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Legacy is on sale today! And here’s the place to discuss the book from start to finish.

A reminder of the cover copy:

Adrian Rizzo met her father for the first time when she was seven. It was the same day he nearly killed her mother, Lina.

A decade later, Adrian is as cool-headed and ambitious as her mother. They aren’t close, but they’re cordial as long as neither crosses the other. And then the vicious letters begin to arrive. While Lina dismisses the death threats as a routine part of her daughter’s growing celebrity, Adrian can’t help but find the vicious rhymes unsettling.

Year after year, they arrive with different postmarks, but the same menacing tone.

Sometimes it even seems like the terrifying messages are indeed routine, like nothing will come of them. Until the murders start, and the escalation begins.

Did you race through Legacy or savor it? Share all in the comments.


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  1. I just received “Legacy” through the library – so grateful your books go through the library system. Can’t wait to start reading this weekend.

  2. Damn it, the weather is perfect so I need to get plants in the ground but I’d far rather be planting myself in a chair with a cool drink and Legacy. Here’s hoping for rain!

    1. No rain but I ignored obligations just long enough to finish and now, like after every release, I’m kicking myself since I have so long to wait til the next book.

      Another home run and another cast of characters that even glimpses made me love.

  3. I just finished the first chapter and I can’t wait to read the rest! This story grabs you from the get go, true Nora’s style! Gotta get back to it.

  4. I’m sure the book wasn’t written this way on purpose but lots of (possibly unintended) Easter eggs to be found. About halfway thru it now and seeing many character names, similarities, and premises/themes from previous Nora and JD Robb books. Tribute, The Liar, The Stanislaski series, Fantasy in Death, Shelter in Place, High Noon…makes me smile with each one that I find.

    1. This is one thing that really stuck out to me too. It felt like in a way she was trying to subtly salute and acknowledge all of her previous novels, kind of a way maybe someone would try to wrap up in things to show their lives work and wind down. Sometimes individuals go through a nostalgic phase (which with this pandemic I think the entire world has at one point in time this past year).

      But most of all this is the 40th Anniversary of Nora Roberts 1st Novel, Irish Thoroughbred, in 1981. Congratulations Nora on such a remarkable career that has touched the entire world in so many ways. There have been so many times that the characters and worlds you have created have been my refuge, my only form of peace, and some of my dearest friends. Wishing you my love and happiness and thank you for these beautiful blessings you have bestowed upon us to cherish.

      1. I also noticed the similarities. I want to say the I very much enjoyed Kayla, the interior designer college student.

        1. Thankfully!

          I think that there are just so many stories and names that crossover is almost inevitable now.

  5. Ignoring work and reading today lol. Just through the first 117 pages and feeling so much I have to stop for a bit . I can tell this will be another favorite already. Nora has the ability to pull on emotions and make the characters real..to me at least. Legacy is amazing!!

  6. I just got it, and am anticipating starting it. Once I start, I know that I will devour it.

  7. It is a great book, I reading it in one setting, except for lunch.
    Very enjoyable.
    Thank you Nora

  8. I’ve read the first 2 chapters and I am already loving the book. Can’t wait to read some more.

  9. Picked it back up and could not stop! What a wonderful and many more adjectives, story! I hated coming to the end! 🥺 Another amazing book with characters I will remember for years.
    Thank you!

  10. Just started. First chapter took me by surprise. BAM! Way to get the story rolling!!!

  11. Read until 1 am today. About half way through I had a guess of who done it but was not sure and had to read until I knew for sure. It is a great one I will read again.

  12. Been reading it all day. Am over 2/3 through and on pins and needles. I am scared for Adrian. Wow I will definitely be rereading this as one of my favorites! Anyone else getting nervous as you read it?


  13. i just finished Legacy, and I loved it. The book has a different feel to Nora’s other books that I read. There is a lot of individual character development and in keeping with the title, it really does show a Legacy of lives lived. A beautifully written book.

  14. Whenever I get a new Nora book, I usually wait until the weekend so that I can read it straight through. This time, I couldn’t stand it, so I read half the book after I got home from work Monday night and the other half after I got home from work last night. I was very happy that this one had more of the romance aspect than her last 2 or 3 did, which were also excellent books. She has a gift for characterization, so much that I think I would recognize the characters in her books if I saw them on the street. Just little things that humanize them, make them real. She’s been my favorite author since the very first book of hers I read – Irish Thoroughbred – back in the Silhouette days.

  15. I always tell myself to go slow when I start a new NR book because I don’t want it to end too soon. It never works, I’ll have to stay up most of the night and fake it tomorrow at work!
    Love this one already, I’m on chapter 6.

  16. Great book and great audio! Just what I needed. Thank you for all the hard work!

  17. Finished. Nora knocks another one out of the park. I adored the children – each with a distinctive personality. I want to live in Phinville. Sadie and Jasper – two dogs anyone would want as their own. I was very anxious during the last few chapters of the book, worried as to what was going to happen, but was very satisfied with the outcome. As usual, I’m both happy and sad that I finished the book. Happy it was another great read, and sad that I now have to figure out what to read next.

  18. I’m about halfway through and just screw my feelings. Listening to this at work and I’m crying. Is it just me, or are the emotions in her books getting more intense? How is this woman getting better at her craft?!

  19. I chose the Audible version. I truly lived listened to the narration and how each character came to life. The plot was contemporary and yet the core of Legacy was family. Thank you so much for giving your readers so much enjoyment.

  20. Finished it! Loved it! Such human characters, with normal emotions and everyday lives. Beautiful portrayal of relationships between the characters, celebrating the ties that bind. The book moved at a steady pace, built up well. Oh, and totally loved the love story of the dogs! Way to go, Nora! 😍😍

  21. Just finished Legacy 💕 loved it. Noras books always make me want to move to a small town and get involved. Love her books. Cant wait till the next one.

  22. FINISHED!!!!!
    Let me just say WOW!!!! Another #1!
    Love, love, love this book!! Oh, the kids!!!! The dogs!!!! I enjoyed each and everyone one of them. Mariah, girl after my own heart! This book has it all, sadness, fury, anger, anxiety, humor, romance, I can go on…….

    I absolutely loved watching Adrian grow up. The friendships she made in high school. Her own little crew of producers, videographer and managers. I love how they grow in their roles. Watching Teesha with her family and moving to Travel Creek. Adrian finally got together with her childhood crush (it’s the eyes). I loved how sweet Lorilee was and I was a little bit heartbroken when Adrian first met her and Raylan at the restaurant. I was sure that Adrian would never get her childhood crush and I felt bad because I actually like Lorilee! I should have known (Nora always gets her man) would find a way to make it happen. Such a sweet moment when Lorilee appeared to Raylan regarding the wedding band, made me fall in love with her even more.

    The ending!!!!! OH my!! I held my breath for the last chapter. PI McNee (what a woman!) Adrian kicking that bastard ass. Raylan jumping in to help and the dogs! God Sadie and Jasper going for the legs and arms. What a crew!! I could go on and on… Thank God I have a long weekend this week for a RE-read!

    Thank you Nora for your hard work and talent. You make my life so much better. I can always count on your books to take me out of my ordinary everyday into a great story. Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  23. As always….I’m flying through this book. Can’t wait to see what happens next….😃 Loving that Adrian is such a strong character. Not crumbling when things get rough.

  24. Okay what a fascinating story. I didn’t picture the father as being who he was in the story. I had the figured they were divorced before she was born or something. What a powerful opening. I cried when Popi died. It just got to me. And the way Adrian and Raylan fell into each other in love was so wonderful. Then that ending whew. Loved that Sadie went for help after the killer sedated her. Admire how Adrian fought and the PI was so awesome. Then to have Raylan, Sadie and Jasper arrived to help take the killer down was perfect. LOVED the proposal. Who could resist?

  25. I forgot to mention I did not put it down until the end. That was at 6:30 Saturday morning. 🙂

  26. Nora just knows how to create characters we care about. Nobody nobody does kids and dogs like Nora.

  27. Good grief. I’m not even halfway through, and I keep choking up, tearing up, getting misty. Whatever you want to call it. Maybe it’s all my fault — we lost Daddy to COVID-19 last year, and now my husband is accelerating through early-onset Alzheimer’s, so I’m really sensitive to family and loss right now. But this book is sticking a shiv right into my feels. Super busy for the next couple of days, but I can hardly wait to dive back into it! A good cry never hurt anybody. (Smile) Thanks for another good one, Nora.

  28. I absolutely loved this book. I enjoy them all but for me this is up there with the best. It has all the feels as they say.
    My test is if I genuinely cry reading and I did. I also laughed out loud and day dreamed with the romantic element.
    I liked how Kayla got a mention.
    It was perfect. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Thank you Nora.

  29. Very enjoyable, I love your stories Nora, I always get them as soon as they are released and just devour them right away and then reread later at a slower pace to get all the little references. GOOD BOOK.

  30. I loved this book. I tried to read it slowly but couldn’t do it. I loved watching Adrian grow up and all the relationships grow among family and friends. Tears shed, many laughs with the kids, and great suspense.
    I loved the references to Kayla, the college student who just finished her freshman year of college. Also, the town restaurant called Rizzos and the reference to the Roman god ( I think) Vesta.
    I miss visiting TTP and this felt like I was in Boonsboro.
    Congratulations, Nora and thank you for another wonderful story.

  31. I finished the book the day last week. I’m still bereft from missing the characters. I ABSOLUTELY adored EVERY PROTAGONISTS in this book!

  32. Thank you again for another awesome story !!! 🙏 I went with the Audible version and loved every second of the Similar to other books and other characters I felt such utter contempt for Jonathon Bennett Sr. in the opening chapter !! Such a complete S.o.B.!! I have often cried in some previous books. I have had a lot of anger or other unpleasant emotions for some characters but in this book I believe I experienced all of the above !! I loved Lorilee ( how could you not ?!? ) I had an actual violent reaction to Nicky Bennett ( I REALLY just wanted to b_*ch slap her !! ) and I couldn’t come up with the proper name for JJ !! I have to say it has been a long time since I have had such an emotional reaction to a book!!
    So again thank, thank THANK YOU for all your hard work!! Your fans ( your true and real fans ) know how hard you work to make these characters come alive!! We know that you don’t pull them out of thin air ( or anywhere else lol 😁) Anybody that questions that does not understand you or your work. So after they bite you, the rest of us will get in line so they can bite us too !! Ha ha ha
    Love your books and as always I am looking forward to the next❣️

  33. Nora is my #1 author, and I’m a reader. Now retired, and active, I am still teaching college as an adjunct, which leaves me plenty of reading time. My husband is writing a book and I am always telling him to read some NR because no matter the storyline, the characters are always so likeable that you can’t put the books down. You become invested early and they become quite real. Not that I’m looking to find fault, but in Ch 21, Rachel is providing the backstory on Adrians half-brother, and after the discussion about their Mother’s suicide, Adrian says the poems began coming shortly after. Rachel then says “Possibly a psychic break, that final loss.” Shouldn’t that be psychotic and not psychic?? Don’t hate on me friends, just asking if I’m misunderstanding the word.

  34. I really liked this book. It seems like a bit of a trend in the latest books of Nora’s that bring in more of the childhood and the growth of the characters.
    I will say that this book has more of the “sad” in it then usual. Other lead characters have lost family and spouses, but it’s normally in the past – off-camera, so to speak. Or the story will pick up a few years down the road and a death will be mentioned, but it’s not normally so immediate. It definitely added poignancy to the whole idea of Legacies, and what they mean.
    I also really liked that Adrian and Lina could start connecting in a better way.
    I was really afraid for Rachael – and I really didn’t want her to die! And Sadie! My heart was in my throat, but I don’t think Nora’s ever killed a dog in her books so I should have known better. LOL

  35. Can anyone tell me why Nora’s mid-year selection is NEVER in any of those lists of “books for summertime reads”? Just because she doesn’t have to shill her books to get on the Best Seller lists doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Thank you, Nora, for such a well crafted and suspenseful story. I agree with the previous comments that this was a page turner, keeping me on the edge, fearing what would happen next. With all of the emotional, roller coaster rides (besides the ones for the adorable kids) you created, I still was not prepared to realize how hard it was going to be to get through chapter 23! And you found a way to take advantage of all of your workout knowledge! Amazing 5 star work. You may not need me to write a review to B&N, but I’m doing it anyway.

  36. I just finished, gotta love sneaking chapters between zoom meetings! Love the dogs, loved the friendships, smiled so big at Kayla the interior designer. I will say, I feel bad for Raylan, he just bought that damn house! Ah well, love is worth the headache of real estate.

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