Italy travelogue, part XVI

We watched the sun set, gloriously, over the western hills. A ball  of red that spread streaks and smears of color as it dropped away. The light  goes very soft. Our three ladies are here to prepare dinner and see we’re well  taken care of. There’s bread and cheese and thin slices of cold-cut meat. I  could’ve made a meal of that alone. But there are wonderful scents wafting  through the big kitchen.
They’ve picked tomatoes fresh from the vine, served them in big  chunks with basil just as fresh.
We’re eating on the patio at the big wood table with the hills all  around.
Fresh pasta, cooked to perfection set off with a lovely Chianti.  Night lowers–the moon rose on one side of the sky as the sun set on the other  and all the hills go into silhouettes.
Now there’s strips of steak–sauted, I think, in oil and balsamic,  with thin slices of grilled eggplant, roasted peppers. It’s gorgeous, but I  can’t do justice to it after all the rest. We’ll have marvelous left-overs. To  finish it off, a fruit parfait, a kind of almost melted ice cream, but richer,  with chunks of fresh fruit.
I don’t think you can get more relaxed. If there’s tension left  after a few hours in Tuscany with beautiful food, wine, and scenery, you need  serious help!
A good night’s sleep in our pretty room, and I wake up to that  vivid sunshine over hills of green and gold. Different from my deep summer green  woods at home, or the drenched shining green of the Irish hills I love. This is  intense and stunningly baked. From my window here, I see olive and cypress  trees, and the vineyard just across the little dirt road. Then the rise of  hills, the shadows of mountains.
There’s a cluster of brown stone buildings topping a high  forested rise. Asia said it was an abandoned village, and someone bought it. He  built a hotel and cafe. It must have awesome views.
From this window, I can see about a half a dozen houses scattered,  and all look as if they might have grown there. From the other window, I see the  front garden, and one house on a distant hill.
It’s a very fine place to be after a bustling week in  Florence.
I may do my yoga outside in the sun.
PS. Here are some of BW’s photos from the Pitti Palace
Photos by Bruce WIlder
Photos by Bruce WIlder

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  2. I love Italy, and when my husband asks where I want to go on vacation that is my pick. The time there is a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

  3. Sounds like a perfect way to end a vacation that started off very busy, shopping and touring. Love BW pictures. Please post more of the small villas and scenery in Tuscany. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!

  4. I’ve learned to read Nora’s wonderful travelogue only on a full stomach, otherwise two seconds into her lush descriptions of food I’m starving and raiding the fridge…..

  5. Really, that just sounds GLORIOUS! I think no picture in my mind can do those stunning hills any justice. What a wonderfully different scene!
    Yoga in the sun! Just icing on the proverbial cake!

  6. And Nora doesn’t need any – help, I mean – she “sounds” so relaxed and in peace.
    Good for her (and us :)).

  7. was really wishing that you were back in Ireland or Greece. I was not having as much fun in Florence. Now that you’re in the villa things seem to be better. I want more pictures of Bruce he is my sex god. Just joking

  8. Nora, you paint such vivid pictures with your words! Thanks, BW, for the awesome pictures!

  9. Excellent description I just picture the scenes would love to visit there some day. While reflecting on your recent posts I thought of Maggie & her 1st impressions of Rogan’s homes in Europe wondered how your current place in time compares. Thanks again for sharing Nora & posting Laura.

  10. Just checked my world clock app @ realizes while its 4 pm here it’s 11:00 pm in Florence wow so you must have to leave early in the states to get there before dark.

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