last year it was a mere four digit number and days and nights of swelling and pain and wondering who in the world I offended?

    This year – as in last week – I need more work – 75% not covered by my insurance – but I – hey – I have my inner Eve – and when I say “Bite me” I want a full set of beautiful, pain-free chompers!

    Ever since you “woke” me to this plagiarism mud fest, I’ve carefully vetted each book from Amazon. For what it is worth, and trust me – I read a lot – quality does reign supreme. Your skill at capturing dialogue makes me sign off other books by chapter 2.

    Keep fighting the right fight. Love that beautiful family. And, selfishly, please keep writing!

  11. Nora, many of us are sending virtual hugs to help with both the tooth and the issue of the lying, deceitful – I would write “bitch,” but I don’t use that language in public :- )
    I love that your description of your car reminds me of the times that Eve Dallas is interacting with her vehicles – always such fun to read! Blessings to your family for Easter.

  12. Oh hun!I am so sorry! I hope you have a favorite author, like w have you to help you float away to another place. Sending you a huge hug! ?

  13. Peace,Peace and only Peace. Life does throws these obstacles in our way. Enjoy your Easter with your family.

  14. Happy Easter to you and your family Nora. Hopefully this plagiarism issue will clear up soon and you wont do any more damage to that beautiful smile. Loyal fans and readers are behind you. Can’t wait to see how your gardens turn out if you share any pictures. Here in Northern Ontario we are still buried under a few feet of snow with spring barely in site so I’m a bit jealous of you even getting that one pot planted.
    Can’t wait for the next book.. your always loyal fan and reader.

  15. Im so sorry u r not feeling well.. You are strong, forget the faker atleast until you feel better and enjoy your family. Many wonderful blessings to you and your family..

  16. I read every thing you write. You totally rock. Thank you for your hard work!
    Also you go and get the plagiarist kick her butt!

  17. Ugh. I am in the middle of a failed implant on 2 teeth, waiting for it all to heal. Good luck with yours!

  18. Thank you for sharing! We all need a week of gal pals to revive and regroup! Mine are my sisters and cousins. I am fighting not to say something selfish like “Don’t stress yourself out over that mess!” Because I would be at least partially saying it because I am worried about your not finishing a book! ??‍♀️ I’m weak and greedy. ? But like recognizes like and I know I would be so pissed at someone stealing my stuff I wouldn’t rest until I crushed them. Full disclosure- I have used some of your really good lines during lovemaking and have not given you credit to my partner. It would have totally ruined the experience! But when he passed away a couple of years ago, I did a full confession. He would have appreciated your imagination. Have a great Easter weekend.
    A fan since the 70’s

  19. I fell into ‘Fall Into The Story’ a month or two back and learned of the history of your plagiarism battle. It’s gotten me to wondering if I might have some guilt, though it might be my second guessing myself, part of my self esteem or lack thereof. As an indie writer and avid reader I sometimes worry that I’m capturing ideas from other writers in a subconscious sort of way. Admittedly, I read a variety of authors, even in genres I don’t usually enjoy, in an effort to gain some insight in how they construct a story, how their characters interact, how scenes are built, etc. etc. It’s how I learn the craft of story-telling. Could I, in the process, be copying something and not realize it? I have found myself using similar character names, thinking at the time how original I’m being only to have it dawn on me months or years later that a famous writer had already used something similar. I know (or hope) that using a name is not plagiarism, but still, it feels odd. No, I have not used the name Eve Dallas though I did come to realize one day–I walked by my wife’s bookshelf with a row of JD Robb books and spotted the one I speak of–that we share one title, “Secrets in Death.” Mine is part of a “Death” series, not “In Death.” I feel a bit guilty about that even though I know titles are not sacred.

    What I’m trying to get to is, how often do writers subconsciously copy other writers and at what point does it spill over from using similar styles and techniques to flat out plagiarism?

    “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

    This famous line from “Gone with the Wind” has probably been used by many writers since 1939. Where does that stand? I know that in your case entire paragraphs have been copied. Without a doubt, that’s a big no-no. Where does it cross over from okay to not okay? You never know, I might become a best-selling author one day–in my dreams–and might find myself worrying about who is copying me.

    Thanks for your posts,

    1. James, similar & even identical titles happen in publishing. It’s part of the biz.

      The works of those we read influence our own work. It’s part of being a writer. Nora has been a favorite of mine since Honest Illusions and I have no doubt her writing style has helped shape mine in some way.

      But influence, which seems to be what you’re getting at, & intentional theft are two very different things.

  20. Wow, I am exhausted at all you have done! 🙂 You are an amazing woman! Forget everything and just enjoy Easter with your family. Happy Easter!!

  21. Sorry to read about your dental issue. Who doesn’t hate going to the dentist! Best of luck with your new car. We here at the Jersey Shore have had a succession of windy, rainy days making it difficult to get out and get into garden. April showers do bring May flowers however. Griffin is so cute and looks like he will be crawling soon. So put your plagiarist nemesis “in a box” for the weekend and enjoy this blessed holiday with your beautiful family. Happy Easter to you & yours.

  22. Read through all the ups and downs, and I’m exhausted 😉 Ms. Roberts is one tough cookie!

    And she got herself a DLE!

  23. Can you imagine Eve having to deal with some dental injuries in her line of work? Would probably make for a funny scene.

  24. Happy Easter!!!
    Sorry for the downs – hope the pain will subside quickly!
    Thank you for the update blog and all the ups you bring us readers!!!!

  25. Your body is telling you something very important. A cracked dental bone is infinitely better than an ulcer or heart disease. The leeches and demons of the world will always plague the rest of humanity. Vent and fight when you need to, but at the end of the day, shelve it for awhile. Unfortunately SHE is also getting mileage and notoriety from this. Your fans and family love you & support you. We escape into your talent. Your books have been with me through many tough times. Stay strong, but sit back a bit and enjoy the rejuvenation of Spring.

  26. Happy Easter to you and yours!

    Congratulations on the new car!!!

    And sympathies beyond compare over the tooth disaster! Never a fun thing!!!

    Do not let the Itchbay get you down! Karma is coming for her….think of her name when destroying destroying the
    weeds! And think of your joys when planting those incredible nursery finds!

  27. Enjoy your family it’s the only thing that really matters. I sympathize with you on implant. Been there no fun. I’ve completely cleared my pond garden area & started over with all new plants myself. So freeing to dig in the soil & plant pretties

  28. My husband had an implant fail and it was hell on earth…glad the graft didn’t fail.

    New car, plants to plant, children and grandchildren to enjoy…take a few days off and just breath in family!!!

    Happy Easter!

  29. Happy Easter to you and happy hunting them eggs! Isn’t there any way to stop that thief? I just can’t understand why it continues since it’s so much out in the open now.

    1. Think of it as like an archeological excavation. All the damage was done years ago, but they’re just now finding out the extent of it. Excavations start by finding an artifact or structure then the site is thoroughly investigated. See “Birthright” or “Cordina’s Crown Jewel” as an example of what I’m referring to.

  30. Ok retyping my reply. Ugh. Usually I copy n paste just in case but noooo.

    I’m so damn jealous of the new tank! But not the HAMMER DENTIST GUYS. JESUS!

    NO LOVE like the grands. <3 You know what I said about the serial plagiarist…I refuse to type her name. I HATE what she's making you endure.

    Love the ladies getting together too. And reading about them. Ok I'm going to try to resend this. It told me the 1st time to entera valid email. I've used that one for years. On here too. Shrug!

    All hail my hero Nora! <3

  31. What doesn’t kill you… You are one strong woman and I appreciate the hell out of all you do for us. Happy Easter.

  32. I finally broke a couple weeks back and put in some lettuce seed in my raised planter. It snowed the very next day. Happy dance to see (maybe) a couple of leaves just today. Also could be from the elm next door – time will tell. Tulips and grape hyacinth sneered at the snow and gave a beautiful color contrast. Springtime in the Rockies is always a crapshoot. Thank you so much for the sweet picture of Griffin! Laura made me look up a word today, something rare for me, so I also learned something new! Holding off from the trip to the nursery for maybe a couple more weeks. Mother’s Day is the traditional safe time for planting here, Memorial Day for the very cautious. Much sympathy for the dental woes, I unfortunately can very much relate. Happy Easter!

  33. Namaste. The picture of Griffin is adorable! He’s going to be fighting off girls in about 16 years. I’m glad you had the spa break, sad your implant fractured (??), but very happy you got your plants and your new, fully loaded car. Seems to me the scale is tipped more on the happy side. Have a lovely Easter.

  34. You hit the needles in the roof of the mouth pain right on. It is definitely the worst part of the implant. Sorry you had to go through that twice. At least you didn’t have to have the tooth pulled again.

  35. Nora, have a joyous and Happy Easter! Don’t let the plagiarist witch ruin your day with your grandchildren, especially the baby. I remember those snuggles! I only have one granddaughter and all I’ll ever have as her mother will be turning 55 in August and had her at 43! She’s now a tween and we’re going shopping on Monday (a belated Birthday/Christmas present, as I had knee replacement surgery on January 8th), following your tradition with your granddaughter. Mine is too young for makeup, but wants ripped jeans, sandals, and hair accessories. As she’s petite, but has taken dance classes since she was 2, she has to try the Jean’s on. Leggings and yoga pants (her favorite wear) I can buy without her, which I did, but Jean’s when the person has solid calf, thigh, and buttocks from 9 years of dance lessons, must be tried on!
    I broke my permanent tooth bone graft material as well, but had to wait until next week for surgery. Knee had to be pretty much healed before orthopedic and dental surgeons would risk possible infection from my jaw gravitating to my knee. Entire knee surgery would have to be done over, if that happened and would be even more painful and extreme. My gritting teeth came from cousins expecting me to clean up their messes, because in the past when their mother was alive, I did it. My aunt was FABULOUS to me. My cousin is older than me. Has 5 grown children, older than my daughter. Has grown grandchildren in their 30’s. About time for them to step up to the plate!
    Thank you for fighting the plagiarist fight! There are so many lesser known authors that you are helping out, maybe even saving their careers! Plus, we your readers are grateful as well!
    Enjoy your garden, new car, and most of all your grandkids! Before you know it, they’ll be driving you around!!

  36. Have a wonderful Easter with your family. Just remember deep cleansing breaths will help the teeth clenching!

  37. She is. A bloody leech. I hope and pray she is stopped soon and that stress is over for all.
    I also pray that your tooth situation heals soon. Tooth pain is horrible.
    Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Easter weekend and a steady middle ground soon.

  38. I am amazed your could still function after the dentists, they leave me a quivering wreck. Counting your blessings is the best revenge on a blood sucker like her.

  39. Yikes & Ouch!! I hope that your implant heals quickly ???? & your able to enjoy digging in the dirt soon. ?

    I went to the Garden Center today. I loaded up on a few herbs to grow in containers on my apartment balcony. I’m trying my luck with a couple of Dwarf Citrus trees this year. (Kumquat & Key Lime.) Fortunately, my balcony window faces south, so I can bring them inside when it gets cold. Hopefully, I can keep them alive long enough to bear fruit.

    I don’t even know what to say about that ????? that has been plagiarizing your hard work. (And the work of so many other author’s.) She needs to get a freaking life.

  40. Ouch on the dentist and the broken graft and the pain. But that Griffin is growing so fast and he is so cute.
    Good luck with the slug that did all of that horrible stuff.

  41. OMG, I feel for you! Hope your weekend goes better, that’s for sure, and your mouth lightens up a bit on the pain. Like you, I love my surgeon (implant guy), and that’s what gets ME thru the day. Enjoy your flowers and your family and have a wonderful time!

  42. Can’t wait to see your gardens again this year! It’s finally spring in MN so I’m right there with you. Garden center trip smell the dirt planted a few pots. Just to get in the happy place again. Looking forward to retirement and really being able to have that time to dig dig dig! Thanks for sharing !

  43. Nora you are a trooper! To get an implant once is no fun. Twice:)
    We have recently moved close to Hancock and am looking for a good nursery. Could tell me the name of yours? I remember once you said it was an amish nursery. My favorite ‘fallintothestory’ blogs are your spring ones when you start your plantings. And like you the champagne/wine at the end of the day while admiring your hard work is exactly what I enjoy.
    Congratulations on your precious new grandson. This Easter we’ll be enjoying our Granddaughters 1st Easter with her.
    Love all your books! Happy Easter!

    1. Sunny Meadows on the Sharpsburg Pike. Owed and operated by Mennonites. Beautiful, happy, well-run garden center,

  44. Highly recommend a professional night guard for the clenching. Once you get use to it, you’ll never go to bed without it.

  45. A visit with the Grands makes everything better! Enjoy the family! Happy Easter!

    Hopefully your dental issues will flow along smoothly! Good luck!

    I know I am a lot more cautious about new authors. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Love the comment ‘a truckload of salt’! She’ll get hers. Karma!

  46. Happy Easter and Happy New car. It sounds like a pretty DLE. Sorry about your tooth and the reasoning behind it to blame she who cannot write but steals the work.

  47. We too just got a new vehicle and guess what my selling point was?  A built in vacuum cleaner in the back. Woo hoo, no more grass bits on my carpets. 

    Feel better Nora.

    Happy Easter

  48. All I could think as I read about your new car is this:

    Are you constantly amazed at the number of things you created for the In Death series starting back in 1994 that exist today? (I say as I type this on my iPhone which is clearly your communicator and PPC!) Talking to your car, your house…it amazes me every time I hear something new and think “that exists in Eve/Roarke world!”

  49. Your books are wonderful. You have an amazing gift!! Take care of yourself and don’t forget to nourish your soul.

  50. Nora you are a warrior to survive not one, but two dentist visits in one morning! So sorry about the plagiarism demon. Enjoy your grand babies. Happy Easter.

  51. Greetings and Happy Easter to my favorite author! Reading this blog made me know think of my own mother. She spends hours days weeks months in her various dental chairs, too. Implants, grafts, infections, repeat. She loves digging in her garden and claims it is the best therapy ever. And she is lifted by her grandkids no matter how or when, even across oceans. So, dear NR, happy Easter and keep doing what makes you happy. That, and kickins Serruya a$$.

  52. Happy Easter! Glad you were able to enjoy some Gal time before the dentist fiasco. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and you can get outside to plant. Griffin is getting big fast! See you next week at GNO!

  53. So sorry to hear about implant crisis. I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your new car as it sounds very comfy. Love hearing your “ups” and there are always downs unfortunately. Keep up the fight against stollen works. It matters so much! Griffin is so adorable and getting big. Happy Easter and love on those grandkids! Nothing better in this world.

  54. My house smells amazing today, as my daughter is making BBQ Sauce for ribs. Happy Easter and enjoy the grands…my first one is due in June…can’t wait it’s a boy as well.

  55. I can so totally relate to the dental woes! Why did I have to inherit the wrong teeth! I am currently “blessed” with a 3 piece bridge that has developed the wiggles. And of course, can I stop wiggling it? I got in to see a dentist who said while the cement on one anchor tooth is pretty much gone, but the tooth is still in place – the cement on the other anchor tooth is still holding strong and is afraid to try to pull the bridge for fear of breaking the tooth there. And just wait a few days until it loosens and, possibly, falls off. I can see it now, in the middle of a preschool story time having to say “Jack, would you pick Ms Syl’s teeth up for her off the floor. No, do not put them in your mouth!” Sigh. The bridge is still on, still wiggling, and my regular dentist is in Egypt until mid-May, for some unknown reason!

  56. ?No ups and downs for you as you enter pilot mode to outbalance whatever life (and little, brainless b****) throw you ❤️
    I made pulled pork for our Family Easter Lunch. It was a success so I am imagining the same for you and your loved ones.
    Happy Easter ?

  57. Take care of yourself–you have NO idea how many people escape to you daily!!!!!! We’re behind you thru all this and remember–she’ll get her payback at some point. Happy digging and new ride!!

  58. Hope things start going better. Your new car sounds so cool. Griffin is such a cutie. Hope you had a good Easter. Looks like a wonderful time with your friends. Enjoy your flowers!! Karma will catch up with the plagiarist.

  59. Your car sounds like something Eve would drive! Enjoy and have fun! Can’t imagine the dental pain – trauma!

  60. I have a failed root canal and now need an implant too. Boo. The expense is incredible, even for one tooth!

    Can’t wait to see pics of your plants because that’s my other passion–gardening.

    Wishing you well,

  61. Oh Nora, I’ve just caught up with the latest, unbelievable, disgusting news of plagiarism of your work. Its shocking and disappointing. As an avid fan, and I believe I’ve read every book you’ve published, I have no doubt how devastating this has been. I admire your strength in pursuing this thief. As a college prof, I’ve had my own dealings with plagiarism. The first reality is it exemplifies laziness and lack of self confidence, doesn’t it, on the part of the person who steals another person’s work. They don’t trust themselves to stop and think long enough to write some original commentary. Or they are too lazy to even try.
    The second reality is that the quality of your work cannot easily or consistently be duplicated. In all your books the character development is so spot on, I’d swear I know, really know, that person. That kind of depth cannot be faked or copied, I don’t believe. Your plots are so all encompassing, your setting descriptions so entrenched, so realistic, that most readers would know the difference between your skilled and labor intensive work and some lazy slug’s attempt to use a portion. It just wouldn’t fit with their own ramblings. I do read many authors, but it’s always a joy to pick up one of your books, even to reread an old fave. I admire the way you are handling this whole mess. Chin up, sistah, for this too shall pass. You are lightyears beyond her in ability and style. Always have been. So, let’s see your new hat for Kentucky Derby Day!

  62. I love Deb Driesen’s comments! Looked for you at the Derby—didnt see you. Hope you were dry!!

  63. I know, a bit late to the party. But got to say, would love a seat in the G-wagon for a test drive. That does sound smooth!

    Hope you Easter as all you wanted it to be?

  64. Hi Serruya is publishing “her books” in portuguese. They’re avaible on instagran, google books and other plataforms

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