Litograph contest update

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked in the expanded time frame for the Litographs Naked in Death design contest.  Our thanks to everyone who participated. (And thanks to everyone who backed up an “I can’t design” with “but I’ll  buy one!”)
Litographs products require a specialized style and formatting. While the five submitted designs were beautiful and creative, we (and Litographs) were afraid that they would not be properly recognizable when created from text, so they will NOT join the Litographs product line.
But we were so impressed by all of the submissions (below) that when the Litographs team suggested each submission be named a finalist, Nora agreed immediately.   Litographs will send each of these designers a $50 gift card to
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What’s next?  Well, the project is still very much a go and Nora will work with  Litographs on new artwork for Naked in Death products.  I hope to share them with you in early 2016.   Then we’ll move on to Dance Upon the Air and Vision in White.
Stay tuned!

31 thoughts on “Litograph contest update”

  1. I really like the last one with the gun and the coffee cup, describers her to a tee.

    1. You know, Nora never really described what a stunner looked like… I wonder does it’s shape physically resemble that of a gun (you know, cock your thumb up, stick your finger out)?

      1. Tina,

        She is a cop, she drinks a lot of coffee. This is what I am refering to here. I would buy one of these Eve Dallas T-shirts for sure.

      2. Cheryl: Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. (Roarke is represented, too, by the Celtic knot and the button she lost.)

        Tina: I know, I wondered the same thing. That’s partly why I showed it holstered. I figured, it’s got to have a grip and trigger, though that still could be more like a Star Trek phaser or something. (I wish I’d polished the shape a bit more when they extended the deadline.)

  2. I would love to see the original Naked In Death US cover for the T-Shirt. Most of us would recognize it immediately!

    1. I asked on the original announcement whether that was a possibility, but Laura’s reply ruled it out on legal grounds, which didn’t surprise me.

  3. I love the last one- the gun and coffee mug. But I trust the designers to come up w/a great one. When it’s finalized, I can’t wait to buy it. I wonder if we will have options other than a tote bag- I’d love a bolster pillow for my chaise- where I spend so much time reading all the In Death books.

  4. They’re all incredible! Looking forward to the final “look”.

  5. I love the last one, weapon harness, celtic design on ever present coffee cop, and of course the button.

  6. Wow, well done!! These are wonderful. Looking forward to the finals, as well as the other interpretations of books.
    Happy New Year!!


  7. Congratulations to everyone who submitted..they are all amazing. My favorite is the one with the coffee and Galahad..

    1. Thank you. I spent hours and hours on this design. Very disappointed they’ve halted the contest. Seems like an independent company could produce a T-shirt for the “In Death” fans of all these designs. Lots of customers ready, after all. 🙂

  8. Love them all but the one with the cat has the wrong rank on the badge. Otherwise it’s great too! When will we be able to buy?

    1. Since they don’t fit the Litographs guidelines, these designs are not going to be made into t-shirts. I just thought it would be nice to share the entries.


      1. Should the designs for Litographs be silhouettes, rather than spaces with writing in them?

    2. That’s mine. Until you said something, I thought Detective was a general term and Lieutenant was specific — but they said the winner would be tweaked, so had my design come out on top, I’d have fixed that for sure! Thanks for catching it.

  9. would love the last one on the t-shirt are they ever going to be for sale ??

    1. Since they don’t fit the Litographs guidelines, these designs are not going to be made into t-shirts. I just thought it would be nice to share the entries.


  10. Since several fellow fans liked my concept (yay!), I thought I’d post this:
    ** ATTENTION **
    Litograph artists, if you’re “listening”…

    I tried to follow the instructions and tips as given in (white-on-black, and clear, recognizable shapes w/o ~too many~ fine lines), but I’m well-aware I’m not a pro-quality graphics designer.
    I therefore cede to you full rights to take the concept in whole or in part and make it polished and suitable for your printing requirements, if you want to. It’d still be a thrill for me to see any of my idea realized to promote one of my favorite series’!

    Looking forward to seeing the final artwork … and to my gift certificate!

    Sincerely, Diane DesAutels (Let’s make it all official!)

    1. You know best, but you could eliminate the fine print & simplify the crest on the badge, make the Celtic knot into solid lines, and even replace the weapon with Galahad or a city skyline if you’re hesitant to use a gun — though guns are a major part of the plot in book 1!

  11. Diane D. I share your frustration. I read and re-read the directions — had a design and completely chucked it when it didn’t fit their specs. I know mine is too complicated, but they said they would work with the winner to tweak.

    Also, their designs (and I have one from Pride & Prejudice) feature a front and back — so my design above (Eve at the window on one side, seeing death in the city – and coffee, Galahad, and a detective badge on the other) is TWO sides of the shirt.

    I also paid great attention to the “white on black” … for naught.

    Anyone who wants to use my design for a shirt should email me and I’ll send a high-res version (with a correction of Lieutenant for Detective) for use in creating a shirt — free of charge, with my thanks for the interest in using it. My email is my first name as spelled above at earthlink dot net.

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