Provence, France Day 14

It really is a constant state of beautiful.

Every morning I sit out to catch up a little with the world, write this blog, and am wonderfully distracted by beauty. Watching the pink haze over the eastern mountains as the sky goes blue, and the changing light in through the trees. It’s a fine, fine way to begin each day on a holiday.

We took (certainly for Kat’s and my sake) a full recovery day. I did a good, steady workout, capped by much needed yoga while my gang disbursed–K&J for their walk, BW to breakfast then photo work.

I considered working, then considered my still shaky system and mushy brain. Decided on reading instead.

Finally pulled it together enough for actual clothes in the afternoon. Jason and Kat back, settled into their work, but how about walking up for lunch?

Walking good. Anything not involving car good.

I have to keep lunch light–it takes time for my system–so abused–to rebound–but it’s good to be out and about, hear chatter. There is a truly gorgeous breeze. We walk through the hotel, and I spot art I’d missed. I’m not at all sure what some of it represents, but it’s interesting and fascinating and fun. 

Golf ball with keys. Photo by kat.
Drama BW-style. Photo by j a-b.
How the day’s drinks progress? Photo by kat.
If you’re going to have a hand model, may as well make it practical. Photo by j a-b.

We pass the Kid’s Club, and oh so cute! They have a kind of modular little mini-golf, and a little boy is having the best time just pouring colorful golf balls in a hole, digging them out again.

Mini-golf. Photo by j a-b.

Back to the book, take a nap. I’m not a napper, but this is all about system recovery. Kat says her calves are tired. Not sore, tired. She naps, too. I stagger awake, take a swim. Hmm, am starting to feel almost level again.

Somehow it’s evening, and I still want to avoid cars. We have some left-overs and will order the rest from room service. I sit with my book again, then see the cat–definitely pregnant–make a dash across the terrace. 

The visitor. Photo by BW.

I say: kitty, kitty, which is universal cat language. She stops, gives me a suspicious look. I have a bag of chips nearby, toss one. She stares–I pretend to look away. She creeps, creeps, creeps up to the chip. Sniffs, snags, bolts.

Amused, I go in to get myself a drink, see her through the kitchen door, sort of slinking back onto the terrace. I grab what’s left of a round of brie out of the fridge. There she is, eyeing BW, eyeing me when I come out. I tear off a tiny bite of brie, toss it. She creeps closer, sniffs. Now we’re talking! More brie tossed–a little bit closer. She’s definitely not coming much closer, but she’s happy to have the brie.

What cat wouldn’t be?

I go in, pour a little saucer of milk–she’s eating for several, after all.

She drinks the milk, and is now relaxed enough to sit and wash herself–very thoroughly after her meal. Then she departs–I think she has a place in the woods near here. And as our own Kat points out, there are plentiful lizards to snack on.

If she comes back, I’ll find some little snack and some milk for her.

We’re having the most gorgeous evening, something about it. The light, the air, the breeze. It’s just one of those perfect interludes.

Now it’s time for our meal–and I still keep it light. System recovery is near complete. Kat and Jason bought cookies at the market, and Kat warms them up–divides one at my request so I have about 1/8th of a cookie. My girl is spoiling my man, serving him warm cookies and cappuccino after dinner. He will miss her when we’re back to reality! 

The Linzer tort game is strong in Provence. Photo by kat.
Choices, so many choices. Photo by kat.

A little more reading, then ZZZZZ.

And now it’s another stunning morning. I’ll pick my workout, clean myself up. I think to work as I seem to be back to normal. BW and Jason have their glider ride this afternoon. Have I mentioned their cast-iron stomachs? This has always been the case.

I’ll stick with the terrace and solid ground. Kat may go down to the aerodrome with them–not to fly, but to take pictures.

We have reservations here for dinner–so no car again today.

So workout, work, maybe a swim, a book someone else sweated over, and a bellini or two while I hear about the men’s adventures in gliding. 

BW avant Cize. Photo by NR.
BW Apres Cize (in his undramatic way). Photo by NR.

A fine way to spend a gorgeous day.


In today’s #randomkatness, a sequel and a quiz:

“Dude, I’m sorry I was late. Look at me!” Photo by kat, caption by Laura.
Spot the import! Photo by kat.

24 thoughts on “Provence, France Day 14”

  1. The import wine definitely has to be the one with the kangaroo lol. I’m not sure if you have it in the States or not but I noticed the bottles of Asti, if you’ve never tried it, I recommend it. It’s a lovely sweet light wine, perfect for just chilling on your lovely patio. Love the photos and the blog. Keep it up xx

  2. I am so glad Nora is feeling better, being ill during a vacation, working one or not, is no fun.

    And Yellow Tail from Australia is one of my go-to wines for having around the house. Especially a Shiraz. But my favorites are Montepuciano d’Abruzzo (fun to say, great to drink) for red and a nice crisp Pinot Grigio for a white.

    What are Nora’s favorites? It’s generally a generic “Wine” in the stories and in the blog,

      1. A LOT of Veuve at the villa–often in bellini form. A good French red–depends on the place, and what local wine is there–for eating out. I like to stick with local when traveling, so it’s the luck of the draw.

    1. I prefer to wait until they’re home to share that info. Maybe over cautious but that’s just me.

      1. Oh, I totally understand and expected that! But when they get back can you please share? Thank you!!

  3. A good day to settle your system. I am enjoying the artwork, too. The pastry choices are phenomenal, and the Panda/Eagle piction with caption brings a laugh. I look forward to the hang gliding pictures. I spotted the imported wine – White Tail,from Australia.

    1. Hi Elina,

      Nora answered that at the end of the Day 13 post: “I’m reading New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson–science fiction about NY, and a particular group in a particular building–decades after climate change has flooded the city.”

  4. That has to be the most contemporary mini golf course I have ever seen. No clown or windmill in sight. Glad you are starting to feel more normal so you can enjoy the remainder of your trip.

  5. Sangria! How very unfrench! Give me a decent Tavel any day, especially when its hot hot hot. Try some if you can, its crisp and light, it is a rose (no accents on my keyboard). Lovely with light meals and to drink on its own.


  6. I’m glad you are feeling better. Though how you can work out, till you are feeling 100%, is beyond me. My back is out, & I’m walking gingerly like a turtle. But working out for you, is prob a constant.

    I can’t believe the size of those linzer tortes. For me, nothing settles the system quite like good food. Wine helps too.

  7. I love Nora’s travelogues. Thank you! It’s almost like being there. Almost.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better too.

    Just a little note about cats and milk:
    Most cats are lactose intolerant, like many humans. This means that they don’t have the enzymes needed to digest the lactose in milk. Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk. When cats drink cow’s milk, they can end up with painful stomach cramps and diarrhea.

    Looking forward to reading more and enjoying vicariously.

  8. I think your expressed pleasure of just lazing about is growing on me . . . I can almost picture it, your words and turns of phrase – ah, lovely.

    A couple of questions popped up while reading your entry this morning: first, do you stick to a prescribed length for each daily tale, or does it vary based on miscellaneous info? And secondly, a couple of times you’ve mentioned room service. I thought you were in a stand-alone villa; are you actually at a hotel-type place? Trying to picture it, and can’t, so I was just curious.

    Keep these great entries coming. All of us enjoy them so much.


    1. I can answer the second question — it’s a villa that’s part of a resort As I mentioned in a comment earlier that I’ll share the details of both places Nora and family stayed when they get home.


      1. Thanks, Laura. I wasn’t necessarily fishing for the name of the resort. I was just confused regarding where they were staying because I thought it was perhaps a private villa or something along those lines. But upon reflection, I believe they’re in the best of both worlds: some great privacy in a beautiful setting, and room service at the ready!! Thanks again.

  9. 2 years ago Christmas I had a glass of wine. I developed a very bad headache. I thought stress. New Years I had a glass of white wine. Ended up sick and another bad headache. Cautious I tried once more and have decided that wine has taken a dislike to me. I am very sad over this. So enjoy yourself. Xx

  10. Got a good laugh out of the art pics! Creative I guess! My wine preference is Reisling or Pinot Grigio. Not a red wine drinker.

  11. I love the arm coming out of the piano! Wonder if there’s a story behind it?

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