The way to Nora’s heart

It’s always a pleasure (for Nora and me) when a baby comes to a signing.  We’re veteran child herders so we know that waiting in line with a tired or hungry baby is not always fun for the parent (or grandparent or aunt or uncle or friend) in charge of the baby.  But it’s a welcome respite for us.

Many times I’ll see the baby back in line and get a chance for a cuddle.  Then, of course, I simply HAVE to show off for Nora who gives me the stink-eye for getting there first.

But I’ll admit Nora’s a baby whisperer and even the crankiest little one calms down when Nana Nora holds him or her.  (Though some of them are actually eyeing her jewelry to get something shiny in their fist — or mouth.  They are fast and strong and rarely give up without a complaint.)

We ran into two little beauties a couple weeks back.  Taylor came with her mom, her aunt, her grandma and great grandma to the Fall into the Story brunch.  It was a busy day, but I did snap a couple photos of the four generations with their cameras, and one — a little blurry — with mine.

20160710_113502 (2)

Fortunately, our good pal Maureen McGowan — a TTP regular and a wonderful photographer — took a few of Nora with the baby for me.

DSC_0010 DSC_0008

Then there was the adorable Isabelle who brought her mom Katie to the Literacy signing on July 13.  Mom waited on the huge line for book and a photo but Miss Isabelle had an agenda of her own.  She acquiesced when Nora took her in her arms — for all of 10 seconds. Then she let us all know she was not best pleased and she wanted to be with her mom — NOW!

Happy baby, happy Nora.
Mightily annoyed baby, very amused Nora. (And mom Katie)

Fortunately Mom knew what Isabelle really wanted and the next time we looked over she was having a bottle.

We also get to meet some very smart and patient older kids who hang at the signings with their family, let me take their photos and usually walk out with a book (or two) of their own.

It’s always a huge pleasure to know that reading families seed the next generation as early as they can.  I think it would be great fun to share those new readers with seasoned vets here on the blog.  If you have any photos of your kids or grandkids with Nora, send them to me at  Any if you have any anecdotes about their reading habits, please let me know.  I hope to share some more photos in the coming weeks.



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  1. I should have gotten my son to come through the line with me when we came in April. He was reading one of his new books (one of the four he got at TTP that day) while waiting with his dad for me to get through the line. I’ll just have to bring him with me when I come in September.

  2. Years ago at a signing at TTP I had my son with me and he was into Captain Underpants books. He asked Nora to sign his book since I was getting my 6 or 7 signed…lol
    She very graciously signed it telling him to keep reading . He loved it.

  3. There’s something about babies that melts our hearts and softens our expressions. I just love ’em all!
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Nana Nora looked as though she was enjoying those babies. ?

  4. Whether they are yours or someone else’s, there is nothing nicer than a Grandma giving a fussy baby a hug to help a tired Mom. Lovely pictures!

  5. My 11 year old daughter ways asks to come to the signings with me, and I have always said no. Maybe we shall give it a go the next time out. 😉

  6. I have a photo of my dd with Nora’s oldest Granddaughter that I will send when I find which scrapbook its in. My dd is 11 and the Granddaughter is 2. Faith is reading to her. Faith said they read just about every book in the Childrens TTP section that morning! Faith had a great time with her.
    Faith has been a reader from the time she was born. She went to bed with a book, and had temper tantrums when I wouldn’t buy her books. (Gave in with those). She was always ahead of her class in her reading level. Never left home without a book. And had excellent comprehension with whatever book she read. At 11 went through the first four Harry Potter books in a week. I told her she had to read the first three books before I would take her to see movie number 3. Then we rented the first two. She’s now grown and still reads voraciously, and is getting married next year.

  7. That’s so sweet! Years ago I took my daughters to a signing in our local bookstore, for Elmore Leonard. He was so kind to my daughters, even helped my oldest with an English project. I took them to see a famous author and to tell him that my grandma was his older children’s babysitter, many years ago.

  8. Unfortunately I do not think I have a snapshot of Nora with my eldest granddaughter. I will check on my old computer if I can.

    Kelsey is now 13 and when she was 2 months old her family along with me and the dh went to the TTP anniversary signing in July. I pushed her in her stroller into the annex and Nora spotted us, jumping from behind her signing table to grab her out of the coach. If I did not know better I would have thought a baby abduction was in progress. hahaha. Can attest that Nora is indeed a baby lover.

    Kelsey is a year younger than Kayla and they remind me of each other, both willowy and delightful teens.

    She spent the night with her younger sister Katie. I thought of Kayla and Nora doing their cooking sessions when Kelsey made brownies. She usually uses a mix but once here she asked to make brownies. I do not store mixes, so I dug out my recipe for home made brownies, she made it and was amazed. I was surprised she knows the difference between a wet and a dry measuring cup. Now how many adults even know that?

  9. Nora’s got a beautiful laugh look! Fun seeing her have fun.

  10. Has Nora considered writing a YA or kid’s book? James Patterson and Carl Hiassen have developed a whole new audience with theirs.

  11. I wish I could attend a signing…… Is there a list of upcoming ones somewhere?

    1. The signings for the rest of this year are on September 17, October 29 and December 3. You can find more details on the Turn the Page website (


  12. Love the generational picture! And after the headline a of the past few days, it is a joy to see children laughing and being cuddled!

  13. I had the pleasure of meeting Nora many moons ago at a book signing in Detroit, mi. I was there with my then 4 y.o., 2y.o., and a baby in my front pack. I loved that she was excited about her upcoming (and I believe first) grand baby and we chatted about carrier vs strollers :).

  14. Gorgeous pictures and beautiful babies and love the smiles. I know how tiring it can be for the kids and the care takers. Hopefully in the end everyone is happy.

  15. Seeing Nora’s face just glowing with these gorgeous babies is a real treat. I just wish I could bring my four legged babies for a photo op! Love this site – keep it going!

  16. This is so great! I’m glad I shared the pictures of Isabelle! And I love the message in the story. Right now, at four months, Isabelle and I listen to audio books together. Mostly when she is feeding. It is soothing to us both and relaxing. I also read to her out loud from whatever book I’m in. I’m hoping my love of stories is passing on!

    Thanks again Laura for the post and Nora for the fun memory!

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