Provence, France Day 16

I’m getting spoiled being able to work out on the terrace in the air. I love my little gym at home, but this is such a treat. The views, the breeze, the light. BW even joined me for some yoga to polish it off.

Jason and Kat return from their morning ramble. No pain au chocolate today at the bakery! They had to settle for an eclair. It’s a tough old world. And they brought back a beautiful pastry to share when Kat put together a little pre-spa lunch on our terrace. 

Lunch is served! Photo by kat.

Pretty–and delicious.

Jason and I sit on the terrace before our little lunch and–what is that? Is that rain?

It turns out, not exactly. It’s a few drips from the sky. This region desperately needs rain, but this little cloud only wept about fifty tears.

We have a very active black squirrel in our woods–he jumps from branch to branch–and is a loquacious morning talker. Now he’s joined by a red one, and they do their gymnastics. Le Cirque des Ecureuils!

After our pretty little lunch my gang leaves for massages. They’re all booked at three, so off they walk to the spa while I laze around and read until I head up, too, for my four-thirty facial. I walk the path in air scented with rosemary. How I envy them those tumbling bushes. For my garden, rosemary’s an annual, and it simply refuses to be potted inside over the winter. 

Berries? Grapes? Photo by kat (questions by Laura).
Close-up. Photo by kat.
Black swans on approach. Photo by kat.
A closer look. Photo by kat.

After this scented walk, I experience very possibly the best facial on record. My tech has wonderful hands, the music’s soft and relaxing, the creams and lotions feel marvelous on the skin. And my skin feels baby soft when it’s done.

As I go to check out the woman at the desk tells me my husband took care of the bill already. We agree that’s what husbands are for.

My family’s equally relaxed on my return. Excellent massages all around.

Bellini time!

And I think of the cat, put a little pasta on a plate, set it out.

She shows up as evening’s settling in, creeps up, sniffs, accepts some penne. Then sits, waits. Aha, she’d like more. Kat brings out some lunch meat. Le chat backs off, but waits, watches while Kat tears up a little meat onto the dish. Eats, sits, waits.

I tell her, sorry, no more. I think too much people food will make her sick. She’s had enough. Je suis desolee.

We have a staring contest.

FYI: You can’t win a staring contest with a cat. They are undefeated world champions.

I have a bottle of water, go over, pour some into the dish.

The cat sniffs, gives me a look that clearly says: You have to be kidding me.

She departs.

We have our own meal, on the terrace. I go for the smoothest of smooth tomato soup again, and a little salad. Our Kat continues to spoil BW with fancy coffee and warm cookies.

We discuss ideas for our annual family panorama, and timing for today’s adventuring. A trip into Fayence, back for the glider flights, then dinner at the hotel. It’s barely ten, I’ve done next to nothing all day, but zzzzzz.

I’ll need to get my workout on soon. If they have another pair of those woven shoes in my size in Fayence, I’m having them. These are really great shoes! We definitely need to take home some regional wine and herbs. I need to get my shopping on, too.


Today’s #randomkatness:

All lined up. Photo by kat.

31 thoughts on “Provence, France Day 16”

  1. The closeup of the black swans was awesome. I’m thinking this cat knows how to work the visitors who frequent this house. Not a bad deal. Sounds like an excellent vacation.

  2. Reading this blog every morning before my day begins is so relaxing. Hope the rest of your vacation is even better.

  3. I think the pink flower is the rose of Sharon. Thank you all for great photos and vacation log. Have fun and be safe!

    1. It’s a hibiscus.
      Rose of Sharon can be a little misleading – in eastern US, those flowers are hibiscus. However, in different parts of the worlds, varieties of lilies, crocuses, narcissus, tulips are also called Rose of Sharon.

  4. I read this blog and my world in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware just falls away. Thanks for the story today.

  5. Might the berries be currants? Flower is Rose of Sharon. I did not win 700 millions so I cannot join you, just need to experience 2nd hand. Thanks for that.

  6. This has been such fun to read. We had to cancel out river cruise this summer due to my husband’ health so it’s been great to read Nora’s travelogue each day. It sounds like a fun relaxing vacation. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’m always sad when vacation blogs are almost over. I get so spoiled being able to read about NR daily adventures. Now I’m extra sad as I shall miss my daily dose of #RandomKatness. Can we start a petition to ask Kat to make a random Katness Instagram account???? Who’s with me?

  8. That pre-spa déjeuner certainly looks délicieux! But the mille feuille is the part of it that jumped out at me. Miam!

    I’m loving your descriptions of the surrounding gardens and vegetation. My only regret is that I can’t experience the beautifully described scents that go with!

    Thanks again for sharing this with us, Nora!

  9. So glad to learn that I am not the only one who cannot get Rosemary to winter oven in the house!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this delightful time with us!

  10. You have embraced my mother’s suggestion: when you find something you like, buy multiples. So I hope you find another pair of those shoes. A spa visit sounds wonderful. Love a good massage that leaves you feeling boneless and wishing for a wheelbarrow to cart you to your car.

    We don’t have red squirrels where I live, but along with the black and brown ones, we have albino squirrels which are plentiful in this area. With both hibiscus and Rose of Sharon in my garden, I think the pink flower looks closer to the former. My Rose of Sharon never quite open up like that.

    Indeed, tough duty to have to settle for eclairs!

  11. A day of rest and relaxation, lovely. I like the black swans, the beautiful lunch, the large eggs in a row, and the other great pictures. Another wonderful vacation day – thank you for sharing.

  12. I’m a big fan of white swans, but I have never seen real live black ones. How exotic!

  13. Nora, we must chat. Not sure why your rosemary is an annual. We had a rosemary plant that we put outside permanently when it out grew the pot and it grew all year round for about 7 years before a wicked winter killed it off. The one we have now in a pot is two years old. Hubby put it in the garage last winter and got it out in spring. He will do the same at the end of this season. I’m in Central Jersey on the east coast so I’m sure it gets colder here in winter. Could I be wrong?

    Anyway, love reading your travel blog.

    1. My Aunty has one outdoors as well. It’s gotten so big I have to trim it into to hedge. We live in the U.K. though so our winters are mainly rain.

    2. It may be our altitude re the rosemary. We’re in the MD mountains. Sage, oregano, thyme often winter over, but rosemary won’t. Jason and Kat, some 60 miles south, and out of the hills, it’s a perennial.

  14. I’ve been claimed by a stray tom who’s made my front porch his own. He strongly thinks I should make him a house cat, but my allergies think otherwise. Beautiful pictures!

  15. Do I spy vanilla slices for your lunch? My fav! I must get to the bakery tomorrow morning. I’m quite impressed with you French (I’m bilingual myself) If it’s not you and it’s edited don’t tell me and spoil my illusion. As always, loving the blog and pictures xx

  16. My cat, Max, gives me “The Stare” when his dishes are empty. If that doesn’t work, he knocks the empty dish off the table. Yes, the cats eats on kitchen table and I eat in the family room. He has me very well trained.

  17. I am so enjoying these vacation blogs. Makes my lunch hour so enjoyable. Pics are great-good mix of scenery and good

  18. I love the metaphor that you use when you are describing the cloud and raining! It’s my favorite. I love how your blogs are so descriptive I feel like I am there with you. I’m really enjoying these blogs

  19. Your blog has been so enjoyable to me as I am housebound. I am so grateful.

  20. Are you sure the cat is pregnant and not just fat from visiting all the hotel guests for some tidbits? lol Back in the day my cat loved to eat pasta, cake and olives!

    Enjoy your last couple of days in France! Thanks for sharing them!

  21. doesn’t Nora have an outdoor area at her home to do workouts? If not, sounds like a project!

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