Inheritance discussion spot

Inheritance is in stores today! The first book in The Lost Bride Trilogy sets the stage for what’s to come and this is the place to discuss.

First, the official description:

Graphic designer Sonya MacTavish is stunned to learn that her late father had a twin brother he never knew about. When her uncle, Collin Poole, left her almost everything he owned, including a majestic Victorian house on the Maine coast, his will stipulates she must live in it for at least three years. With her engagement recently broken, her freelance business just getting off the ground, she sets off to find out why the boys were separated at birth.

Trey Doyle welcomes Sonya to sprawling clifftop manor.  He acknowledges that yes, the place is haunted…but just a little. Sure enough, Sonya finds objects moved and music playing out of nowhere. She sees a painting by her father inexplicably hanging in her deceased uncle’s office, and a portrait of a woman named Astrid — Trey refers to her as “the first lost bride.” It’s becoming clear that Sonya has inherited far more than a house. She has inherited a centuries-old curse, and a puzzle to be solved if there is any hope of breaking it…

So…what did you think of Inheritance?

And remember, spoilers are very much ahead.


214 thoughts on “Inheritance discussion spot”

    1. Loved this story, but then …Nora…(the best weaver of tales in all the land!) can’t wait for the next! I read her stories over and over, it’s like visiting old friends…

      1. I do the same! I gulped down Inheritance! Trying to find out more about the rest of this trilogy!

        1. Same! All I have seen is that it may be another year until Book 2? My heart can’t handle the wait!

          1. WTF and OMG and WOW and YES and NO … I finished it an hour ago and I am still twisting in the wind.
            I will read it again in October 24. In the meantime I am going to continue re-reading all of my NR books.

      2. Did I miss something? I was reading & then nothing! I thought for sure the next paragraph was missing! Is this really the end?!

  1. Elina, agreed! Can’t wait to hunker down after work tonight and see what happens next!

    1. I can’t wait. My book did if not get here today like it was supposed to. Drats. Hopefully tomorrow.
      Love ghostly stories. Curses etc. enjoy the book.

  2. I read this as an ARC from Netgalley a few months ago and I was immediately OBSESSED!! Inread ot so fast – like 3 or 4 days. That’s fast for me. Lol I hate that I have to wait it out for book 2 now. Lolol An incredible start to a new trilogy. When I got to the end (I read it electronically), I kept backtracking my pages… I was like, did I miss something?? This isn’t the end…! Haha it was so good!! Does anyone know when book 2 drops?

      1. November’24 – that’s a year away! I was shocked when the last chapter ended – a year of wondering!
        Well done, Nora Roberts – you are the GOAT!

        1. As always the story is engaging as are the characters. I really enjoyed it. I love the way she writes families including found family. I anxiously await book two.

        1. The older I get the more I pray “Please God, let me live long enough to finish this trilogy”. Now, especially this one…. 😂

          1. Agreed! I haven’t read it yet but will soon. Her last two trilogies are definitely on my audio relisten list…over and over again! I’m sure tho trilogy will provide the same!

        2. Ooofff – I’ve never been one to wait for all three books in a trilogy to come out, but this is one I’m wondering if I should have waited … on the other hand, November ’24 will be here before we know it, and I’ll plan on rereading Inheritance in October so it is all fresh in my mind when the next one comes out!

          1. I’m with you. I kind of wish I had waited. It was SUCH a good book, one of my favorites from Nora for sure, and it kills me knowing I will have a 2 year wait to finish the series

          2. I do the same. In 2025 I’ll read the 2 previous books to prepare for the final one as I celebrate my retirement!

      1. So good! Picked it up this afternoon and just finished. Just drew me in and wouldn’t let me go until I finished. One of her best!

      2. IKR?! So annoying that it ended so abruptly and that we have to wait a year for the story to continue ! Hope the next book at least has some closure before it ends.

    1. Funny, I did the same thing. Waiting for book 2 to come out so I can re-read it again. I almost cried at the ending……I have no patience waiting.

    2. I totally agree. I want to know how long until book 2 comes out. I read this in less than 24 hours. But that is how it goes for with her new books.

      1. Right????? I’m already ready cuz that’s gotta be the most clever ending ever!

  3. Don’t know I’d be as…brave…but I’m looking forward to allllllllllll (the rest of) the story!

  4. I was supposed to be decorating for Christmas, but I fell into the story instead! The ending is perfect (perfectly frustrating!🙂). I can’t wait for the next one!

      1. I was very surprised that this was not a stand alone even if it is part of a trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed it but hated that it did not have a satisfactory ending.
        I own every single book Nora Roberts has ever written even the Dallas murder collection which I am obsessed with. How long will the NO 2 of this trilogy be before it is published in the UK.

  5. So happy this is out today!! I have a whole list of things to get done today and I knocked out half already so I could earn the right to read for an hour. Can’t wait to dive back in!!

    1. If I had realized I would be waiting a year for book two, I probably wouldn’t have started. But it was fantastic, Nora at her best.
      The Audible blurb said there was a note read by Nora about the story but it wasn’t included in my download. Does anyone know where that can be found?

      1. Audible is supposed to have the author letter, but something happened in the process. I should know about the fix after the weekend. ~Laura

        1. Thank you. I’ve been trying to get information about this out of Audible all morning

        2. Hi Laura, have you heard any updates from Audible? Just checked my app on my phone and it still does not have the forward.

          Is it still a work in progress in the fix or do I need to redownload my copy?

          1. I’m waiting on Macmillan audio as they are the producers. They should have a fix soon.


          2. I have an update: To access the updated audio, connect to wifi
            And refresh the audiobook in you’re library. Hope it works. ~Laura

      2. I didn’t get it either and I was bummed. Like you, I’d honestly have probably waited for number 2 so I could listen to them back to back.

  6. Just finished. nora has done it again. Now the year long wait for that awesome cliff hanger

    1. I legit listened to the ending 3 times thinking my download had cut off! While I hate waiting, it was a brilliant ending!

  7. I read Inheritance yesterday and absolutely adored it. It captured me from the first few pages and the love only grew deeper as the story progressed, we met more characters and explored Lost Bride Manor with Sonya. My only gripe – and I get this with a lot of Nora’s books – is that I wish the recipes were included. But off to Google I go!

  8. I will be starting after thanksgiving when I pick up from the library either tomorrow or Saturday
    I am looking forward to reading it

  9. I bought the book and told myself I was just going to put it on the shelf with all my other Nora Roberts books until all 3 came out because last 2 trilogies nearly killed me having to wait. Of course, I couldn’t. I started reading and immediately got caught up and fell in love with all of her characters and now have to wait another year on pins and needles to get more of the story. Nora is an artist with words.

    1. I know right? She draws such a great picture with her words. Then she pulls you into the story and you don’t want to put the book down but you know it’s not going to be an ending that you want (although I have to admit, I didn’t quite expect this ending) and now I have to wait another year before I can find out what happens on the other side.

    2. I tried doing that with the first 3 in death books 25+ years ago and now we at over 50 books in that series. 🙂

  10. I listen to the audio . Got me from the beginning, cannot stop . It’s a great book, will get the book and read it ,. The narrator is great, love the way she express the characters. One thing though, it’s not great listening at night, so scary, my heart jumps when I heard the fridge noise, or a floor creaked . Thank you Ms.Roberts for another great series ❤️

  11. I couldn’t put it down! Woke up at 2am and instead of getting more sleep finished the book! less than 24hrs…’s going to be a long wait for No 2

  12. Loved reading this book, and I couldn’t put it down. Nora’s books just suck you in to their world and you can’t stop reading. I have an idea – she should release the whole series at once like a box set.

    1. The problem with that is I have to write the whole series—and I can’t do that all at once! Then the whole trilogy has to be edited, copy edited, proofed, a cover has to be created, it has to be printed, etc, etc.

      The second book of the trilogy, just finished, is still in the editing stage, so a long way to go! And I haven’t even started writing the third, and won’t for months.


      1. Nora – do you already know where the third story will go / develop or do the characters sometimes take you in a direction you don’t expect?

      2. I understand totally. My daughter said I should wait till I have all three books till I start reading but that’s like having a box of chocolates sitting there and not being able to touch them. Impossible.
        Love the book and have started it again.

        1. In a case like this, you’d have to wait three years. Ask your daughter what she’s willing to wait three years for when she’s got year one’s product in hand already, 😉

          1. Give us a hint…does the 2nd book mostly take place in the mirror?

      3. You are a weaver of magic with words Nora! The cliffhanger took my breath away. Can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy.

      4. Even while banging my head against the wall at the sudden ending (well, when you’re going 90mph and screech to a halt…), I have to laugh at myself and all the rest of us fans that are whining. With the exception of one trilogy (Circle? Sign of 7?), all of your series have been about a year apart for the release of each volume. I’ve read a couple other authors that are sometimes multiple years apart in issue release, so I feel extremely fortunate that you’re so prolific and keep us busy elsewhere in Nora/JDR Land. This story is excellent – fast moving and fun to follow. As usual, I can nearly see the people and the country around them. I’ve always been interested in Maine, so bonus for me. I got the audio this time and really like the narrator. I was very surprised to find it’s only the one narrator – she does the men as easily as Susan Erickson does for the In Deaths. This story is so rich and full of color and flavor – bravo!

      5. While we would all love to dive right into book 2, I appreciate that quality takes time. It’s hard to wait. And I thought about holding off till all three books were released, so I could plunge in. But I went ahead and read it anyway. This will surely be a trilogy I will read over and over, like so many others you’ve blessed us with. Thanks for continuing to write such beautiful stories Nora!

      6. Excuse me while I go back to college to become a (pro-bono) editor for this trilogy! Can’t wait until book 2!

      7. We’re just in awe of your writing & greedy for the rest…forgive our impatience!

  13. I was expecting that there would be a complete story arc for each character, like there was in the In the Garden storylines. I’m not good at cliffhangers. This is a very disturbing experience for me! And I’m worried about her dog! (Not really. Nora wouldn’t be really mean to a dog.)

  14. I’m reading it too fast! I want to slow down and savor it, but I can’t☺️ I’ll just have to read it a second (and third!) time when I’m finished.

    1. Uuuugghhhh. A cliffhanger. Nora, you don’t do that often. I feel like maybe in the Circle and Guardian trilogies and Chronicles of the One. This one is great though! It has some moments I know I’ll love coming back to. Trey’s first college roommate? Classic. I
      just finished my fall/pre-holiday rereads of Three Sisters and Inn Boonsboro chuckling over my favorite moments from those. And reordered Scotch tape (thanks for the annual reminder, Avery and Owen). In the Garden is next and that gets me far enough to start my actual Christmas reading.

  15. Just finished Inheritance. Soooo Good! I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for book 2 of the trilogy.

  16. I was shocked at the ending. I was not expecting that. Now the long, horrible, terrible wait for book 2 .
    I am hooked, line and sinker into this story.

    Finished it in a day, neglected everything else

  17. Oh my goodness, she really sucks you into the story, well done on another amazing book! Seriously cannot wait until the next. Some authors use the “trilogy” to give you three small stories….not Nora! This book like all others is a ‘settle in and loose a day reading’

    Thank you for making me slow down for a while.

  18. OMG – loved, loved this book. Like so many others have said, “The Last Line!!!!” My kindle wouldn’t turn to the next page!?! Eek!! Kuddos to the author that writes page-turning novels that us – the readers – are drooling for more. 🙂

    One question – did I read this somewhere (or did I imagine it – if yes, my apologies) for the audiobook, wasn’t there to be a forward from Nora about how The Inheritance took shape?

    As always, after I finish (inhale) reading her books, I immediately download the audiobook through Audible to listen to the story. On my download there isn’t the section from Nora’s blog post. Did I purchase the wrong one or is the audiobook with this included must be purchased from a different company?

    1. I borrowed the E audiobook from my library and it did include Nora’s reading right at the beginning. Wonderful to listen to her voice.

    2. I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to get Audible to tell me where the author’s note is- so I’d really like to hear this answer, too

      Thank you!

    3. Audible starts its blurb with “included in this program…” It seems like their error.
      Regardless, is it possible to get at least the text of the author’s note? While I was really looking forward to hearing Nora’s voice, what I’m most interested in is the genesis of this story and how it ties to her family.
      I started listening while cooking on Thanksgiving and finished Friday, both totally sucked into the story and totally bummed at the wait for more. Thanks for that😜

    1. Me too. I would gladly pay triple the price of I could have all three at once. I would not mind a 1500 page book.

  19. I just got my book yesterday. Beautiful cover! Can you please give me an idea when Part 2 and Part3 will be available so I can preorder them? I have all of her books, complete sets, and I definitely want this to be a completed set a well. Thanks Barbara Keltner

    1. Book 2 will be out November 2024, book 3 a year after that. There are no pre-order links yet as Nora only just finished dishes writing book 2 and won’t start writing the finale until next year. ~Laura

  20. I have the audiobook and am dying for a pdf of the family tree! I need a visual 🙂

  21. I knew what I was getting into, having read the Dragon Heart series repeatedly while waiting for each new installment. I was pretty sure this couldn’t feel quite that desperate, but it does. I should know better by now.
    It was great. The cliffhanger will have me re-reading and re-listening at least 3 times between now and November 2024.
    I did find myself really wanting to make that pot roast dinner with pound cake for dessert.

  22. I loved the book. I have now it completely through twice!!! Looking forward to the next installment!!!

  23. This is my first time commenting on your blog. I’m reading this one between last minute shopping and early cooking/prep so I haven’t gotten as far as I normally would be. Normally I can’t willingly put one your books down. Lol. I’m just getting to the part where Sonya meets Lucy Cabot and Yoda. While my 10 month old adopted Yoda chews his favorite stick at my feet.
    We went through hell to save his life the day after I adopted him. Friday, Easter weekend. At one point we were looking at urns until I begged the vets and my husband to just give him a chance to fight, give him 24hrs. He was only 8 weeks old and deserved the chance. His lungs were completely full of fluid. There was a respiratory infection going through the pound and he had it. He did it though. He survived and he’s just the best. So as I keep reading and really enjoying this book, I just wanna say I love the name Yoda. It’s perfect for those goodest of good boys who had a rough road.

    1. What a happy start to an early Thanksgiving morning! Here’s to a long and joyful life for your good boy.

      1. My Yoda the Doofus wishes you and all of yours the same and a wonderful holiday season! I just finished the book and my first reaction to the end was Hell Yeah!
        I’m going to really enjoy the journey of this trilogy. Definitely going to be a re-read all the way down the line. The best books are the ones you can pick up again and fall right back into the story. That’s Tolkien’s and your books in my kindle. You both can build the best worlds. Good luck with the rest of the trilogy!

  24. OMG, I have a new favorite by Nora! I love this book, and that ending! I’m sitting with my mouth hanging open thinking “Noooooo Nora don’t do this to me not right here!” So good. Count amongst those who will be reading this over a few times before November 2024. Thank you Nora sharing your very fertile and entertaining imagination with us all.

    1. Sales and marketing felt the NR is no longer needed as the schedule of releases (in terms of the months of the year) is consistent. We’re paying attention to readers comments to see if that is so.


      1. I’ll miss the NR as my initials are the same. It always makes me think of it as MY book, and everyone else in the house better treat it with respect

      2. Laura, I just finished Book 1 and WOW! Loved it all! I wanted to point out, though, that in Chapter 26 I think word completion forced an error. I think its supposed to read Trey’s rather than trays. Word completion is not my friend either.

  25. What a cliffhanger. Now have to wait for next one again another example of your amazing ability to create and explore new themes and characters.

  26. Such a great story! What a cliffhanger! Those dogs better make it through to the end of the trilogy 😃🐶

  27. I finished this book in less than 12 hours. Been a loyal reader since I was 16. I’m just hoping that the next year passes quickly so we can get the next book.

  28. Picked up a copy last night in Target, really wanted to listen to the audiobook on a long car ride but couldn’t wait any longer. Was up most of the night reading ❤️like everyone else can’t wait for books 2&3

  29. You had me at “Mookie Betts”!!! If my pup had been a male dog, that’s what we were going to use for a name 🙂

  30. I just loved the whole thing, ending included. I’m gonna need a playlist and maybe a pinterest page—I’ve already googled mahogany mermaid lamp and wooden sunfish and many other things! I want that house!

  31. An absolute banger of a start! This is my first Nora Roberts book, in a trilogy, that I read WITHOUT the entire trilogy released…. I don’t think I’ll like waiting for the rest! You certainly are great at world-building, Ms Roberts.

  32. Cliffhanger!!!! A 362-day wait now. Why oh why did I read it so fast? It’s ironic that Trey tells Cleo they wait, because that’s what I’ll be doing too.

    Great characters, as usual. Cleo is the ultimate bestie and I just love the (friendly) ghosts. I sure wish I had Molly in my home.

  33. Oh now that was mean! Great story but really? Making us wait for a whole year?! Evil, Genius but evil!

  34. Loved this book!!! I’m very OCD about Nora’s books ! Always keep little notes for myself! This time made a list of the 7 brides year they died & how!

  35. Couldn’t put it down! Like everyone else I am all ready for book two. 🙏🙏. I am going to read it again.

  36. A years wait???? Omg 😫 that was the best book! I was not expecting a cliffhanger! 🙈🙈 Trey is just wonderful, and Sonya one of the most modern characters I’ve read from Nora. I read the whole thing today, it’s so gripping.

  37. A WHOLE year! Ugh! I got to the end and went “Oh no, Nora! How could you do this to us?” (lol)
    Now we have to wait an entire year to find out what happens next. That’s what I get for being such a fast reader. I read a large portion on Tuesday and finished it late Wednesday night well, I guess it was around 2:00 AM Thursday morning.

  38. Music is a big part of this book. Has anyone put together a playlist? Because I’ve been going through (on my first reread) song by song trying to put one together, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

    1. We created a playlist that I plan to share in a couple weeks as a holiday gift. So not a year, but not today.


      1. Oh, super. Clover has darned good musical taste (or maybe I think that because she and I are nearly the same age, with the obvious difference that I’m still living).

      2. What a delightful idea! I love all the side elements and details she pops into the novels, especially the trilogies. I’ve read everything including all of the In Death series. And I do read other authors, but Nora Roberts outshines them all. When other author’s work leaves me uneasy because it just doesn’t flow I go back to a Nora Roberts book and its so smmoooth. Love that!

  39. I am very much enjoying this so far! I think the person narrating the audio book really captures the spirit of Sonya. Can’t wait to keep going!

  40. What an ending!!! I can’t wait for the next book! You really out did yourself with this one, Nora! Thank you!!

  41. I tried to stretch it out and not finish too soon but I couldn’t stop myself! Fabulous book!

  42. Just finished the cliffhanger ending and already hungry for more! Couldn’t put it down – great read, great story!!

  43. Great book. Surprised by the ending…but not surprised, as it was so close to the end. Will have to read old favorites until the next In Death comes out, then the next stand alone and the next In death. Don’t know how Nora handles the pace, but take care Ms Robert’s as you are much appreciated.

  44. Halfway through Sonya mentions she is reading book by a new to her author and names it -Rabbit Hole. I see a debut novel by that name is coming out in January by someone I’ve never heard of. Coincidence?

    1. Exactly. As I was nearing the final pages I thought, “Man this is going too fast!”
      It’s just so comfortable nestled in one of Nora’s worlds.

  45. Great book, except for the malapropisms. As a former teacher, things like that drive me crazy.
    Surely I can’t be the only one to spot TWO glaring errors so far, by Chapter 12. How in the world do these things slip by copy editors? Is there an explanation for this?
    The first error is in Chapter 7: “She brought up her drawing app, and using her stylist, wrote that out giving the first letters in each word a sweep, keeping the rest of the words in clear, concise cursive.” Obviously, the word “stylist” should be “stylus”.
    The second error is in Chapter 12: “Or maybe just having someone else in the house for a few days would…disburse things.” Disburse should be disperse.
    They probably wouldn’t be noticed in an audible copy, but they certainly are when seen in print. I hope these will be corrected in future printings. I love Nora’s writing, but have found several mistakes in her books. It almost makes me think those are on purpose, they show up so frequently. Seriously, is that a “thing” in publishing?
    And yes, I realize I sound like “THAT person”.

      1. I never expected you to chime in! Thank you. And just in case I came across as one of those annoying know-it-alls (and I probably did; sorry!), I want to reiterate how much I enjoy your books, and look forward to them all.

    1. I noticed both of those too. I think it’s the built in Word Completion feature that misinterpreted the words. I find word completion very frustrating in email and instant messaging. As a fellow educator I understand completely, but I know Nora’s work is spot on.

      1. That Word Completion feature is annoying as all get out. I just got a new phone and it does that to my texts. So I understand that things like that happen. I’m totally surprised, though, that things like that get past professional copy editors.

      2. I really dislike that Word Completion feature. I recently got a new phone that has it, and if there were a way to disable it, I surely would.

    2. I noticed them in Audible🥴. Maybe because I’m an editor? It was weird to hear the narrator use the wrong word.

      1. I can imagine! I’m just shocked they made it past professional copy editors/proofreaders.

  46. Wow… just wow! I was sucked in right in chapter 1. Stayed up until 1am two nights in a row. Now that I’ve finished it, I want book 2! I’m like that with all Nora’s series! They just get better & better!

  47. I hate cliffhangers with the passion of seven suns. I avoid authors and formats known for them. I was loving this book. I mean loving it. I felt it was among Nora’s best writing. Then I reached the end. I was shocked, dismayed, and ready to throw my kindle across the room. Will I buy book 2? Of course. But the cruelty inherent in stopping at that point…

      1. it was an amazing cliff hanger, we become so invested in the story we want to keep going. just can’t wait for the next part.

  48. I always try to read slow to savor the first read! Classic fail! I love getting swept in and before I know it I am on the last page! Nora Roberts never disappoints.

  49. This was in my hands on the 21st, I deliberately held off until Friday. Longtime reader of Nora and JD and I loved this! A bit more of a cliffhanger then I’m used to – I was a little surprised when there wasn’t another chapter! Nora is the only author that I read the same book over every once in a while! Maybe it’s time for that reread of Identity!

  50. Absolutely love, love, love this book! I hate it that I have to wait a year for book 2. I have read ALL of Ms. Roberts books. Always excited to see a new release. I would like to know when the paperback will come out for sale. I would like to purchase them for friends and family. Thank you

  51. OMG what a read for the Thanksgiving weekend – thank you, Nora! I love the depth of character development, the invitation to join the community of Poole’s Bay (living and otherwise) and the overall story line. The antics of the otherworldly residents of Lost Bride Manor had me laughing out loud, startling and annoying the cat who did not appreciate being woken from her post-leftover-birb consumption nap 🙂
    But wow, just wow – that was one h*** of a cliffhanger… waiting a year, in limbo? I guess the ghosts have been waiting centuries so its only fair …

  52. Excellent book. Read it too fast as always! Can’t wait for the second.Do you have a recipe for the pot roast? Using an entire bottle of wine sounds delicious! Thanks for the wonderful stories.

    1. Yes! I’ve just moved and I don’t know where my crockpots and my Dutch oven are, but now I need to find them because that pot roast was mouth-wateringly well described.

  53. I couldn’t hold back. I was only going to read a little bit a day as I usually devour Nora’s books, yeah that didn’t happen. Just finished Inheritance, boy are we in for a ride. Now for the wait. Ugh! Loved the DJ even before they were named. The music selections had me giggling. Love when a book can have you laugh, cry and have your heart racing.

  54. Every time a book from a new trilogy comes out, I think “it’ll be fine. I’ll just read this one slowly and then wait patiently for the next one” and every time I plow through the first book, like a bat out of hell, finish it far too quickly (3am isn’t just a plot point in Lost Bride Manor) and then punish myself for the next 12 months, with a brief stint of relief when I read her next stand-alone novel, until I can continue the story.
    When will I learn??

  55. omg loved this book but that ending to make us what 12 months is just mean. i want to read part 2 and 3 now. you are an amazing story teller and this is one of your best.

  56. OMG Nora you did it again. I absolutely lived the storyline-it killed me in immediately ! It has strong relatable female characters-but you show they are human under stress-and great male characters-kind and sexy-the town is Maybeeet RFD but more modern-a cliffhanger just to mean! And what a cliffhanger-I could not put this book down -I read until 2 am.
    I finished it-I went immediately online to see if you had released book 2-nope-so write fast Laura-you left me hanging ❤️❤️❤️Great Book-thank you again for such entertainment!!!!

  57. OMG! She pulled me in from the start and spit me out at the end. I was caught up, not paying attention to page numbers and BOOM—it ends! WTH? Bravo Nora Roberts, bravo.

    Loved almost all the characters, but Clove and Jack get extra love.

    And now I wait—not patiently, but I will wait. And reread this five times before the next installment. Thanks for the ride.

  58. 1. Loved this and looking forward to the next one.

    2. I really, really want the Beer Bread recipe. I kept waiting for her to make it with a good cheese soup….. where can I find this recipe?

  59. I’m only reading this post to find out when the next book will be released! I loved the book and was surprised that, while reading, the haunted house seems warm and welcoming. Clover was such a bonus! Can’t wait to read the next two.

  60. Loved, loved, loved this, but nearly screamed when I realized it was another cliffhanger. I laughed so hard when Clover started playing “I think we’re alone now”. And I kept waiting for the jerk ex-fiancé to start causing trouble. Housework went by the way side this weekend, and I’m going to start re-reading immediately. And I obviously have to get my hands on the audio. I can always re-read your books with the same pleasure as the first read-through.

  61. Another outstanding NR book! Ending literally gave me goosebumps… anxiously waiting for #2!

    Thank you Nora for the hours upon hours of entertainment…(I read many of your books NR & JDR multiple times)

  62. Just finished reading this book. I loved it and can’t wait for the next book in the series.

  63. When you love a book I know its always never wanting it to end. I knew going in it was a trilogy, so I was wondering how it would segue into the next book, and boy of boy did I like the way it did. It leaves up in the air several questions (suspense) and the eagerness to devour the next book next year.

  64. So, it’s OK to talk specifics? Did Collin know all these ghosts? Did Molly do his cleaning? Did Jack open Collin’s cabinets? Deuce would know.

      1. Thanks. So many comments are just opinions – I like actually discussing the book, and the characters. Like Trey – well yum is right!

  65. OMG! Nora Roberts wrote a gothic! A gothic cliffhanger! What a fun book! I’m saving this one in my “to read again” stack so I can read it again and then roll right into the second one.

    My husband passed away in September after a very long illness, and I’ve been swimming through grief and sadness. A brief respite of colorful characters and an entertaining story line without any gut-wrenching losses. This book is a tonic for me, and I thank you very much for that!

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Amy. My husband is on hospice and it certainly gives life a different perspective. Take care of yourself. Prayers for you and your family. May your memories give you comfort during such a difficult time.

      This book has been a nice reprieve for me, and given me a few laughs. I don’t know how Nora does it, but the books get better and better. This has been one of my favorites…and that’s saying something! Really looking forward to the next book!

  66. Loved it. Of course, can’t handle the wait for the book 2. One negative, sorry. For the next book, please get the editor to really do a detailed analysis. Too many “Yoga/Yoda” mistakes. Thanks so much. This was definitely my kind of story. Nora is the best.

  67. WTF is right. But such a great read! a soundtrack by ghost sounds like fun (once over the initial shock…).
    This will be a fun reread next November, while waiting for book 2!

  68. I ADORED this book and absolutely cannot wait for the follow ups, but I really wish y’all wouldn’t have promoted the use of white sage outside of indigenous practices. I LOVE that witchcraft has come up in your novels so frequently, and has, especially in this one, shown what the average witch’s craft looks like, but the tribes that use it are begging folks outside of their practice not to use it, and I’m concerned that this will lead to even more over harvesting than is already happening, its on the precipice of hitting the endangered list as it is. Ethical sources are nearly impossible to find, and having descended from a voodoo practitioner, Cleo would have been more likely to cleanse spaces using a floor wash made with cedar oil, or a regular (not white) saging.

  69. I am blurry eyed and sleep deprived since I stayed up most of the night to finish the book. Loved the story and was disappointed that the next book isn’t out yet.

  70. Wow, drew me in. Looking forward to 2024&2025. I am not wishing my life away for the next 2. There are a lot of books to read in between. I always wondered if there was another world in mirrors. You never know. Thank you Laura for posting these posts, thank you Nora for your gift of storytelling. I will say this, knowing you have a very busy home life & grandchildren, Nora , I hope you never retire. It would be sad book world without a Nora Roberts book , or series in it. Thank you again. 💜cliffhanger

  71. I want to know what company makes the computer that does all the graphic work and is roughly the size of a cigar box (or so I inferred). I could use one that small!

  72. Totally wtf x2. The first because: cliffhanger!!! The second: I gotta wait a year for part 2 !!! lol but 90 seconds after running to the Internet to search out when’s the Second installment of the bride trilogy and running into this article on loling And yes, definitely remembering that there will be to you JD Robb books as well as to you Nora Robert books next year. Looking forward to that musical playlist and I’m sure others have asked us to, but I will concur and say will you be divulging the recipes for the meals prepared in the story ? 😊
    So in conclusion, I just have to say thank you very much Nora Roberts for that WTF moment and I can’t wait till next year 😊

  73. +1 to the WTF? count. I don’t ever recall a NR book ending that abruptly. Can’t wait for # 2. Thanks for the stupendous entertainment !

  74. Just finished. I knew the ending was a cliffhanger (see Laura’s Facebook post from a few days ago); but like others have said I too went WTF at it. Definitely need the playlist and recipes!

    1. The Playlist is kind of there, and I suppose we can Google the recipes, but I would like a family tree!

  75. I was a little later to the party getting my hands on a copy but I have seriously struggled to put it down since I got it. I read not quite half in one sitting this past Saturday, before life rudely interrupted and I had to put it down for a while. I just finished it. I already can’t wait for the next instalment and I’m so going to reread it in the coming days, as I know, KNOW that some things went right over my head and I didn’t fully absorb it. I felt like I was there, in the manor, flipping off Hester and searching out young Jack. I adore Yoda (and that’s the BEST name too, just sayin’) and I’m loving how they can cross through time via the predator mirror and furthermore flip off Hester. Clover and Molly are 2 of my favourites already and I’m hoping with everything in me, that they stick around once the curse is broken. They’re good eggs and while eternal peace for them would be fitting, I also feel they’d choose to stay with the manor, with Sonya and Trey.
    I love it. All of it. And I’m anxiously awaiting book 2. Bravo, ma’am. Bravo.

  76. I absolutely inhaled this story, of course I’ll read it several times before book 2 comes out. I love how Sonya handled everything to do with her ex asshole. The friendship between Sonya and Cleo is solid and pretty hilarious at times. I really love the interaction of all the characters Sonia, Cleo, Trey, Owen and of course we can’t forget Yoda and Mookie. I love Clover DJing all the moods and giving them Molly and Jacks names so they could interact better. The predator mirror is scary and cool all at the same time, and little Miss Hester Dobbs needs a good ass kicking. I have to say I can’t wait until book 2 comes out, everytime I hear Nora Roberts and trilogy in the same sentence I get excited. Good thing I have another In Death and other books coming up to keep me occupied until the next installment. Thanks for a great start to another fantastic trilogy.

  77. Just finished Inheritance and I loved it. Talk about a cliffhanger ending! Looking forward to book 2 in November, as well as the J D Robb and other Nora book in between! ❤️

  78. After I read Laura’s WTF moment I wanted to slowly read the book so it didn’t end so quickly but as you know that didn’t work. So I took a moment to scream in my head at the ending, which reminds me when Marco jump into the portal with Bree. Oh well, next November will be here before we know it. With that said.
    What a book, it reels you in from the get go. I wanted to cut out Brandon’s ball with a very slowly with a dull knife, but that’s just me. I love Laine and her partner Derek for the way they treated Sonya, I think that was fair. Even if I am pulling for Sonya to get the campaign from the Sport company. How adorable is Yoda! My goodness I don’t have a dog but I totally go for Yoda, Mookie and Jones (a doghouse with WIFI) how wonderful! Trey!!!! What can I say I fell for him from the get go, he is so patient with Sonya. I am so glad she has him in her corner. Cleo, we all need a Cleo in our lives. I hope she gets together with Owen, they both love mermaids. Like I normally do since I can’t help myself I will be writing the second book in my head a thousand times for the next year just so I can get some closure. I’ll be as wrong as I’m always are but hey whatever makes me sleep at night. LOL. Nora thank you for sharing your gifts of story telling with us. I really appreciate it. Can’t wait for the next book. I think Random in Death is next, I could be wrong but something is coming soon. In the meanwhile I will keep my brain sharp and read other books. I have PAYBACK for a 3rd read on my list. Have a great Christmas!

  79. I’m in my late eighties and not sure I can wait for book 2 to be released. Nora, please hurry!

    Thank you.

  80. It’s torture having to wait for the next two books. I read this in two nights. Recommended to two of my Sister-In-Laws and they are both now more than halfway through the book.

  81. I feel like we’ve seen that mirror in another of her books but since I often read library copies I can’t double check. Hmmm

    1. If you find it, be sure to let me know because I sure don’t remember it. Suggestion: Maybe find a way to check before you speculate. Hmmm.

  82. I read Inheritance in two days, would have read it in less but husband, my polar bears (Greasy Pyrenees ) and my Aussie, Whiskey demanded my attention. Rudd I know but I do love them. I laughed at the nervous potty break part. So glad someone else does that. There were times I yelled do leave the puppies there. Lol I held the book so tight my hands hurt. Then like others I kept reading faster but looked at the amount of pages left saying NO WAY!! Well, YES WAY!!! WTH!! Well done Nora Roberts, well done.

  83. Last page…. Noooo….one of the few times a book can’t stand alone like an exhale- pottybreak while we wait for the next one.
    Actually looked for the excerpt for the next book on the last blank page.
    I don’t know if I can wait. If possible I’d already have the next 2 pre-ordered. My own fault of being the reader that starts a book…if I like it….I’m up and reading until I’m done or fall asleep.

  84. Hey Laura, I think I’m losing what’s left of my mind here- on page 116 3rd P down “and there, Eve thought, was the down east accent she’d wanted to hear.” Is this a misprint, I’ve re-read it ten times trying to make it make sense. I’m sure this is reader error. Please help

      1. Ha! If it weren’t for the time difference, imagine the crossover possibilities between Nora’s suspense books and JD Robb’s NYPSD family!

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