The Becoming Discussion Thread

Today’s finally the day we learn more about Breen and Marco’s adventure. The Becoming, book 2 in The Dragon Heart Legacy, has landed in stores, on ereaders, on audio.

Here’s the place to discuss all things about The Becoming. Did you race through? Did you savor? Share all the thoughts in the comments.

And please be aware, spoilers are allowed in the space.


76 thoughts on “The Becoming Discussion Thread”

  1. I had so much trouble trying to pre-order this book. I was so happy I could buy it today. I have to finish reading the first book before I dive into my new treasure. I just adore a new book. Especially when the book adds to a story I already love.

  2. I like waiting until all books are out before I start reading a trilogy. Believe me, it’s worth the wait!! This way, I enjoy reading the entire series together – going from one book to the next!!! ❤️❤️

    1. Looking forward to Read this, but before I do, still waiting for Forgotten in Death from Waterstones Eastbourne UK. They have had trouble getting it, so my brothers coming for a visit from the States and he has ordered it for me bringing it with him, so I will have lots to Read before Christmas. I hope you all stay safe and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year.🤗

  3. Big shout out to Turn the Page Bookstore! My book arrived yesterday morning at 6:30 am! I was doing my morning yoga when the mail truck turned in. Thank you all for running such an efficient store. Grateful for you all.

    I will comment again when I have read the book. I just was so tickled to get it yesterday!

    1. I also received my copy yesterday. I have read about a quarter of it and it is amazing so far! I love that Marco is with Breen!

  4. Started it last night; something I haven’t allowed myself to do in recent books. I’m not a speed reader so it’ll be awhile before I get really IN to the book. Just enjoying at this point Marco’s reaction to his unexpected trip!

      1. I really enjoyed that there’s finally a romance between two people that are LGBTQ. I love Marco so much, his friendship and loyalty and humor. It’s going to be so hard to wait for the 3rd release.

    1. Wish I had thought to reread the first book before starting this! oh well. Starting ch 5…

  5. It dropped on my Kindle this morning and I’m 35% into it and it’s only 10am!
    I’m a happy reader😋

  6. Ordered mine should be here tomorrow…have to decide if I want to reread the last one first tho 😍

  7. Up til 4 and feel like a zombie! So worth it! I completely love every single thing that happened to and with Marco. He is simply the best.

  8. I want to just sit and read this new adventure, but I’m pacing myself, because I don’t want it to end. I am so in love with all the characters! Marco is my fav at the moment!

  9. Sadly will wait for the paperback, having looked through my book pile I just can’t justify the cost of Hardback books, I have practically everything Nora has written, love them, but I will wait.I just don’t see the point of hardbacks at all. Same story in a paperback (and they don’t fit on my book shelf!)

  10. I too, am a very sleep deprived person – but oh it was worth it! Marco & Brian – squee! Loved the scene with Breen & Keegan – Sidhe Champagne, I giggled out loud! LOL Breen, Becoming, yes that’s with a capital B! Shana cannot get what she so richly deserves fast enough.
    Truly a roller coaster ride and I loved every moment of it!!!

    Now I must be “an adult” and do “adult” things – like making preparations for our Thanksgiving feast. I am so blessed to have my oldest be home once again for Thanksgiving day. Later tonight I’ll start my slow re-read to enjoy Breen’s story at a more respectful pace.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    1. I absolutely adored this book. Now I’m not sure what to do with myself. Along with most others I LOVE the relationship between Marco and Brian. “Watching” Breens relationship with Sedrick deepen is beautiful. He seems so grateful and a bit surprised that she is just ready to be his granddaughter. There are just so many beautiful stories and I can’t wait to read where they go.

      1. I like our point about Sedric and Breen’s relationship. I think he is emerging- we’ll see more of why he is worthy of Marg.

  11. When I didn’t get my ebook downloaded on my kindle from the library, I called 4 different libraries before I could get one that had the print copy. I told the librarian “Please walk over to the shelf and hold the book in your hand so that I know you have it, I’m on my way!”. I took my lunch break at 10:30 to get it. Happy girl here. Can’t wait for 5:00 o’clock. Nice long weekend, doing the happy dance. I can’t wait! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  12. I have it on my Kindle but savoring it little by little. Don’t want to rush it

  13. Yes, I raced through it. It was glorious, love Marco & Brian.
    I knew Shanna would end up going to bad side. She is evil and I hope she gets hers. I did not like her from the beginning and knew she would be trouble.
    I love Breen coming into who she really is – awakening, becoming and choosing. I have see her awaken in book 1 and become in book 2.
    She is a wonderful heroine.

  14. My copy will arrive tomorrow. I read The Awakening 8 times wonder how many times I will read this one? lol

  15. So happy to have so much diversity in this series. Have been waiting for years to see main characters of various color, age and sexuality in Nora Robert’s books. Long may it continue.

    1. I have to comment – that Nora’s books have always been inclusive. This is the first where we get into the guys’ relationship, but usually the existence of various everythings is just worked seamlessly into the story.

  16. This book was so worth the wait. I re-read the awakening over the weekend so the characters would be fresh in my mind. I love the way Marco’s character has developed and all of the interpersonal relationships throughout this series so far. I feel so invested, and find myself laughing out loud at the humorous banter and c relating to so many moments throughout the story. I really want to know when the story behind the necklace will come out. It’s been teased in a few visions, and is definitely keeping me intrigued.

  17. I am on the list at the library, I can’t wait. I prefer getting my books from the library when possible.
    Happy Thanksgiving Laura & Nora.

  18. I love,love,love this series. I wish I have a friend like Marco,he’s so wonderful. Please don’t kill him off . Thanks Nora for another wonderful book, now back to preparing Thanksgiving feast.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Loved it!!!! Re-read the first book before starting this one. How long must we wait for #3????

  20. My only complaints are:

    1. I NEED # 3 now 😩
    2. A love scene between B&K was skipped over 😩 In chapter 26 😩

    When is #3 expected?

      1. Oh, and I know it will be excellent. I’ve loved Nora’s stories for a few decades. I just can’t seem to grow any patience, lol

      2. I know we can’t rush perfection….. But another YEAR!!!!. This series is so wonderful….. Finished it in TWO DAYS!! Looks like I’ll re-read the first two books multiple times this year!!! Nora….. You’re wonderful!!!! Thank you and Happy Holidays!! 💝

  21. I finished it! Savoured some parts, raced through some parts. And loved every moment!

    The best thing about this book (apart from the numerous other best things) is the parallel story lines – of Morena and Harken, of Marco and Brian, Kiara, revelation about Tarryn and Eian.. such lovely, feel good, strong characters!

    Shana’s transformation is scary to read. I could almost see it in my mind’s eye while reading about it!

    Bollocks, as usual, is his wonderful, cheerful, dopey (and in the end, courageous) self. Breen’s bond with her dragon is a treat to read!

    And Keegan, and Breen and Keegan. Sigh! Where are the words??

    Now the torturous wait for Book 3 begins..

  22. Oh my goodness 🎉🎉🎉I got this to get me through the post-op blues so I started with Awakening, finished that at a sedate pace as it was the second time reading it. Got Becoming in the mail yesterday and I’m already halfway 🤣
    I love all things Nora Roberts and JD Robb.

  23. Shanna turning to the dark doesn’t surprise me. Marco and Brian, Keegan and Breen …. I have never read a series before where I adore the characters and can’t wait to read more!

  24. I just ordered my copy, and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m still relatively new to Nora’s work, but I just adored The Awakening (and everything else from her I’ve read so far). I already know I’m going to love The Becoming! Marco means so much to me, and I’ve heard that he has a love story in this book. I can’t express how wonderful it is for me to see a gay character be so embraced and loved.

    Nora, if you read this, thank you for including Marco in this wonderful adventure. I really love your work. Happy Holidays!

  25. I raced through this one, just like the first. I can’t seem to control myself! I love all the romances in this one, especially Keegan and Breen and Marco and Brian. I knew Shana was going to turn to Odran, but man her transformation was a little frightening. Yikes, she’s worse than I thought. I hope Sally and Derrick get to be in the third book more, as I adore Sally. All in all, I loved it and can’t wait for the 3!

  26. I had the hardest time getting the hardcover. I settled for the Kindle version. I think I will order the hardcover from Turn The Page when I get paid Wednesday. Just finished the book. OMG! Fabulous job, Nora. But egads a whole year until book 3 and the climax!

  27. OMG! Where do I start! I absolutely love this book! With Thanksgiving I had to pace myself, but by black Friday it was on. Marco and Brian (so happy 😊) the perfect couple. Turns out that Brian is Breen’s cousin, wonderful it fits. Couldn’t be happier for Marco. Such a goo friend. Morena and Harken what a sweet couple, about time they pledge to each other. Harken is too patient at times, 😆.

    In Awakening I didn’t like Keagan a lot because of course he didn’t treat my girl right in the beginning, but now the relationship has mature and has more depth. I fell in love with him ( although for the naked trick he pulled he deserved that punch and then some.) Men need to explain things more, what’s wrong with them?

    I knew Shana was a bad apple. I said so in my post about Awakening. She just strucked me as selfish and self centered, but it was a lot darker than that. I hope Yseult gets jealous enough to get rid of her, maybe they’ll kill each other. I’m a little bloodthirsty after reading this book 😆. I feel so bad for Loran poor man in love with that mad and selfish Shana. Her poor parents. I tell my daughter all the time so and so has such nice parents but I don’t care much for the child. Shameful but true.

    Back to Becoming , Odran, what a pain in the a….. I can’t wait for Breen to destroy him for good. Nov. 2022 can’t get here soon enough.

    5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Nora another bestseller. Thank you for your gift of story telling, much appreciation.

    1. I liked Keegan a little less in The Becoming. I know he’s no nonsense, but if he really wanted to keep Breen safe, he wouldn’t have left her alone so much. At least she understands him and I hope they spend more time together in #3 (which may be the death of me waiting for 😆)

  28. Wow! I need Marco in my life. What a satisfying read. I love that Breen found her dragon. I just loved this book. Even better on my second read through.

  29. I loved this story so much! Listened to the first again before starting “Becoming” Listened on auditable, finished both in a few days. Not much sleep and happy to see I’m not the only sleep deprived fan! All I have to say is when does the 3rd book come out? can’t wait to find out what happens!!

  30. I loved it and I agree with everyone I need a Marco in my life. He is such a friend. Breen came into her own in this one at the end she has her first real fight and she wants to be prepared and I think the next book will show her preparing to get rid of the evil. She knows she has to be trained more to fight the evil . Shana kind of worried about because it sounds like she has a bun in the oven and that is what Ordan wants but I think it made her a little more crazy. Looking forward to last installment hoping for more handfasting and maybe seeing Breen and her books.

  31. I noticed Keegan’s last name changed in The Becoming. He introduced himself as Keegan Byrne in The Awakening . In latest book its Keegan O’Broin. An oversight or different languages? That is in English its Byrne and Talamhish (Gaelic) its O’Broin . 🤔

  32. Love all things Nora, and am so grateful to have a bibliophile for a spouse who is willing to take my kids so I can have spare time to swallow a new book whole on Release Days!!

    That said, I did reread book 1 before, and have just finished my 2nd read/listen thru of book 2, and it allowed me to tune back in to all the under currents of the side characters.

    Shana as a bad egg I saw coming, and I think Breen has already twigged to the evil bun in the oven. Good for Breen to stuck it to Yseult, she deserves the agony and the diminished powers from healing.

    Harken and Morena – it’s about time, but Marg already said he was just waiting until she caught up, so I’m so thrilled for them both!

    Marco and Brian – all I was thinking was “don’t kill either of these amazing men off” they are so perfect for each other!

    But Breen and Keegan – God, he’s so close to taking that fall (allowing her to be the first and only to share his bed in the Capital, and that last murmured Talamhish phrase against her hair), and she’s not there yet. I can’t wait to see it all wrap up. November 2022 can’t get here soon enough!!

  33. Ms. Roberts… please please please finish book 3 and release it early. I can’t wait a year to find out how the story ends.

    I wonder if being a mother will change Shana. Will she love her child her let it be killed to restore Odran’s power?

    Will Breen and Keegan pledge before or after the battle with the Big Bad?

    Will Sally and Derrick somehow get involved in the battle as they stand for Breen?

    How many weddings before the Big Battle? 1? 2?

    Will Marco find a way to live in 2 worlds to be with Brian? Will he get over his fear of flying?

    Breen saw the necklace (The dragon heart) in the water… the necklace of the taoiseach. She has to choose? Was that to get her dragon or is there more to it? Will she become taoiseach or lead by Keegan’s side?

    Will Nan survive or will she sacrifice herself as the one who started it all?

    So many questions…

    1. Can’t write any faster! Just can’t. And I don’t publish, my publisher does—along with a slew of other writers, so there’s the whole scheduling thing, not to mention the editing thing, the production thing, the printing thing, the cover deal and so on.

      It really does take time, and I’m still writing book 3. I want it to be good, not fast.

      1. I appreciate you writing as fast as you can. I am in awe of your creative ability!!! and glad you want to be thorough as it adds soooo much to the story!!!

  34. Still pacing myself so it doesn’t end! Should be finished tomorrow. I know that Ms. Roberts doesn’t like to revisit characters but I have to say, Marco deserves his own story! (Just like the children of the Three Sisters :>)

  35. Oh I listened to becoming so continually and am now going to relisten to get back into their world and catch what I may have missed. It is an awesome series can’t wait for the third book.

  36. Just finished it and I was pacing myself not to rush trough it. Thanks Nora for a beautifully crafted Story! Sigh! Now I have to wait again for the next instalment!

  37. Did anyone else notice Sally hired a new bartender (from Ireland) to replace Marco? Coincidence? Friend or foe? That’s the main thing that’s been on my mind. Hoping everyone in the gayborhood stays safe…as well as our favorite couples in Talamh.

    1. I had the same concerns and it should be interesting! How does Nora create all these awesome stories with so much detail and description. I finished the audible in record time and went right back to the start again and have heard so much more second time!

    2. Yes, Karen. I wondered about that too. I’m afraid it’s foe (foreshadowing of course).

  38. Nora never disappoints – what an excellent story! Made myself slow down for the details in the story – the battles, verbal or otherwise, were important to keep straight, but oh I wanted to hurry. Very glad I re-read The Awakening last week, had me all primed for storytime. Thanks for an, as usual, awesomely wonderful story.

  39. I’m worried about the new bartender too!!! Friend or foe??? Really hope friend to watch over them.

  40. Thanks so much for a wonder long weekend read………..

    I read the first again and then the new one. Enjoyed both so much!

  41. Did I miss something just read about Breen being in water when Keegan found the sword??????

    1. In The Awakening, when he went into the water & held the sword, she appeared in the water & spoke to him. Like a vision.

    2. Reread the prologue of The Awakening (book 1) – she’s the reason Keegan took up the sword in the lake, and he tells her later in the same book!

  42. Random thoughts:
    #1 Breen could handle Shana’s insults and slights at the castle because her childhood prepared her for that. Her new confidence was awesome to see. It was realistic that there was some mad hiding in there and I was glad she told Keegan. His reaction was just what it needed to be.
    #2 I really like that Breen doesn’t seem to be looking for more attention from Keegan – again her confidence is showing. And that they both agree that the situation is so serious that they can’t focus on each other – until they just can’t resist anymore.
    #3 Leadership is sexy on Keegan.

  43. I started by rereading the first book since it had been a while. I absolutely loved The Becoming! The relationships in this book are top notch. They are my favorite thing about the book. The character development of both Breen and Keegan was exceptional. Love Marco and Brian, even if it was a little fast. I love that Nora Roberts can build such an amazing world without it being information overload and overwhelming. I can’t wait for the next one! I only wish it could come sooner.

  44. I loved both books. I went back & listened to The Awakening to get ready for Becoming & thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish there was a glossary or explanation of words/phrases that are in a different language.

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