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I know it’s a month off, but I think of release day for Nora’s summer book as the first day of summer (or winter in the southern hemisphere). Nightwork is on shelves now!

Harry Booth started stealing at nine to keep a roof over his ailing mother’s head. He slips into luxurious, empty homes at night to find items he can trade for precious cash for medical bills, the mortgage, for food. When his mother finally succumbed to cancer, he left Chicago—but kept up his nightwork. He developed into a master thief with a code of honor and an expertise in not attracting attention or getting attached.

When he meets Miranda Emerson, the powerful bond between them upends all his rules. But along the way, Booth has made some dangerous associations, including the ruthless Carter LaPorte, who sees Booth as a tool he controls for his own profit. Knowing LaPorte will leverage any personal connection, Booth abandons Miranda for her own safety—cruelly, with no explanation—and disappears.

But the connection between Miranda and Booth is too strong, pulling them inexorably back together. Now Booth must face LaPorte, to truly free himself and Miranda once and for all.

Here’s the place to discuss everything related to Nightwork — so spoilers very much ahead.

Personally, I loved this book so very much. Can’t wait to reread.


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  1. Already loving this story, we know right away that Harry/Silas isn’t an innocent and virtuous character. But it’s also so easy to root for him.

  2. Loving the story… starting in Chicago!!! Just one thing for correction.. Chicago WHITE SOX… not socks…the proof reader must have been the other teams fan!!

  3. Already on chapter 5! So hard to pace myself…I already don’t want it to end, but I want so badly to know where Harry goes from here. Loving every second…even the hard ones.

  4. Just checked my Kindle, my pre order has arrived. Its my day off work tomorrow and was planning to catch up on chores. Errmmmm not any more. Husbands out all day so I can read in peace. Yyyeeaaahhhhh! Don’t you just love the anticipation of a brand NEW Nora story?!! I DO!! You just know its gonna be great.

  5. Mine arrived yesterday. Now the dilemma of reading it now (which I want to do) or minding my mind and finishing up yard work that has been begging for quite awhile…. I read the jacket flap last night. Oh! What to do….

  6. Reading my copy at the Inn Boonsboro! I hate to put it down, but the Inn is so exciting!

  7. Omg! I’m in tears for 3 chapters. Oh God I love this book. Aunt Mags, love her, we all need an aunt or big sister Mags in our lives. Harry, what a wonderful son. I can’t wait for his adventures to begin. I’m only on chapter 4, gotta get back to it.

  8. I’ve already finished the book and Booth is one of my favorite male characters! The story is so amazing and see Booth’s story made me cry at so many parts. It was so beautiful!

  9. After having read Nightwork, I have mixed feelings. I had a hard time getting through this one since I’ve loved all of Nora’s other books. This was slow going, alittle predictable, I loved the main characters, but the storyline was uninteresting and boring at times. In my opinion this was not Nora’s usual style of writing.

  10. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Nightwork. It’s disappointing for the writer and the reader that some books don’t hit the mark for some readers.

  11. Once again I was pulled into the story Nora wove. I lost my dad to cancer in April. We, unknowingly, had auch shorter time. I was in tears for Harry and Mags and myself. Thank you Nora for understanding the depth of grief.

    I’ll take my time with this read.

  12. Got it yesterday, and finished it already! 😭

    Well, I really enjoyed it, as I do the vast majority of Roberts/J. D. Robb books.

    Is this the first time Ms Roberts has portrayed a man as the main protagonist, with the majority of the story coming from his point of view? All of the others I think have women as the main character, but I may be mistaken on this.

    Anyway, loved it.

    1. Northern Lights and the entire Chesapeake Bay series had the male point of view front and center. As did the MacKade series from Silhouette back in the 1990s. I’m sure there are more, but these are off the top of my head.

      1. Even in more recent books Whiskey Beach and Under Currents were also primarily male POV.

        Plus the sign of 7 series.

      2. Forgot about the Chesapeake Bay series, which is brilliant. Duh. 🙄😂

      3. Pretty sure Under Currents is male-led too and I read that over and over again. It was really really good.

  13. I am halfway thru and I’m really enjoying this book. I have read many, many Nora books and have never been disappointed . I saw the earlier comment about not liking this story but, as Nora replied, not every book is for everyone. I for one am enjoying it.

  14. I finished Nightwork and I’m sitting in that feeling that I always have when a new Nora book comes to an end. I feel a little lost and a little sad. It is a solid story. I like Harry/Silas/Booth and Miranda. I’m happy they got their HEA but I feel like there are some things that I hoped to get that I didn’t. It’s strictly a preference thing. I love the books where we spend more time with family and with the friends who are family. I also missed it having one of her great villains because whew chile she gives us some doozies, like Patricia.

    Now I say that not as a criticism because I also know that every story is unique. I also understand why some of the things I missed didn’t work for this particular story because despite how people love to throw the word “predictable” around, Nora’s stories are far from that.

    Even as I think this book puts me in the mind of Honest Illusions meets The Witness they are still three distinct books.

    Another thing that I know about a Nora book is it can hit me differently every time I visit it. The first time I read The Liar I was not a fan. It is now one of my favorite books.

    I plan to listen to this one again now that I know what I’m getting. I can release my preferences and expectations and just enjoy the story which is a touching one. I really do love a hero with squishy morals. They are so interesting.

    1. I really get what you mean when you say that you get something different out each time you read Nora’s books. I am constantly re-reading her books and it never fails that I find something new each time. It’s also amazing that in those times when I can’t afford a new book I can always pick up one of hers and be just as sucked into the story as I was the first time.

    2. Yes for sure I definitely get something new every time. I’ve listened to Under Currents again and I’m finishing up Legacy again now in the time since I finished Nightwork. I usually do a massive Nora reread 2-4 times a year. I’m going to listen to Nightwork again once I finish legacy then I think I’m going to Hideaway, The Obsession, The Witness, and Sweet Revenge. The Liar will probably end up in there too

  15. Considering what an emotional roller coaster ride we’re experiencing living on this planet at this time, I really was looking forward to this annual adventure. My opinion (for what it’s worth, ha!) is that you have once again produced a book for me to enjoy as much as a reader can who has not trained for “night work.” As usual your characters are exquisitely drawn. I barely made it through chapter 3 and must take a break for a new box of tissues. (Spoiler alert!) It’s been almost 16 years since my only nephew and I lost my baby sis in the same way Harry and Mags lost Dana. Thank you, Nora, for honoring all the families who care for each other with such love. After a short break I will be ready to follow Harry again. Your ability to craft a description of his work with such anticipation of impending exposure is worth every moment of the ride! ❤️

  16. Just got to the part where Booth thinks how the smell of coffee never translated satisfactorily to the actual drink. It reminded me of the time I was having lunch with my mother and had coffee at the end. The coffee tasted the way it smelled. It was a major OMG moment, and I savored it. Whoever made that coffee deserved a major foodie award.

  17. I just got my copy so I’m not far into it… but I love Harrison Silas Booth and Mags and I want to toast the qrazies and the wonderful writer who brought them into my life. I have yet to read a Nora Roberts/JD Robb book that has left me unsatisfied. And I have read them all, at least twice, save of course for this one. Thank you Ms. Roberts, and now it’s back to more reading.

  18. Finished it last night. The story was so good! I loved that the ‘hero’ had those “squishy morals”. It made for such a dynamic character. He reminded me a lot of one or two of Nora’s other characters but was also completely his own person (if that makes sense).

  19. Great story – loved the characters’ growth throughout! I thought for sure Miranda would publish her novel and LaPorte would connect the dots from the details in the book and go after her.
    Loved Mags 💕
    Thank you for the kind words about nurses and the dignity you provided to Dana during her end-of-life. Many people need to hear it’s okay and this story allowed me to remember different experiences with loved ones in their final days.
    Thank you Nora!

  20. I made it to page 18 before I was crying. I love all of your books, as Nora Roberts and JD Robb, but you have truly outdone yourself expressing the ravages of cancer, the emotional toll, the financial toll and the effect on those that are closest. I have battled breast cancer twice, I’ve been through countless surgeries, chemo, radiation and have been cancer free for 4 years. “When she looked in the mirror, she saw that loss, that lack of choice, and someone who didn’t look quite like her.” – page 18. You hit the nail on the head.

  21. Started this book but had to put to down. Not sure if I will get back to it. I have just been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer after 8 years of remission and it cuts too close to home for me.

  22. Nora is such a good writer that I became fully invested in the story and characters even though I didn’t want to. Here was my “hard to get past.” Real criminals, whether thieves or murderers or whatever, are not competent, productive people, no matter what drove them to crime or who they commit crimes against. They are vicious, often stupid, people who couldn’t create if their lives depended on it. Much like the villain of this story. In real life, Harry, with his off the chart creativity, smarts and dedication, would have become some kind of app inventor or Tiktok influencer. But clever thieves have been a thing in storytelling since people gathered around the fire to hear them, and how I, as a die hard “The Sting” fan, among so many other examples, got all self righteous about this is a little bit of a mystery. Anyway, I truly appreciated how Nora wrapped it all up, how the love of good women redeemed Harry and the rest of the good guys, and I really loved all the Teacher scenes with the high school students. Harry was certainly a unique character, and this was a very different story than the many, many she has written before. It is a testament to her extraordinary writing skill that I first bought this full price ebook even after the preview tickled my prejudice against criminals and next that I carried through to the end and walked away feeling like I got my moneys worth.

    1. That’s an interesting take. After years of working in the correctional system, I can state first hand that there are some very smart, very productive, very rich criminals who will usually get caught for one crime despite having committed many. The intelligent ones look at being caught philosophically. They count the time they got versus what they could have, do the time, and plot their next venture. White Collar crime is usually committed by those smart enough and educated enough to operate in loftier worlds than say, your average drug dealer, hooker, armed robber. So yeah, while there are plenty of stupid criminals out there, there are also the competent, creative, smart, highly productive criminals out there. And they aren’t Tiktokers or influencers.

  23. I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis, Jan. Please know that I’ll be thinking of you; sending you warm wishes and a gentle hug.

  24. Being from South Louisiana from a town that is about halfway between New Orleans and Lake Charles, I wonder why Nora’s editors didn’t question the timing of many scenes between Booth & LaPorte because it’s a 4 Hour drive between New Orleans and Lake Charles. I wonder if she didn’t mean the Lakeshore District of New Orleans which is where all the very rich people live.

    1. I absolutely loved this book. Read it in 3 sittings! Booth is an amazing character. I cried, a lot, and I laughed. I fell in love with Booth & Miranda’s love story. I will read it again soon.

  25. Finished it yesterday!! Loved it!! It’s amazing how quickly you can fall for a family that you’re crying in the first chapter.
    Thanks Nora for another terrific read and yet another fictional crush with Harry/Booth.

  26. I loved it – I did worry it would be a rehash of honest illusions but it really wasn’t – can’t wait to re read it again – brilliant story line and I was thoroughly invested in the characters

  27. Great book as always! Loved all of it, couldn’t believe I was crying in first chapters.
    Thank you Nora Roberts for continuing to bring characters to life to take us on a ride of adventure. Loved all the cooking scenes, I’m not much of a cook so enjoyed all the different foods and prep.
    I was reading at a doctor’s visit and the nurse said she enjoyed your books and couldn’t believe how prolific you are. She then brought up the subject that makes you angry about others helping you write books. I set her straight that it’s all you, I eventually apologized for going all “fan girl” but wanted her to know you are just that talented!!!

  28. Thank you for another great book. This one is more special to me because I lost my husband of 47 years to cancer last November. Thank for understanding and writing about how it feels to lose a loved one. I loved the story and the characters, you are an amazing writer.

  29. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nora. I’m about 3/4 through Nightwork and I know it will be a book I read over and over. I’m savoring every chapter because it hooked me right from the start, got into my heart and I know it will stay there.

  30. So happy to know I am not the only one that re-reads Nora’s books. Nightwork was really enjoyable. I am currently re-reading Shelter In Place.

    Thank you Nora. You have once again given me a great deal of pleasure in my off time!

    1. I re-read all of Nora’s books over and over. Last year I read all of her single novels at least twice and most of the quartets and trilogies once. Saved a lot of money since I already owned them. LOL

  31. Loved the book! Am reading it again.

    What does “Écheis ta mátia mias thalássias mágissas” mean? Booth said it to Miranda when she asked him to say something in Greek, but then he lied about what it meant. I don’t think the English translation was ever provided. Google Translate isn’t helping.

    1. Ann, I think it means “You have the eyes of a sea witch”

  32. Just finished it, a great satisfying story. Terrific characters, didn’t want it to end. You know it’s a good book when you find yourself thinking about it when at work! Thank you, Nora for another great read! Stay well and enjoy the summer. I hope we get to see more garden pictures soon!

  33. Loved the book! I get audiobooks usually and the narrator was amazing! Loved the accents and all the emotions heard in their voice.

    The characters … love Booth. Squishy Morals. The best!! Loved how he’d get outraged if it was suggested he did something that’d break one of his rules. So glad he stuck to those squishy morals as he won without breaking his rules.

    Best characters for me were Mags, Sebastian and the wonderful people who helped him heal in New Orleans!! Mags is by far the absolute best. She’s not blind to his actions. Loved him unconditionally… and he loved her equally.

    Pinky swear!!

  34. Just finished it and loved it. One of Nora’s best, but then I say that about all her books. Lol. An autobuy for me, in the last 20 or so years, ever since I Found Hidden Illusions

  35. I just finished reading Nightwork and it was such a great book! I am so in love with Booth. I think he is now the third absolute favorite of your heroes that totally stole my heart. He joins Eli from Whiskey Beach and Nate from Northern Lights. 🙂 Although that doesn’t mean I don’t love them all. 🙂

  36. Like all new NR and JDR books, I eagerly await their arrival and the weekend I can dedicate to losing myself in them. Nightwork didn’t disappoint! Thank you, Nora, for giving us Harry and Miranda’s story as well as Mags/Sebastian and Dauphine/Luc. What a lovely cast of characters. And in these turbulent times, I really enjoyed a book that helped me relax and enjoy rather than one that added to my anxiety <3

    I do wish we could see the storyline carry forward into an Eve/Roarke tale. Like Remember When, if simple feels like there is another generation of the story to be shared! 🙂

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