45 days and counting…

Apprentice in Death cover

I know the Apprentice in Death excerpt included in the last Nora’s News only whetted the thirst, but it didn’t quench it.  (Let’s be really honest though: for many readers the entire book doesn’t quench the thirst.  <g>) So I thought you’d like a little bit more on this hot Friday in July.

If you need a refresher, the prologue is here.

And without any further comment, here is Chapter 1.

Apprentice in Death will be released on September 6.

You’re welcome.


35 thoughts on “45 days and counting…”

  1. Love the Dallas Palace! Thank you Laura for all that you do for us.

  2. Thanks for the tease. I think every 5 days we should get another peak. 🙂 I like the Dallas Palace too.

  3. Thanks. Have a broken foot, and just what I need to make it feel better. Love the Dallas Palace.

  4. I love teasers since I get to read a little of the book. On the other hand, I hate teasers because they make me want the book right now even more. I am not a very patient person when it comes to the books I love to read.

    1. I hate waiting, too! I once waited over a decade for a sequel from author Joanne Bertin. Thank goodness Ms. Roberts is faster!

  5. Thank you so much ! I always enjoy getting the Fall Into the Story. I always say I am not going to read excerpts, but I do. Can’t wait for the book.

  6. Thanks, Laura, for the peek! Already salivating.

    Dallas Palace

  7. That’s what happens from hitting Send too soon. Nearly snorted my tea over the Dallas Palace – love it!

  8. More please!!!
    Can’t wait. I’m sending the link to my BFF who’s in hospital right now. Can’t you take pity on someone in the hospital?

  9. Thank you Laura for having pity on us. Thank you Nora for sharing your incredible mind with us. I’m so loving Eve’s snark already. Here’s hoping the SWAT guy doesn’t buy it. He’s one of the few, besides Baxter who seem to be able to kick it right back to Eve.

  10. Thanks, Laura. Love the look into this one! Dallas Palace AND Lowenbaum!! Wow! It’s going to be such a fun September. I don’t mind not getting any more hints ahead of time and hope I can make that first read last longer than one day! Prob’ly not.

  11. Thanks for sharing Laura…It is always great for us to set the stage for a new In Death book…Yes, I am with everyone else..Dallas’s Palace a nice reversal on Roarke’s Mansion, then there is Peabody’s Cute-O-Meter:)…and Officer Shelby is now part of the team. I will say that the sniper scenario is going to hit pretty close to home after recent events.

  12. Chapter 1 starting on page 5 gives an error, but will again at home on my computer. Thank you for the first chapter. Love the sneak peek of the first chapter can’t wait for the book.

  13. Thanks for this. What a GREAT way to start the weekend. Now it’s just waiting, & counting the days.

  14. This will be released two days after my birthday . . . just another way to extend my birthday week! Thanks Nora!

  15. Thanks Laura. Extra snippet was awesome.

    This is released on my birthday. It’s going to be a Happy Birthday to me present. As always can’t wait.

  16. Thank you Laura. The wait is almost over! Great way to begin a weekend.

  17. I need more! Can hardly wait until the book comes out! I love the Dallas Palace remark!

  18. September will be here before we know it. Enjoyed the first chapter. I am looking forward to reading the whole book. Which I will savor once I get it from the library. Thank you Laura for giving us the first chapter. How doesNora do it, write these stories that everyone enjoys reading. Where do the ideas come from?

  19. GEEZ, I almost cried. You know I learned to skate at a rink just outside NYC, in Queens.
    I LOVE LOVE love this series, just not crazy about every book but my favs are the First 2, NEW York, Witness, Born & Ceremony.

    I love when she adds some info about the diff characters & what they’re doing now, esp the reporter, the singer & the baby. SENIOR moment. My mind went blank on everybody’s names.

  20. Laura, thank you for taking pitty on us poor In Death addicts! I have been patiently or impatiently waiting for Apprentice’s release since February, and know I’ll be going crazy again until Echoes is released. But isn’t it fun to anticipate? Chapter 1 was great. Love Dallas Palace and Lowenbaum! Love Peabody’s Cute-o-meter too! We know we’re going to be shedding tears in this one, so it’s nice to have the humor to offset the sad. Thank you again Laura, and THANK YOU Nora!!!

  21. I don’t think I’ve read a Nora book that didn’t suck me in at the first page….thank you for the tease…now I’ll reread a few of my JD Robb favs. I’ve reread Bay of Sighs way too many times! Then reread the Circle Trilogy and will probably revisit the O’Dwyers. Laura, you are so blessed with your friends, as am I.

  22. I haven’t even had the CHANCE to read this until now, and I’m thrilled and HOOKED. Can’t wait until September for this to drop. Sending this link to my mom so she can read it, too. (We all got started on NR/JDR when I was still living at home, and the books got passed around.)

    Love the Dallas Palace. Seems we’ll have another set of hands to be working this case.

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