Resolved for 2015: Positive Virtual Space

As we clear out the old and make way for the new year, Nora shares the plan for all her  spaces going forward:  a focus on the positive.  ~Laura 

The internet is a marvelous tool, an endless source of information, entertainment and communication. A virtual tool —  and as a solitary type, my favorite kind.

We can, at the stroke of a few keys, find answers, find friends, communicate with others who share our interests. Life’s busy, so creating the blog, updating the Facebook pages is a way of connecting with readers, making a place for readers to connect with each other in a quick and easy manner.

The upside’s pretty broad. That connection, a place to ask a question — and Laura’s quick with answers. When I can, I answer myself. It can be fun for everyone. Information’s generated so readers know what’s coming up as far as books or events. Entertaining discussions evolve from Laura’s regular question posts on Facebook.

We want these spaces to be fun for everyone, to be a cheerful link between readers who enjoy my books, between those readers and me. But . . . there’s always a downside.

I do wonder at anyone who seeks out a writer’s Facebook page to post a negative comment on her work. There are scads of reader review sites for just this purpose if a book didn’t satisfy. Moreover, some will insert this negativity in what strikes me as a completely inappropriate place. We might be talking about the holidays or friendships or hobbies, and someone will post something like: I thought (insert title of book) was boring. Or I didn’t like (insert title of book) and wish I hadn’t wasted my time and money.

Then there’s the very odd: I haven’t read your books in years because they suck. (Then what are you doing here?)

Those are fairly mild examples as many comments dip way down into the stunningly personal.

If the comment starts a disagreement, the original poster inevitably falls back on the easy out: I was just expressing my opinion.

Who asked for it? I didn’t. My page, after all, and nowhere is there a post asking: So, Gentle Readers, what did you think of (insert title of book)? What does this person get out of telling me and the internet they didn’t like a particular book? Do they believe their opinion so important it MUST be expressed on my Facebook pages or blog?  I think some people just have to spread negativity. They choose to do so, and that’s too bad for them as negativity can and will breed negativity.

After decades in the business, I have pretty thick skin. I know full well not every book I write will make the grade for every reader. What one reader loves about a certain book, another will avidly dislike. That’s what makes reading so personal, and it’s why no matter how much I value and appreciate readers, I’m not going to take your opinion into account when I write. But those who create the stories have feelings, just like everyone else. And being told you wrote a lousy book stings. Even if it is one person’s opinion. It also tends to make readers who enjoyed that particular book defensive. And the circular firing squad begins.

There are reader review and discussion sites all over the internet. A writer can go there, choose to read the good, the bad, the praise, the criticism. That’s a choice, just as a reader makes a choice when coming to a writer’s Facebook page to complain–to express negativity. It makes more sense to me for writers to leave reader review sites to the reader. And for readers to use those spaces to express opinions on why a book didn’t work for them.

The internet is anonymous for posters. It’s easy to say something rude or hurtful or negative behind that shield. To say something that person would never say face-to-face. That’s the big downside.

As I’m purging for the new year, I’m going to do what I can to purge the negativity that’s cropped up in my spaces — including the virtual ones. I’m going to ask those who enjoy those spaces, who visit there, who come to connect, to take a few seconds to think before posting a comment. Ask: Would I walk up to this person, in real life, and say this? If the answer’s no, maybe you should rethink before hitting Send.

These virtual spaces don’t have to be full of rainbows and fuzzy little bunnies. But neither should they be places where someone can accuse me of trucking with Satan. (Yes, that happened.)

If you choose to post negative comments, you will. It won’t change a thing, but I guess you’ll have your say. If, however, that negativity crosses the line into the personal — as it too often does — we’ll delete and ban. I want my readers to have a good, positive space to visit. And, frankly, I want the same for myself.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, hopeful New Year full of love and fun and wonderful books.


141 thoughts on “Resolved for 2015: Positive Virtual Space”

  1. Hi Nora, I have wanted to say something for quite a while! You wrote the Eve Dallas books about me! Death Series!! I LOVE them! I am not married to a Roarke but sure is nice to love him anyways! I am looking forward to more books about all of them, Peabody, McNab, Feeney, Baxter, Trueheart…all of them! Thanks for the very fine read! I am a Book-a-holic! And I am Scotch-Irish along with being an Army Brat! Take care and Happy New Year, Linda

    1. I agree. Eve Dallas is a person I can relate to. I spent several years with a police force and She brought me back to those days. I love imagining just what these Eve, Peabody, look like. I truly love Peabody’s attitude. Makes me laugh. I have a long ride to and from work and I listen to them all the time. Some times I am just laughing my head off and really don’t care what other people think.

    2. Linda, I totally agree with you concerning Ever, Roarke, and the whole gang that Nora has created. They feel like real friends that I go visit once in a while. It’s fun catching up every few months with what’s going on in their life. However, since I am of the same heritage I do have to point out to you that Scotch is something you drink – it is not a heritage. The correct way to say this is that you are of Scots-Irish heritage. And in keeping with Nora’s suggestion, yes that is something I would tell you face-to-face! I am very proud of my Scots-Irish heritage.

  2. I agree that the internet is a great place for negative nancies to say all kinds of things they’d never say in person, they have a relative amount of anonymity. I think many people have forgotten common courtesy and kindness as well.

    Anyhow, I love your books, and I have read every single one. I restarted the In Death series for the third time in December of this year. I picked up my first book of yours in 2009, it was High Noon. I got it on a whim while I was grocery shopping at Kroger. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Thanks for all the great books!

  3. Well said. I think we all marvel at the level of rudeness that some seem to think is acceptable on the internet. I am all for having a site to visit where I know unnecessary expressions of negative and/or nasty opinions will be rooted out before they have a chance to ruin my nice day.

  4. Well said, Nora, and good for you. As a person who’s tried all her life not to inflict any kind of pain on another, I’m sometimes breathless at the venom I’ve witnessed in posts of just about anything. With age, I’ve come to realize that there are people who are so unhappy they feel they have to make everyone around them equally unhappy. They’re harder to avoid these days, thanks to social media, and that’s unfortunate. Not so long ago I looked forward to your calendar mailing, the only way of finding out when the new books are coming out, so access to your more recent news is a huge plus. As one of your faithful readers, I can promise you I won’t participate in one of those circular firing squads, no matter how tempting. Thanks so much for sharing so much of your life and thanks for the smile when I got to “fuzzy little bunnies”. Happy New Year to you and Laura, and your families.

    1. my mother always said if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. You are a wonderful writer and I enjoy all of your books there is not one that I read that I didn’t enjoy since I will be spending New Years Eve in bed since I am sick I think I will reread Festive in Death. Let me wish you and yours a very Happy New Year I am looking forward to February for the first book of 2015.

    2. Agree, we need to find more positive in our lives. This has turned into a very negative world. If you don’t like someone’s writings why would you read their books. If you can say something positive don’t say it at all. I am so glad that Nora is sharing her great imagination with the rest of us.

  5. Tout à fait d’accord avec vous Nora 🙂 manque de savoir vivre pour certaines personnes et j apprécie tout vos livres même si j’attends un peu en France pour les nouveautés ..Je vous souhaite de trés belles fêtes ..

  6. I don’t like romance novels so I can’t or won’t comment on those books. I love the In Death series and several others. I believe if you can’t say something positive then keep your mouth shut. I enjoy following you and I hope to have only positive things to say.

  7. Well said! I too work in the public eye and have to learn to look the other way when criticized. We built our business up over 26 years and then one person sending an email can ruin the day for me. We are after all only human! Thank you… Keep on writing.

  8. Dear Miss Nora,
    Thank you. The following are the main tenets of bring a Professional Romance Fan (aka a Pro Ro):
    1. Pro Ro’s never tell authors how to write their books.
    2. Pro Ro’s never tell authors whom their characters should fall in love with.
    3. Pro Ro’s never visit authors’ social media sites and misbehave.
    We are the ultimate fans celebrating romance and the authors we adore.
    With thanks.
    Stephanie ( card carrying member of #ProfessionalRomanceFan)

    1. Pro Ro! Love it!!! I guess I’m one too, although pretty selective about what I read. Mainly our beloved NR.

    2. Stephanie H always finds a way of saying what I feel. So I’ll say Ditto!
      I can’t begin to tell you what your books have meant to me. They have gotten me through the worst times of my life. And they have shared some of the happiest. Now thanks to my Kindle app. I no longer mind the long lines in Disney World. So you have made my “Happy Place” even happier. LOL!
      I should also thank you for the women I’ve become friends with through your books. You all know who you are. I am proud to be a Pro Ro!
      Nancy C Fecca

  9. Hear! Hear! This is a perfectly written note that addresses the trolls out there (sadly, they are probably exactly the ones who won’t read it). Thank you, Nora/J.D./Laura, for conversing so well with us the readers. Your comments and sharing make the books, stories and characters so much more meaningful. “HAPPY” 2015!

  10. Thank you for yet another year of wonderful stories. Thanks for also taking to task those who insist on being negative on this site.

  11. Positive virtual space (and physical space) sounds wonderful to me! You are my absolute favorite author, Nora, and you always will be.

    Happy New Year!

  12. I will not say I have read all your books because I haven’t but those I have read I have enjoyed especially those that are written as a series, all of JD Robb (which I do own) and now that my vision is a problem am enjoying them as audio books. It is too easy these days to post things we would not say to the person and that is resulting in a loss of civility. Keep writing books I can enjoy and I wish you and yours a Happy New Year

  13. Hi my name is Dawn and I am a Noraholic. I have been reading Nora Roberts since 1984 and JD Robb since 1996. I have everyone of your books in some format of print and a lot of them morethan one copy. I may not love every section of every book but I have enjoyed every story and I for one hope to have many many more years of your stories. I would and have said that to you face to face. I whole heartedly agree with all that you said. I wish that we could treat the Internet and our response on them as if we were face to face. We do need to be lots more respectful as a community and try to treat all that we meet with manners decency and benefit them with courtesy. Happy New Year Nora to you and your family and Thank you for entertaining me for over 30 years.

  14. Nora, you must know that we fans pay NO ATTENTION to the negative nellies. We along with you just delete them from our minds. Good luck and good health.

    1. Carol, I understand what you are saying. You are a kind and generous person. But, **WE** don’t matter about “not paying attention”. It isn’t that the reader’s get hurt, because, we cannot. We didn’t bring the book/idea into conception, nor did we nurture it and give it life.

      I am not a writer, but I am a parent. I have to believe that books are like children to the people that bring them to life. I don’t choose to seek out negative thoughts about my children. I also do not appreciate it when people disrespect and/or disregard my children. In fact, I will most likely go ballistic when it happens.

      In addition, when you look at creation as a whole, who else can be disparaged for the creation? No-one but the creator. Without offense, I ask anyone to truly feel the pain of being dismissed and cut down for merely having enough thought to bring story to life. This post made me weep. It made me ache for the true beauty of an author, who chose to share her thoughts, was demeaned.

      That is exactly why the rest of us who have ideas but are not brave enough to face the haters will never write our dreams, and will never share our thoughts with the rest of the world, hide away. We are not brave enough to face the cruelty of people in this world.

      Nora, stay safe and warm. Stay true and pure to your thoughts and your gift that you chose to gift us with. We are grateful. We are the one’s who care, the one’s who SHOULD matter; we are so very grateful for your kindness.

      Bullies are everywhere, and just as they are stupid for being a bully, they will always be stupid in how they show themselves. Whatever hurt they caused, well, take the love from the rest of us and wipe it away. For truth: you are a brilliant writer, with enormous ability to allow us to escape to where we chose to go, whenever we choose to go there and we thank you.

  15. I have loved your books for some time. I discovered them in law school and started to collect them. That being said, social media has given a voice to those who don’t need to be heard. The trolls have always existed , but we’re limited to thier own little circles of fellow trolls only reaking havoc in thier own communities. Now thier online bullying others on their views on breastfeeding, raising children and organic food. That being said it is very healthy to ignore people and do it your way. That is something I have struggled with and it has landed me in therapy.

  16. Mom always said, “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all”. Why didn’t these negative people have a someone who taught them this wonderful rule?

    We had the Golden Rule in calligraphy on a poster that was posted above examples of the cursive alphabet in our elementary classrooms. Guess that is not PC anymore, sad.

  17. I just wanted to say that I love your books and I keep them and read them over and over again lol. I can’t wait for your next book to come out ,so I sometimes have to pull out one of your books that I have read just to get me through till the next book comes out .You are my very favorite author. Sincerely ,Crystal ,your biggest fan

  18. Don’t ever doubt that we are millions out there, who love and respect you!!!

  19. If I come across an author I like on fb and I’ve just read and enjoyed their book, I will comment that I just read and enjoyed it. Yes, sometimes this will be in the middle of another discussion. Unless its about a loved one that is sick or just died or another difficult situation, I would think that kind of interruption is OK.

    In this age of social media, and increased accessibility to favorite authors, I prefer to tell them directly, if possible, that I enjoyed their book. If I want to discuss it further, I will go to a readers forum to do so. I tend to avoid review sites–IMO the reviews don’t do much for me. And I feel like posting a review is like writing a book report. To be honest, all reviews sound the same after a while.

    If I didn’t like a particular book, I’ll state why on a readers discussion forum and go from there.

  20. It is all a puzzle to me, Nora. If you dont like a book or author then dont read the book. No one’s forcing anyone. I like your books. I especially like the JD Robb books. Keep them coming! I am a devoted fan for life!! Right now I am rebuying the JD Robb series for the ebooks. Enjoying rereading them as they are added to my collection.

  21. I’m not a writer, so I can only imagine how off putting it would be having someone put those comments on something that you’ve poured your heart into. Please, know that for every one of those comments, there is an army of readers who totally disagree! We read all your books because we enjoy spending time with you and the characters you ask to join us. We laugh, cry and love along with you and them on every page.

    Don’t let a few bad comments bring you down… rather get in front of them and make it look like a parade!

  22. Thank you-this is as it should be!! Happy New Year Laura and Nora!!

  23. You are a wonderful inspiration as our your books and, yes, even this post. Life is short, negatives just make it shorter and harder. Born in Fire literally saved my life, when an aneurysm blew in my head I just knew what it was AND how critical time was. I can never thank you enough for that and for the countless hours of joy your stories have given to me. Life isn’t always good but it’s always better with a good book. Thank you!

  24. I have not read many of your books, however I am being honest. I have read two of your trilogies. The O’dwyer Cousins and The Sign of Seven. Both I absolutely love and could not wait for the next book. I think I have reread them both at least 10 times 🙂 my mother and I use to swap books and now we share a nook account. I love the way you draw a reader in and make the world real to us. Thank you for all you do. And any suggestions on your other books that may be along the same lines as these two would be appreciated. Bright blessings!

    1. Hi Jamie,
      If you enjoyed the O’Dwyer series I think you’d also enjoy Nora’s Three Sisters Island Trilogy, originally released between 2001 – 2002. I recently re-read this series and it was just as wonderful as the first time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 🙂

  25. Amen! I have enjoyed Nora’s books from the beginning. Always look forward to the next one. Wishing you and yours and blessed and happy new year.

  26. I for one would never insert an opinion about a particular book of yours on your facebook page or blog. Have I read all of yours, yes for the J D Robb series. No for your Nora’s, but trying! Did I like them all equally? No. That’s does not mean that any one of them was a bad book, badly written etc. It just means that it did not appeal to me as well as another.

    In perspective; I’m a professional baker. Are all my pies, cakes, breads, rolls and cookies perfect? Nope. Did I put my best effort that day into my product? Yes! Am I damn proud of what I produce? Hell yes! Does everyone like everything I make? Not even close. Even . I don’t expect everyone to like everything I do. But whatever you do, never tell me my goodies suck! I take that personally.

  27. Dear Nora & Laura,

    Along with Stephanie H, who posted above, I am one of the co-founders of the Professional Romance Fans. And along with Stephanie, I thank you. We came up with the ‘rules’ you see stated above for the very reasons you state in this blog. Negativity, rudeness, etc., does NOT belong on authors’ Facebook pages, blogs and such. Review sites are there for a reason – go review books there. Even there, rudeness is uncalled for and unnecessary. No, we are not all going to love the same books and authors. One of the things that makes the romance genre so wonderful is that there is something for everyone.

    Okay, I’ll stop now! As a former bookseller (& Waldenbooks ‘romance expert’) and an avid (slightly obsessed) romance fan, I so appreciate all that you do, Nora, for our beloved genre. This Pro Ro sincerely thanks you!

    another card carrying Professional Romance Fan

  28. I so agree with you on this. I am amazed at the personal attacks on the internet in all areas. I am a teacher and I keep my personal life to myself. I am on facebook to connect with friends and family and other teachers. I became aware earlier this year that some of my students parents chose to use social media to attack me. I was hurt but I have no way to address this as it was not part of my facebook group. I decided to let it go but it still was not nice.
    BTW, I love your books and just finished Blood Magick – another fantastic read as a take a winter break from teaching.

  29. I have read all of the J. D. Robb stories and preorder them as soon as they appear on Amazon. Naturally, I have liked some of the books more than others. I particularly enjoy the stories with lots of character development even when the murder mystery part is a little disturbing. I am rereading the series (for the 4th or 5th time) and am on “Kindred in Death” right now. Reading about the first murder is a little unsettling but that is because it is so well written that I could visualize it.

    I do not enjoy series where the main characters do not develop and change so I have enjoyed watching Eve grow and largely overcome her nightmares. I have also enjoyed Roark’s limited interaction with his family.

    Thank you, Ms. Roberts, for continuing to write this series and look forward to many more books.

  30. Nora and Laura, first off I want to wish you both and your families, the happiest of New Years!
    I have enjoyed reading Nora Roberts from Harlequin days up to now, and I bought Naked in Death, 19 years ago, on the strength of your writing. Finding you went a different way, with all the futuristic stuff ensnared me, and I’ve bought every book as soon as it came out! When you started releasing in HC, I pre-ordered + electronic for my NOOK. I no have HC, autographed Naked in Death. Thank you!
    I apologize for 1 negative comment I made when you advised they were making TV movie of 2 books. I was wrong, and I’ll own up to my mistake.
    You have every right to delete and band an offensive, inappropriate writer. The rest of us, uphold your right to control contents of your site. Please keep writing as Nora and J.D., I’m introducing my grown daughter…finally, to the in Death books. She was interested as she’s seen me devour a new book in one night, plus reread previous 2 + Naked before a new book comes out!

    The best to your families, from a very loving, loyal fan!

  31. As a writer and a blogger I sympathize – we all fight negativity on the net. I’m not sure what it is about the net that brings out the grump in people! There’s a truly dark underside, women who come to the attention of internet trolls can be hounded off the net. I moderate all comments and pull the negative ones, and try to keep the spaces I’m in civil.

    1. I’m so grateful you posted this at the beginning of a new year. I’m new to this space and was shocked at some posts that appeared. This is definitely a downside of Facebook! However, it serves a good purpose if the posters stick to what is was meant for, beautifully expressed by you, Nora! I believe the negativity is posted by those who live their lives in negativity and actually need that to survive and the “anonymous” feeling it gives them propels them onward. They live for chaos and will purposely stir the pot. It saddens me, but it seems to be the way of the world now. I, too, have wondered why, if they feel negatively about a book or an author, they are on the page at all!
      Having said that, I must say that your books, In Death and your trilogies, especially the Irish ones and the ones I call the “witchy” ones are my favorites. They’ve been read over and over and over again. They strike a cord within me and I hold them dear to my heart. So, dear Nora, keep on the way you’ve always done, writing from your heart and your interests. You are the author, the creator of the dreams and if I could write like that, I would be an author! So keep on going and allowing us to crawl into the pages of the stories and become a part of them for just a little while.
      Thanks Nora!

  32. Nora, I so agree with you. It seems easy for some people to be negative constantly. I, for one, LOVE your In Death books, and I have re-read them all several times.
    Try not to the the turkeys get you down- continue to soar with the eagles.
    Happy New Year, and thank you, for Eve and Roarke and Peabody and….. 🙂

  33. I agree with Britt-Liz Hayward! Your millions of fans love and respect you and this particular fan wishes you would/could write and publish even faster! LOL There are so many of your books that I simply pick up and re-read time and time again. I feel like I am visiting with old friends when I do. Thanks for all the good reads!

  34. Thank you Nora – well said! I also don’t understand why people must share their negative opinions. That is why there are opinion pages for each book in many different forms. If there is a book of yours that I don’t like, which is rare, I figure it is my opinion and I won’t go onto your page to write about it. Different people like different things. Thanks for the many enjoyable hours I’ve spent with your book reading and re-reading many of my favorites.

  35. I find it hard to believe that there are people who would post negative comments! There aren’t any of your books that were boring or negative!

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  36. I just don’t understand the negativity. I am not a huge fan of the In Death series, but that isn’t because they are horrible. They just aren’t my cup of tea. I think Montana Sky is my favorite “stand-alone” (to the point that the Lifetime movie is still on my dvr…but that also has to do with John Corbett being in it as well…lol) with the Key Trilogy being my favorite series. I love reading your books, Nora, and I thank you for sharing your work/passion with us, your fans.

  37. i have been reading you since 1984. i was in Al’s used books looking 4 new authors n the owner said try this one. I did. a silhouette. i got paid next week n bought all she had. i moved u from Ks to Tx to Az n back. Watching u grow, proud you, buying hardbacks, knowing u were destined 4 huge success. You make flawed characters likeable. JD was a little shock, potty mouth, but Eve needed a hug by chapter 2. . I am a post polio, disabled, nearly 60 with an eskie in therapy training. Could you use therapy dogs maybe in a ptsd recovery center,? while in AZ i ran td program at Red Mtn. the alzheimer day care loved daily visits, we had Jenny the rat terrier tuesdays up to Nicky the wolfhound, wearing braces 4 overbite . Pls have Laura take care of you. Did u know abt rape- stabbing, burn victim in wichita park last month? ii brought to life what police must live with in their heads thanks 4 the thousand of hours capturing my imagination, laughter and tears.

  38. I enjoy all of Nora Robert’s books, and look forward to all the future books she will write. Thank you for allowing me to escape in your books for awhile.

  39. Dear Nora, people can be so cruel. I just wanted to tell you that I have read all of your books and loved them! You are a fantastic writer. When your books come out I always run out to get them because I can’t wait to read them. I have visited your bookstore which is so charming. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  40. I started reading Nora’s books about 15 years ago. My first experience was the Chesapeake Bay trilogy, before it became a quartet. I have read every trilogy and stand alone novel since then. I have started reading the earlier novels and novellas. ( You gotta love Amazon!) I resisted the In Death series, until Remember When sucked me into Eve’s world. I am still working on the oldies but goodies. Some of the stories have touched me, affected me more than others, but I can’t say that there has ever been one that I hated. I remind myself that I am watching a talented artist in the process of developing her craft. Several times, I have read the book cover synopsis, and thought that this book would not interest me. I have been hooked every time. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Nora. I need your fantasy worlds for my little breaks from stress and ugly realities.

  41. Thank you. I have stopped visiting certain sites because of the nastiness of some of the “fans” to other posters who might not agree with their opinion. I too have seen this disappointing trend of people being willing to say truly shocking things in the virtual world that they would never say in the real world (I hope). Thank you for attempting to make your FB page and your blog a pleasant place to visit 🙂

    (Unlike some others, I do visit review sites such as goodreads, especially for authors I’m not familiar with. Fortunately I find most of the people who post there do so respectfully, even if the reviews are not positive! I find constructive reviews very helpful)

  42. You should feel VERY free to remove negative or rude or plain old crappy comments from your sites. Which part of “fan” did these stinkers miss? I love your stuff – pure escapes! But even if I don’t like an author’s work, it would never occur to me to hunt them down for a digital “oh by the way I DON’T LIKE YOU.” Rude people. Don’t let them get to you.

  43. Hi Nora and Laura,

    What a positive vibe I am feeling from your topic. I also dislike negativity. Well, that’s why they invented the delete button. I am entering a poetry writing contest and was asked to introduce myself, and guess what I wrote:

    Let me introduce myself, I am known as Ceadomile
    And do you really want to know how I act and how I feel?
    I live in Holland and am a mother of two, two and two
    I have a healthy but cynical outlook on the worldview

    There are so many things I do like, I don’t know where to start
    Some things can be eccentric but I always want to take part
    I love to paint and design my own poetry creations
    And always try to live up to my own high expectations

    I would like to have a lunch date with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
    So they can sing their songs Fireflies, One Part Two Part and Still
    And if that’s not possible I’ll live in Nora Roberts land
    A fantasy place that is not hard for you to understand

    So you see: I am hooked on books from Nora. Please keep a positive feeling and everything will work out just fine. Let your fantasy flow.

    Hugs and kisses from Marijke

      1. Thank you Paula. It is something I learned from Nora. To not only look but also see the possibilities.
        She taught me with all of her books to look further than the obvious and at the same time to preserve the things close to you.
        hugs and kisses from Marijke

        1. What a wonderful outlook you’ve developed! Best of luck!

  44. You go girl, whoop-whoop!!! Well said and kudos for taking such a firm/strong standpoint on this particular topic. Thick skinned or not, no one deserves such behaviour.

    Ditto… Wishing you all a happy, healthy, hopeful, exciting and adventurous New Year full of love and fun and wonderful books. Have a wonderfully blessed 2015!!! Cheers!!!

  45. You go Nora!! There is no good reason for anyone to spew their negative comments on your Facebook of blog. I truly love your books, either written under your name or JD Robb. I own all the In Death series in print & am currently in the process of purchasing them all for my Kindle…only 10 to go! I love that I can get just as lost in Eve & Roarke’s world as I can Ireland or Boonsboro or where ever your books are set. They are a wonderful escape from my world when it feels like it’s getting a bit too much, so I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for your ability to make us forget for just a little while.

  46. I just have to say, Happy New Year! Looking forward to many hours of good reading. We loved staying at the Inn.(even though I was too ill to enjoy the full benefits of it) Your a great writer and I am so thankful you share your talent with us.

  47. Thank you for all you do for us. Nora for the books and Laura for keep us up todate. It seems it only takes one to turn things to the dark side. You would not be the only site to remove posts and ban people. It happens with most groups, so I wouldn’t take that to personal. On a happier note I hope you a a very Happy New Year and that all your resolutions happen or come true. Thank you Ladies you make my life a little better.

  48. First and foremost – Thank you Nora! I love all your books and stories. Obviously, some a bit more than others, but all your release dates are always on my calendar and involve either Amazon or a trip if I can make it to my local bookstore. One of the very few things on my bucket list is a visit to a signing and a stay at Inn Boonsboro.

    As for the trolls, for anyone interested, there’s a great article in Psychology Today from a while back. Just google “profile of an online troll”. The article appeared this fall and basically they are classic sadists. Enjoying inflicting pain. And for every one of them postings, there are dozens and dozens of us who love your work Nora and don’t message you.

  49. I find it so upsetting that somebody would take the time out of their day to try and ruin somebody else’s. Nora, I love your books, especially your trilogies set in Ireland. Your stories get me through the day!

  50. Nora, thank you for all the great books you’ve written. You’re most definitely my favorite author.
    “Good on you ” for calling out the naysayers…. I get so tired of the negatives and am glad you’ve called them out.
    Reading is my escape….. And each time I pick up one of your books, you send me on a trip.
    Thank you~ Lola

  51. Well said! Please don’t let the stinkers (I really liked that from an earlier post!) get you down. I, too, have read everything you’ve written and have enjoyed them over and over again. Please keep them coming! Happy New Year to you and Laura, and your families.

  52. Perfectly put Nora! You are an inspiration and a role model. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  53. Your books are terrific. I read them as fast as they come out; then wait in anticipation for the next book. I have most of your books and re-read them all the time. It is true I have my favorites, but you a very clever writer who draws me in every time ! Happy New Year! Please keep on writing!!

  54. Nora and Laura, Thank you for a wonderful year of reading. Looking forward to new releases in 2015. Otherwise I’m busy buying books I’ve read yet. My goal is to have All your books. .getting closer all the time. Wishes you a Happy New Year. Your Avid Reader, Laurie Patterson Freeman, in Illinois

  55. Well said Nora. I for one would never leave a negative remark of any kind. i have been hurt myself when some says something personally hurtful. so i know how it feels. your books have brought me many happy moments and i know they will continue to do so. I have read every one of them and some several times. it does bother me that people have gotten so heartless. If someone doesn’t like a book or story line fine as you said not everyone will. I my self have run across a few stories that I haven’t liked but have not posted, sent letters or even a review against it. I do know that reviews are posted on some book sites. and that’s how books are judged. i myself don’t read them as i prefer to make my own judgement. And i haven’t made a bad choice in a really long time. I have read your books since you first started writing and will continue to do so till i can’t read anymore. You go girl. I love you and wish i could meet you some day. If i can’t talking to you this way is good enough.


  56. Nora and Laura, I love all of your books. I have been a fan of yours for a long time and I especially love your In Death
    Books. I cannot wait until your next books come out. Happy New Years.

  57. I will always respect and admire you not just because you are a wonderful writer but because you have amazing gardens.

  58. Hi Nora, I haven’t read the other posts so apologies if I’m duplicating or too similar. That being said, I think it is extremely unfortunate that people assume anonymity allows bad behavior and rudeness . You certainly have every right to ban that person from your personal pages ( not that you need my permission) and I am very, very happy that you will do so in future. I also agree that we do not need fluffy bunny fan gushing but that is my taste, I am pretty matter of fact and usually only gush over very young ,small things like babies, puppies, kittens etc. Happy New Year. I’ve been a fan since,” Irish Thoroughbred “.

  59. I have nothing negative to say about you or your books. I have great admiration for your talent for writing books. I eagerly await your next book. Especially the in death books. Have a very Happy New Year! Keep up the good work.

  60. Hi Nora,

    Happy 2015 to you and yours. Most of us do not know you personally, we just know the author so how dare folks make personal comments about you. Shame on them. I can say with full confidence that Nora Roberts the author is the BEST I’ve ever read. I stated like many with Irish Throughbred and have never stopped. So I thank you for the endless hours (especially when my babies were little) of pure joy, lust, terror, laughter, full out ugly crying, and so many other emotions while reading your books. I am a fan for life.

  61. I know what you mean – I get so tired of reading negativity which is why I just cleaned up my FB and took out the names of people I don’t know and who tend to post a lot of negative thoughts. You are my absolute favorite author – always wanted to be you when I grew up but unfortunately didn’t have the “story telling gene” so I just continued reading the stories you so generously share with us. I have been rereading several of my favorites this holiday season and will continue to read everything you make available.

    Have a wonderful New Year full of joy, love and magic.


    1. Nora hope you and your family have a wonderful new year and please for those of us who love you keep on writing you are my absolute favorite author when I started reading these kinds of books you were the one that I had a bookcase full now I read others but you are the best

  62. The only thing I can say is ditto the dittoes! I’ve never met a NR or JDR book I didn’t like.

    Oh, and Stephanie/AnneM-SC: Where can I get a card? I’m sure I qualify as a Pro Ro fan. 😉

  63. Ms. Nora – you are one of a half a dozen authors that I read that I don’t even need to read the blurb before buying the book. I only read them to make sure that I haven’t bought it yet (but that’s only with the reissues that I’m now getting digitally for my ereader). Now I have to get back to rereading “The Perfect Hope”.
    Happy New Year, everyone.

  64. Nora, first I want to say to you Happy New Year! I look forward to your new books whenever they are released. I want you to know that I admire your talent, imagination, creativity and your dedication to providing a constant flow of stories for reading. On many occasions you have provided me with not only entertainment but a source of stress relief. I simply pick up your book and I’m transported to another place and time. All ‘worries of the day’ disappear and I become an “observer” in your story. You are so blessed to be gifted with such an amazing talent.

  65. Dear Nora, the first book I read of yours was in 1991 and I’ve been reading your books since! I have over two hundred of your books and thank u so much for sharing your talent of telling a story! I’ve enjoyed reading every last one so when I get in my sixties I’ll reread each series!!! I’m hoping for some more magical series!! Keep doing what u do let the haters hate, I for one love to read your books! God bless!

  66. Thank you for making a point about the nay Sayers… we love your writing. Sometimes I think people have way too many hours in a day…Find a hobby!
    We just wanted to say Happy New Year!

  67. Thank you Nora! I often read many sites & social media concerning issues that excite me (Your books, sports, local news, etc) and am always amazed by how hurtful & ugly mean people can be in such spaces. Am glad to see the trollers were called out. Happy New Years everyone!

  68. you know I find it pretty stupid when someone goes on an authors site be it fb web or any place that people read and diss that author its a dam shame as for me I have my favorite writers and I love each and everyone so you people that do this just make me sick nobody is asking you to read them I’m sure they have enough readers who love them that they won’t miss you so take a hike

  69. I have been reading and enjoying NR books then JD Robb books when they came out.I haven’t read all the comments here but one caught my eye when scrolling down : If you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all. Each time I finish one of your books I go looking for when the next one is coming out. I used to collect them…they were my family’s gifts every birthday and Christmas. When I moved into a retirement village I didn’t have room to my books were passed on to Lifeline for others to enjoy. I am glad we have libraries so I can continue the enjoyment I get from your books…all of them. I am also grateful that my Kindle holds thousands of books so now I am back to buying books. In 2006 my sister and I were in New York and went to the book fair in Bryant Park, we were on the way to the airport so couldn’t stay long enough to meet any of our favourite authors. Thank you so much for all the enjoyment you have given me. Long may it continue. Happy New Year Nora.

  70. Well said Nora!

    I’ve been shocked and disappointed with some of the negative comments/posts on your Facebook account. I personally love your books and am yet to find one that I haven’t been sucked into – I’ve been reading your books for nearly 20 years! It’s a shame people don’t think twice before commenting but I’m glad you/Laura take swift action against the trolls.

    Can’t wait to read more of your books this coming year – both old and new are appreciated by me 🙂

    Wishing both you and Laura and your families a fantastic 2015 xxx

  71. I just wanted to say that I love rainbows and fuzzy bunnies…some people just like to be nasty and in their minds they’re going…boy I showed her….Well they showed everyone how shallow they really are.
    Nora, I love your books…how your characters interact is amazing…funny, touching and loving!
    Happy New Year!!

  72. Thank you so much for all your books and everything you share with your readers! I love your work! Keep up the FANTASTIC job! I will keep supporting you with my purchases.

  73. Nora, and Laura, thank you for all the joy you bring to my life. Nora’s stories are a delight. And Laura, you take such good care of Nora. If I could, I would screen all the negative comments away because there is no need for either of you to see them. The characters and stories that you create are true wonders and you enrich all of us that have found you and your gift. Thank you, truly.

  74. Thanks much Nora for your excellent story telling skills & your ability to sum up social media’s biggest draw back. I agree with you & am doing the same on my public sites. I’m hopeful you & Laura & Turn The Page Bookstore & other businesses in Boonsboro have a very good year in 2015. Peace to you all & keep on writing, promoting & selling. You all are the best.

  75. I have been reading Nora Roberts since 1984 and JD Robb since 1998. I am only missing 2 of them all and am constantly on the lookout for those books lol.. I have enjoyed every story and have re-read all of them multiple times. My mother was a FIRM believer in the “If you can’t something nice, don’t say anything at all” Words to live by!!!! I completely agree with all that you said. I wish that people would treat the Internet and their comments on here as if we were face to face. Good manners, common decency and common courtesy never go out of style. Happy New Year Nora and Laura to you and your families and THANK YOU for entertaining me for the last 30 years. I am looking forward to many more years!!!! May GOD Bless you both!!!

  76. Thank you Nora and Laura I agree, people with negative comments should keep them to themselves. I for one haven’t found one of your books that bore me or don’t fit for me. You are a writer that facinates mW because I am always excited to see what you write next. I wish you and yours a healrhy, wonderful, Happy New Year. Keep the books coming I can’t wait.

  77. Thank you so much for exoressing this so eloquently and keeping this a positive and fun place for us fans! I really value the time that you and Laura take to keep us updated and entertained. And I especially love the little personal bits you share with us. I don’t know another writer who takes the time to do those things. Happy New Year to you, Nora, and to Laura, too.

  78. Thank you Nora and do keep the books coming !!! I love the In Death series and it is a great pleasure to sit with a new In Death book every time it comes out.

    As for the toxic comments – do delete the negativity !! Throw that garbage OUT !!!!

    Your books are my constant companions in life and have helped so many times …. and I read about how it helps many others in other forums too …. so don’t let the naysayers get you down ….

    Have a wonderful year ! And looking forward to many more years ( with books ha ha ha .. ) !!!

  79. I have to say that I love your books! I love the blogs too because through them I’ve learned you do your own research and have realized why your flowers and gardens are always so well described! I wish I had your green thumb! Are all the books equally amazing? No, of course I have my favorites! They are however, well thought out, brilliantly written and a good distraction from life. Thank you for having so many stories that I’m still finding old ones I’ve yet to read, which is saying something since I’ve been reading your work for over a decade.
    Anxiously awaiting your next book,

  80. Thank you for the Books Nora/JD and thank you Laura for keeping us in the loop. I love hearing about Nora and I am so glad that you are keeping the “Negative Ninnys” out. Happy New Year to both of you and your families.

  81. I so agree with your post. There is no need for negative/nasty comments, and delete and ban seems like the appropriate way to go. I have been wanting to ask you something: have you ever seen a program called “Castle”? I love it. Is about a mystery writer that using his connection with the NYC mayor weaseled his way into the life of Detective Kate Becket to gain inspiration and research for his novels. Sometimes he has a relationship with Kate that reminds me of the one between Eve and her civilian consultant. I think I like the program more because of that. When I watch the re-runs, kind of tides me over between your In Death books. It is not the same, but hey, I take my pleasure where I can get it. Happy new year for you, your family and staff, and, please, keep those books coming!

  82. I am sure the negative comments are for the attention. THey are small people who feel bigger by attacking others. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2015!

  83. I have almost all of the Death series in paperback. But as I am getting older I need them in large print. I am donating all my paperbacks to my local library to be used in any way they see necessary as I cannot read them. I think I have three boxes all authors. I started reading the Death series with my mother and we discussed them right up until she passed. My children do not share my interest in reading (their loss). i tell them I am reading so that I can commit murder some day and not get caught. Just kidding of course as I cannot walk fast any more so therefore cannot run. I am slowly getting the Death series on my nook and am rereading them.

  84. I love what you’ve said here, Nora. I too have been thinking about all the negativity around me lately. Just stepping back to notice how many times others (and myself) start off with what we don’t like! I’m talking about more innocent negativity, like complaining about the weather as an ice breaker. I know it’s just something to say to start conversation, but I’m challenging myself to say something else.

    And the nasty internet negativity you’re mentioning? I find it disgusting. I applaud you for taking steps to erradicate it from your sites!

    Happy New Year to one of my favorite authors!

  85. I want to take this time to THANK you Nora for all the wonderful books. I can honestly say there is not a single one I would not go back to and read again! I do have my favorites, but they are in the “many” category. I appreciate your talent and hope you continue to give all of your readers many more hours of enjoyment. When I see a book is coming out by you I don’t even hesitate, I just snatch it right up! I hope you have a Happy and prosperous New Year.

  86. As a Canadian, we sometimes we get accused (teased!?) by non-Canadians of being overly polite. My response is always, well, thank you very much!! Now I know we’re not all that way, but it has never made any sense to me to be rude or impolite to anyone, whether it be to their face or with the anonymity of the internet, (even if they might deserve it). I am so glad you are going to delete or block these “nattering nabobs of negativity” as it brings us all down, but worse for you, Nora, who gives her time to share on your FB page or Blog. Books, music, art, are all subjective enjoyments, and not everyone is going to like the same books music or art! Unfortunately, the internet is like a garden, mostly full of wonderful flowers, but if you don’t clear out those weeds from time to time, they will choke out the good. I’d much rather you’d take the time to write your wonderful stories, than have to respond to those who are rude, impolite or just plain nasty, for no better reason than to be that way. Thanks again for writing such a great blog post. We can all learn from your comments. Happy New Year!!

  87. They are called trolls for a reason. They hide beneath their bridges (screen names), and behind their firewalls, slinging their bits and bytes. They feel powerful and fierce…but IRL they can’t leave the basement, for whatever reason. They are afraid or jealous and being negative gives them power…because someone always comments and now they direct the show. A keyboard battle ensues and for that brief moment they are mighty.

    Thank you for all that you do…each book has a message and a lesson. Finding it is half the fun…the rest is the trip into fantasy and the escape from the reality. Thanks for the mental vacations!

  88. I wrote a few months ago about getting the list of the Death series so I could read them from the beginning and be able to take part in the discussions. I had been listening to some but the are the newer ones…SO….I found someone who had the whole series and loaned them to me to read. I’m up to book 11 and I’m not getting much sleep. Love them and really getting to know the characters. Thank you for sharing Eve, Roarke, Peabody, McNab, Sommerset, Nadine, Mavis and Trueheart and the rest of the bunch. I’m loving every minute but I do have to take an occasional break because my eyes get to hurting. Keep them coming!!! Those who have negative comments probably aren’t true readers. You know, those of us who put reading FIRST!

  89. Nora Roberts, you said it well. How I pity those negative people…makes you wonder what kind of genre they do like. I have favorites – BoonsBoro Inn series, The Bride Quartet and In The Garden series. But, I have enjoyed reading all your books, re-reading many, and look forward to your future writings as long as I can still see to read, then will go for the audios!

  90. Hi Nora and Laura!! Wishing you both a very Happy 2015!! 🙂 Nora that is a great post and I love your writing!! I am a big believer in if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all! But in your case I have only nice things to say and to thank you for many hours of reading and escaping into so many different places!!

  91. I just want to thank you for sharing your talent. I am re-reading the MacGregor series and am falling in love with them all over again, which I happen to do with alot of your stories. Thank you again, for sharing your time, and your talent as both Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb. Happy New Year!

  92. Hi Nora and Laura
    Love, love your books. Have read them all and certainly more than once. You are my choice for a deserted island. Glad so many pointed out our mother’s teachings. Still holds true today. Happy New Year to you and your families. Keep the good books coming. Cheers

  93. As 2014 winds down it has been a year of great changes for me and lots of time to stop and think about who I want to be in the future. I decided that I want to be a positive uplifting force in the world. There is far too much negative and to be honest, no one really needs to hear all that negative junk, it serves no purpose. So Nora, I applaud your housecleaning efforts and Laura’s as well to remove the negative. I’ve been reading your books as long as you have been writing them and while I have donated many of my books to the local libraries I just can’t give up yours – I have them on my kindle but just to be safe I’m keeping the hard copies and the paperbacks. You have an amazing gift for storytelling and I am so grateful you decided to become a writer, Your books have given me many hours of smiles, tears, joy and laughter. Your characters are so real that I sometimes have to remind myself that they aren’t- I sometimes find myself telling funny stories and realizing mid story that they are from one of your books. Please keep doing what you are doing, it is a gift to bring so much enjoyment to so many. Thanks for the wonderful books.

  94. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all the wonderful books I’ve read growing up! I volunteered in my high school and someone left a bag of paperback books. “One Summer” was in that bag and I was FOREVER hooked. I’ve read every book and I’ve re-read all of them many times. I don’t have a favorite – they’re all KEEPERS!!! I love daydreaming about going to see the charterers that just HAVE to be real. I’ve also converted my hubby to a Nora fan as well as my mother!! Still working on my sister-in-law! LOL!
    Thank you!

  95. I would like to thank you for the many hours of pleasure you have brought to me through your books. I read a lot and have for about 60years and I have enjoyed many books. I find there is a value to reading even the ones I am not as fond of reading. However I have never had a problem with any book I have been able to read by you. Some people are naturally neg a to be and I just say a quick prayer for an attitude adjustment for. them.

  96. Hi Nora, Happy New Year. I wish you a year filled with personal and professional success. I personally love every book I’ve read by you. Keep them coming! 🙂 In another vein, I’ve been a bookaholic for more years than I care to count and I can remember reading books and not knowing anything about the authors. When I found an author I enjoyed I would find every book I could that he/she wrote and read them all. What joy it is to discover an author and find out that they’ve written many many books that I get to read. I guess what I’m trying to say is- back before the interweb people went to book stores or libraries and looked at the books available, chose one and if they liked it, looked for more (and maybe told friends and relatives to read it). If they didn’t like the book, they didn’t read any others by the author. There was no real way to praise or complain to an author, unless you were really determined and wrote the publisher. I kind of enjoyed those days. I also like reading your blogs but don’t like seeing the negative comments or incredible presumptions people sometimes write. Thanks for the many hours of reading pleasure you provide to me and others. Happy New Year.

  97. Never read a book of yours I didn’t enjoy. Read and reread them share them with my sisters you are a favorite. You know what they say about opinions being like as*holes, every body’s got on and so negative people don’t matter I blow them off and enjoy. Happy New Year and keep them coming!

  98. Happy New Year Nora! I have loved your stories since the 1st one I pick many, many years ago @ the goodwill, six for a dollar romances (single moms shop smart

  99. I can’t say that I have read all of your books, but I have read most of them (I have read all of the In Death Series!) and can honestly say that I have not been disappointed. I do like some more than others but that’s just personal preference as you said. I have never considered a book a waste of time or money because every book I have ever read taught me something, made me think, laugh, cry, whatever. I have great respect and admiration for you and what you do and I always look forward to the next book!

  100. Nora – sincere thanks for the huge amount of time; effort; and challenges you have over come and the relentless pursuit of happiness you have committed too over the years, to enrich our lives and the personal challenges I am sure you have endured, to share your inner most, personal stories with me – a stranger. I truly value your insight and passion and I wanted to let you know that I think that nothing could be as brave I am thinking to expose who you are, and your dreams and stories to me the reader. In New Zealand I was the Art Deco Events Manager of the Art Deco Trust in the capital of the world for some years and should the opportunity ever arise where you have time and availability, I would love to offer you the opportunity of a complimentary stay and personalised tour and interaction to enjoy this event in Napier – 222 events in 5 days – just let me know and I can still arrange it and it would give me much pleasure to make this happen for you, your husband and family. I am also planning a visit in the next two years to Maryland – home of so many of your heartfelt stories so I hope that the fates blow in the direction of us meeting some day soon. Best wises to your family and extended family and heart felt best wishes for the beginning of a great and inspiring 2015. Regards, Ann Barrar

  101. I, too, do the OMG where did all this stuff come from yearly clean out. Scare the beejeebees out of my mate as well, but do enjoy walking through a home, whereas he is totally content to walk around thinking opposites do attract!..:)

  102. Happy new year Nora!
    I absolutely love your books and i look forward to reading more o.f your books in 2015

  103. I haven’t read the 122 replies ahead of mine, but I’m sure at least one of those 122 have said what I am about to say. What I have found most remarkable about the stories that Nora Roberts/ JD Robb have written is that I have at least liked every single one that I’ve read. More often I have loved the story. Actually, I love the characters. I probably have read every single one. I haven’t checked them off a list, but I began reading Nora Robert’s books about the same time she began writing them.

    As I’ve aged I also marvel that she alone still produces the most lovable, sexy men that I’ve ever encountered. My late husband did come close… thus, our near 30 year wonderful marriage.
    I’m now old enough that the sex part doesn’t appeal to me as it once did, and with other authors I pretty much skim those parts. Nora, though, still has me. Currently, I’m reading every word of Blood Magick, and I was sooooo relieved when Branna finally had the good sense to love her Finbar again in more than just her head.
    So naysayers of Nora, whoever you are… (I don’t know any) too bad you are so terribly unhappy. You have to be as only a really sad, sorrowful person would dislike Nora Roberts’s stories. AND… stay away from those of us who do love Nora Roberts’s stories or we might curse you. “As we will so mote it be.”

  104. I spelled my name incorrectly in my first post. I know better than to post before I proofread, but this time I did it, anyway!

  105. Very well said, Nora. Thanks for your post today — I enjoyed it as I have enjoyed all of your books since first discovering you back in the 80’s. It is hard to understand what pleasure some people get out of being negative is so many aspects of their lives. I love the idea of “positive virtual space,” and have no problem deleting or blocking the negative comments in FB or on my blog as well. It is not often one can say she has read everything (and more than once, I might add) an author has written and can hardly wait for the next release. Thank you for continuing to excel at your craft.

  106. I enjoy all your books. If there is something that bothers me, it is usually so minor that it never detracts from the overall story. As you said so well, we readers all have our opinions, good or bad, and we have have favorite authors, and our idiocyncracies (hope I spelled that correctly). I have stopped reading a number of authors for various reasons, but your books always give me a good story and characters I like. Eve and Roake are one of my favorite couples, and I love how they have both grown throughout the books; their circle of friends are pretty wonderful, too! A long as you keep writing them, I will keep buying and reading them.

    Have a prosperous and healthy new year full of joy!

    1. Well said! Words matter – spoken, written, texted, tweeted, posted – words matter. May we all remember that this new year.

  107. Thank You for Your Books.

    I enjoy your stories, your characters, your attention to details.
    I enjoy mysteries. When I watch a TV show I usually figure out “Who did it” almost immediately, which is too easy. They leave gaps in their storyline.
    You keep me thinking ! You fill in the gaps before I can even think… “What about….”

    I read your books until I discovered Large Print issues. It was so much easier and more enjoyable. Then I discovered your audio books and learned how to pronounce Names such as Roarke’s aunt’s name, which I won’t attempt to spell. I have most of your books and look for them when my budget allows. When it doesn’t I have the local library.

    I would enjoy “In Death” movies but can’t imagine any actor / actress capable of filling those roles. I have read many suggestions in columns but disagree with them…. It would be YOUR DECISION anyway so I will leave that up to you, when and if.

    I enjoy your blogs and pictures of your travels.

    Keep up the good work. Eve and Roarke once mention they would still be solving crimes when they were 80. I thought ‘I want to read that. It sounds like fun.’ But then I realized I would be about 120 and probably not able to read anymore.

    Best wishes for the new Year.

    Pat Hensley

  108. Nora, I could not live without Eve & Roarke. I don’t live in a fantasy world ~ actually I’m quite of a scientific frame of mind ~ but I have a profound wish that E&R were real people and intimate friends of mine. Well, Roarke, because we know Eve doesn’t take to people easily. I would be thrilled if she liked me 🙂

    The books make me laugh, they entertain me, they make my drive to work effortless (audio books). The way Eve works the homicide cases is fascinating, as I have no prior knowledge in that area ~ I don’t watch the dozen different CSI-type shows on TV. You’ve made Eve so intuitive, a female Sherlock. I love that! And of course I love imagining Roarke’s gorgeous face.

    There are mean-spirited sad pathetic people in the world. Lots of them, actually. I read somewhere that upwards of 20% of the population qualifies for a psychiatric diagnosis. That means a few of them are going to float into your world to try to hurt you and you can’t really stop them. Ignore them best you can.

    We, your ‘normal’ fans, salute you!

  109. Thank you for your books! Your stories have taken me places I would have never gone to; but think about visiting now. Your books have provided countless hours of entertainment. It is so hard to close the covers & leave some characters behind. I have also found them so inspiring. If one character can conquer all of these challenges, I should certainly be able to finish my bachelors degree. If Eve can manage her team, I can certainly build & manage a team of 20 successfully. I read the crazy criticism you get, sometimes it’s so ludicrous it’s funny sometimes I am defensive for you. Please know that your books do so much good that any negativity is meaningless. I am all for purging negativity. I can’t wait for this years releases. You will travel w/ me too. To the beach, boat & car trips & the sanctuary of our home. I wish you a wonderful 2015!!

  110. Nora,
    You have brought years of pleasure to so many readers around the world! I have read all of your books, and continue to read them again and again. It is indeed as if I am visiting with old friends. I am especially grateful for all of the strong, fearless, female role-models that you provide us with. Happy 2015 to you and your family!
    Richmond, VA

  111. I’m positively going to read all Nora Roberts (and JD Robb) novels published this year and continue with my catching up on the Death series. Long Minnesota cold winter should be a perfect time for this hobby!

  112. I am always appalled when you write about the hateful comments you get. I hope you realize that for most of us, your books are a welcome escape.

  113. Small people say small things, disappointed people disappoint, people feeling they have nothing left to lose take revenge on innocent parties, such is the way of the world. It’s wonderful of you to share yourself with us all, you certainly don’t have to after all these years, and I personally don’t see why you should have to put up with negative and often times idiotic comments. You have a brilliant mind, a heart of gold and an iron will. Your dedication to your writing is exemplary. When I found you, your books, I stopped looking. I felt I was sitting alongside a kindred soul who was (and still is), happily and enthusiastically taking me on voyages that stirred my soul and satisfied my mind’s need for unique and touching adventures, I fall desperately in love with all of your characters, I just can’t help it, it’s as if you are willing it on me. I often find answers to my states of heart and mind. My forever questions about the whys and how comes of human nature receive so much gratification that I will be a loyal page turner of your books for as long as I live I expect.
    I love you Nora Roberts and God bless you, your extraordinary talent, your career, life, family and friends. I almost feel like an honorary citizen of Boonsboro so welcoming is your invitation to its’ centre. Again, God bless and carry on in health and enjoyment.

  114. Bravo! Well said and a happy and blessed new year to you and yours. I love many authors of whom you, Nora are Queen. I own all your books NR books and am working on collecting the JDR titles. In my opinion you cannot follow an author for years without having some books resonate more than others. If a new work falls short for me for whatever reason I just say that one is not my favorite Monet, because after all it is still a fricking Monet for goodness sake so I still love it and reread it from time to time and often find it resonates differently as time goes by and after a reading or two depending on where I am in my life when I read it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for countless hours of escape and delight in good times and in bad.

  115. Well said Nora. I think we who love you also have a bit of a responsibility to realise that a lot of the really negative comments come from trolls – people who love getting onto different sites and stirring up arguments and drama for their own amusement. Maybe what we need to do is just ignore these sorts of people. As much as we may all feel the need to jump to your defence, the bottom line is if they don’t get a bite, they’ll lose interest. Engaging these people at any level only serves to feed their ignorance.

  116. Thank you. That was well said, well written and a wonderful message. Here’s to a positive and joyful in this heat…

    I for one, love your books. And use the appropriate websites to state that and/or any other thoughts I have in regard to a book I have read, be or by you or any author. I will admit there have been books by other authors that got great reviews and I simply could not understand the great reviews but couldn’t make myself finish the book. That happens. And there is a tactful way to state that so that when another reader looking for thoughts about the book or authors are wondering about what others think about the book, they can take in the message and either learn from it, take what they think is important from it, or simply ignore it. Reading and writing are very individual and personal experiences. For example, I am not a paranormal reader, yet from time to time I have read a few and one or two I found enjoyable and the others I just disliked. But I still have an honest review of the book itself. Then if I feel it necessary to explain it simply is not by read of choice, I will do so. But I always preface such comments that my review above was my honest review. But my dislike of those books in general may have clouded my view. I would hope not, but we are all human. I love to read reviews that state “I have this a 4 star because I found the book in general deserving of that….” But explaining later that given that it is not their genre of choice the reader may want to take this thought and this other thought more lightly given that. It is honest and fair and said in a non-hurtful matter.

    There are times we have all found that one book from one of our all time favorite authors just seems to have come out of left field and double check that they really did write it. Again that can be said in a manner that the author and other readers reading the review can take in positively and other readers can look at other books and reviews by that author and make their own choice. I have read some books that I have found to be absolutely phenomenal, yet many reviews I read seem to be talking about a totally different book. We choose. But in choosing to read a certain book or a specific author, we also can choose to review it or not and hopefully choose to do so in a tactful manner no matter what type of review we write.

    Trollers are out to get under the skin of readers and the writer. They want that reaction and to see how much attention their comment will get. It is much like on news blogs. You have those that say have passion and be thoughtful toward the person that just killed four people because they were driving drunk and let God have mercy on that persons soul. Others that wi start arguing about that premise and religion, etcetera. When the issue simply is that person A got in their car while drink and killed 4 people. Plain and simple. They should be held accountable in the same way every other person in that situation should be. It isn’t a religious or moral issue. It is a legal one. And the arguments that start that are not even related to that one issue are amazing. I can’t read them for long and rarely comment on them. And who knows if some of those comments are made simply to start a side argument or really is their opinion. Either way, the issue is broader but similar to posts made on FB and blogs that really have nothing to do with the topic at hand or are made as a separate discussion simply to see what happens. I like your position of remove and ban ASAP. I wish and hope more authors will take this same stand that you are. If I see those things, I tend to ignore them and continue on the original topic.

    I am not sure if it was you or one of your fellow authors who had statements made like that a few times over a couple of weeks and was so affected that she wrote a general letter asking what her readers thought, what did they like or not like, etc. It was hard to see the effect these few statements had on her self-esteem but also her questioning her writing and the topics she chooses, etc. Almost everyone said to ignore them and take in what the majority of her readers write everyday. It is sad but the effect of a few negative comments can stick to us and affect us much more readily and easily and raise the ire of many than the hundreds more positive remarks that are written daily on FB or blogs or via any other personal means.

    Here is wishing peace and joy and the love of great authors, fellow readers, and the love of amazing books!! (And holding your tongue/fingers before you write a post…).

  117. Could we get a time frame for the Urban wars, please. They are mentioned in every book and I would really like to know something about them. The war was between the police and ? I know Laura that the books are fiction, (I’m not buying that), but I am interested, just as I am interested in Eve and Roarke’s background.
    Thank you so much.

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