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3QQ for Kate Quinn

3QQ is an ongoing blog feature in which we ask authors who are joining Nora for an upcoming Turn the Page Bookstore signing some questions about their current release, upcoming books and anything else that strikes our fancy.

kate quinn-210TTP’s next event is this Saturday, September 14 from noon-2 pm.  Joining Nora is historical romance author Kate Quinn, a lifelong history buff who has written three novels set in ancient Rome: “Mistress of Rome,” “Daughters of Rome,” and “Empress of the Seven Hills.” She recently made the jump from ancient Roqk_mistress-150me to Renaissance Italy for her fourth and fifth novels, “The Serpent and the Pearl” and “The Lion and the Rose,” detailing the early years of
the Borgia clan.
Let’s learn a little bit more about Kate:

1. You’ve set books in the Roman Empire and Renaissance Italy.  Have you been to Italy?  If yes, what were your favorite places and food?

Yes, I love Italy.  I did a few of those whirlwind high-school trips that whip you through the whole country in three-to-five days, and then later my husband-to-be and I took our very first trip together, and spent a week in Venice.  That might very well have been the trip that sealed the deal for us: wandering hand in hand over the canals, feasting on risotto and bellinis at a little trattoria around the corner from our hotel.  We were so broke we had to stuff our pockets with rolls from the breakfast bread basket because we couldn’t afford lunch, but we were incredibly happy – Italy is magical that way!

2. The Serpent and the Pearl is your current release and first one set in  Renaissance Italy.  Challenge question: what’s your four sentence  synopsis?


Take one Renaissance beauty with floor-length hair and the undying love of a Borgia pope.  Add a cynical dwarf on the hunt for a serial killer, and a fiery cook with a secret past and a mummified hand in her pocket.  Throw in one papal election, three Borgia weddings, a French army, and enough delicious food to throw anybody off their diet.  Light on fire and serve for a fun, fast-paced Renaissance romp!

3.  What’s your favorite part about meeting readers at events?

It brings the other half of the writing experience so suddenly and wonderfully to life!  Typically I see only my half:  curled up for hours in my yoga pants with a lap-top balanced in my lap, working on a book which I hope readers will enjoy.  But for the most part I don’t meet those readers; the book goes into their hands completely independent of me.  Getting to meet readers face to face, hearing them talk about what they liked best from my book or what part made them cry – suddenly I get the chance to see my book from the readers’ side of things, and it’s wonderful!

For more information about Kate check out her websiteFacebook page or Twitter feed.

And even if you can’t make it to the signing, you can order books now and the marvelous Turn the Page staff will have the authors sign the books before the event is over.