Girls, Games & Griffin

Another Girl Spa Week in the bag! We missed Laura, who ditched us to attend her son’s wedding. Of all the nerve! And Pat who’s in the process of moving.

But the rest of us had a very fine time.

Every time I walk into the lobby after the drive, I feel my stress level plummet. Just ahhhh.

We’re back in The Chateau after a two-year absence. The first year, canceled due to Covid, the second year in a house on property, due to Covid again.

We’re all happy to be back in our traditional space. Settle in, pop a bottle. Slainte one and all. Relax, eat, enjoy watching Griffin explore the space.

The boy likes a good hotel.

Nicole and JoAnne just dancing.

And let the games begin! Just Dance comes first, and while Kayla and Sarah are neck-in-neck, Kayla wins it with top score. Bowling’s up next, and I crushed it! Hello, five strikes in a row. But I disqualify myself from Fabulous Prizes.

Games continue, but not the tourney, as Griffin wants to race. At home he likes to chase me around the house until we round back to the start/finish line. Then, he looks at me with puppy eyes and says: Ready? I must repeat it. Then Set, then GO!!! Usually at the finish there’s: Hooray! We did it. We win a trophy, and high fives. But he sometimes skips that and goes straight back to Ready?

Different track in the suite, but same game. Around and around we go. I bank a LOT of steps before bedtime. And slept like a rock.

Work out in the morning, then clean up for some shopping. They’ve painted big angels wings on one of the walls in the shop area, and Kayla poses. We have fun, Griffin especially in the toy store.

Then Kayla and I have massages. More ahhhhh!

Lovely, lovely. Let’s cap that off with a glass (or two) of champagne and a cookie.

Dinner order’s in, Jo and Jeanette arrive. They have to catch up with dancing and bowling. More Fabulous Prizes! And more races. It helps that Kayla joins in there.

And it’s great, seriously great, just to hang out with girls.

Another morning, another work out. Jo’s got a neck/shoulder deal going on, so I take it easy on her. We do a lot of stretching.

Elaine, Jo, Kat and I squeeze in Scrabble. I have words, but no strategy for Scrabble and they have my share and more. But they needed the fourth and Jeanette (who also kills in Scrabble) had a treatment.

I am the lamb to the slaughter.

Kat defeats all comers.

Kat’s win — I think, no one labeled these. ~Laura

I have champagne to sustain me.Meanwhile Nicole’s doing makeovers. She’s a Seint rep, and all her profits go to Distinguished Young Women–a scholarship program for high school seniors.

Nicole in action
Kat creating more art

Laura sends us pictures of the wedding. Oh, so beautiful! And our girl is dancing! Happy!

More bowling, more dancing–Kayla’s killing it. Jo wins her bowling heat, if I remember right. And Kayla and Sarah will face off in the Just Dance finals when we get to it.

We do some Wild Cards for those who have no stickers on the board. Everyone wins a trophy!

Morning workout, and a little more cardio of Jo as she’s down to sore. Lots more stretching.

Sunday is Paint Day. Griffin gets a sitter. He isn’t thrilled, but I distract him with a race so Kat can sneak out. Then I make my escape. And he has his Monster Trucks to sustain him, and takes a nap halfway under the couch.

I should add, Griffin is now seriously attached to the little lawnmower Grandda and I gave him on his first birthday. He often takes it to be with him. And this is essential to his race games. In the mornings, I can hear him coming from across the hall into the suite as the lawnmower clacks its way.

But now it’s paint time! We’ve chosen the painting–a pretty simple sun on the meadow sort of deal. I sit as far away from Kat and her genuine artistic talent as possible. I’m between Jo and Kayla, and we begin with the sky.

Kayla and Nora
Sarah, Elaine and Jeannette

A glance over and I see Sarah’s going for a night sky.

My sun looks like a six-year-old painted it–all it needs are the rays poking out. So I paint over it. No sun on my meadow! Kayla’s sun looks like it should, and even better. Jo paints over hers.

I try clouds, and I think I regressed to a four-year-old. Paint over them.

Sarah’s night sky has become a dramatic storm with a freaking tsunami instead of a meadow, and a rocky outcropping in the corner with a figure standing on it. It’s fabulously fierce.

I work on my grass. I’m fairly pleased with my grass and my sunless sky. I refuse to be unpleased when I walk around, see Elaine’s, Jeanette’s, Nicole’s. Even Kat’s.

We can add flowers, so I do. No, I tell our helpful instructor, don’t show me how to paint tulips as they will probably look like the work of a two-year-old. But I have fun mixing colors, dabbing, dotting, swirling. Jeanette does awesome daisies. Kat’s is, well, gorgeous. And no one’s looks like the template. They’re all just wonderful and individual. And every one of us leaves happy.

[Laura’s note: Since I wasn’t present in person, here are all the paintings for your perusal.]

Good job, girls!

Griffin continues his nap when we get back. It’s Scrabble for Nicole, Jeanette, Sarah and Kayla. Kayla inherited her Scrabble skills from her Nana, poor thing. Jeanette dominates.

It’s pizza and ice cream night! Who could ask for more?

First Round of Cards Against Humanity. It’s always ridiculous fun. I do well here as I know my individual judges and I get really good cards.

Elaine has to leave us Monday, early, so we say our goodbyes before bedtime.

Morning workout, then Jo, Jeanette, Kayla and I head off for mani-pedis. Or just the pedi for Jeanette today. I love knowing the hardest decision I have to make today is what colors on my toes. My feet are incredibly happy by the end of it.

Kayla and I make our way back as Jo has a massage after nails.

Dinner. I have to give kudos to the chefs. We have among us, two vegetarians, a shell-fish, beef and pork allergy, and a gluten allergy. It’s a lot to deal with, and they really come through.

I think we did some final rounds, more wild cards. I know Sarah and Kayla went head-to-head for Just Dance. Well fought, but Kayla nipped her for the final round win. Jo and Kayla are the finalists in Bowling. This time Kayla goes down.

Did I miss this? Um, no.

Workout morning, and Jo’s better so I don’t take it so easy on her.

More makeovers. It’s really fun to see the transformations. I make a palette–girl toys–and add their brush cleaner as it’s so much better than anything I’ve used. Ever.

Kat, Kayla, Griffin and I take advantage of a pretty day, go outside for a walk. That becomes many, many races. Then Hide-And-Seek.

This is particular fun as you can hide behind a skinny pole, and Griffin loves it. Or you can sit on a bench, cover your face with your hands. He’s on board. This is in a really spacious and pretty courtyard area we have to ourselves.

We race, and when Griffin needs a break, he pushes his lawnmower into the grass and pretends to be stuck. So Kayla and I use this ruse, pretend to be stuck. Catch our breath.

Dinner, more Cards Against Humanity. Kayla sneaks up on me this time. I blame my cards. Since she won Just Dance–every round– Cards twice, and finaled in Bowling, it’s no stretch to see who’ll get the crown on our last night.

Final Scrabble–Jeanette and Kat. The tension is palpable! The board is tight, neither combatant giving way. Though Jeanette came close, Kat remains undefeated.

Last day workout, hang out, enjoy. I take Griffin duty so Kat can finally have a much-deserved massage. Kayla assists. He really likes the kid dances on Just Dance, so is well entertained.

Last dinner, last races, last ahhhs before Kayla is crowned Queen of the Girl Spa. Youth kicked Experience’s ass this year.

The winnah!

One last morning workout. Everyone finishes packing. It’s a lot!! Even though I don’t have the three bags of clothes purged from my closet–they went Night Two. Or all those Fabulous Prizes.

Hugs all around. So glad to have had this time together. Then Kayla and I drive home where the dogs–and BW–are happy to see us. And my gardens have exploded in the week away. Big and beautiful and full.

I took some pictures yesterday. Laura can decide whether to add them to this–which would be a lot–or just do another blog of garden pictures. Or save them. I’ll let her surprise me.

That was our week, and it hit every note. We missed you, Laura, and you Pat, but we’re already booked for next year!

Treasure the women in your life. They’re the flowers that bloom all year long.


A preview of a garden gallery on Wednesday.

A note from Laura:

While I’d argue using the word “ditch” to describe missing Spa Girl week, I was definitely absent. Instead of a scoreboard, my focus was on flowers

Rehearsal dinner settings

water views

View from reception

and family

Me with daughter Clare & her partner Nate.
Proud parents of the groom
The happy couple.
There was a lot of other dancing, but the video isn’t in from the photographers yet.

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  1. So much done in a week! Congrats to Laura on your son’s wedding. It looked lovely.

    Nora looked to be her normal taskmaster self. I’m thinking you had to go home to get some rest!!

  2. Two perfect summer events – a child’s wedding and hanging with girls. Fun was had by all. ❤️

  3. It’s always wonderful to have insight into the world of Nora and Laura. I am a total spa fan, so I greatly enjoyed this post. Grandchildren seem to grow and mature more quickly than their parents did! Kayla is a beautiful woman and Griffin so sweet and handsome. Both of them have fabulous hair! Congratulations Laura and thank you for sharing your lovely family with us. You looked stunning. So happy that you were able to dance!

  4. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. CONGRATULATIONS Laura on your new daughter. From the picture it appears that your surgery was a complete success

    Thanks for sharing your spa week with us again.

  5. Loved the travelogue, videos, and pictures. Congrats to Queen Kayla! Loved the photos from the wedding, Laura!

  6. Beautiful Wedding Laura ..nice moves for a lady with a recent hip replacement 💗. Nothing more special than a girl weekend with good friends and family.

  7. What a wonderful time you all had and needed. How old is Griffin now? He is so sweet.

  8. Well done, everyone! Laura, congrats on your dancing at your son’s wedding. I know that took a lot of work to get so fluid in your moves. It all looked great. Griffin looks six inches taller! You’re lucky you didn’t get the popping lawn mower. I still get yelled at for getting that for my niece when she was two. She’s now 42.

  9. First off Laura you look great! I am so glad you recovery from surgery has gone so well that you could dance at your son’s wedding. As always the Girl Spa week looks fabulous and fun! Everyone needs a good week away with great girl pals! Looking forward to the next installment of the blog and just waiting for Night Work to come out.

  10. What a great time! Griffin is a riot, is he about 3-1/2 now? I love seeing these travelogues. Can’t wait to see the garden pictures too. Laura, the wedding pictures look lovely. Thanks for sharing so much with us. Stay well!

  11. Laura, congrats! You & your dress & your dance look superb. And Nora. So you think you are lousy at painting. At least like Roarke & his bbq, at least there’s something you are not great at.

  12. I was so happy to see Laura is healed well and could dance at her son’s wedding. You go girl!

  13. Wow! The Spa Week looks like it was such fun! I have to get my daughter and 14yr old grand, plus my daughter’s 2 best friends and goddaughter to do this. My best friends (2 since 3rd grade-1956 & 1 since 1977) claim we’re too old, we’re 74-77yrs old, to do this! I say old is what you make of it! I’ve had 2 back Neurosurgeries (3rd one in August probably), a knee replacement, torn Rotator cuff, 4 types of arthritis and Fibromyalgia, but I’m not willing to be an old lady sitting in a rocking chair! My grand text me this morning and asked me to teach her Latin. She’s already studying Mandarin Chinese and acing it! I’m game, but it’s 58yrs since I last studied Latin!
    I think I know which painting was Kat’s. She’s truly artistic. My grand is now a 100% vegetarian like Kayla. We’ve had fun creating our own vegetarian dishes, plus she appreciates that I bought vegetarian cookbooks for her mother and myself, to make sure she has a wide variety of tasty, nutritional dishes. She’s studying Ballet and Modern Dance daily @ LaGuardia HS of Performing Arts (“FAME” high school), has 90min commute each way, so needs her proteins, carbs, vitamins. My son-in-law has actually benefited, from her diet, as my daughter just adds meat for them to the Veggie/Carbo dish she makes for my grand. His diabetes is under better control, as he’s eating healthier (at least when at home).
    Laura, congrats from another Laura on being able to dance at your son’s wedding! You looked wonderful! They’re a beautiful couple! I’m probably having a hip replacement next year (back surgery comes first!). I already had my knee replaced on that side, have an excellent physical therapy place to help me get back in shape. Hope you get to dance at your daughter’s wedding, someday, as well!

  14. Wonderful Spa setting, spacious rooms idea for Griffin to run with his beloved lawnmower, such lovely fun and games for you all. Loved the paintings. 🤗 🌈 Always such fun reading your adventures in your time out. 🤗 Stay Safe and thank you for sharing your precious family time with your readers. 🤗.

  15. The pictures are fabulous! Kayla with her Angel wings is beautiful. Sounds like fun was had by all. Laura, I love weddings and your family is lovely. Looks like you had fun, too! Thank you both for sharing.

  16. Thanks so much for the sharing and the photos. Looks like a great week was had by all!

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